Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone – – I couldn’t stop smiling!

I was skeptical about the claims that were being made in the indiegogo campaign, but i liked the idea so i backed them. These headphones are fantastic. Easily the best sounding in-ear headphones that i’ve used. I have a nexus 6 and they work perfectly well. My change-volume-settings-on-headphone-plug-in app even works with them. (which is something that i was worried about considering they use the usb rather than the 3. 5 jack)my only complaint, and it is a super tiny one that is ultimately not worth docking a star for imo, is that i can’t use these headphones and charge my phone at the same time. I like to listen to music from my phone while reading or doing whatever else at home, and using these headphones definitely puts a time limit on it.

I bough these on indiegogo and waited a long while for these; and these were worth the wait. No need for eq or any form of tweeking the sound, these are perfectly balanced and very impressed how crisp and clear the output it is. Noise isolating is really awesome but these do bleed a bit. The look and feel are top quality, honestly i had people guessing they were upwards of $100 headphones. Everyone in sound engenering class were impressed how the dac and cpu were integrated in them and how easy it is to use. One complaint is that it doesn’t work (yet) with all android phones.

Works on my lg v10 just fine. There is a noticeable battery drain so i recommend you keep an eye on the battery life and plan accordingly. Here are the specifications for the Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone –:

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  • Digital USB Audio interface using micro-USB connector to your Android Phones
  • Integrated on board HiFi AudioDAC and headphone amplifier, loud and clear sound
  • Aluminum earphone enclosure, stylist wiring, carrying pouch and PC USB adapter
  • 3 buttons control for amplifier volume-up/down, play/pause/prev/next operation
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/S6-Edge, Note 2/3/4/Edge; LG G2-Pro/G3/G4; Sony Xperia Z1/Z2/Z3; HTC One M7/M8, Droid-DNA; Motorola Moto X, Droid-Turbo; OnePlus One; Google Nexus 5/6; Asus ZenFone 2

I agree with the other commenters here that these are the best set of headphones i’ve ever had under $50, but only by a small margin. They are a bit ‘base-y’ and require that you install an equalizer on your phone. Response and range is not so great so they’d be good for hiphop, rap, and rock. They cannot compete with $100 headsets though, not even close. I’m giving them 5-stars for their value, not so much for their overall quality. If one was so inclined, i’d be interested in knowing what some quality earbuds sounded like using this dac.

I actually got my pair when they were still in startup on indiegogo. These are completely amazing. Not sure what they’ve done, but, my guess is they’ve accidentally used high quality parts, and superior craftsmanship and are selling at an affordable price. Someone needs to talk to them. But, before it is too late, buy a pair of these before they are gone forever.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good, but better with EQ and other audio effects.
  • Awesome sound on Symbian, BB10 OS and, of course, Android
  • Questionable at first, but satisfied in the end

Z:ero best earbuds i’ve used, period. I have used bluetooth earbuds, wired, etc. I bought the z:ero during their indiegogo campaign. I bought 4 sets because they had a special. They work with all the phones i need them to work with.

These are the best earbuds i have ever heardi’ve read a bunch of reviews that pull a star because you can’t use the micro-usb to charge the phone. That’s the phone’s problem, not the earbuds. If the phone designers thought ahead, they’d have one input and one output usb (or 2 bi-direction). The usb connection is required for the dac in the headset controller. It’s what enables the headphone to have such crystal clear sound. On top of the high quality dac/amp, the speakers themselves are phenomenal. Even at high volumes everything is crystal clear. The only thing missing compared to external speakers is the chest thumping you’d feel from louder volume.

These are the future, i have tried 7 different in ear varieties, and these destroy them all. (i bought mine during the indegogo crowd funding campaign and the 8 month wait was well worth it. )i used to work for squaretrade and used to research earphones, and have become an audiophile in my own right. The ultimate ears metrofi 220vi noise isolating earphones w/ microphone2. Scosche increased dynamic range noise isolation earphones with tapline ii remote and mic3. Scosche idr650m dynamic range earphones with tapline control technology4. Jbuds j3m micro atomic in-ear earphones with microphone (jet black, iphone compatible)5. Sennheiser rs 170 digital wireless headphones (discontinued by manufacturer)6. Sennheiser rs 160 rf wireless headphones7.

