Skullcandy Asym (Discontinued by Manufacturer) – Great earphones, fit flush to the ear so under

Bought to fit under an arai corsair helmet, fit flat in your ear. And my helmet fits to tight. I need a new one as i kiss the helmet at higher speeds. I use these in the gym as well. A braided cord would be cool, and cost more. Skullcandy, you’re all right by me. I like the little pouch you get with them to keep them in.

I had bought a pair of these from skullcandy a while back, and they had lasted me the longest out of all my headphones so far, until the finally wore down and broke, like most headphones inevitably do. When i went back to skullcandy. Com to buy another, i found out they were discontinued. So turning to amazon, i managed to find this pair. They are exactly as i remember, and are still my favorite type of headphones. For the price, they have very good sound quality. Now, they aren’t quite at beats level, but they are well below the price of beats. They are kind of difficult to get on at first, but once you figure it out and get used to it, you’ll love the way they fit and stay on your ear. I also love the fact they sit very flush with your ear, so you don’t have any discomfort with beanies, or helmets or the like. They arrived quickly and in the original packaging, and i love them just as much as i loved my first pair.

I have the most complicated ears in the world lol. I especially like the fact that it comes with different sized buds(it came with 3 pairs, small, medium and large), so your sure to find your perfect fit. Putting them on may be a little confusing at first, but you get the hang of it after a few trys. I also like the fact that the wire kind of acts like a hook, although it can somtimes annoy your ear a bit. The fact that is comes with a case is a plus :). Pros:*great fit, stays in your ear. Good for working out, running, etc. Defiently no dj grade earphones, but exceptional for the price. Cons:*wire can sometimes annoy your ear*a bit awkward to put on at first*most complicated packaging ever xdoverall, 6/5 lol.

I got these for listening to choons in my cube at work, and maybe for taking on the slopes this ski season. I listen to mostly electronic music (dubstep, idm, glitch-hop) so a wide frequency range what i’m looking for, but definitely an emphasis on bass. It’s the bass range that these little guys really impress, the mids to are pretty solid. Like some of the other reviewers have noted, the highs are a bit lacking. I had to crank the eq on my itunes for the upper freq ranges to a pretty high level to get them to start to sound as crisp as i’m used to hearing them. All in all, i’m pretty happy with these. The design really does feel great in the ear, like i could easily wear them all day without noticing them.

Not the best ear buds but works for me. I like the heavy bass it puts out. Can’t really complain for the price.

Ok, so i have had these headphones for over a year now and i can say a few things on the side of experience. If you want to use these for working out, they are good for awhile but the sweat eventually makes the cord that comes up and around your year stiff and doesn’t hang like it should. If you are thinking of using these under a beanie for winter sports, forget it (at least for my ears) because the pressure of a hat or goggles will misalign the drivers in your ears, sounds muffled. So, in short conclusion, at full price no chance in hell, at under $20 heck yeah. Also, those who say the sound quality sucks, i don’t have much problem with them for as cheap as they were. I’m not going to take quality headphones to the gym, i’m there to work out anyway, not worry about my sound stage. Lastly, my ears may be different shape than the next guy and i would chose the cheaper smokin’ buds over these.

  • Beats “Beats”
  • Favorite skullcandy headphones ever!
  • For the price, not bad at all.

I had these before, and tried many others after, but i always return to these. The sound is great, decent bass. Since they are in- ear earplugs i don`t listen to music loudly, because they isolate sounds from outside and it is not needed. They are very comfortable as well, and won`t fall off if you hook the plug by accident because they are hooked around the ear to keep in place, no pun intended. So don`t buy them, they are not produced anymore, so not many left. If mine get damaged i want to be able to buy a new pair [=.

These are great for working out or moving around. Since the cord wraps behind your ear, there is no noise from moving. This makes them great for running. The sound is much better than the standard iphone earbuds.

I bought these for a inexpensive iem system. They can handle the signal pretty well considering something equivalent in the pro audio world would be about $135.

By far the most comfortable earbuds there are. You can slip a full face mountain biking helmet over them with zero pressure on your ear. Super bummed that they are discontinued.

Great earphones, fit flush to the ear so under beanies they are great and also for laying on your side and listening to music. Cords don’t tear, and great sound.

