Sennheiser Cx 175 Street Line Headphones : Great Sound for the Price

Good value for superior sound.

Sennheiser is a well respected brand or at least they were in the 70s when i grow up. I bought these to use on long airline flights because airline headphones are just crap. Nice crisp treble and even booming bass from such a small headphone.I love them and they were very affordable. I just leave them in my backpack so i always have them on the plane.

Had these for 3 years now, but the left earbud just stopped working while i was listening to a song today. I suppose it serves me right for not caring enough to store them in a protective case, so they actually lasted very long for the way i treated them (just threw them carelessly in my bag). The sound quality is superb; i still can’t believe how closely it competes with my sennheiser hd 598’s, which are semi-audiophile full-ear headphones. This purchase is a no-brainer in my books.

One of the best earbuds i’ve ever purchased. Strong bass, crisp sound, and very durable. I prefer earbuds with deep bass and that’s exactly what these deliver. If you’re not one for bass, these probably aren’t ideal for you.

  • CX175 Value 80% for midrange clarity at price. Very dangerous for those who love bass.
  • Great earbuds

Sennheiser Cx 175 Street Line Headphones (Black) Ear-canal In-ear Headphones Special Gift for Good One Fast Shipping Ship Worldwide (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Powerful Bass-Driven Sound
  • High powered dynamic speaker systems for an outstanding audio performance
  • Ear adapters in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation
  • Clad in an attractive appearance, the CX 175 ear canal phones are no less than charming. Offering an outstanding audio performance, thanks to their high powered dynamic speaker systems, they also include various ear adapter sets for excellent fit and ambient noise attenuation.

Had a pair in the past and loved them, but decided to get another fresh pair just because of some cosmetic damage. Although, i do recommend a case or something to keep from the easy tangling.

I use them at the office, when i need to break away for an hour or so (not suitable for tasks that include phone calls since they don’t have a mic).

So good i didn’t need the amplifier i got at the same time.

These are great in ear headphones. They have a great bass quality and the sound is amazing.

Sennheiser is a great brand. Quality products at all price ranges. You cant beat these for the price. I’ve had expensive earbuds and cheapies. These are great middle of the road earbuds and they are really good value for money. I had a pair before and they lasted me about a year with lots of wear and tear. This time they came with leather case so i’m hoping that will extend their life this time around. For the money, these are great.

These are phenomenal, i just wish they hadn’t been discontinued. Stocking up on a couple of replacements just in case. These should be a sennheiser legacy item.

For $20 these sound great (compare to most $40-60 competitors). They do appear a bit thin but so far so good.

Product was a defective model, but thankfully a refund was allowed. If your not an audiophile get itif you are one the mid range(instrumentals/vocals) feels recessed, good deep bass, and high trebles. Caution: at full volume you will hear hissing in the highs that will cause you physical pain in your eardrums. Burn in these earphones for a better audio response.

Current price $30 amazonvalue for money: 80% due to good clarity in midrange. Bass: no extension below 60 hz. Treble: good up to 6 khzimpact: low speed in the bass department, deficient. Using frequency equalization to improve the sound does not work. These earphones like to be run flat. 10 db bass equalization at 32 helps some. Can run quite loud, and the tendency is to boost volume to acquire bass. If you like bass, don’t go here, run away, as these will literally damage your ears. These are a bit like an old-fashioned radio with treble extension. Product information says:* “powerful bass-driven stereo sound. ”verdict: not true at all.

When it comes to earbuds, the only brand my husband will consider is sennheiser. I personally do fine with the panasonic earbuds that i buy on amazon for less than $10, but my husband is seriously ocd about sound quality and having the perfect amount of bass. He had a pair of cx150 earbuds before and our toddler got a hold of them and ruined them. When i was looking for a replacement i saw these on sale and grabbed them. At first he was upset because these were cx175 and he wanted exactly what he had before but once he tried them he agreed they were just as good as his other pair. I usually can’t tell the difference between one pair of earbuds and another when it comes to sound quality, but even i have to admit these do sound good. Actually much better than what i use. I may be switching to these in the near future when my current earbuds wear out. If someone who is as ocd about his earbuds as my husband is approves of these, i know they are among the best you can get without spending an arm and a leg.

Probably on the most sensitive earphones i have ever heard. Clear highs without distortion.

From the highs to lows, these buds perform. I got them at a reduced price since this model has been discontinued and/or superseded by an upgraded model. I can’t imagine how good that newer model might be. I bought these to replace an older pair of klipsch phones that i paid $60+ for and these sound every bit as good to my ears.

