TOOKS Classic Headphone Audio Beanie Hat : Four Stars

The earphones are placed inside a slit in the hoodie and “stay”with small pieces of velcro. The quality of the speakers is pretty good. It is a good concept,but just isn’t there yet.

Fits my large head perfect, love the built in head phone feature. Now, if only it was all washable, that would be truly heaven.

My husband loves this, he uses it at work (warehouse) and the cord is long enough to accomdate him placing his ipod shuffle in his pocket, the hat is comfortable to wear for an eight hour shift, and it was a great price and value. He also uses it to snowblow, rake etc. . Great for outdoor work in the winter/fall.

Looking for hats for chemo patients. No hair and very sensitive skin has meant i am wearing most my beanies inside out because even the seams hurt my head. This hat was supposed to be really soft and i thought would be ideal to use with my ipad during chemo treatments. I suppose if you have a cushion of hair that might work but i am really annoyed that marketing tactics were used to place this item in the category with hats for cancer patients. Speakers work fine, velcro buttons make getting them into position challenging but doable.

  • Not a Ear Bud Fan
  • Great product! Want one for me!
  • Good hat

TOOKS Classic Headphone Audio Beanie Hat with Built-in Removable Headphones – Color: Gray

  • Knit beanie with built-in headphones
  • 100% bulk acrylic
  • Comfortable fit and feel, Superior sound quality
  • Standard 3.5mm plug fits all common audio devices and cell phones
  • Also available w/ inline volume & music control, Search “Tooks NextGen”

I recently purchased the wfy-mall headset ipod mp3 ski & snowboard beanie/hat with headphones running wool winter and this tooks classic. (reference the review for that product) there is a fairly large price difference. Both hats serve the function well. The wfy-mall is a fleece type and this product is the more traditional knit. I noticed that you can play the music a bit louder with this hat but both provide as much volume as i need while jogging. I think this is a very nice solution if you don’t want to hassle with ear buds while you are active. The speakers and wires come out of the hat for washing. On this model there is a small tab of velcro on the rear of each speaker that holds the speaker in place inside the hat cuff over you ears. The other model did not have this but the speakers did not move while jogging. There is a several week wait if you order the wfy mall model since it ships from china.

Bought this as christmas gifts for my 3 grandsons. Great purchase especially for this time of year, its so cold out and they love to sit with it listening to their netflix and songs.

I bought this for my husband for christmas, and he loves it. First of all, he has a giant head. Has to have custom made helmets when he plays sports and for his motorcycle. I was so impressed when this fit his head, and fit his head well. It didn’t look too small it fit perfect. Take the speakers out, toss in the washing machine on gentle. The speakers get pretty loud too. I was in the other room when he turned the volume all the way up and i could hear his music.

Best price i could find, good quality, got in time for xmas. Grandson uses public transportation to get to work and school so will get alot of use from it.

Not really what i was expecting. I bought 2 of the beanies for my boys for christmas, u have 2 put the headphones into holes inside the beanies & the cord is uneven. It does go down thw back too. There is also only velcro to hold them in place. My kids dnt even use them anymore.

Had hoped to find another color or style but friend loved this as a gift and uses it on a daily basis.

My boyfriend, who is a hat fanatic, loved this birthday gift. Even though it’s acrylic, it is soft and not scratchy. He plans on wearing it when he jogs now that the weather has gotten cold. I would buy again, maybe even in a different style for my daughter.

Great product i highly reccomend it as a purchase when considering this type of product. I would make the same purchase again.

The cap does exactly what i want it to do, keep my head warm while delivering my music crisply and clearly. Simple and effective at achieving this on my long winter walks. Ought to add a few more styles and selections.

Got this for my hubby for christmas. Was able to shovel snow and listen to music without worrying about annoying headphones.

Great quality in the hat, comfort fit, did not ride up when jogging, bike riding or even riding my rail buggy. Provided excellent sound while keeping me warm. A must for any outside active person.

My daughter got this for me.

My best friends husband loved his hat as well. I bought them both one for christmas since they like to walk alot and to exercise outside over all it was a good gift for weather that is cold if you like to go outside alot.

This was such a great gift for my hunters in the familythey have worn them and plug inits easy and something they would nevre have thought ofi love it for them so they don’t have to bring earbuds to hunting camp.

There is nothing special about this product, either good or bad. It is exactly what you see it as.

Bought this as a christmas present for my husband. With the winter we’ve had, he used it a lot while shoveling snow. He is happy with it – keeps his ears warm and he is able to listen to music to break up the drudgery. And the earphones come out pretty easily to machine wash the hat.

Worked great, fit as expected and sounded awesome.

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TOOKS Classic Headphone Audio Beanie Hat with Built-in Removable Headphones - Color: Gray
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