Features of Skullcandy Asym (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Speaker diameter: 13mm
  • Magnet type NdFeB
  • Frequency response 18-20K Hz, impedance: 32 ohms
  • Max input power: 30mW
  • 3.5mm gold plated

Speaker diameter: 13mm

This will be my fourth or fifth pair of these headphones in the last year and a half. If they didn’t sound so great and fit so well, i would have moved on long ago. But with the earbud sitting so perfectly in your ear, and not having to deal with pushing the bud back in frequently like most headphones; these are worth it. I am a welder, so i am very hard on my equipment and am constantly plugging and unplugging them from my device. I have found that they usually last me around 3 or 4 months (8 hours a day). I have had 2 pairs that became disconnected at the bud (short) and 2 pairs that have developed a short where the connectors are. All in all, i don’t know how people wear regular ones.

Only flaw i know of is the cheap plastic coating on the cords that becomes brittle and increasingly unpliable then eventually cracks exposing the wires. But until then these (and other skullcandy’s with 11mm drivers) are the best affordable earbuds on the market in my opinion.

Didnt fit in my ear very well, fell out easily therefore i am not using them anymore.

Magnet type NdFeB

Frequency response 18-20K Hz, impedance: 32 ohms

Max input power: 30mW

3.5mm gold plated

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Skullcandy 50/50 – Amazing!

For the money, the sound quality is quite good on this headset. I use it with my blackberry torch via a plantronics bluetooth transciever and it works great. Has sufficient loudness and base. Update: after six months i have noticed the following. First, the cord never seems to get tangled like other headsets. I think it may be due to the rubbery (not plasticy) material they use and also because the cord is ‘flat’ like linguine and not ’round’ like spaghetti. On a negative note (for me) the cord is also somewhat longer than typical headsets. If you bend over it will likely get caught under your knee and when you stand up again you’ll rip them violently from your ears. Also, i had to stop using them at the gym because the long cord got in the way (but you should really use a wireless headset in the gym, which i do now). Finally, the push to talk feature doesn’t work with my blackberry.

The sound is clear and great quality. They came with a little tin storage container that is awesome for keeping them like new and untangled. I will buy them again for sure as i always need earbuds for my kids.

They have good sound quality and the bass is very clean, but just like every other brand of earbuds i buy, after 6 months one side goes out because of the wire-to-earbud connection.

Intro:i’m no stranger when it comes to skullcandy. Now here’s a warning about this review. You may consider it biased but i bought this product and it’s done all i wanted and more. I’ve owned countless different headphone/ear-buds from skull candy. (skull crushers, ink’d, tokidoki smokin’, black smokin, hesh, dub, and icon). Each providing a different sound level to my liking. This review was done 1 month after i purchased (4/8/11) and tested it out for about a full month. Product info:the product is almost as shown in the picture. (silicone gel is white, not black) however other than that you aren’t disappointed when you see it in real life. The wire is standard (not threaded like my tokidoki sk’s) but the length is good (at least if not over 3ft, don’t know the actual measurements off hand).

Okay i first ordered these earphones in september and they arrived the next day because i have prime. When i put them in, i couldn’t believe how clear and awesome the sound was. The noise isolation was also excellent. Then three weeks later, the earphones began to fall apart. I sent them back for the warranty and it took a total of five weeks to get new earphones (free of charge)from skullcandy. Once again, i’m psyched because i loved the sound quality. After a month, my earphones fell apart after they fell on the floor. Point of the review: they’re a great pair of earphones for sound quality but they do not last long at all which is a shame for the price that you’re paying. If you’re only looking for temporary earphones than use a cheaper brand.

I am pretty happy with the audio playback on these though the music is a little heavy on bass. Noise cancellation is comparable to other buds. For the price (less than $30) i cannot complain too much; really, how high can expectations be for an inexpensive set of buds. The only thing that i find a little disappointing is when i use them for telephone conversations with my iphone 4. While sitting in the airport i went to make a call and immediately all of the airport noise was amplified in my ears through the microphone. My wife said she could hear all of the airport announcements better than my voice which was muffled even though i held the mic close to my mouth. I will continue to use these and enjoy listening to my music with them, but when it comes to phone calls, i will probably forego hands-free and just put the phone to my ear.

  • Always been a fan of Skull Candy Ear buds. And i keep coming back for a reason!
  • Okay for soundokay for mic
  • Fantastic!

These earphones are a little over-priced at thirty bucks, but i’m pleased with the purchase. I’m using these to replace the stock iphone earphones, and the remote is compatible: one click to answer/play/pause, 2 clicks to go forward and 3 to go back a track. The bass is good when properly sealed into your ear. The microphone, while not the best quality, is okay for making calls if there’s not too much ambient noise. The included carrying case, for earphones and extra buds, is a nice touch. As for the appearance, skulls are always cool; i went for chrome on white and i think they look nice.