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Sennheiser CX 280 High Perfomance Earbuds – Great Sound

I have had these for a little while and they sound great and have held up better than the jbud j3s i was using before. I commute on a motorcycle everyday and i where these under my helmet. The everyday putting and taking off of the helmet, plus all the wind blowing parts of the chord around, and they get yanked on every now and again when there isn’t enough excess cord. Despite all that they are still going strong, and i don’t see any abrasions or tears in the wires. Best affordable headphones i’ve had. Updaate: 09/26/13one of the earbuds no longer plays sound less than a year later.

I use these constantly for music. They sound great and don’t cost a lot. They last for a couple of years of constant use, and maybe longer with a little more care than i gave them. You get famous sennheiser quality.

I already own a pair of cx150s and a pair of cx300s. Both are excellent, but i wanted a third pair just in case. Enter the cx280spros: – sennheiser quality and sound; clear mids and highs with good bass – three different sized bud adapters for a tighter fit – in-line volume adjustment is sleek (almost too much so) – built-in cable slider is a nice touch – included soft case is large enough to hold my zune hd – symmetrical cablecons: – the cable(s) is constructed of the same uber-grippy rubber that plague other sennheisers; it snags on everything – left and right buds are hard to identify in low light.

2nd pair, does not disappoint. Base is perfect and sound is awesome.

I purchased these on the strength of the other reviews on amazon with great result. I am pleased to say that i’ve not experienced any issues to-date. I have also purchased pairs for my husband and sister and have received positive praise for their comfort and wearability during exercise.

I purchased this for everyday use and am very happy i did. This set of earbuds produces very rich sounds, almost comparable to my bose headphones. The first thing i noticed after placing them in my ears was that the silicon ear pads isolates most ambient noise – plus they feel very comfortable. When connected to a music source, they produce great full-range sound. My only compliant would be that the slider on the integrated volume control doesn’t have any ridges which makes it difficult to slide. However, i would definitely recommend these.

  • nice sound
  • Great sound quality, but volume adjuster breaks down after a while.
  • Good Balanced Sound

I’ve had these headphones for over 2 years now. I’ve worn them while using a jump rope and they didn’t cause any issues or fall off from my ears. The earbuds are comfortable and have some level of noise canceling. You have different sizes to choose from so they can custom fit you to your needs. The buds are also easy to remove and clean. It also came with a nice case to put your headphones in and carry around. It’s a shame they are discontinued. I would definitely recommend this headphone if you are willing to pay a little extra but are also on a budget.

Kicking bass, good range, good stereo image. I don’t know how much more one would want from a pair of plugs for your ipod.

Much more bass than you expect to come out of these headphones. Volume control is very smooth and accurate. Perpendicular plug is not an issue as they still fit in my phone even with a case, which i cannot say for every plug i’ve tried.

A little disappointed on the low frequency response. But for the price, you can’t go wrong.

Out standing value,clear vibrant sound,lying,great noise cancelling quality ,drowns out plane noise ,has rich base and clear tremble use often while flying.

Features of Sennheiser CX 280 High Perfomance Earbuds with Dynamic Sound (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Connectivity Technology : Wired

Connectivity Technology : Wired

I live in new york, where walking is more common than driving and carried these on me 24/7. The earbuds are better at canceling the noise of the city than anything i have ever owned. They are also very small and comfortable. The earbuds fit every need i had. Unfortunately, i had to replace them within a year because the earpieces kept getting lost from repeatedly putting them in my pockets and taking them out. After a while, i was matching the smallest of the earpieces with the largest one, which makes for a rather uncomfortable and uneven experience. Recommendation: place the cord around your neck and avoid putting the earpieces in your pockets.

These headphones are amazing but i don’t know if mine are defective or not as the wire picks up so much noise when moving. Don’t buy this if you want to move.

At first i thought they were just ok, but after a while and a little break in these 280’s are very nice. Clean, very clean is what comes to mind. The bass is there and plenty of it when you need it. The highs, mids, and lows are all equally balanced. Good recordings are especially clean real sounding.

Bought these on sale for $19 on amazon and they sound way better than the standard iphone/ipod headphones. Bass is substantially better while the overall sound also improves noticeably.

I have had these for about a month now, and (for their price) are pretty good. They sound good and fit well in my ears. However, the in-line volume control isn’t exactly as useful as it sounds. It features a slider, but it slides less than a centimeter, and in that small space goes from full volume to almost nothing, making it too extreme of a change for any reasonable usefulness. Other than that, they sound great, and on a ‘best deals’ option, i can’t complain too much.

I ordered these after having a much more expensive pair of sennheiser earbuds. These are good quality at an affordable price. They shipped on time and i am very happy with them. I use them every day and love the in-line sound control.

