Sony MDR-Q55SL Clip-on Headphones : Finally I found them!

The sound is decent but nothing special. Comes with an extension cable that on mine did not work but i did not check the extension until after i through the packaging away. For the money they are average.

Use it on for my phone to listen music.

Sony MDR-Q55SL Clip-on Headphones (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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    by entering your model number.
  • Open-air, dynamic headphones with spring-action earpiece
  • Neodynium magnets for maximum energy and minimum size
  • Large turbo duct offers powerful bass sound
  • 1 meter length cord; tangle-free storage
  • Gold-plated mini-plug

I had a pair of these that i had purchased a few years back without really testing too many others. They were mostly used for the gym, so they got beat around in my gym bag, then had to stay on while running and moving quite a bit. 5/4 years, it seemed i had blown one of the speakers and it was time for them to go. That’s when i started to appreciate what i had found. I’ve gone through many pairs of clip-on headphones trying to find ones that would serve me this well, and everything just fell short. The braided cord is the most durable, resilient cord i’ve ever had. The short length is the greatest asset to anyone that works out with an ipod in an arm band. It’s just long enough to allow full range of movement without ever getting caught on things or in your own way. Not to mention avoiding the weight of the cable swinging back and forth pulling one or the other of the earphones right off your head.

These sony mdr headphones are really great and the sound quality is amazing really loud very clear quality i would definitely recommend this seller’s products.

I don’t know how many head/earphones i have gone through over the years. Most of them have been crappy due to sound and comfort level (more like, lack thereof). I don’t like sticking earplugs into my ears because they end up getting to be uncomfortable after a certain amount of time and they end up getting covered in earwax. Besides lack of comfort, earplugs have a tendency to blow out in one ear. There is nothing worse than listening to my music on my portable cd player with only one earplug working. The same can be said about headphones too. Another quality about headphones i don’t care for is wearing that annoying plastic arch that holds the headphones together. At least with earplugs, i can easilyi slip the devices over my earlobes. Several months ago, i was perusing the headphones aisle at target when i came upon the sony mdr-q55sl. It had the same properties in both earplugs and headphones i was looking for: ability to slip the headphones around my earlobes and not having to stick two pieces of plastic into my ears.

Sony MDR-Q55SL Clip-on Headphones (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I will be buying my third pair soon. First pair lasted 2-3 years as did the second. I mistakenly bought jaybirds and they were awful. If you have trouble with ear buds and have ever growing ears like i do these headphones are the best.

J’ai ce type de casque depuis 7 ou 8 ans et je ne m’en passe plus. C’est mon troisième casque (les autres ne sont pas cassés, ils sont juste usés) bonne qualité d’écoute, confort et très pratique. Je recommande ces casques à tout mon entourage et également à vous.

I was looking for something to replace the standard ipod headphones. I like the style and price of these. The audio quality seemed like it would be pretty good too. After receiving the headphones from amazon i was disappointed in two ways. I thought the cord would be almost white. It’s actually silver, even a little glitter-y. Second was the level of bass — it’s very high. I like high bass for some tracks, but not all. That’s what i use the equalizer for. But even when i turn the equalizer off on my ipod, the bass is still almost too strong. I’m not sure how much i’ll end up using these headphones. I thought it was funny how on the packaging sony says ‘for the house and trance lifestyle. I think i prefer the sony mdr-ex51lp fontopia headphones. Great sound quality, but not busting my eardrums with bass.

If you wear headphones as often as me, comfort is the most important thing. My favorite pair of headphones for the past few years have been the panasonic clip-on earphones. But they fail after a few years because of lack of design quality; they are not built to last. These ones are not quite as comfortable, but they are still pretty comfortable. Their design quality, however, is top notch. I feel like these will last 20 years. And the sound quality is better than the panasonic clip on ear phones as well. These are overall my new favorite headphones.

Sony has come out with a few different versions of these headphones. I know that one of them specializes in rap, another in techno, and another in jazz. These headphones specifically specialize in hard house/techno music. I tested this pair thouroughly and all i can say is that these are possibly the best sounding headphones in the price range that are intended for portable use. As far as prices go for portable headphones, this is at the top of the charts. I payed a substantial amount of money for these headphones, but it was all worth the money. The best part of these headphones are the portability, to start. The cable is quite short so there is no dealing with miles and miles of extra cable that you have to put in your pocket. I am short – being at 5 feet 6 inches, and i found the length just perfect for me. I found that these headphones fit perfectly in my pocket – that’s usefull if you are like me and listen to your music on the go or at school. And with this small form-factor, you also get incredible sound. Channeling of the sound is pretty good with these phones, usually channeling to the correct side with good accuracy.

