Sony Walkman NWZE374/BC 8GB MP3 Player : Love It!

I would recommend scandisk mp3 than this one>this has an issue on the power on off function>.

I really like the mp3 player. It does everything i want it to. It only has one quirk that becomes an obstacle. The hold button has to be held down for 10 seconds to make any changes. This might be able to be resolved by updating the bios, or having the option to turn off the hold feature. Other than that it works great. I would say overall it was a good buy for the cost.

I bought this product to be part of a small outdoor sound system consisting of the walkman, an amplifier, and a pair of theater sound outdoor speakers. After trying two amplifiers, with barely audible sound through the speakers from either one, i thought, “gee, i ought to listen to what i get from the headphones. ” tried that, same result, barely audible. I’ll go to a local electronics store, try to get the problem diagnosed. Either i don’t know what i’m doing with a walkman (i am a total neophyte), or the product is faulty. Will advise when i learn more. Ok, i learned more, a friend quickly showed me that i simply had to turn the volume on. The walkman and the rest of the system (all components bought through amazon) are now performing extremely well. Obviously i didn’t know what i was doing at the outset, now delighted with the whole system. Reccomend all components, just hope now that they’ll have durability.

Delivered on october 19, 2013just got my sony mp3 walkman and i just love it. I had a cheap $20 mp3 player and i couldn’t even get it to work right and it doesn’t even compare to my new sony player. Ease of use-*****download of mp3 files with windows media player 11 & 12-*****download of videos with windows media player 11 & 12-*****volume/sound quality-*****no static & clearfm radio-*****no static & cleardownload favorite photos with windows media player 11 & 12-*****use of all settings-*****this player is so easy to set-up & use that i didn’t even have to upload the bundled software to my computer. The only thing i had to do first was recharge the battery which took about 2 hours. If you want to download videos, download them from youtube using google chrome-if you have it installed-and depending on the type of file they will go to windows media player, not windows internet explorer. For better sound quality get a music bullet speaker.

  • Nice price but lacks some features
  • Bought for my husband for working out – he loves it! To turn OFF, first PAUSE the music then hold down the PWR/HOLD Button
  • Auto lock is a pain but good player

Sony Walkman NWZE374/BC 8GB MP3 Player Black

  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box.

Okay, this is a fantastic mp3 player with a nice price tag. Good sound quality, pretty easy to use, and i have only two complaints about it:1) you can’t make playlists from the player itself; they have to be made in windows media player or another program and then synch’d to the mp3 player. If you want to add songs to your playlist while on your 5k walk, you can’t. 2) it doesn’t have an off switch. I can’t stand electronics where you hold a button that is for some other function for 5-10 seconds to turn them off. How hard would it have been to put an on/off switch on this thing?. I swear it never actually shuts off, which wastes the battery life.

I like that it holds alot and it’s easy to organize and find the mp3’s i want to listen to. What i dislike the most is that if i accidentally bump it, it can not only jump to a different mp3, ,but it won’t hold my place in the one i was listening to. I use this for educational mp3’s so most of the audios are 60-90 min. So then i have to try to fast forward (which isn’t easy) to where i think it left off. I also don’t like having to click the wheel to get where i want instead of turning the wheel.

I had one of the first walkmans. The ones that used cassette tapes and had no radio. That product was terrific in its day but this one is even better. Lots of room for my existing music library will two gigabytes left over for the next few years. Did not require any software, just plug it in to your pc or laptop and windows does the rest. Buy the accessory pack to charge in the car etc. I know sony dropped the ball in personal listening devices to the rest of the world but this one is absolutely fine.

Bought this for my wife, she had a touch screen one (zen) and it just did not work right for her. Navigation was difficult, the touch screen did not respond well for her. The sony is quite the opposite, real buttons, (navigation is simple) long battery life,great sound quality, it is slim and lightweight and the carbon fiber black color really looks sharp. I don’t like giving anything a 5star rating, but i have not found one thing to complain about. So i have decided to buy another one for myself. If you are looking for a good mid priced m p3 player this is it.