Bought these to replace the earbuds that came with my iphone 4s. I really like them, sound quality is pretty great, and while they aren’t good enough to compete with a true noise-canceling headphone, they definitely help drown out the noise because of the little rubber pieces that tend to fit better in my small ears than the plastic apple ones that just sit there. I like that they have the small little plastic slider that helps them stay untangled, but after several months of use, i have to take away a star because the volume control has become unstable. That is to say, when you slide the control up and down is basically has two volume levels – low and high. When i first received these earbuds, the volume control worked really well, and i could adjust the volume much more easily. Don’t know why, but it no longer works that well so i end up adjusting the volume on my iphone instead. I paid around $28 for these on amazon and would recommend them, but i wouldn’t spend that much more on them.

These are really great for the price. I’m generally fussy when it comes to earbuds, but i’m really pleased with these. I’m a sucker for bass response, and these are ideal, without being overwhelming. Comfortable fit, too, and i like the cord’s plug design.

I bought these headphones as replacement for my old sony’s. I use them with my iphone 3gs and the sound that comes out of them are nothing short of sensational. Great bass, treble and mid range output. Once you have them on, you cannot hear any else but the music. Worth every penny i invested in them. Got a great deal on them on amazon’s website (thanks amazon). The only con i can say is that it’s difficult to differentiate the left and right ear on the headphones, you have to look real close on the back of the headphone and you can see the l and r markings. I highly recommend these to anyone who is interested in getting the most out of your music device.

First, please no one tell me basic info like adjust your seal, etc. Also, these are burned in by now for those who believe in that. For a product that hypes the bass aspect, i find this bass on the weak side. But more irritating is that it has started to fluctuate. Fine one day, then for two days it sucks. The other problem is the lack of consistency with the isolation effect. One morning you’re in a warm tunnel even on a bus; the next hour or so you’re in ‘harshville’ all around. I realize there’s probably a lot of mindplay your brain and ears do on you with audio gear, but after a while you have to also ask if the mechanism itself is also doing this. The highs are amazingly crisp and many things are heard you haven’t heard so well before. But when the bass is lacking, that’s what you’ll notice more anyway, and it’s an unbalanced sound.

These inexpensive earbuds work as expected, and i like the type of cord because it is less likely to bind up on itself, and easier to unsnarl when it does. As for the sound quality, just fine, neither very good nor very bad.

I am an average earphones user, i normally just use these on my morning commute, listening to my ipod and while watching video, so i think if you’re an average user like myself, these are great. Not sure for the avid audiophiles or gymmers though. The sound for these were way better than my old cx 281 pair, which were only a step or two above the buds that come with your ipod. The cx 280 has good sound quality, just enough bass, and is excellent with video sound. The price was just right and the buds fit well. There are issues with construction though; the wires that go directly from the buds are very thin and delicate and prone to tangling. The buds themselves are hard to differentiate from left and right unless you look very closely, the perfect sphere shape for the buds also give them a cheap, kiddish look, and there is no detail on the volume control so it feels clumsy at times. All in all, good replacement pair but nothing i would totally rave about.

I just received these in ear headphones a few hours ago, they came nicely packaged and arrived a full day ahead of schedule. I previously owned some sony bumpin buds and they were ok, they did tend to overemphasize the bass. I find the sennheiser cx-280’s to be more warm and balanced. Highs are crisp and clean, mids well pronounced and the bass more natural than that of the sony’s. I’m eager to see how these sound after 40-70 hours of burn in, i hear from other reviews that they get even better. The only draw back thus far is getting a proper seal in the ear canal, that may be remedied by switching out the medium tips that came pre installed for the large ones. All in all i am happy with this purchase now we’ll see how they hold up in the long run.

These earbuds did just the trick. Unfortunately, they then gave up and started losing the ability to transmit sound. They were not abused, or exposed to water, but they simply stopped working properly. If you expect these to last you for around a year, they are just fine.

The sound is excellent, and the earbuds are comfortable in my ear, more comfortable that the apple earbuds.

I purchased these as part of a gold box special as my nice etymotics were wearing out and i didn’t have the cash to buy new ones before an international flight where i’d really want them. These worked, but honestly were not very good at sealing in the ear canal like my etymotics. They ‘worked’ for me in my 14 hours of flying but in the end i ended up with spending the money on the etymotic hf3s which seal much nicer for me. Your mileage may vary, my ears are odd when it comes to in ear stuff.

They have great sound and do a nice job of cancelling out any outside noise. Perfect for my running regimen.