I bought these to game with since i care more about my ‘do than i do amazing quality ambient noises, and the earbud style never ever fits me right. They’re comfortable at first, don’t slide around or pull away at all if you get the clamp on right, but tends to make you sore after a few hours. Sound isn’t normal headphone or earbud quality to be sure, but it’s got bass. That’s pretty unique among clip headphones. Downside is how fragile the stupid things are. I would never try to sleep with these on for fear of rolling on top of them.

You know, i do like these headphones, and the build quality and styling is nice, but these really do not have the solid bass quality that i was led to believe that they were capable of. Now, this could be for a number of reasons, i understand that – so far, i have only experimented with these headphones and my nokia lumia 1020 smartphone (with eq settings tweaked) – i suppose that i should also try it with my notebooks, laptops, tablets, etc,. And really give these headphones a run for the money. All in all, you know, if you are just looking for a decent set of (reasonably inexpensive) over_the_ear headphones to replace an older set, then these are certainly worth looking into. Otherwise, if you want a really good one-in-a-lifetime sort of headphones – well, then there are always the sennheiser and koss, uher, etc. These sony headphones are actually very easy to keep on for long periods of time – and, i also like the fact that sony included a few accessories for free in the package, that they really did not have to – for example – a 1-meter male-female silver braided extension cord, just in case you wanted to get longer than the existing 1. 5-meter (i think) attached cable – and at least my packet (which was brand new, never opened) even contained a double (y-splitter) – adapter, so you could share your 1/8′ headphone jack with a friend. Sony always does these nice ‘little touches’ – sure, their equipment costs more than the bargain-basement stuff coming out of certain parts asia, but you know, they really do try to stand out among the run of the mill items, usually.

I have a hard time trying to find really good headphones to use while in the gym. The in-ear type of headphones never stay in my ear (i dont know if i have abnormal shaped ears or what). After going some research, these looked promising. First, you will notice the abnormal shape of the clipping mechanism. And after wearing them, i have no idea why the went with this shape. They do not stay clipped securely to your ear. And while working out and developing a little but of sweat, they wanna just slip right off of my ear. Also, after wearing them for a while, that weird shaped clipping mechanism puts a pressure on your ear and is uncomfortable.

If you’re like me and hate earbuds and over-the-ear headphones, these are perfect. These aren’t nearly as comfy as the mdr-q22lp or -q23 models, but they’re certainly easier to find and more reasonably priced. I prefer the spring-hinged versions, as i feel they fit more snugly and securely. The cord is nylon-braided, so it’s pretty durable; plus the style is easy to store. The sound quality isn’t incredible, but that’s not my biggest priority. I just want comfortable, portable headphones, and these work just fine.

I bought these for an upcoming trip which hasn’t yet occurred however, i’ve worn them in my house with the tv volume on. The noise cancelling is probably not as good as traditional headphones but, these are pretty good.

This headphones is a more expensive unit compared with other comparable products. Among the headphones that i have tried so far, this one definitely sounds different. The frequency response is rather flat, meaning the bass and the treble do not get boosted as much. I think over the years my ears got so used to bass/treble boost that i first felt strange listening music thru this headphone; music sounded airier. Also, the sounds get dispersed across the left and right better than the other cheaper headphones. This makes possible to hear the details of each sound element better. I was actually amazed how much detail i was missing with other headphones. With a bit of boost, the bass sounds and subtle detail of sound can blow you away.

A little difficult to get on ears. However, i do have small ears (no, really).

As far as headphones are concerned though, these are pretty mediocre (average) and for the price, they’re overpriced. You can get some skullcandys that sound marginally better for $10 more. If you just want some cool looking phones that look like the ones the main character from persona 3 wears get these.

I love these kind of headphones. I’ve gotten like 5 of them over the past 7 years (one for work, one for home, one for travel, others as replacements). All of them still work, though the cushioning gets broken up after a while. I should figure out how to get cheap replacements for those.

