X-1 (Powered by H2O Audio) IE2-BK-X Surge Waterproof Sport In-Ear Headphones … – OK so far

I bought these to replace the crappy headphones that came with a waterproof mp3 player i bought for swimming. I had to change to the smaller covers but i can finally get them seated in so that they don’t leak. Once they seal into the ear they are pretty dependable.

I would have rated them higher if they hadn’t broken almost immediately. The sound is good and they stayed in my ears, but after just a couple of swims, the plastic of the left earbud simply came apart. Amazon is good with their return policy, but it still cost me five bucks to ship them back. I wasn’t that impressed with the quality of the construction.

I had a different brand of waterproof headphones which broke after a month. I’ve only had these a few days but so far so good. For what i do (one hour of water aerobics) i have no problem keeping them in my ears. They work just as well as the kind that wrap around your ear. I’ll update this review in a month or two. Here are the specifications for the X-1 (Powered by H2O Audio) IE2-BK-X Surge Waterproof Sport In-Ear Headphones …:

  • Powered by H2O Audio, these headphones are sweatproof and waterproof
  • Designed for athletes in all sports
  • 100% waterproof up to 12 feet of depth
  • Rich, warm, full-range sound with amplified bass
  • Easy to clean – just rinse with water

Hmm, well, i ‘thought’ i had ordered the wrong item, as when it arrived it showed that it was for women. So i contacted the seller, amazon, and said, ‘it’s completely my fault’. As i must have not looked closely enough at the product. I asked if i could pay keep these and pay for having the men’s ear buds ends sent to me, and i would pay shipping and whatever was reasonable for just the ends. Well, i received an email saying they were giving me a full refund, but that i would have to return them. . I did use these twice and i did have issues keeping them in my ears, but i assumed it was because the ends were for women’s ears and not men’s. But now looking at this order, no where does it say it’s for women. I ‘guess’ they sent the wrong one?.

I bought these to go with the waterproof lifeproof case from nuud for my ipad to use in the hot tub. I am used to bose qc 15 and etymotic’s hf3, but the x-1 hold their own.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • OK so far
  • Good sound but questionable quality of construction
  • Took some tweaking but they are working out well

I’ve used other waterproof headphones in the past and had to settle for just one ear working and poor overall sound quality. These are wonderful right out of the box. I haven’t experienced any problems with them slipping out of my ears, and the sound quality is terrific. Both headphones work, and it makes my swim a lot more interesting for me.

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X-1 (Powered by H2O Audio) IE2-BK-X Surge Waterproof Sport In-Ear Headphones ...
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