Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones – Womens : Awesome!!

The rubber covers for them do not stay on. I have been constantly having to relocate them and reattach them. They are currently missing again, and so i can’t use them.

Only earbuds that have ever worked for my small ears.

Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones – Womens (Aqua)

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  • Yurbuds Inspire Aqua – Women

I’ve heard of these earbuds like everywhere. And i’ve always wanted to try them. I’m an athlete and i hate how the earbuds always fall out and these don’t. They have good quality sound.

The most comfortable ear buds i’ve ever had. I can wear these all day and not feel a thing, and they won’t fall out either. Other earbuds always give me aches if i wear them too long.

Earbuds that don’t fall out while working out. I have tried three different brands, and these are the first ones that stay in. Now that i know they work, i’ll invest in the wireless ones.

Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones – Womens (Aqua) : Ears don’t get sore from these. But lost the rubber buds of one’s that fit my ears best. Next sizero up is good not great.

Comfortable and very affordable price.

I absolutely love these headphones. They have a great sound and never fall out when i go running.

They don’t fall out especially with the bigger size. However when i get sweaty and run really fast they might slip off a bit but they don’t do that with the bigger size that comes with it.

Best earphones i’ve ever used. Actually stay where they are supposed to (through weather, sweat etc).

00 on these was worth every penny. The yb don’t fall out of my ears like other ear phones have, such as the apple ear phones, which are at least $20. That was one of the main reasons that attracted me to the buds. I just got back from florida where i spent about a week on the beach running, and jogging. I ‘tested’ the yb, and ran as fast as i can to see if they would slip out, and they did not. ūüėäthen, going to the private gym there, i went on the treadmill, increasing the speed 0. 0mph, ( the range being drastic for me)- the buds did not fall out here either.

Comes in all colorsgreat product.

The first headphones that stay in my ear when i workout.

The sound quality is exceptional and they have yet to fall out.

These headphones met my expectations as far as sound and fit. It’s really difficult for me to find headphones that i can use without buying the over the ear ones. Just a little disappointed that i didn’t read that there is no mic. Ordered the one with the mic as i will be using them daily.

I bought my first pair of yurbuds in 2014 and had my cat chew through the cord, i sent an email to the company and they took care of me. I have had my current pair since 2015 and have had no problems. These headphones stay in so well.

I love these earbuds, they stay in my ear perfectly when i am running. I always have issues with earbuds falling out, so these have impressed me. I use them all the time for running, so far so good.

They stay in your ear as it is suppose to. Cord is braided so you don’t get that echo sound when jogging. Only issue is i can hear a little more noise from cars passing by than i had hoped.

These earbuds are comfortable and don’t fall out during a work out.

These things are awesome, they are the first earbuds i’ve ever had that didn’t hurt my ears or fall out when moving about. I think the sound is quite good, but i’m not an audiophile. They do not block out sound, but because i use these while jogging i see this as a plus because i can hear people and cars. I used them on a plane and could hear my video just fine without cranking the volume, but i generally keep the volume low on my media and have sensitive ears so your mileage may vary. I would definitely recommend these earbuds.

These are the only earbuds that fit inside my tiny ears (i’m a 30 year old female adult). I can wear them for hours without hurting. The only drawback is that the covers sometimes pop off — i wish they made a carrying case.

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