I bought these earbuds a little over three months ago and they have really blown my mind. I have owned skullcandy stuff before (i. Dubs, jibs, inkds, smokins, and the home brew kit) and they have all sounded pretty good (except the jibs which suck), but the overall build quality wasn’t as great as it could have been as all except the home brew kit has fallen apart within a month or two. However the 50/50 was nothing like its cheaper brethren it sounds just as good as $180 beats by dr. Dre earbuds, has a kick-butt mic/volume/track control switch, a super tough cord (i slid down a rail with it under my leg), an attainable price, and a sick look that has gotten me many positive comments. The only downfall is that the cord is really long (1. 3 meters)pros:mind blowingly good soundgreat basstotally awesome mic/control switchreally tough cordsick lookgreat priceconslong cord (great if you’re really tall).

I was tired of having to charge and replace earloops for my jawbone bluetooth so decided to go back the old fashion corded headsets. I am super pleased with the skullcandy purchase. I even went and ordered two more (one for each car and one for my husband). I had no idea that music from my iphone could sound so good. My only mark down is due to the mic/control being on the left side. When driving, i only use the earbud on my right ear and to correct the problem, i just put the left bud in my right ear.

The cord on this white version tangles too much compared to the cloth sheathed version.

I bought a pair and have been using them a few days. The sound quality is adaquate, but not exceptional. The reservation i have for rating them very high is mainly because i have difficulty keeping them in my ears. If i move my neck and head position, one or both buds start to fall out of my ear.

Features of Skullcandy 50/50 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • In-line microphone pulse control switch and volume control
  • 1 click for play/pause, 1 click to answer or end calls, 2 clicks for next track
  • Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz
  • Nylon Mesh Carry Case
  • 2 Silicone Gel Sizes
  • In-line microphone pulse control switch and volume control
  • 1 click for play/pause, 1 click to answer or end calls, 2 clicks for next track
  • Half mic, half bud, and all boom
  • Nylon mesh carry case included
  • 2 silicone gel ear tip sizes

In-line microphone pulse control switch and volume control

I did not originally buy these for me, they were a gift for my dad, but he already had a pair, so i took them. I never liked in-ear phones, and the same applies to these. The part that goes in your ear is uncomfortable after long use, and with my evo 4g, the controls do not work, but that is not the fault of the headphones.

I bought these earbuds mainly to use the in-line mic with my iphone 4, but i also wanted some earbuds that sounded good. I definitely got what i was looking for. The bass hits hard without sacrificing the highs and mids. The white with chrome looks great and i have no troble with them staying in my ears. The sound isolation is excellent, background noise disappears. I was so impressed with how they sounded i almost forgot that i got them to use the mic. After a couple of test calls, i was equally impressed with the quality of the mic, it’s clear and works flawlessly with my phone. I use them almost every time i make a call. They are especally convenient while driving.

I needed new earbuds, and wanted some that worked with my gs3. These are not it, so i returned them. The sound quality is good, and you can still use the control to pause/play or answer calls, but the rest of the functions (including using the mic) will not work. This product is made for apple devices, and should say so prominently in the description. Wish they made an android compatible version.

The ‘all boom’ description couldn’t have gotten any better cuz these skull candy do have loud bass. If your not really into ‘boomy’ bass i wouldn’t recommend this to you. The headphones also gets a little uncomfortable after awhile but no big deal. Plus it isolates background noise a little, bam. Therefore, for the price i got it for(almost 50% off), you couldn’t ask for better quality.

These are the best earbuds i have ever used. The bass quality is incredible from such a small device. They are well constructed, and although they do come out of my ears more easily than i would like, they are well worth it. It is worth noting that the rubber tips are white, not black like shown in the photo. The ipod controls don’t work for my older classic, but they do work on my ’09 ipod touch. They also provide some limited functionality on my droid 2. They are wonderful, buy them. I was disappointed by the shipping time, but i think that might be amazon’s problem, not the seller’s (also it was near christmas, which may have been the issue).