If you haven’t hard, these guys make some of the best headphones around, for affordable prices. The cx 280 are no exception, great sound, seem to be holding up well, and they fit in my pocket. The on wire volume control is nice once you get used to it.

I bought these headphones mainly because my old, basic headphones were giving out and these were only $19. 99 as part of gold box deal (or maybe a best deal, i don’t remember which). The sound on these is actually pretty decent and seems balanced; i hear a few things i didn’t hear with the older headphones. They actually do a decent job of filtering out gym noise (not completely, of course) as well, which is the main place i use them. Finally, they aren’t feature-rich; a slider for volume and nothing more. Some kind of cord management would’ve been nice, too, but oh, well. In short, for what i paid, i guess i’m impressed.

Pretty good earbud’s, although i will say the highs seems a bit harsh. The mids and lows are great, hard to believe considering the size of these buggers. All and all, pleased with the sound quality.

These earphones have a very nice sound to them, as well as a lot of bass. After listening for a few days, i liked them so much i wanted to order 6 more to give as gifts, but the price went up almost double, so i had to get 7 (1 for me to approve) of the cx200. They also sound good, with even more bass, but not quite as natural sounding or smooth. Years ago i also heard sennheiser headphones, and was very impressed. In my opinion, sennheiser makes fine products.

I had a pair of these for 6 months and unfortunately, they got stolen along with my laptop. As soon as i saw them on sale again i bought two pairs. Great sound and comfortable fit. It is handy to have a volume control on the wire while i am working so i can play with the sound. I would highly recommend these to anyone.

The sound quality is great, i’ve been using it, until today.

The most comfortable earbuds i have ever used. I had a little problem figuring out which one was for the right ear — until i noticed there is a little ‘r’ on one and a little ‘l’ on the other. Usually the right ear has a red marking.

Great sound as far as i can tell. I tend to abuse headphones and earbuds, and these have put up with everything i can dish out. Plus the on-cord volume control is very useful for muting whatever i’m listening to fast.

I picked this one because i wanted ear buds with volume control but no microphone. They do just fine, great sound, solid, everything i wanted for a reasonable price.

This is the longest period my earbuds did not break down. I like the quality of the soundand it’s designed in such a way that totally blocks surrounding noise from your ears, so you can simply enjoy music.

I have bought many sets of sennheiser earphones – they are always excellent value, typically outperforming competitors that cost twice or even three times as much. With heavy use they will break or wear out after a year or so, but at the price it is well worth it.

I bought a set of seinheiser headphones last year for mowing and playing drums, and i was very pleased, except that another member of my family liked then too, and kept borrowing them. Enter this set: great price and great sound – yet again. Thanks to amazon and seinheiser, the beat goes on. Update – this model wore out much more quickly than my cx500’s, which are still in mint condition. If you get them at a good price, sure. Otherwise, spend more money and get more value.

These are a good pair of headphones for using while commuting or in day-to-day use. They’re not extremely hardy – each of the pairs i’ve used have broken after about 6 months of normal use. But they’re noise-canceling enough that you can hear your music on the subway without feeling like you’ve left planet earth, and they don’t call attention to themselves like the apple earbuds do.

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Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds – Five Stars

I have at least 4 other sets of sennheuser headphones. This headset sounds good and fit my needs. Though, i also needed a startech. 5mm headset splitter adapter – m/f to connect the headset to my samsung tab pro 8. Once connected, i was pleased with the result.

I purchased these on an australian daily deal website for $29. I have to say, after reading the reviews here i was a bit worried about the microphone quality on these canalphones but it works beautifully well (for a microphone on a $30 pair of canalphones). I have the receive volume at 100% with the mic boost at +30db in windows 7, and my mic volume is at 100% with a receive volume at about 70% in steam, and after testing it i can talk at normal volume and it picks up my voice great. The mic looks like the sort of mic you would find on an older mobile phone headset (you know, the ones that had the one ear bud) so i’m not surprised that it works well. In terms of sound, these canalphones produce decent sound. I’m not really an audiophile, but compared to my yamaha eph-100’s, these earbuds just sound a bit ‘thin’ when listening to music, but the eph-100’s are highly rated. I’d have to rate the sound at about 6. I’m happy with the sound at $30.