The sound hype for this product is correct. These are well above and beyond any other ear buds in this price range. – i always get a little sad when i forget my $350 x11i (klipsch) at home. – i have several other earbuds i’ve collected over time in the $10-$50 range. – i easily prefer these over those. – plus; these are much cheaper to replace. The build quality is also as advertised. – they also don’t have that must handle with care feel.

I bought these earphones not knowing if they would work on my symbian or bb10 devices. Fortunately, the earphones were built to conform to the usb otg specification and were not android-specific. No special app or additional drivers were needed to use them, just the native media players. The sound it produced was impressive. It was like listening to a new recording of the music i had. Sounds that had previously been muddled were now crisp and distinct. It sounded good even on cheap smartphones. As long as the music was encoded with high precision it would play back with high precision on whatever device it was stored on. The smartphones i tested all played sound from the default music player and video player through usb. The ability to use the earphones during a phone call worked only with the symbian device i had.

These are by far the best ear-buds i’ve ever had and also compared to other dac’s they are amazing. Just wish amazon would carry in the uk so i can order more without having to get through indigogo as i like amazon security with my purchases but saying that just about to buy another pair for my son. And to all the people complaining about charging just buy a wireless charger problem solved.

Love the audio performance i get from my umi z. The only problem i have though is that since the umi z has a usb type c port, i have to use a chain of adapters to use it[micro-usb to usb to usb type c. I bought 2 micro-usb to usb type c adapters and they didn’t work with the earbuds. ]

Instead of writing a big journal, i am going to say this: android users stop buying brands and buy these. They annihilate any and every earphones that you are going to find for many lengthy reason, but mainly because the rest is always lacking in one or two aspects, and if you use your phone for music the built-in amp is going to save your life. You get a value of at least 200$ if not more with these, having had over 30 pairs since i can remember i can guarantee you that.

Zorloo z:ero digital earphone quick reviewbrief: mobile audio goes all digital. Price: us$39 for us’ians, us$44 for everyone else. (about £29)specifications: 32 ohms, 20hz – 20khz, snr of 96db, thd of 0. Accessories: 3 pairs of silicon tips and a rectangular little case. Build quality: seems good, nice cable especially. Isolation: roughly typical for a dynamic so you could use it fine for walking, on a bus but i wouldn’t really want to use it for a tube commute or a flight. You could but i’d prefer not to. Naturally it’s always enough to get yourself run over if you forget to use your eyes. Comfort/fit: given you play with the controls i found wearing down got them regularly tugging on my ears.

Got a pair of these during the indiegogo campaign. These are fantastic headphones, especially when you consider the price. Build is solid and the sound quality is amazing. The top volume on these is actually too loud for my tastes but having said that i gave the other set to my daughter and she also thinks that these are great and really appreciates the top end volume. I would not hesitate to buy another set.

These are ok, but i didn’t buy them for their sound quality. I bought these for use with my htc vive, because i needed usb headphones doe to the loss of the audio cable, that htc refuses to sell replacements for. These earbuds sound so much better after tweaking the audio output from my device using viper4android (which is not available for use on most android devices). I love them when they are tuned up, using my personal settings. Just average when left alone to run stock.

5 stars but i can’t so i’m going with 4 stars. To begin with, these earbuds are really good. Excellent sound that you would normally hear from earbuds costing 3x as much. My one complaint would be that because it uses the micro usb input on the phone, i can not charge at the same time that i listen. It would be nice if they had a splitter that would allow you to charge and listen at the same time.

Was a kickstarter supporter. These are the best, most amazing earbuds around. A true digital signal with amazing built in amplifier. I love listening to everything with them. They sound so much better than earbuds that cost hundreds of dollars. Support these amazing, clever inventors who have rewritten the rules for listening to music. When you first try them, though, be sure to do it over a table with a folded up towel or piece of foam below you because your jaw will drop with amazement.

Guys, you need to be using hiby music android app, it just the clearest of all these other dac usb player apps in terms of audio quality and ability to read most of the formats,. I spend most my time listening these on windows with foobar2000 with asio plugin.

Received these yesterday and have been trying them out since. After getting used to the different sound quality i am really enjoying them. There is a noticeable difference between the lows and highs. The only questionable issue i had was when trying them out for the first time the audio was garbled and scratchy with a background noise. This eventually went away after about 3-5 minutes of letting the audio play out. My guess to this could have been the headphones and the device syncing together to be compatible. It also could be the specific music app to play music files. After everything is said and done, i highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality set of earphones.

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