This new model basic walkman is much smaller and lighter, but it still is as good, and it still lasts 8 hours or more on continuous play. Its smaller screen and poorer graphics are not easy to read, and they are just like a 19. Is my biggest complaint, the elimination of the manual on/off button, the on/off/hold button is difficult, on works, hold works, but getting off to work is frustrating, and its just easier to give up and let it time out, or run out of power.

I have owned two walkmans prior to buying this third one. The first two were higher model numbers with more features. I guess because the yen has lost value their products are more expensive now. So i ended up buying this model. I use my walkman for motorcycle ride music. And no it does not take pictures. My last two walkman lasted about 16 months before dying, hence the 1 year limited warrantee. The features you do not get that are on the higher priced walkman are:record fm music. Speakerslarger screen with better resolution. What i like about this model:smaller by about 1/3.

This is my second sony walkman. I lost my first one and didn’t think twice about buying another. I love it so much, i bought one for my dad and he finds it easy to use at 70 years old.

I had an older walkman and i loved it. I dropped that thing like you wouldn’t believe, pieces chipped off and it still worked. So i figured i would get another walkman and got this one. I like it for the price and it plays music which is what i wanted. My screen goes out and i saw in another review it is a screensaver kicking on, it’s super irritating when you can’t see the screen at all. It looks like the unit has simply burned the screen out. One odd thing with it’s set up compared to my old walkman is that i can’t just hold the power button to get it to turn off. As someone in another review mentioned you have to push the play/pause button and then once the music (or video) pauses, you hold down the “option” button until it powers off. When you turn it back on it will always say hold the “option” button to remove the hold status.

I’ve had very few music devices, but this one is my favorite. It’s pretty small, which is what i would prefer, so it’s not a hassle to carry around. The headphones it came with, i didn’t even use. I generally buy other headphones just to have something better than generic ones. You can easily organize just about anything in this straight from you computer. Very fast at upload and syncing speeds from videos to music files.

This mp3 works so great i ordered another one. The only problem i have had is it does work on windows 8. Maybe there is a software or some type of update to make this compatible. Make this this s great mp3 player by pairing with a set of jvc gummy ear buds, as the ones that come with this are not very good at all.

Excellent sound quality for both highs and lows. The low is not overbearing, but the highs are crystal clear. There is a small learning curve for the controls, but once learned it is easy to operate. The size is very small, but easily readable. I bought one for my wife after having one for me for awhile.

I bought this product to replace an older one with less storage. When i received the new sony, i downloaded my music and took it for a spin. The walkman comes with in the ear headphones, a short usb cable (to charge it and connect to computer library). It has a built in equalizer and the headphones have very good sound quality and good bass response. The walkman has a little over 7 gb of usable storage and i’ve loaded about 55 hours of mp3 and wma files on with 2. I like the way you can access the media and the small screen is very readable even in daylight. Very happy with the product so far and if past experience holds true, this sony will be with me for a long time.

The price was right, i like the look but at first had a hard time getting it to acknowledge my computer when i connected. The battery life is terrible. I have an older model and i listened to it a lot and would last for several days on a single charge. This one last a little more than 8 hours. So needles to say i still use the old one more than this one. The seller was the best part of the deal on time and as described.

This is my 2nd one, having bought the first one about 3yrs ago for my daughter (a red one) and its still going strong. Its simple and i like the ‘hold’ feature. I have read several posts that creating a playlist is an issue with this device. A quick really easy fix is this:a) open a new folder on your desktop, call it ‘david’s workout mix’ or whatever , then put all the songs in this folder you want as a playlist. B) copy/cut folder into the device via the ‘content transfer’ software, not by opening up the device and copy/pasting into the music folderc) turn on device scroll to ‘folders’ under music and ta-da. There is the playlist- sorry, i mean folder.

