Sennheiser CX400-II-B In-Ear Headphone, Great sound

I use them in the house to give the wife a break from my tv shows.

Although this in ear headphone cannot match with another headphone i got which is hd518. But the quality is good for this price.

Had sennheiser ear plugs prior to these. My grandkids do use the old pair.

Key specs for Sennheiser CX400-II-B In-Ear Headphone with Dynamic Speaker System and Integrated Vol Controls (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • High-end dynamic speaker systems with Neodymium magnets tuned for a natural sound reproduction
  • Superior fit in the ear canals offering highest attenuation of ambient noise
  • Integrated volume control
  • Optimized for MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems
  • Symmetrical cable
  • Connectivity technology : Wired

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic Sound Quality for the Price
, Superb sound quality, plus excellent noise isolation
, The balanced sound I was looking for

I can barely tell the difference between listening to my paradigm speakers + denon amp and listening through these headphones. The accurate sound representation across the spectrum is very impressive for such tiny drivers. Bass is more exaggerated when you use the ‘double’ ear pieces, so try that if you’re looking for more bass. These sennheisers feel somewhat flimsy; which may not necessarily be a sign that they’ll break, they may just be that light weight. The ‘cord noise’ that other people speak of is no more (or less) than any other earbuds that i’ve ever used.

I have had a pair of sennheiser cx300’s for over three years and these are the replacements. Good sound quality and really good sound isolation. I wear them at night when i go to sleep listening to a radio. No problems with them being in all night. I leave the volume slider at max and use the volume control on the radio or ipod. I like the ear cords being the same length, as opposed to the 300’s. I expect they will last as well as the 300’s.

I ordered this when looking for a replacement for my ipod earphones and since i already owned sennheiser hd201 headphones and very impressed with sennheiser products so i thought i gave this a try. The sound quality is stunning, though it does not advertise ‘noise cancelling’ as other products but it reduces lots of outside noise when you listen to music. Bass is strong for a tiny earphones.

Pure and quality sound, good choice for this price.

I first used these on a 20-hour flight, and they are comfortable enough that i left them in even when i wasn’t listening to music, they minimized the drone of the engines and passengers enough that i could snooze very well. The only ‘discomfort’ when wearing them for these extended periods is that empty-ears feeling when you remove them. They are light and with the included 6 different shaped rubber pads, you can find one that fits you best. If you have trouble getting them in properly, it helps if you pull the top of your ear upwards to help insert them fully. Since that flight, i’ve been using them near-daily for a couple weeks now, i’ve decided there’s two ways to listen with these. Method #1 is to turn the volume down as low as you can and you’ll have good, clear background music. With the noise elimination, you can still hear your music clearly and have reduced noise from everything around you. Mids and highs are good and clear at this level, but there is no kick to the bass at all. This is how i usually listen, since i have to be able to hear when people call for me in the office. Whenever i take them off, i am assaulted by how much louder the ambient noise is than the music i’ve been listening to.

Similar to another reviewer here, i was looking to replace the stock earbuds that came with my new ipod nano (5th generation). As a former recording engineer, i tend to expect my music to come across in reasonably high fidelity, that is, full frequency response with all the highs and lows present. Mind you, i’m not a crazy audiophile nut, but i’m probably more picky than most. My first replacement attempt was a pair of jbuds j2 premium, but i was sorely disappointed in their sound quality. Highs were severely attenuated and the midrange appeared to emanate from a 32 gallon oil drum. It was like i was in a tunnel. So, i started doing my research. Sennheiser has always been a high-quality audio company – every studio i’ve worked in has had sennheiser headphones (and sennheiser microphones, in addition to shure, akg, etc. I know, and love, the sound of sennheiser, so when i came across their brand of earbuds, i stopped my research, realizing i’d come home.

Let me start by saying i am an audiophile. These earbuds are too bass heavy in my opinion. Well, i am not going to say ‘heavy,’ because i love bass as much as the next person. However, i don’t like bass enough to sacrafice the mids and highs in the music. The bass does sound great, but these buds lack the crisp mids and highs, i think, at the bass’ expense. These buds don’t sound terrible, but definately don’t have the full range and crispness of better ones. I have tried many different buds, from different price ranges. Unfortunately i am not rich, so i have to stick with the middle price range for my earbud needs. My skullcandy inked sound better than these earbuds. My klipch image s4 sound a 1000 percent better and are about the same price.