I have to say this i am a heavy headphone user and starting using my first set in the early 1980s. Although i am not an audiophile i have enough experience to tell what a good pair in-ear head phone compare to others. First of, this skullcandy 50/50 is comfortable to wear for a long time, hours and hours of music. I find it more comfortable than the over the head headphones which usually stress me out in 10 minutes with the pressured band and sweaty ear pads. The 50/50 comes with three different sizes of ear bud so you should find one that best fir your size of ear and one they are in my ear they do not fall off. —— second, the built quality is great. I mean really great i used the 50/50 for over than a year now it’s still performing outstanding sound. The bass is top notch, the highs and mids can easily be heard. Other than the sligh yellowish wearing color on my white 50/50, it still look great. —— third, ipod/iphone control for ff, rw, play, pause, volume up/down, answer calls (built0in mic), and activate voice control are so convenient and make this a very attractive deal for the price.

1 click for play/pause, 1 click to answer or end calls, 2 clicks for next track

The 50/50s offer a supprisingly impactful low end, and with that said, they provide the best low-end response of any skullcandy in ear bud. The construction of the earbud feels durable, and i am yet to experience a problem with build quality. The inline mic and button pod works well with my iphone, and provides full support of the 3rd generation shuffle’s controls. The only slight downside that i can see is that the cord on the white model is of thin rubber coated wire. (about the same thickness as apple stock earbuds) it should be noted, however, that the shoe blue model of the headphones has a braided nylon, or cloth, cord which offers better durability and is less prone to tangle than the rubber cord found on the white/chrome model. Overall, the skullcandy 50/50 buds offer excelent sound quality and a more muted style than skullcandies normal in your face color schemes. For the price, these are a superb choice for in ear buds.

In addition to the earbuds that came with my iphone, i needed a second pair. I ordered the skullcandy 50/50 ear buds and were amazed by the sound quality. I wear the 50/50’s when riding the lawnmower, because they do a good job keeping the mower noise quiet, while providing a great range of sound for my music. So much so, i had to order a second set of 50/50’s to replace the stock earbuds apple provided (because the apple buds sound like crap compared to the skullcandy). I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone.

I am a college student and these are a big step up from the horrible iphone earphones i have been using. Finally, i can block out my annoying roomate’s chewing, loud slurping, incessant clicking of her pen, and her beyond irritating valley girl voice. The quality does seem questionable, since the cord is pretty thin, but with lifetime warranty i feel that they are worth the amazon price. I have been using them for three days and i am very satisfied. The only thing i don’t like about in ear buds is that whenever i move the cord, i hear a thunderous noise in my ear as a result. But that is a complaint of every ear bud and maybe its just me; it’s a worthwhile tradeoff to better music quality. Also a heads up i’m pretty sure that only the shoe blue has the nylon cording which is apparently better than the rubber ones.

50/50 kills itawesome bassinsane sounddefinately worth the price. I got these for $30 instead of the base price of $50. . I absolutly love these buds. I would have even paid the $50 had i known they were this good. I have had the ink’d, dub and smokin buds before and these are well worth the extra price. I have a droid, not an iphone and with the app doubletwist player, the skip track/go back buttons work awesome. The only thing that doesnt work with the droid i have is the volume adjustment buttons, still, not a major issue.

Lasted a few years before one of the earpieces stopped transmitting sound. The earbuds were annoying though with the embossed skull.

Overall: these earbuds have good sound quality, bass, noise reduction and include a remote and mic for apple devices, but skullcandy does not construct their headphones with quality parts. Sound quality: for audiophiles out there, these headphones are not flat. Their bass is boosted extremely, and while some users will like this, some users will find this to be a negative aspect. These earbuds conduct sound through the wire, and when running, it is a good idea to run the wire under your shirt/sports bra to avoid some of that noise. There are 3 different tip sizes included with the product, and between the three, most people can find a good fit. Physical quality: the wire that skullcandy uses is rather weak, and i have had several pairs of these earbuds due to issues both at the jack and at the bud itself. The buds are made from thin plastic, and have come apart before, causing a wiring issue. Warranty: considering the weak construction of these earbuds, warranty is an important aspect. The skullcandy warranty covers all damage that was not purposefully caused by the user. If purposeful damage has been caused by the user, skullcandy offers a %50 off coupon for this headphone’s price on their website ($25 coupon) if they are shipped the broken headphones.

Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz

Good sound quality with accent to low bass. Not too durable, though mine still works (about two years, not everyday usage). Didn’t work well with my android lg optimus one – no problem with sound quality, able to answer calls, but microphone didn’t work. Other controls work as expected.