I have bought sony walkmans for years. This one is a little different from the others. On the plus side it was almost half the cost. On the other hand the case is plastic and not metal. The screen resolution isn’t nearly as good as the others. And the battery life is 8-10 hours less than my other ones. I believe this one is around 30hrs on a battery and my others were 40+. But for half the price, i bought two. Gave one to my girlfriend and kept the other for myself for when the one i have breaks. Its going on 2+ years of great service (i work construction and its usually in my pocket) i hope this one can do half as well.

Do you like making playlists?. If so, maybe consider looking at other mp3 players. This walkman more or less forces you to sync using windows media player (or similar software) and has no internal method for creating playlists. As a result, loading and playlisting music is extremely problematic and often quite frustrating. The worst part being that any song you add to a playlist is *duplicated* on the device. Your 8gb fills up pretty fast with shoddy programming like that. I bought this as a cheap replacement for an ipod i lost. And yet, as overpriced as ipods are, now i’m wishing i had splurged for another ipod, if only for the ease of use. This product does do what it advertises, though.

It works great but the one i got fom sony. Com seems better built i lost that one in the desert, 1year later i found it and it still worked even though it had some dirt in it.

I bought this as a replacement for my used ipod video, which had battery issues. It’s a great cheap alternative to an ipod nano, which is good if you’re a guy like me who doesn’t like apple. I bought it because my brother also has a walkman, and it’s lasted him about 3 years. I like how small it is and the fact that it can still showcase album art. And i absolutely love the automatic hold feature, it works well when it’s in my pocket. Overall, this was a good buy, i recommend this to anybody who wants a good quality mp3 player, but is not willing to pay for an ipod.

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Sony MDR-XB60EX-B | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones : The earphones were great but the the right earbud suddenly decided to stop

I previously owned a pair of these exact same earbuds that were made by sony for sale in the u. Market & i was very impressed with the overall sound quality & bass for the price. However, due to sony discontinuing their manufacture & sale for the u. Market, i was forced to pick up these instead, which are exactly the same model but intended for the japanese market. What’s so great about the earbuds?. For the overall price, these provide great sound quality throughout the audio spectrum. Yes, it’s true that these earbuds emphasize bass as that is clearly stated is the intention in the name of the product, but the sound is very rich and clear overall despite this. While some earbuds intended for “bass heads” are great with pounding your ears with mostly mid-bass & lack much detail without sounding muddy and drowning out the other frequencies, these do a great job all around. From the higher bass frequencies through the lower end of the spectrum, you hear all of the bass notes clearly and with clarity. Additionally, these earbuds also do a great job of ensuring the meaty bass notes don’t drown out the rest of the frequency spectrum from the treble and other frequencies in between. You will find that these earbuds excel at pop, hip-hop, r&b, rock, dance/electronic/house/trance but it also works well in reproducing great audio when watching videos such as tv shows or movies on a smartphone tooanother thing that i really like about these earbuds is that the can be turned up pretty loud without distorting or changing the tone of what you’re listening to significantly. Where other earbuds at a similar price point would start to crackle or distort badly, these continue to provide great sound quality at higher volumes. All in all, these earbuds come as a highly recommended purchase.

I must correct an obvious typo. No headphone or loud speaker on the good green earth is capable of reproducing 1 hertz (1 cycle per second). Bass below about 60 hz is felt by the human body more than heard. This bass has little direction (why sub woofer placement is not often critical). 1 hertz below is what we engineers call dc voltage (i. Dc or anything near dc will blow your speakers and headphones fairly quickly. The lowest reproducible bass usually comes from kick drums or the low pedal note on hammond b-3 organs (32 hz) and classic church pipe organs (24 -30 hz). Usable music information this low in frequency requires great power and is felt more than heard.

These are peobably the best headphones i’ve had in a long time. And i buy a ton of headphones. They look and feel great and the sound is no less then epic. In a side-by-side comparison with playstation gold over the ear gaming headphones, these headphones easily have deeper, more textured bass. In fact i prefer them when playing games.

The earphones were great but the the right earbud suddenly decided to stop working one day. . The sound quality was good.

