Tenqa FIT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, They’re pretty cool

They are far more compact then the last pair of. Com/lg-electronics-hbs-730-bluetooth-headset/dp/b009l7g8gi/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=utf8&qid=1394230588&sr=1-2&keywords=lg+headphones+bluetooth’>lg bluetooth headphones. In fairness they are really different beasts. The tenqa’s are great for the gym, while the lg’s were great for the office. I have only had them for a few weeks, but so far the battery, buttons, and connectivity have been great for me. I pair with an iphone 5/and a iphone 5s with no troubles at all. The battery status on the phone is super useful. Will update if opinion changes.

Dont let the bulkiness look of the ear buds drive you away. Once there in your ear they do not appear as big. They sound great and you can not beat the price for wireless headphones.

Pros:-the sound is beautiful with a nice bass-boost that doesn’t cover up the high end range. Definitely rivals medium-high end bluetooth and wired earbuds that i have owned or tried-noise cancelling is decent, a definite plus when using in public but it’s not strong enough to cover up a jet engine when on an airplane-very comfortable when you find the right earpiece configuration. I’m very picky because i have smaller ear canals and almost all earbuds cause my ears to ache after about 20 minutes. I’m personally an over-the-ear headphone fan but i’ll make an exception for these. -stay in place and the connecting cable stays out of the way when you have it behind your neck, good for working out-fast charging timecons:-when using the earbuds with my galaxy s3, there is a short duration of feedback and audio cutting-out immediately after connecting but this goes away after a few minutes. I do not have this problem with other bluetooth headsets i have tried. However, i used them on my dell laptop with bluetooth and i didn’t experience this problem. -if i have the device in my pockets while walking, the audio cuts out frequently. I do not have this problem if i’m holding the device or if i put it in my backpack. I believe that might be a problem with my phone, not entirely sure.

Key specs for Tenqa FIT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Running / Sports Handsfree Wireless Headset for Smartphones, such as iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Moto, PC, iPad, PSP & any Bluetooth enabled device – Black:

  • These Bluetooth earbuds have a 5.5 hour battery life that will last you through any workout
  • Features CVC echo/noise reduction for reducing noise.
  • Compact and lightweight wireless earbuds with in-ear design for secure fit and premium sound
  • Listen to music and calls from any smartphone or Bluetooth A2DP music player on these wireless Bluetooth earphones
  • Equipped with multiple sizes of ear stabilizers and ear tips for the perfect fit and travel pouch for protection

Comments from buyers

“Bluetooth freedom and yet I’m still complaining about wires?
, Overall, Excellent!
, Exceptional value!

Great sound, very impressive rumblings of bass. They’re large but they’re light and don’t look silly in the ears. They work with phone calls and speech recognition and voice commands and siri. One mic is for noise cancelation and wind cancelation, the other mic is for speaking. Callers say i sound a little muffled but still loud and easy to understand. They repeat a tone if you have an incoming phone call. Hit the little volume up or down button to answer, hold down the volume up or down button to hang up. They even tone if you receive a text message. If music is playing it pauses for the call and resumes after the call.

I refuse pay $110+/- for some of the ‘brand’ names of this type. 0, work great, stay in the ears, and are comfortable. The length of the connecting strap is long enough to be comfortable as well.

There are not that many wireless head phones under $70. They fit well, although i came to realize that one ear is slightly smaller than the other, because one side kept falling out. The sound is good, there is a decent amount of bass which my last wired pair lacked. The range is more than 10 ft. That the instructions stated, try closer to 20-30 ft. The nice thing is that they reconnect automatically if you do walk out of range.

Use these with my brightech, brightplay live hd bluetooth transmitter with my metal detector. Very clear sound considering the potential for electronic signal interference from the detector.

These guys work pretty damn well. Once you get them fitted correctly you can barely feel them there. Sound is good, not great, but good. But for the power, weight and fit i would definitely recommend them. I typically have issued with bud sliding out during running but these manage to stay in and comfortable.

They are not quite as loud as i would like, and the ear fit does take some work (comes with pieces to switch out). However, it works great, the battery life is fantastic, and it really does block out sound around you very well. I love them, just wish they were a little louder.

Pros:* good at staying in place* light weight* decent sound quality for this price rangecons:* uncomfortable, feeling like they need to be adjusted often* more sensitive to body interference than some other bluetooth earbuds, due to the placement of the receiver* won’t rest on your head or neck if you want to take them off for a moment* fragile: they broke after a few monthsaltogether, they may be worth buying if you understand their limitations, but i can’t recommend them for everyone.

After searching high and low, i found the perfect set of in-ear bluetooth earbuds. I use these while running and they stay in place and don’t budge. Reason for not giving it 5 stars is that occasionally, the audio skips but comes back instantaneously. I have a pair of motorola flex s-11hd and those were my go to headphones for working out. I can now alternate between the two when the battery is going low.