I was somewhat reluctant to pick these buds up after reading ‘some’ of the reviews. However, ‘most’ of the reviews seem to point out good things about these ear buds so i decided to give them a shot. Let me tell you, i’m overall happy with my purchase and impressed with the sound quality. Read on to see why if you’d like. Otherwise, just pick these uponce i received them, i was impressed with the design and packaging. The carrying case that’s included in a nice bonus. The ear buds are pretty light and actually pretty comfortable to wear. The silicone inserts (3 included sizes by the way) really conform to the inner contours of my ear so they do a remarkable job at sealing out the ambient noise in the environment. This enabled me to really analyze the sound quality that these put out. I’m no audiophile, but i do appreciate a good balance of highs, mids, and lows.

I just recently picked up a white iphone 4s and have been shopping for the best accessories for my phone. I currently have the element vapor comp case. Phonedevil screen protector, and now onto a decent set of headphones with built in mic. Ive owned about 5 pairs of skull candy ink’d ear buds, but i have lost/sold them over the years with past ipods/phones. My most recent purchase are these white 50/50’s. Ive been using these for the past 2 days for listening to music, playing games, and talking. Im very happy so far with them. They are comfortable as usual and dont fall out of my ear like the factory apple headphones. The sound is very crisp and clear, and the mid tones are very nice. Not too much bass, but im not concerned about that.

I’ve had these headphones for just over a month and i am very happy with them. The sound quality is much greater than expected, and the remote button works great with the iphone 4. In fact, it works much better than the stock button on the headset that comes with the device. I have noticed (like others have posted) that i actually listen to most songs three clicks (three squares) lower than what i do on other units (iphone reference on volume display). I attribute this to the clarity of both lows and highs. The skullcandy headphones sound amazing. Like many other reviewers i have been through countless pairs of headsets. My usage includes using them almost exclusively while driving. I am in my car for about 45 minutes per day and i use a headset during this time. For whatever reason i was going through the apple headsets at a rate of one set every three months.

I have a love-hate relationship with skullcandy. This is probably the 3rd or 4th pair i’ve had. The sound quality is not much to brag about. But it’s okay (nothing like the awesome sound of their skullcandy aviators that i also own). Definitely better than the comparably priced sony and phillips brands. I like the flat shape of the cable and i like how they fit in my ears. When held up just a little closer to your mouth. Otherwise there is a lot of distortion on the other end of the line. The white ones, which i have, have gotten fairly dirty and i haven’t been able to ever get them looking as new/clean as when i purchased them.

Skullcandy makes really good headsets whether you have the cheaper sets or the more expensive ones. I’ve noticed that the more expensive ones like 50/50 seem to last longer (less likely to stop working in one ear or both)than say the smokin’ buds series. The sound quality is exceptional. Strong, clear bass and it doesn’t overwhelm the other sounds. I haven’t used it for the mic much but the mic is on the cord close to mouth.

I use these to listen to music on my phone when i exercise and they have very good sound, bass etc. I highly recommend these for anyone who loves listening to music on their phone, ipod, tablet etc.

Nylon Mesh Carry Case

I really love these headphones for use with my iphone. The only problem is i’ve now purchased 2 pairs. And they both have fallen apart at around 11 months. Granted, i use my headphones pretty heavily and nearly every day. Fortunately, they are pretty inexpensive so picking up another pair isn’t a big deal. They really are the most comfortable in-ear headphones i’ve ever used and they integrate perfectly (microphone, volume changing) with the iphone 4 and iphone 5s.

I bought these earbuds to use with my iphone 4 as replacements for my apple headphones. I wanted something that has some noise canceling qualities because i listen to podcasts and music at work in loud environments. The noise canceling works very well almost as good as earplugs. Another + is all the controls work perfectly with my phone start & stop music, volume up and down, next previous track, answer calls. Mic works good on phone calls have had no complaints cord is longer than apple headphones which is nice. Music sounds great through these they are very bass rich. My only complaint is when listening to podcasts voices sound a little distant and faint, adjusting equalizer settings help a bit bit it still sounds weaker than stock earbuds. Regardless these earbuds are definitly worth the price i paid and i am happy with my purchase.

These are great earbuds and for the price i find it worth it. It’s a lot cheaper online then in store, so recommended to but on amazon or ebay. These earbuds fit snugly into your ears and the sound quality is pretty good. The mic and remote work great. I’m not a professional in picking the best quality earbuds but these are very nice. Great as gifts or for your own use.

