Wicked Audio WI2201 In-Ear Mojo Earbuds – So I can tell you the BEST quality I have ever experienced and still do is

I’m in love with these ear buds i use them daily because i prefer them over the sony ones that i have. The only complaint i have is the wires aren’t the best but i’m willing to over look that because of the sound quality.

I tried soo many brands as i ride a motorcycle and i bust my ear buds all the time. So i can tell you the best quality i have ever experienced and still do is the brand wicked. I buy the $10 version of wicked ear buds and they sound as great as the $100 version of ear buds from other name brands. They also have a great bass, sound quality is superior but if you want to spend on the $20 version for wicked it’s what you would expect out of ear buds for that price and much more bass and decibel intensity. Yes, the cords seem not to be the best but the sound quality is astounding. Can’t emphasize enough after trying 30 other brands, none even come close to these ear buds, including $100 name brand ear buds. You will be especially satisfied if you listen to heavy metal or ebm or techno ^_^.

While the cords on these things suck, the sound is absolutely amazing. The lows on these buds will vibrate your brain. But, one thing, i have bought several of these, and one pair was not wired correctly. They elements were out of phase. (one speaker wired backwards) this will greatly affect sound quality. You can test them by going to youtube and type in stereo test. Do it with a couple pairs to test. Here are the specifications for the Wicked Audio WI2201 In-Ear Mojo Earbuds:

  • Enhanced Base, with Mic
  • Noise Isolation
  • 3 Cushions
  • Gold Plated Plug
  • Cord Length: 4 Feet
  • Connectivity technology : Wired

I think their broke or lost now but i had them for a while and when i did have them i absolutely loved them it was the best pair of earphones i had had up till then,.

Full sound and good bass response when listening to music. I made one mistake – i ordered the ones that don’t have the microphone, so i can’t use them for cell phone calls.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • While the cords on these things suck, the sound is absolutely amazing
  • I Remember Them Being Really Good
  • Full sound and good bass response when listening to music

I got a pair of these yesterday. I decided to put the first review up. Note the ones i have do not have a mic. Just looking at these headphones’ box they look nice. The packaging is quite nice. Looking at the headphones makes them appear cheap. The cord feels rather cheap and actually has a few minor nicks in it(like a manufacturing defect). The cords also conduct sound which leads to annoying noices if you rub you hand on the cord. Luckily i only notice this when not listening to music. The ear bud part is entirely plastic (excluding the silicon part), including the part that the wires come out of.

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