For the size and shape, the sound quality is decent. They are not meant to cancel out noise, and that is partially why i buy them. I use them for walking around and work so i like to be somewhat aware of my surroundings. I especially got them for workouts and was trying to save money that i would have spent on the mdr-q68lw. So here’s the pros and cons. Pros:once you get them on, they will stay on. Stay aware of your surroundings. Easy to wear when not in use. Cons:these can be a real honeybadger to get on, and they are not the most comfortable i’ve had.

This headset sounds good, but the cord is very short. An extender cable is included, but it doesn’t connect tightly enough to keep it from coming loose all the time. I like the previous version much better with a non-tangle cord that was long enough not to need an extender. I love the adjustable ear hook and the on-ear design. This set seems to me to be a cheap version of its predicessor, but it costs more.

I am rebuying a pair of these headphones. ) i have tried 3 times, within the same price bracket, to replace my current pair and these are so far superior than the newer models available. As mentioned by another reviewer, the cord isn’t just a piece of plastic, so it’s longevity was relatively amazing. The clip-on ear pieces worked well for me, (but that’s coming from someone that those ipod earphones fall right out. ) i guess it just depends on the shape, not size, of your ears. I am buying another pair because i know i can rely on them.

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Sony Mdr-E10Lp/Pgrn Headphones – Fashion Earbuds : Always the best.

I’ve had these for over 7 years and they broke on me today. But those seven years were worth it. Music plays clearly and loudly, even on low volume and the shape makes it fit right in your ear. Both my sisters go through a pair of earbuds at least every 4 months but these guys lasted me for 7 years, even with all the rough treatment. Best investment i’ve made and am buying two more to hopefully last me.

Love my headphones this model is a classic. I won’t anymore headphones like these in the future.

Less than 15 bucks for some extremely good quality headphones. I’ve bought at least 5 pairs (i have a tendency of misplacing them), and i don’t regret them at all. I just wish the white version was less expensive than the green version, but that’s just personal preference.

Good quality earphones for a cheap price.

I love the sound quality that comes from these headphone, especially at this price point. Also they are practically indestructible as my last pair i had for almost 4 years and they went through every type of possible damage and turbulence out there.

Sony Mdr-E10Lp/Pgrn Headphones – Fashion Earbuds (Green) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : These headphones are great, look stylish, and sound better than most in this price range. My only gripe about the earbuds is that the foam covers that came with them fell off easily, and once they’re gone the earbuds slip easily out of ear and don’t hold good position for best sound. Don’t lose the covers and you’ll definitely enjoy them.

I have a pair of these earphones that have lasted five years. They’ve been stepped on, lost, stretched, flung, and the jack is finally showing its age (it only works when plugged in at a certain angle). Now i have another five years of excellent audio. Not as amazing as higher-end expensive sets, but i’ve tried a lot of other $20 earbuds and few compare to this. This is above average quality. There’s some actual clarity in the audio. They are not noise-cancelling if that’s what you’re looking for.

I absolutely love the hue of green. I bought the turquoise/blue version of these earbuds before for $10 and was surprised at how good the music sounded. Also at its loudest, no one outside could hear the music i was listening to. Apple earbuds aren’t that soundproof and they break very very easily. However, my last, blue sony earbuds broke after 2 years. And this is two years of mangling and tangling. I should take care of them better, but it took them two years to break. And the break in the wires was right where under the earbud, where the wire met the colorful plastic covering.

These are very good headphones. The sound quality is solid and they hold up to sweat pretty well. If you want an earbud designed headphone, i wouldn’t hesitate in choosing these.

I love music and i’m definitely an earbud snob. I don’t like over-the-ear headphones because they hurt my head, so earbuds have to match that sound-quality. These are easily the best earbuds i’ve ever owned. They fit perfectly into my ears (i have wide ears, so the smaller earbuds fall out) and they feel weightless. The sound quality is ideal for me. I can have my volume down to 24% (where it right now) and the music sounds much louder than it should with the volume being that low. These are definitely recommended, especially if you like your music loud.

I’m very happy with my ear buds. Had a problem a seller called me and fixed everything right away.