So far i am really impressed with these. I got them for my iphone, and they are so much better than the factory earphones. The come with three different earbuds so that you can pick the one that works for you. The sound is very high quality and can be very loud. I can hardly handle having at 3/4 loud, which is usually what i kept it at with the iphone earphones. The mic seems to work good as well.

I bought these to replace my apple iphone ear buds which blew out and were in my opinion only of marginal quality to begin with. I originally was going to buy another pair of apple headphones, but at $30 i thought twice about it. Then for essentially the same price i found these, and frankly the sound quality is night and day different. The bass really pumps, without sacrificing high end. The cord was a little longer what i was used to, but no biggie. Also the cord doesn’t stay as nice and straight as the apple one. It will get kinked up a bit, but that’s also a minor complaint. Other reviews complained about the sound quality on phone calls, but i certainly haven’t noticed any problems with that. So maybe they got that issue ironed out. All in all these were a great purchase and i highly recommend them. I think full retail on these is $50, and at that price i *might* shop around a bit. But at $30 these are a no-brainer.

They’re comfortable and stylish. The sound is great (appropriate levels of bass to compliment the treble), the volume, mic and track navigation buttons work on my iphone. I would definitely recommend these to a friend.

2 Silicone Gel Sizes

The product creates a good seal in your ear to block out other noise. However, it frequently falls out if you are moving or if the cords get tugged even a little. In addition, whenever it is plugged into my iphone and the phone is swaying in my pocket, i gets a static sounds in the headphones. While this is annoying, if i play music i don’t notice it.

I bought these for use in the office. I’ve never worked out with them, or been rough with them, however as of today they started shocking my ear if no music is playing, which gets annoying quickly. I’d understand if i was sweating from running while using them, or had exposed wires or whatever, but no, it shocks me anyways.

Affordable, yet great sound, imo. I’m all about affordability when not very much quality is sacrificed. Obviously, they ain’t beats, but at the same time, they ain’t $100. Great earbuds that i will definitely buy again, guilt-free, when they break, because we all know, earbuds break.

These are just what i expected. Comfort and good quality sound. I have purchased the cheap skullcandies and been very disappointed, but you get what you pay for. Got a great buy on amazon for the better quality earbuds and got much more satisfaction. Would recommend for the all around listener, the ‘super-fine’ quality listener may want to spend a little more for the higher quality skullcandies. Over all, a great product for a great price.

Really good to have with you when you need them but they fall out your ear easily and the replacement buds dont make a difference they should have a ear rapping to hold on o the ear to help them stay in.

The 50/50 skullcandy head phones are a great. This is the third pair that i own. Since skullcandy has a life time warrenty on their products, this is my reserve pair. The mic works well, just beware of direct winds and you will be heard fine. And since it is skullcandy when the die out a quick visit to the warranty website, ship the defect back and in a few days you will be credited with the full cost of your chosen skullcandy product.

No where have i seen a summary of which products this works with. Does not work at all on droid. On iphone3 has same problem as droid, it keeps switching on and off by itself. Downloading the skulldaddy app, which is free, from app store cured the problem on the iphone3. On the iphone3 only the start and stop button works, not the volume. On the iphone4 both volume and start/stop works great. On the 3 music stops when returning to the home page. On the 4 music continues which is really nice. I am using the headphones to listen to pandora. Sound is the best i have ever heard on earbuds.

Just received my skullcandy 50/50 ear buds today. The first thing that comes to mind after using them during my workout today is ‘pleasantly surprised’. I was considering purchasing the beats ‘tour’ ear buds but after i tried them at the local fry’s i kept thinking that the ear buds that came with my samsung vibrant sound just as good and they were freeback to the 50/50 ear buds. Right off the back i noticed the bass (listening to lil wayne ‘lollipop’) next i noticed the clarity and crispness/life-like mids and highs (listening to norman brown ‘that’s the way love goes’). The 50/50 works perfectly with my 3gen ipod touch (16g). I have no complaints with these. I like them so much i’m thinking about looking into some over the ear headphones for my home studio.

These are an excellent replacement to the stock iphone earphones. The sound quality is significantly better, and the end users said they could hear me loud and clear. The remote works as promised. Volume works, and to change songs just click the middle twice. To answer a call just click once. Also comes with a great case so you can stick it in a backpack knowing that these earbuds won’t tangle up, or break. Also comes with different size buds which is great for those with large or small ears. In terms of music, great response to treble, mids, and bass. These may not provide the highest quality, but to an average user these will be great.The sound quality is better than the skull candy inkd version, and comes with a remote.

