Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Ear Buds 2012 – I LOVE THEM!

Back in 2010 i bought a pair of skullcandy fmjs and i absolutely loved them they ended up breaking in november of 2013, they lasted 3 years, and i’m rough on earbuds. My last pair went through the wash a ton of wear and tear end broke about 3 years after i got them. I decided to get another pair and they were really cheap these are really good quality and you wont be sorry if you buy these earbuds.

Good sound but the wires get tangled too easily.

Don’t fall out of my ears like most earbuds do, even when skateboarding. Only con: in-line controls (pause/play, skip) don’t work with my iphone 4.

This is mt second pair of full metal jackets and i am very satisfied. These earbuds have excellent sound quality and fit comfortably without falling out of my ear when running.

I have tried out different earbuds ( beats, klipfsher, etc) and these are probably my favorite. The sound quality is amazing for the price. They also fit my ears well (something that the beats did not do so well, especially while at the gym). Honestly i can’t tell the difference in sound between these and the expensive brands. I’m buying a few more to keep around in case. The cons: no volume control on the microphone (only has pause/play function). Also you cannot forward to the next song in cue with the microphone. But that functionality is not worth the extra $$$ the other brands cost.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fits better and sounds just as good as expensive brands
  • Skullcandy living up to it’s name!
  • raved time and time again about how much i love this exact model of headphones

These earbuds looked really cool and they sound great its just that they fit in my ears a little weird. So what i did was i pushed the rubber ear piece down twod the earbud to close the gap between them. And now they fit fine and work great.

When i first opened the product i had a feeling of disappointment because they looked like a fake pair of skullcandy fmj’s, but then i did some research and sound test and they are real pairs of fmj’s. After finding out that they were real i wasn’t skeptical about them anymore. I am in love with these headphones. I would recommend them to anyone.I have a pair of beats by dre studios and i don’t always use them when i go to school because they are bulky but these headphones come with a carrying case and they sound outstanding. Getting them for $30 instead of $80 is a great deal. Another good thing about buying them is that they have a lifetime warranty. I really love these headphones and recommend them to everyone.

I couldn’t stop using them, they look awesome and so great. Very pleased with my purchase.

I really love skullcandy, with its great sound quality at a great price (way cheaper than beats). However, this is my second pair of earbuds, and something strange has happened to both. First the right bud stopped working, and then the left. Good thing all purchases come with a lifetime warranty.

I have ranted and raved time and time again about how much i love this exact model of headphones. Aesthetically, these headphones are the most appealing i have ever come across. I am in love with the style and design. Audibly, the sound quality is amazing. Such rich sound and excellent bass at such a low cost?. What could be better?unfortunately,i have actually owned 4 pairs of these headphones already by now, because they keep breaking. I always make sure treat them with the utmost care and caution, but inevitably, after about a year, one of the earbuds will just go out. That is a surefire way to ruin my whole week. I am now caught in a dilemma as to whether i should continue to get these earbuds or not.

I’ve only used these for the past few weeks and they seem to be holding up better than most. If they don’t break in the next six months they will have been worth the money.

They’re sharp and well made, the microphone on these works really well. It’s a comfortable fit and it comes with several different size ear pugs including foam noise blocking ones.

I have been getting skullcandy earbuds for a while now, and i am never disappointed. The sound is great as always, and i like the selection of different earbuds because i have pretty small ears, apparently. You can never go wrong with skullcandy.

If you are interested in buying skullcandy, well it is a great product. Yes ear buds does require to fit into your ear canceling some noise (some) noise. After awhile wearing in your ear, it does get a bit sore. I’ve had my first (riot) ear buds and i bought it online as well. I really liked, even when i am running. One day, i left it in my jean pocket and i had wash my jeans (not knowing i forgot about it) i saw it dangling out of my pocket. I got mad and dumb for not checking my pockets. I pulled it into my ipod really quick and the sound was bad. I thought i lost my good pair of skullcandy ear buds. I left out to dry and i didn’t touch it for awhile.

I have 4, 1 titan and 3 fmj’s none have broken and are used roughly. I am a construction worker and wear one ear in for phone calls, and am around really rough stuff.