I was amazed to get original sony earphones for such a low price. The sound quality has been pretty good so far. Haven’t had any problems with it as yet. They don’t have some additional bass effect in it. But neither did my previous earphones which came with my mp3 player. The sound quality of these is in fact better than the initial ones. If you are looking for extra bass then buy some other earphones. But if you are looking for a simple pair of earphones then i doubt you’ll get anything better at such a cheap price.

I’ve owned sony fashion earbuds in the past and the sound is great. However, i expected the color of the earbuds to be a turquoise green like in the picture. The package in the mail showed ugly spinach green earbuds.

I bought the sony headphone four years ago and it still works like new after daily use. Both sound quality and product quality of this product are better compared to similarly priced headphones. In fact, i have gone through eight pairs of different headphones (most are good brand product) since i brought this headphone.

My cat decided to eat my last headphones. Not only were these cheaper than the ones i had before, they came quickly. I’m usually pretty delicate with my electronics, so i’m not sure if they’ll stand the test of exercise or anything, but for use on the computer and just every day, they are perfect. Most comfortable headphones i’ve ever worn.

I have been using these ear buds for years and sad that they are discontinued. Only had to replace mine cause they were borrowed and never returned.

Well my son is the best critic. He has tried all even skull candy. They were costly and did not last a month. The sony mdr-e10llp/pgm head phones lasted over a year.

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Sony MDR-E10LP/Pink Headphones -Fashion Earbuds : Holy How!

This is the best i’ve used in this category (category = inexpensive earbuds — i’m not interested in paying $30 to over $100 for earbuds. ) i’m a daily long distance runner and enjoy listening to npr, bbc, and language lessons while running. I have the perception that sony did the work to find a bud size and shape that doesn’t fall out. Of course ear orifices are not all the same, but they are amazingly secure in mine, compared to all the others i’ve used. Also, the colors are functional, because it helps distinguish from my other wires. (mine are orange and white, same product regardless of the color you get.

I have another pair of similar sony headphones that i bought at a local store – a low quality pair. My coby fits more comfortably and sounds better. So i was debating before buying this pair, but still went ahead based on the reviews. And oh my, this is probably the best you can get if you’re looking for a small pair that will not fall out of your ears, and will also fit your shape comfortably while the sound is surprisingly great, with a very decent bass.So far this is the best pair of this kind of headphones i’ve bought in the past 5 years. Obviously, the one that bought in a local store that claims to be sony is fake, based on its performance now that i can compare.

I got these headphones 5 years ago, and recently my sister twisted one of the cords out on the left headphone (it took her a really long time). The right one still works, but (obviously) the left one does not anymore. I irish dance, and these are a pair of headphones that don’t fall out too easily. Using the ones that came with my ipod, they came right out, and these take a few minutes of heavy, hard dancing to do so. I am going to replace them with purple ones, because i’m beginning to like purple a bit more, but they will be the same ones because i have had such a good experience with them.

My favorite kind of ear-buds. The new kind of ear-buds on the market with the soft, rubber tips, never stay in my ear. These are also pretty loud compared to some other ear-buds i’ve tried.

  • Great for the price!
  • Holy How!
  • I LOVE this line of headphones

Sony MDR-E10LP/Pink Headphones -Fashion Earbuds (Pink)

  • Super-light in-the-ear design
  • High quality 13.5mm driver units
  • Neodymium magnet to reproduce powerful bass sound
  • Open air, dynamic
  • Come with a cord that is approximately 3.9 feet in length, and are backed by a 90-day warranty
  • Connectivity technology : Wired

I trusted the brand name and found it profitable. These are good headphones, there would be several headphones from unknown companies worth 3 or 4 bucks. But better get one that lasts for several months. I am quite happy with their sound quality and durability. Definitely worth few extra dollars.

I was frustrated with a new pair of seinheiser cx680 headphones that i had just dropped $70 on and was thinking about returning them but didn’t really know what my other options were. I had posted my unhappiness with the cx680 headphones on my facebook and a gym buddy had pointed me to these sony headphones. He convinced me that they sound great and stay in place during all of his workout activities. So i went down to target and found these headphones. For under $10, the risk was certainly worth taking. I was amazed how awesome these cheap headphones perform. Below are my further details and ratings of each feature:- noise cancelling: 4/5i couldn’t hear the background gym music playing or conversations between other gym goers 1-2 machines down from me, yet i could still hear men groaning in the free weights section (which is ok because alot of them are practically hollering). – sound: 5/5i was surprised at how good the sound was. It has decent bass and the music doesn’t sound like it was being played in a long hallway. – fit: 4/5the in-ear buds are pretty decent.