I was using the standard iphone 4s headphones which came with my phone. After getting annoyed with the lousy sound quality and volume, i went with skull candy as my past experiences have been good. The sound quality is an immediate improvement. They fit into the ears much nicer and softer than the standard apple headphones. My only complaint, which is minor, is that the buttons aren’t as smooth as apples stock headphones. Sometimes i won’t hit the button right in the center, but that’s a rare occurrence. The buttons behave as normal iphone headphones should. I’ve used the headphones for other devices like a tablet. The buttons don’t work, but the headphones sound good.

A year ago i had bought the same exact headphones. About a week ago, one of the side of my headphone had stopped working. So when i found out that skullcandy was discontinuing this product and were selling it for half price. I mean these two headphone that i have bought from skullcandy has the same exact name but right when i open the package to this item the headphone felt totally different, like the materials were cheaper. Not only that but the wire isn’t round like those in the pictures, it’s flat. Wtf?other than that the sound isn’t that bad.

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Skullcandy Skullcrusher, Now I understand why they are called skullcrushers!!!

I loved these when i first got them. The bass is great for genres like dubstep, electro, rap, and even heavy metal if you turn the subs off. They lasted me about three months before (like all skullcandies) they broke. As with most of their products, these headphones are really weak and breakable. There are many little pieces that can fall off or snap easily because they’re plastic. They are great if your a person who takes care to maintain and care for your headphones, but if you carry them to school and work every day like me in a backpack you may want to find some with a bit more sturdiness. As for me, i have a nice musical paperweight that bumps. (watch the little piece that holds the split together at the top when you pop it out to fold them up, that’s what broke on mine).

This is a great pair of headphones. They have very good sound quality and they are the first headphones i’ve ever seen that are truly ‘noise-cancelling’. They are very comfortable and adjust nicely. I would recommend them to anyone. The product came a little later than i had anticipated, but i was able to successfully track them to see why it was taking so long.

These are by far the best headphones, and even out of the skullcandy name, the best design. The adjustable top moves for comfort. The over the entire ear makes it easy for listening or on the plane for blocking out the noise. The bass boost on the wire is great when listening to and improving quality.

Key specs for Skullcandy Skullcrusher (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Speaker diameter: 30mm
  • Vibration speaker: 30mm
  • Frequency response 20-20K Hz, impedance: 32 ohms
  • In-line bass boost control
  • Stashable travel design

Comments from buyers

“Not as loud as i thought but ear messaging Bassliterally
, Kid Cool
, Best Skullcandy headphones!

I’m a bassist and these subwoofer headphones are perfect for picking bass out of music. Aside from when i have the bass turned way up the actual sound quality at normal levels is superb. I love listening to music on these and they’re definitely an incredibly high value for the amount of money you’re paying.

Best headphones i have ever heard, the bass literally ‘crushes your head’buy buy buythey are great and i use them every day. My cousin even bought some after hearing the song heartless(great bass) on thesethe only problem is you look rediculous if you wear them in public. They are very comfy and look cool to wear around your neck.

These headphones are really cool. I have been using them constantly and the bass feel is great. The sound quality is actually very clear, much nicer then other headphones i have used, and they are really comfortable. Fantastic price for such nice headphones :).

The skullcandy skullcrushers are great. Purchased for my 13 year old and they are sturdy enough to have out lasted basketball season. He travels with the high school team and to say the least they have been thru a lot of rough play. They have great sound and they keep out outside sounds i know this for a fact he can never hear me when i am talking to him.I would recommend to everyone.

First of all, the bass booster is amazing. Listening at 3/4 volume (or louder), bass booster on ful blass, acutually messages your head because they vibrate so much. If you listen to techno, these are the best headphones for you,(i’ve listened to techno on my friend’s ipod). If your like me, and you listen to metal -whether it’s 80s guns n’roses or modern asking alexandria- these headphones still sound pretty clear acutally make the bass guitar track stand out a bit more. Being a bass player, i’d say these have good bass overall. For durabillity, i haven’t own these long enough, but they seem pretty solid. The skullcrushers are very comfortable and block out sound well, and rarley fall off or out of place. The only thing that has dissapointed me, was that they aren’t as loud as i thought. You’d think the speakers were huge with the big earcups, but they’re really only 30mm, compared to the hesh at 50mm. (i’ve never owned hesh, just heard was loud.