Better than any headphones i have ever had. I recommend these headphones to everyone i cant stress how much i just adore them so much.

These earbuds are the best i have ever owned. The shipping was fast they arrived earlier than the estimated arrival. I am now starting to notice sounds in songs i did not hear before i owned them. They are 10x better than the beats by dre earbuds, by them you wont regret it.

This was a great deal with fast shipping and processing and i would recommend it to a friend for purchase.

Best earbuds i’ve ever owned. First pair lasted three years of very heavy, abusive use. These are discontinued and have been replaced by cheap plastic garbage.

Moreover, looks like they do not drain a lot of power or they produce better/louder sound than any other buds. I own 2 of them so that i can easily split when 2 of us are watching something together without any volume issue. It fits in the ear canal well and blocks the surrounding noise well. Do not buy other similar looking skullcandys, they are cheaper and sounds about the same however they do not fit in the ear canal well. These buds have longer neck, allowing them to sit in the ear canal perfectly for hours.

Great, crisp sound with these earphones. I use them to drown-out my labored breathing while running, and they do the trick. I like having the ability to change songs and answer calls. Although the latter tends to be quite difficult considering the aforementioned breathing problems. I highly recommend these earbuds to anyone who likes a little bass with their music as i do.

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Skullcandy 50/50 – Great overall just my nit picking

I’ve had a lot of skullcandy earbuds. They usually only last a few months. This pair i bought broke in 2 months. One, then both stopped working unless you get the cord at a specific spot & don’t move it at all. Aside from that, it’s nice that it has a mic, volume control & is noise canceling kinda. But they break so easily, no matter how careful you are.

Bought it for my girlfriend. Color is really good, exactly as shown in the picture. Sounds great, has a good bass, fits perfectly well.

These are the best headphones out there. Sound great, button control is nice and easy.

Good sound, very clear and cable is long, but left ear has problem, seller very fast solved problem.

I was not looking for high end ear buds. Just wanted ear buds for listening to audio books and occasionally music.

I got these 50/50’s for $21. I had bought them somewhere else from a target but returned them because i didn’t want to spend that much on just headphones. Then i bought them here and saved $30. Btw these have great deep bass and if you buy eartips like comply, there is even more bass.

  • Great quality product for the price
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love these.
  • Five Stars

Great quality for a great price. Enough noise cancellation to block outside distraction without blocking it completely that it is unsafe. The audio balance is also good, bass and treble well balanced. The case is a good bonus, made out of metal it protects the product very well.

I bought these headphones when the ones the latest came with my galqxy s6 broke, the bass on them is amazing, these are one of the best for its price.

I logged on with the intention to write a negative review because i thought i had only had these headphones for a few months before the sound started cutting out on the left side. Then i checked the delivery date and discovered that i have had them for almost eleven months. The sound in these headphones is probably better than that in most headphones in this price range. Skullcandy headphones do seem to give out after a while, but i think the sound quality makes up for that. And all headphones give out at some point. Considering the price at which 50/50 headphones used to sell, these headphones are a great bargain.

0 red/black a while ago and i had an accident with them now i have these and they are amazing. I’m exactlly an audiophile or anything like that. Assuming people actually still use that term. I hear the music better especially the bass. Obviously for those who are using android only the regular click works so answering and disconnecting calls, play and pause music not sure about skipping yet. Volume buttons obviously only work on idevices only or what ever you can do or buy to make the volume work for android. I’m using these on my samsung galaxy s3. My only complain is that it’s not as deep of a red as i want it to be in the picture it’s like a darker red that looks awesome but when i got them they were like a ‘candy apple red’ not a crimson red, scarlet red or a maroon. Red is my favorite color but i didn’t exactly want this kind of red.

I love the 50/50 earbuds but the problem with them and anything skull candy is that they will more than likely break somehow after a few months, unless you are extremely careful. The sound quality is good, bass is good and the music isn’t muddy. The overall quality just isn’t there.

Features of Skullcandy 50/50 with Mic3 Earphones/Earbuds Premium Headphone – Red/One Size

  • Color: Red
  • Size: One Size
  • Skullcandy 50/50 with Mic3 Premium Headphone

Color: Red

Despite not being to expensive, this baby right here will give satisfying bass. Not bad for its price, love this product.