I used them for 8 months and had no problems with them at all, and i would use them multiple times a day (until my dog finally got ahold of them) the bass and sound quality is amazing. If you can find these, then i recommend them, especially if you are someone ready to upgrade from those horrible ipod earbuds or something similar. A good way to tell if the ones you ordered are fake are if the design on their carrying bag is not darker than the bag, then its fake. Also if you hear them and don’t immediately smile, they are probably fake.

You can’t find better sound at this price.

I bought them through techsaurus, they have very good customer services and are super friendly and helpful.

These headphones are great as long as you understand that they are meant to provide a natural sound, there not super base heavy, which if there were i honestly think it would make them worst because these have to be the most clear and balance headphones i’ve ever used. If your looking for headphones that have good base but don’t over power the mids and highs look no further.

Good sound quality, good value.

These ear phones were a real disapointment to me, i expected lot better sound for the money. The ear buds just won’t fit right no matter what size i try.

What i want to say is this eye phone is perfect .

Sennheiser has excellent sound wrapped in a great fit. I am extremely pleased with sennheisers quality.

I listen to just about all kinds of music, but my acid test for sound reproduction is classical. I wondered if these earphones would be worth the price, but i’m glad to report that i haven’t regretted ordering them from the moment i put them on. The sound is smooth, natural, and balanced, with little or no ear fatigue, even when i’ve kept them in for an a hour at a time. As one of the other reviewers noted, the bass may not be pronounced enough for some listeners, but i’d rather live with a little less bass than with too much–which has been the case with just about every earphone or computer speaker i’ve heard, including the bose 2:1 speakers i now have. Btw, if anyone has any suggestions regarding computer speakers, i’d be glad to hear them.

I bought these thinking they would be similar in sound quality to the cx-500 b pair i lost. Unfortunately the sound quality is nowhere near as good, although these are much less expensive. The build quality is good, and a bit above average sound quality.

Superior sound quality for classical music. Best in-ear headphones i have had so far. Wouldn’t recommend it for bass oriented pop music listeners tho.

Still have some minor problems in its pitch, enough for normal listeners.

They are not asymmetrical (i. , they are a y-cord, not a j-cord), and the picture that shows a two piece cable is also not correct. Once i’ve listened to them, i will update my review.

I’m a musician and am use to a higher quality in regards to fidelity. You can always find something better but you will pay a premium, like the shure se series or ultimate ears.

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Sennheiser IE 80 EAST In-Ear Headphones – Five Stars

I bought this for my son as his christmas present. So far, he loves the performance, especially the feature where he can dial the bass.

It is not common for me to write reviews. But i can’t resist on letting everyone know how pristine the sound is in these buds. For the last year i have been using the bose mei2. They of course are great headphone. But when i put these on my whole perspective on life changed. :)i have been wearing them for 6 hours today at work with no ear soreness at all. Compared with the bose mei2, the bose are still more comfortable of a fit. I am pretty sure there is no in-ear headphones on the market that are as comfortable as the bose. Having said that, there is still nothing to complain about ie80’s. They are comfortable, and the sound quality if above anything i have heard so far.

I am very pleased with them with the exception that i am unable to keep the earbuds in my ears. I have tried different sizes, but i think the problem is with me and not the headphones. Otherwise i would have given this product five stars. Here are the specifications for the Sennheiser IE 80 EAST In-Ear Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dynamic speaker systems with powerful neodymium magnets ensure outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Extremely durable housing and rugged, interchangeable cable
  • Unique bass frequency response tuning functionality
  • 16-ohm impedance provides compatibility with virtually every portable audio device including mobile phones and tablets
  • 2 year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer

Comfortable and fixed on my ears.

One of the best earphones i used, especially for classical orchestra music. Also works fine for some popular music as well for this price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best in-ear Headphones I have tried.
  • =( I guess I set my expectation to high.
  • Amazing earphone

They fit snugly inside the ear, and their sound quality is the best i have ever heard in my life. I have no hesitations in recommending them. I am really looking forward to hearing them after 30 hours of burn-in.