I didn’t buy these from amazon, but my local music store. I had these for about 3 years or so, and i was never disappointed with the sound quality and bass. The design of the headphones are pretty solid, but i did dislike the battery position on the cable. It was always dangling about, getting in the way. Sad to say my sisters daughter blew one of the speakers out. I left it like that for months and decided one day out of anger to break off the blown speaker. It took some effort to break it off, after i broke off the blown headphone, the other headphone lost its bass and became completely useless. They did last forever and a half, though, so i cant complain. Point of the story is don’t trust children with these.

The bass really work, its a good pair of headphones for 40 bucks i had read lots of comments complaining about quality thats why i bought the extended warranty for 3 years for 11 bucks (spills+drop) but i have been using em for 3 days and they have been working really well :d.

Son broke them though after a month.

I know this sounds really sick. I bought it and for its 40 buck price tag it sounds fantastic. But the thing is with shipping and everything your at least 50 bux to 60 bux. The problem is the bass kinda goes out slowly over time. Even with good care and decent use. I just think although its very cheap for the product, if you want a good bass headphones to last you like a year or two with great quality, then you should just go get a quality pair for like 100-150 bux. Yeah its alot more than these price wise. But youl get a way better product.

These head phones are amazing for the price. The sound is amazing on almost all songs. You just turn it on and there you go. There is also a little wheel to adjust it which makes it a lot nicer. The bass works the best about 3/4 of the way on. The only con for these are that they are very flimsy. Ive had them for over a month and i havent had any problems with them. I would recommend these to anybody.

These headphone are great sound quality, the amp is a big help on the bass songs. You should buy this product, this will get you kids laid.

The sound isn’t that loud but they have a very nice quality. The subwoofer and the bass make my ears tickle. They look very fancy, and if you want to call the atention, wear them.

They will crush your skull alright. These headphoness are amazing. I would definatley recommend them for any genre of music but these highlight in hip hop, rap and dubstep. The only downside of these, and it’s a very small one, is that they have the bulky subwoofer amplifier on the cord and you need a aa battery to really expierience the music. But that may sound bad but it’s no big deal , it’s really easy to handle.

They make your head bang it is crazy. The only problem thugh is that they can break. This happened to me and amazon gave me an exchange and i am currently waiting for the new ones to arrive.

The sub-woofers fail within 1 to 4 weeks with heavy use.

A year later, still works better than my son’s beatz. My kid has used these earphones more than his beatz. I could have saved myself some cash.

I was wondering before the purchase where these earphones get their name from. They are worth trying for a skullcrushing experience well worth its money and the pain.

I’ve had these headphones about two months and listen to them daily. Haven’t had any issues and they sound great. I would expect headphones that sound, look and feel like thses to cost over $100 but i bought them for a third of that. This is a great buy for any music lover.

I am listening to these head phones right now and i must say wow. The noise canceling is really great and i cant even hear the typing on my keyboard. These headphones emanate low budget, ghetto pure quality. Now lets get this strait don’t buy beats solo. I have tried them on several occasions and the subs are great but the treble sound quality sucks. These headphones really clean up dr. I would argue that they possibly have better base, and the treble captures all the intricacies of any genre. I have listened to music from jj to birdman jr. And they really meld the the sound to fit any song.

The headphones arrived quickly, in great condition, and as described. Included skullcandy skullcrushers rasta headphones, 1 aa battery, 1 carrying pouch (silk), skullcandy stickers, an airplane jack converter, and a large jack converter. The sound is impeccable, that of a high end headphones. The vibration speakers add a whole new dimension to your music and actually do cancel out a lot of noise. The battery lasts for quite a long time, even if you forget to turn it off a few times. I recommend these to anyone looking for incredible headphones for and outrageously low price.

I bought these as a birthday gift for my 12 year old son. His college-student brother has a pair of hesh (skullcandy) headphones and recommended these for the sturdier and adjustable band as his have broken and been replaced under warranty twice. My twelve year old loves these, as do all his middle school friends. They claim the sound quality including bass and vibrating sub-woofer are excellent. I’m happily surprised they’ve held up to a month of daily use including a 3-day school band trip with lots of trading around and sharing among boys who can be rough on their toys. For middle school boys, the most important feature may be how cool they look just resting around your neck. My 6th grader was honored that the 8th grade boys he knows all wanted some after seeing his. I thought the ‘rasta’ pattern might be a little trite but no one else seems to think so. High school, college and young adults we know all think the [jamaican flag colors add to their cool. ]

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