Product as described, delivered on time.

I will definitely order again.

I always trust skullcandy headphones. These are really comfortable and are loud. Highly recommend for the price.

They sound clear but dont have that much bass.

Size: One Size

Skullcandy 50/50 with Mic3 Premium Headphone

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Skullcandy 50/50 Ear Buds : Great product Fast shipping. I would definitely buy again.

I bought 3 pairs for the car, gym bag, and back pack. These things are amazing for the price. Sounds great for metal music.

A-m-a-z-i-n-g headphones the bass is crazy, these reviews say bass is great. More like one of the best i ever heard (mind you guys i’m 16) so my standards for headphones are not like how people who go nuts for sound quality, but i love my music to sound good, and it does. I mainly listen to rap, hip-hop, whatever people want to call it, and ahhh the bass is what i live for, but other times with other headphones, it might be too over powering and vocals are ruined, and sometimes the highs were too high (my past experiences). I wouldn’t write this if i weren’t this satisfied with these headphones, so get them. Highs, mids, lows, vocals, it all sounds good. So any questions / comments post them :).

Skullcandy 50/50 Ear Buds with Mic3 – 2011 Black/Silver (2011 Color), One Size

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
  • In-line microphone
  • Noise reduction
  • Input Connection: 3.5 mm
  • SCS2FFDA-003

I would definitely buy again.

Nothing to do, since they are about a year old and i am in a different country.

I love everything about these headphones. They are very comfortable and last a really long time. The best thing is the lifetime warranty on them. If a headphone stops working send it into skullcandy with the receipt and you get a new pair for free.

Skullcandy 50/50 Ear Buds with Mic3 – 2011 Black/Silver (2011 Color), One Size : Great headphones with good sound.

These are the best earbuds i have had. I have bought akg, jbl, and klipsch. Both the akg and jbl broke and the klipsch didn’t sound as good.

Great sound quality long cable very durable works perfect with mp3 and cell phone. I use for bike riding and at work.

Honestly i think you’re better off going for the new apple earpods. I like the feel of in-ear ear buds for music, but this wasn’t as good as i had expected skull candy to be. The bass was lacking from the smoking buds and most of all the build quality felt extremely flimsy. The microphone was very scratchy and often times did not work.

I have owned these headphones for a little over a year now and i am absolutely in love with them. They are amazing headphones. I’m a big fan of the skullcandy name and have owned many different models by them. Ranging from the $15 ink’d all the way up to the $80 skullcrushers. I have to say these ones are my favorite. They have a great sound quality and really nice bass. The built in mic works nicely as well. Unfortunately for me i own an htc evo 4g and my phone does not support the headset buttons for music playback 🙁 but all of you iphone owners will be pleased to find that they work great for changing tracks, adjusting volume or pausing/playing a song. The headphones come with three pairs of interchangeable rubber ear pieces of different sizes to fit your individual ears and a pretty cool case to store them in when not in use. So if you’re even considering buying these headphones just do it.

Sound quality and build is awesome.

I was very surprised when i first heard these buds a couple of years ago. I was sooo excited to see these offered on amazon. The sound from these ear buds is by far the best in its price range. I purchased these as a back up pair. The inline mic comes in handy as well.

I really liked the quality of these headphones there were on of the best at the time. I bought these headphones back in 2012 when they were still $50 they were worth the money until a few months later one of the buds stopped working and then a few weeks later the other bud followed suit. I sadly over paid for ear buds but their quality is fantastic.

I did not get these from amazon but i did get them from best buy they are the exact same ones. There is so much bass and they are so loud and they look real good with anything you wear but there is one problem. . I didn’t get mine here i got them at best buy and they costed 50$ these are a steal for that price thats how much the cheaper version cost in stores.

Awesome sound just as described.

These are a little expensive for earbuds, but they are well worth the price. I had a pair of these for around 4 years. Amazing sound quality and noise cancellation. Just be careful with them as the cord can be caught on many things and get ripped or pulled apart completely.

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