These headphones are comfortable even for long periods of wear, and they deliver fine sound for audiobook listening, which was my major purpose. My kids use they with their various music devices and are satisfied — and they are inexpensive enough that when the kids lose the earbuds, my blood pressure does not rise.

Bought them over a year ago and they are still working.

I originally only bought these because they were so cheap. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how wonderful they are. The sound quality is fantastic; there’s a perfect amount of bass to make my songs sound great. Personally, i tend to handle things a little rough; however, even with my constant abuse, these headphones lasted for over three years without a single problem.So as far as sound quality, durability, and price goes, these ear buds have earned 5 stars. Just bought my second pair, and will definitely buy a third pair when the time comes.

The price was great and it fit very well. I have only used it for a few weeks, but i love it.

Sony mdr-e10lp/pink headphones -fashion earbuds (pink)i absolutey love these headphones/earbuds. These are excellent for ppl that have small ears. I bought a set a few yrs back in walmart and when they quit working i could not find them again in any local store. I was browsing headphones here on amazon and found the ones i purchased yrs ago. It made me very happy that i could purchase them at amazon. I have tried many headphones and these are the only ones that seem to fit my ears as i have small ears. I reveived these two days after i ordered them. And they are good quality and arent very exspensive.

I bought this for my sister and she says its great, she had little problems with it and she says the sound is wonderful.

I have these earbuds in 3 colors. They have great build quality. Though the pink is the prettiest. The size of the buds is nice and comfortable. They are large enough to stay in but not so huge as to hurt or annoy you. Very durable at this price point. I use them at my job all day and a set has lasted me months.These are nothing like dollar store earbuds. I am not an audiophile but these sound very good. My brother also has a set on his ipod and he thinks they make a great replacement pair. Overall, i don’t think you can find another set of earbuds at this price that will have the same excellent quality of these.

I first got a pair my senior year of high school. They last me all the way until my 2nd year of college. I listen to music at least 6 hours a day. I listen to heavy metal and dubstep with 80% volume up i’ve snagged them, tangled them dropped them and they still work. These things have good if not great sound quality. I bought a second pair last year and they are still going strong. Ignore the reviews that are less than 4 stars. Those people either didn’t take care of them(hit them with hammers lol) or were just the unlucky ones that got the defective headsets. A great pair of headphones for the price.

Ordered this with the pink charger for the new ipod. If you have girls who like pink.

These have lasted me for a few years and they still work.

. And i will never buy another type of ear bud. They last forever (even when dropped or water gets on them) and best of all, they fit in my oddly shaped, small ears. They even stay in when i’m running. In the past 5-6 years, i’m still only on my third pair. I keep a spare in my purse in case i forget these current pink ones. Highly recommend(and the sound leakage is minimal – so i can use them at work and crank up the music without bothering anyone).

I bought these to replace the earphones that came with my ipod. These are more comfortable and seem more durable. I use them mostly to listen to audiobooks and am very happy with the sound. The only complaint i have is the little cushions that come with them. They are delicate and difficult to put on (i ripped the first one i put on), and often end up in your ear, apart from the earphone. But despite these little annoyances i would buy them again.

I love these headphonesi kept buying apple headphones for my ipod/macbook, and even though the sound is flawless, they didn’t last much more than average headphones even tho they are much more expensive. I got these sony ones on sale at walmart and they are ridiculously good for the price. While they may not last more than any average headphones, they perform stunningly well for the price they have and you won’t be totally heartbroken when they die because replacing them isn’t as expensive as others. You may have to adjust the equalizer on your music playing devices but these headphones do have very clear and sharp sound.

Decent sound, it’s not as good as the sony mdr-e818lp. Also, it took quite a long time (almost 2 weeks) to ship this headphone to me.

I bought these earbuds for my wife’s nano. The nano purchased was used and i needed to get some replacement buds. These fit the bill well and were a good price. We are not audiophiles, but the sound quality was plenty good for our purposes.

I have bought in the past cheap headphones and they break in a day. They are well made and the sound is great. They arrived before schedule.

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