I got them while on deployment to take to the gym. The cord stays out of the way and the buds stay in my ear, even on the treadmill. I would definitely buy these again, if i had to.

First, i would like to address a few things that i was. For those of you with iphone or android, you cannot use the siri or google voice functionality without getting out your phone and hitting the button. You can change volume and go to the next or previous track, but that’s about it. Second, they are not kidding about the battery life. If you plan on wearing these over the course of an 8 hour shift bring the charger with you because you’ll have low bat sound after 4-5 continuous hours of use. Finally, when connecting to multiple devices, if you walk out of range of one device it keeps saying ‘connection lost’ even if the other device(s) are still in range. This can be fixed by turning it off and on again, but it’s still a bit annoying. Then why 4 stars, if i’m so negative?.Because everything else is fantastic.

These headphones are perfect. They don’t fall out while i’m running and they stay in my ear. The only bad thing is that it’s missing the pause/play button and it does not notify you when a text is received.

I was in the market for some bluetooth earbuds but did not want to go jaybird money. I went for the fit because of the interesting design and the promise of quality sound and noise cancellations. Bluetooth is getting better from what i’m reading, but i lower my expectations when i listen to music with bluetooth. From the stat sheet it had all the right tech: cvt, aptx, bt 4 and multi point connectivity. Not sure if i got what i paid for or found a diamond in the rough. Pros:+fit – i’d say these fit great and would stay in your ears during most actiivtiy+charging time and battery – no matter what charging brick i plugged into, it seemed to charge fast. Standby time was good and on ear time lasted a day with off and on use. In my use case, i could go all day with a couple of minutes getting to and from work, jumping on and off for meetings and intermittent use. If i used it constently, probably would not last over 5 hours. + accessories – multiple types of silicone and outter ear posts.

Ears can hurt sometimes after prolonged use. Also sometimes, the sound gets interrupted when you put it in your pocket but it can be ignored. It’s been 2 years i’ve been using it and i’m not disappointed. Got this on black friday sale and i’m loving every bit of it.

The only reason i didn’t give this product 5 stars is because i get a little frustrated with the band that attaches the two pieces. It tends to stick to the back of my neck and tries to pull out of my ear occasionally. If the ear pieces were separate it would be ideal.

If you are looking for a simple set of wireless earbuds then look no further. I’ve had these for almost a year and they have been great. Battery last me through 3 to 4 workouts before needing a recharge. They have a great sound with nice bass considering how small they are. The bluetooth connects to my galaxy s5 as soon as i turn them on. Literally my only complaint and the reason for the 4 star review is the material the cord is made out of gets stuck to the back of my neck at times. When this happens and i turn my head, an ear bud will pop out. Doesn’t happen too often but does get annoying when it does. Should’ve used a fabric cable of some kind to prevent this.

I needed a pair of earbuds that would allow me to do my saturday morning bike ride i encumbered by the white wires of iphone tech. Light as they are, the wires always presented some type of hindrance since my phone also served as my gps & bike computer. With the fits i am able to enjoy my ride more with no resistance to turning my head as or when i need to, and the sound is great. To a little adjustment to get how the earbuds fit in my ear, but the rubber pieces allowed me to figure it out and settle on a stable adjustment. The microphone’s pretty decent as welli’ve only had 3 rides since i purchased these earbuds, but so far?.

I got these as a present for christmas from my father who knows i go through 6 pair of earbuds a year. These were really cool and easy to connect. Although they have their flaws. 5 to 5 seconds delayed sometimes. Yes its not much but im a perfectionist and when i watch videos the sound doesn’t sink up and it annoys me sometimes. Another thing is the voice that tells you that the battery is low. I understand if it goes off like at 20% and 5% but it goes off like every 30-40 seconds and is quite annoying and scares me sometimes which i could not take after the 3rd time. Other than that they are really good and sound amazing.

Great product at a great price.

These guys are absolutely superior to most ear buds. They sound very rich & have great clarity. I would say the bass is the best i’ve heard on bluetooth earphones thus far & the battery life has been pretty darn good as well. Many good things going on here.The only complaint is, they slip just slightly out of my ears once in a blue moon.

I had gotten these headphones in an attempt to eliminate wires, as most people try to do with buying bluetooth headphones. The sound quality is much better than i would have thought. Definitely on par with higher end headsets. The cord that goes around the back of your neck does tend to get snagged on your shirt or neck. It wasn’t unexpected, and rarely does it actually rip the earbud out of your ear, but it is irritating from time to time. This is just a problem with the style of headphones, not the design of these specific ones. For me, the right earbud does slip out, even with different sizes tried. I can deal though, it’s not that bad. Give these a shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I spend about 90 minutes at the gym each time i go and only charge these every 4th time, so the battery life is definitely acceptable.

They’re good for casual use. The connectivity range is not very broad. Would not recommend for use during physical activity.

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