  • Great quality earbuds for “bass heads” at a decent price point!
  • Best headphones in a long time
  • Worth money

SONY MDR-XB60EX-B Black | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

I originally purchased some sennheiser branded earphones costing 90aud. Not being satisfied with sennheiser brand i tried to find a nice ear phone that was similar to the sony in ear bud bass booster earphones. The mdr-xb60ex model has superb bass. You can hear 1hz bass to 25,000khz with impressive clarity. I’m impressed with these earphones. Don’t spend any more money on other expensive earphones. These will more satisfy your need for bass and top end clarity.

The best earphones that i’ve ever used in my entire life. I highly recommend this product, specially if you love bass.

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Sony MDRAS800AP Active Sports Smartphone Headset – Great price. Easy transaction

Excited to see the design just wanna know is this a bluetooth headphones, hows noice cancellation and microphone working. Volume control seems to be an issue as per the reviews though i didn’t see any volume controller in the pics.

These are the best headphones i have ever had. They sound great, block outside sound and most of all, they don’t go flying out of your ears when you bump the cord. I lost a paid and bought new ones the next day.

I bought these headphones based off of thewirecutter. I’m not really that impressed. The headphones sound ok, they don’t have iphone specific controls. Generally just an ok headphone.

I bought these primarily because i want to have earbuds that stays in my ear with microphones. And so far, it has worked really great. It really does stay in your ear with the little hook. Not only that, they sound really good. I can definitely feel the bass.

I wasn’t sure how i would like the protrusion in my ear. But it is actually quite comfortable and stays in without having to adjust it while i am running and snowboarding. I love having the microphone, however it scratches against your clothes and is hard for people to hear you. As an extra bonus, they were waterproof.

  • I bought these headphones based off of thewirecutter. com
  • Best Headphones Ever.
  • I wasn’t sure how I would like the protrusion in my ear

Great for the gym, less so for long term wear. Sound is excellent and very durable construction.

Features of Sony MDRAS800AP Active Sports Smartphone Headset (Orange)

  • 2-way wearing style: secure or easy fit, Splash-resistant design prevents sweat from leaking in, Hybrid silicone earbuds and Arc supporters provide a precise fit
  • In-line remote & microphone for hands-free phone calling, Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones
  • Free SmartKey App for customized in-line remote function, Carrying Pouch, Cable Adjustor, and Clip supplied
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

From the manufacturer

Active Sports Smartphone Headset

The perfect universal smartphone companion and equally comfortable in town or at the gym, the MDR-AS800AP provides flexible use, as a headset for enjoying music and taking calls on the go, or motivating your workouts!


2-way wearing style

Enjoy flexible wearing convenience: conventional Easy-Fit (in-ear) fashion for around the town, or using the attached arc supporters in Secure Fit Loop (Active-Sports) style, the cables run up and over each ear and then behind the neck for a more secure fit during strenuous activities.


The splash-resistant housing prevents sweat and water from leaking in, making these headphones ideal for an active lifestyle.(1)

Custom fit

4 sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds and 3 sizes of arc supporters, in addition to an adjustment band are supplied to ensure a precise fit.

Universally smartphone compatible

The perfect smartphone companion and equally comfortable around town or at the gym, a configurable in-line remote (via SmartKey App) delivers personalized music and call functionality for flexible use, as a headset for enjoying music and taking calls on the go, or motivation during your workouts!

Supplied Accessories

A carrying pouch, 4 sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds, 3 sizes of arc supporters, an adjustment band, and a clip are supplied to ensure optimum fit and an enhanced experience.

(1) The water resistance specifications of this unit are equivalent to IPX4 and the unit cannot be used in water.

(2) The button function may vary depending on the smartphone.

(3) Subject to app terms and conditions.

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2-way wearing style: secure or easy fit, Splash-resistant design prevents sweat from leaking in, Hybrid silicone earbuds and Arc supporters provide a precise fit

In-line remote & microphone for hands-free phone calling, Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones

Free SmartKey App for customized in-line remote function, Carrying Pouch, Cable Adjustor, and Clip supplied

Connectivity Technology: Wired

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