Best earbuds ive ever owned, i use them to play video games when i dont wanna mess up my hair with my headphones. Here are the specifications for the Sennheiser PC300 G4ME Earbuds:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • In-Ear design
  • Sensitive omni-directional microphone
  • In-line volume control
  • A perfect fit
  • Extremely portable
  • Quick and easy connectivity
  • Extremely portable, ear-canal design delivers huge Sennheiser sound
  • High quality integrated microphone picks up every word, so gamers can communicate with the team and their friends.
  • Flexible travel pouch protects the PC 300 and the extension cable while on the go
  • 2 Year warranty

I got these on a whim for my new gaming pc mainly because i don’t like the feel of the over the ear gaming headsets on the market, and the price was perfect. I guess i should go through and explain each point one by one. I marked construction quality as a 4 is because the build of these didn’t strike me as amazing. The cord may be a bit thicker than some of the lower end headsets but beyond that the ‘feel’ of the headset is normal, not bad, but it wasn’t wowing to me. The ease of use is as it should be, place earphone in ear, plug in and frag. Wait is frag still used or is that a 90’s term. Anyway they has a nice volume slider on the cord which is always convient, especially if you don’t have volume controls on your keyboard or speaks. The only thing missing that the upper end larger than life over ear models have is a mic mute.

I bought these earbuds for my son’s birthday. He uses them most of the day and has had no issues. He has had several headphones but as someone pointed out, if you wear glasses, they interfere with the fit of the headphones. So i took a chance on these and am so glad i did.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bang For Your Buck
  • Sound Great
  • Great quality headset for my phablet

Sent this to my friend and he loved it. Prompt delivery, no damages in the product. Sennheiser is a great brand , so no complaints about the sound quality either.

I play many fps games on my desktop pc where having good positional audio and proper voice communication can mean the difference between winning or losing. For the longest time, i had been using larger over the ear headphones and headsets, which in all honesty cause discomfort after prolonged use. I wear glasses, so larger headphones cause soreness of the ears after a while. After reading some reviews of this headset from a few different sources, i decided to give these a try. Needless to say, i could not be happier with this headset. I have played games, listened to music, and watched movies. The audio quality of the headphones and microphone are exactly what i was looking for. There is plenty of bass, but the audio remains crystal clear throughout the ranges. This headset was easily worth the price it was sold at and i would highly recommend this for anyone who games on the go and/or wants to replace a big, bulky, over the ear headset. It is truly a shame that sennheiser discontinued this product, grab one while they are still in stockupdate 1/18/2017:i am still using this headset and it has held up perfectly fine for over 4 years.

Really good ear buds with fantastic sound quality. The cables are a bit flimsy however, and the mic is iffy. Would not purchase for more than 30 to 40 bucks.

The sound quality is very good, actually it is great. I was surprised at the amount of bass they offer. Comfort level and features are good and the build quality is standard high quality. I was going to use these for pc gaming to replace my very heavy roccat kave headset that hurts my head and my ears. Out going voice quality suffers and the mic picks up way to much background noise. If the mic was better quality i would continue to use them for gaming but they should be perfect for listening to music when everyone else is asleep.

I bought these headphones recently on sale for a very nice price. After reading a few mixed reviews i was a bit skeptical. I currently have a pair of jbuds that i am not 100% thrilled with, so i decided to try another pair of in ear headphones. The headphones are very comfortable with soft rubber and additional inserts for different sized ear canals. What i like most about them is their comfort, the contours blend nicely with the ears for low profile wearing; whereas i feel like frankenstein with the jbuds. Although i am not an audiophile, i still feel the sound range is impressive; they are without a doubt the best pair of headphones i have ever owned. The microphone is crisp and clear, it picks up even the softest noise so i don’t need to annoy my girlfriend when gaming online with friends. I haven’t used noise cancelling headphones prior to these, but from what i can tell, they are very good at reducing ambient noises. I only have one gripe, the plastic used for coating the wires isn’t the best and could annoy me down the road. For now, it’s a minor annoyance.

I use this to listen to music and fm radio on my phone as i exercise and to use the phone function as well. It has worked better than any of the cheaper models i’ve used in the past. Also, the sound quality is what you would expect from sennheiser. Sennheiser pc300 g4me earbuds with integrated microphone.

Sound and microphone quality is really good. But i think it is not the very comfortable headphones. Headset hasn’t any buttons to control phone callings. Left speaker has a short wire and often drop down when i run. Separate audio jacks not very comfortable for phone or tablet, i need to find some join connector. Also jacks has very thin wires.

I was worried because of so much negetive reviews. But it actually works pre well. Mic and sound are good quality for my pc. Only negative is wires tangle easily and ear pieces are kind of small. It feels you are plucking into your ears. Other then that it’s a good product.

Great item very pleased quick shipper.

Sound amazing and microphone picks up well. I use these on my xbox one with headset adapter and i’m impressed. Deep bass, all the mids, relays your voice well, good seal and blocks outside noise. I reccomended these to anyone.

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