VSONIC GR07 Classic Maroon : overall great bang for the buck

I’m an amateur audio connoiseur, and i try to look for the best quality budget options for listening to my music. It was a toss-up between deciding whether i wanted the gr07 classic or the gr07 bass edition, but i decided to go for the cheapter gr07 classic first. 5/5): the gr07 classic is an all-rounder iem. It has great clarity and it excels at any kind of music you put through it. My pair has only 15 hours of burn-in at the time of writing, but through my previous experience with vsonic iems, i believe more burn-in will make this iem even better. Build quality (5/5): it’s evident that the gr07 classic is a high-quality iem. The cables are sturdy and have a smooth texture, and feel almost like silk. The maroon color is frosted and matte. The y-split and the strain reliefs are all made of a thick rubbery material, and look like jewels.

Fantastic iem,,this is my third copya+a+a+.

What can i say about the vsonic gr07 classic?. That they are about the best iem for $99 and likley the best one even in the $299 range. Sennheiser cx400 ii, ue triple. Fi, westone 2’s, shure se315, apple in ear’s, and etymotic hf3’s, and even the sligtly pricer vsonic gr07 bass edition, but i think these classics are just more of what i am looking for. What am i looking for?on my search, i was looking for an iem that was fairly accurate, had some low end, but clear and detailed, but not fatiguing, and with a large soundstage. The sennheiser’s have good low end and soundstage, but almost too much low end and not detailed as i would like. The etymotics, the shure se315, and apple’s more expensive in ear’s did not have nearly enough low end, very small or no soundstage, and very fatigueing sound as the high end was bity and harsh. The apple’s were sligtly better, as they are dual driver, but only slightly. The westone’s and the shure’s also had too much mids.

These earphones have low distortion and a clean, natural sound. The bass goes deep but is not exaggerated. Extended high frequency response without sounding bright. Smooth natural midrange without the midrange suck-out so many other earbuds and headhpones have. Overall they sound a lot like etymotics, but with smoother mids and better response at the extreme low and high ends. Sound to please the discerning audiophile, at a great price.

I use them as stage monitors in my band and they sounds great and handle a wide range of frequencies at loud volumes.

VSONIC GR07 Classic Maroon : One of the best pair of iems i’ve owned till now. I only have the soundmagic e30 and philips shp9500 to compare to. This beats both of them in terms of everything. Surprisingly, this has a better soundstage than shp9500 which are open. The music just sounds a lot farther. In short, totally recommend it.

Fast, accurate and neutral iem’s.

The sound signature is very clean and natural, overall great bang for the buck.

Coming from the gr06, the gr07’s sound is on another level.

High-quality sound, good price.

I bought this product about a month or so ago. I use it every day and i have to say that the sound quality is great. I have to take the train every day to get to work and often times it gets really loud but with these headphones, the sound quality is clear and loud that i can still enjoy listening to my music and podcasts without any worries. These headphones are great for $99 dollars and as good as the higher end products that are in the 200$ range. The only problem i have noticed with my headphone is that the wires are starting to break.

One of the best dynamic earphones that i own, currently i own about 36 pairs.

So i’m coming from the shure s215 earphones which are similarly priced to these. I’m not an audiophile but i want to enjoy my music and have been searching for a great pair of earphones for the past 10 years. The shures lasted me for 6 years and i thought they were really good, but i wanted to try the gr07’s due to the great reviews on headfi. The first thing i noticed was how much detail i was getting from these bad boys – the s120 has good detail in the mids and highs but almost completely lacked in terms of base. The gr07’s has amazing detail and the bass is present, punchy but with sharp detail as well. I was ready to shell out $500 on a pair of high end earphones before i read the reviews for these, but damn if these aren’t the best sounding earphones for the price. If you’re deciding between these and the bass edition, although i haven’t tried them, the base on the classic version is more than enough unless you’re a serous bass head. Get these now, you won’t regret it.

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