VSONIC VSD3S High Fidelity Professional Quality Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones – Three Stars

So i have this product around a week and i love it. The claps/highs are better than from my shure se215. The bass is very nice and not quantativ as the shure. The building is very nice look like a diomandstyle, i like it only think idont like is that they dont use the metal over memory wire. The cabel is very nice and sturdy and not to heavy and especialy not to long iam a short guy 5. So i like this product very much, it is a nice small little box you get so silicione tips, one double flange that i use very good, and some foam tips. So i can recommend them for this price they are very nice and well build earpohnes, only 2 cons not memory wire, and we need that they produce some cabel for chaning,https://www. Com/watch?v=vmuq78oiqv0here you can watch my review.

Very pleased with the ear phones. The sound rejection is great, music sounds really good. The only downside is it’s hard to tell the left from the right other than a small s on the inside of one of the inserts. I would consider getting a coloured set for that reason.

First it does not come with the white earbuds wich i really wanted they need a day or two to be burned in the highs can be a bit much at first they seem well balanced sound stage is some what wide sound almost as clear as the yamaha eph iem’s at half the cost also more bass than the yamahas not recommended for people with small ear canals or ear cartilage the strain relief on the jack is a straight cable not like the l shape design with is more reasonable the overall build quality isnt the best i give it a 6 / 10 they are some what transparent both the cable and ear buds but for the price it seems they exchanged build quality for sound quality.

Arrived in a compact box, it wasn’t too flashy but still had a nice top display presentation to reveal these vsd3s beauties. Vsonic announced release of two vsd models, ‘3s’ available now and ‘3’ to follow soon (most likely already available at the moment of me writing this review). Everywhere on the box you will find a reference to vsd-3, and there is only a small sticker in the corner of plastic top display with ‘vsd3s’ label. Another interesting detail, while most of the other vendors like to put specs on the back of the package, here vsonic presented a picture of professional recording studio with additional description to reinforce their philosophy of ‘tone quality’ being the most important aspect of their design. I will talk more about the sound later in my review, but as a teaser – these don’t disappointout of the box, you can’t help but notice the shape of vsd3s earpieces. These are designed for over-the-ear wire fitment with a shape which resembles easy-fit ergonomics found in flagship models of shure and westone. To distinguish themselves, beside a tinted translucent finish, the outside of the housing surface has a unique diamond cut facets design. To take it to the next level, vsonic also included detachable cables using mmcx connector. Before you get too excited, unfortunately it doesn’t have a common mmcx design but rather a modified version of it. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about throwing your headphones away if you break the wire, and vsonic already working on replacement cables where i hope an option with in-line remote will be offered as well.

The main issue is that they didn’t fit my ears. So, i in turn had to return these.

Amazing sound quality for the money.

  • Sound Is Amazing, But Look Elsewhere For Quality Built In-Ear Headphones.
  • Very pleased with the ear phones
  • Reasonable buy for low budget

The vsonic vsd3s have a strong reputation of being one of the best headphones you can buy for about $50. I would not dispute that in the slightest in the sound department. What most review do not tell you, is that the build quality is questionable at best. Buildlet’s start with the worst part of these headphones. Though they do have the style of a professional in ear monitor, i can almost guarantee they will not last as long as their more expensive iem competition. On the pair i bought, the wire nearest to the left earpiece was already slightly exposed when i took them out of the box. Basically any place the cable meets plastic (the 3. 5mm jack, the split, and near the headphone itself) there is almost no strain relief. I want to feel comfortable rolling these up and storing them in a pocket, but these feel as if they will break after a short while of regular use. The cable itself is actually quite nice.

The sound is acceptable but not as good as expected.

Definitely not professional quality. They don’t block out much, if any, outside noise (note – they do not advertise that they do, this is just a note from me). Walking around in nyc you can hear anything and everything. I use them for the gym, as the fit is pretty good and they don’t fall out of my ears. They do look pretty cool though.

The following review can also be found here:http://www. Org/products/vsonic-vsd3s-black-high-fidelity-professional-quality-stereo-inner-ear-earphones/reviews/11618a video review version can be found here:https://www. Com/watch?v=io8qz3hgypwa comparison video between the vsd3s and the havi b3 pro 1 can be found here: https://www. Com/watch?v=o04z3h3inigthe vs3s is a vsonic’s latest earphone, and they have made a big claim. That is that these vs3s as well as their brother vsd3(at the current price of $45-50) were tuned with the westone 4r in mind ($499 earphone with 4 balanced armatures). Now i, myself have not tried the westone 4r, but i can say that vsonic proved yet again, that you can get great sound at an affordable price (as they have achieved time and time again with their gr07, vsd1/1s, gr06 and many more). Accessories:this is where i think vsonic had disappointed me a bit.

If you wanna skip to the actual review, just scroll down a tiny bit. I’ve had a fair share of headphones over the years, i researched this product a lot and i’m disappointed. I’ve owned a bunch of stock earphonesupgraded to ‘skullcandy g. ‘ (felt flimsy)upgraded to ‘skullcandy titans’ (sturdy and fair price for the quality)upgraded to ‘urbeats’ (rip-off)upgraded to ‘klipsh image s3’ (clear and natural)upgraded to ‘klipsh image s4’ (wasn’t much of an upgrade, more bang to the bass)upgraded to ‘sennheiser 280 hd pro’ (glorious)i bought vsonic vsd3s because all the others are broken (i’m a very rugged user) except the senn’ 280hd and i don’t want to keep using them outdoors. I didn’t expect the vsonic to be any better than my 280s but this is worse than what i expected for the price tag. All the headphones up there are better, except with skullcandy g. Reason is because the vsonics sound filtered and most headphones up there except urbeats and klipsh s4 sound crisp and unaltered.


So i agree with twister’s review and the reviews on headfi, but i will simplify the sound quality and what to expect. Soundstage is slightly above any average iem earphone, but it is not the widest. You will notice it has more than the average, though. It has an overall warm sound, and the tips included do make difference. If you want the best sub-bass, use the medium or the double flanged. They have almost the same sound characteristic and the sub-bass is really rich. If you want to tone down bass and introduce a more airey sound, use the smallest tips. The bass is well controlled and the subs are separated from the upper bass kick. The midrange is warm, but a bit subdued. If the mids were a bit forward these iems would rank up a notch.

Amazing bass extension for the price, needs some eqing and has some quality issues (mainly with stress relief).

Great sound theres a concert in my head.

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