I got a good deal on these on ebay and i did not wait a second. After doing lot of research i was left with just 1 choicei think sennheiser is the best when it comes to headphones, earphones. I also own, hd202, ie80 which are also exceptionally well and way ahead of competition. Just get it if price is not the concern for you.

My best in-ear headphone, i love it, i use it on my sony d-50, awesome.

When i first tried out the ie80, using an iphone 4s with eq turned off, i wasn’t very impressed. I thought it was a little too warm sounding and event sibilant on some tracks. The sound was decent, but i wasn’t wowed by any means. After a few days of experimenting with different music players (daps), eartips, and equalizer apps, i discovered how to get the best sound from these earphones. If you follow my steps perfectly, you will get a phenomenal sound. The following is primarily intended for apple iphone users; however, some of the same principles may be applied. I tried the sansa clip+ and ibasso dx50 and the sound was inferior compared to what i was able to achieve with the iphone 4s + eq app for my tastes. I was able to achieve a visceral sound that makes you feel like you’re literally in the studio, recording with the artist. Almost like a clean reference quality sound, but one that is less flat, and more engaging, with a realistic bass thump with extension that is not overbearing but prominent, along with a sparkle to cymbals and string instruments without being sibilant, along with clearly defined instrument separation and upfront vocals. First step: you need a good source music player that plays high res music files.

Sound is detailed and clear. Apart from these, i also own the hd598. To my surprise, comparing them, the ie 80 were clearly better. I’m surprised because i didn’t expect such small earphones to be superior over headphones that have a significant sound box, like the hd598. However, i didn’t notice a very big difference when adjusting the bass.

The sound stage is huge and the sound quality is amazing for in ears i usually use hd650, hd700, hd8 dj, or hd7 dj. Wearing big bulky headphones and using them weighs you down a lot during a day at school so i decided to get some in ears and i got the right ones they are amazing.

By no means is this a recommendation to not consider these ear buds. You absolutely should at least check them out as everyone has different preferences. These could be exactly what you want or need. I was super super stoked about getting these headphones. But if i’m not lying i find myself some what disappointed. Perhaps i over hyped them in my head and set the expectation far to high for sub $300 headphones. Imo you can probably find a pair for cheaper that aren’t that far off in quality. Just depends on what type of premium for more optimum sound quality you are willing to pay. If you are here, probably means you are willing to spend the extra $. If you can get a good fit, the sound is pretty decent.

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Sennheiser CX 485 Premium Earbuds – Old version – sennheiser fan girl

I have small ear canals and struggle to find buds that are small enough. However, as long as i don’t use the rubber ends, the actual ear piece fits fine, and was comfortable enough to use for most of a 7 hour flight. The sound is excellent though.

Great headphones, great sound, great quality, and i am still trying to wear them out. These are my first choice among my half-dozen headphones. Edit: i’m still using these things almost daily for my morning run and even at my computer. They sound as good as ever and i still haven’t worn them out.

Excellent hear strong bass, it a very good in-ear headphones. The price is also excellent. Recommended for anyone who likes quality.

I’ve been through a lot of different brands. Was looking for something to replace some klipsch (which have a surprisingly flat spectrum). These easily have the best in ear sound i’ve heard. Can’t beat it for the price.

I had some klipsch headphones i really liked. The only problem is, when i’d use the headphones for over an hour or so, my ears would start itching. Then they’d like, get all gross and ooze lymph or something, this sticky watery stuff from my skin, and they’d get all rashy. And then they’d get crusted over and — anyway. Okay so that’s pretty nasty. I went to the dermatologist and he was like, yeah, sometimes you’re just allergic to the plastics they’re made of. I thought he was just being dismissive and full of ish, but i was like, fine, i’ll try and find headphones that won’t make my ears rot off. I was pretty sad about this because i liked my old headphones so much. I bought these because they were literally the only ones i could find that claimed to be hypoallergenic.

Skeptical buying another sennheiser earphone after the awful adidas model. But price and rating made me try again. Use only at the gym-so far delighted. Don’t know what $100+ earphones sound like but these sound and work great. Assume 5 stars is a perfect rating- nothing is perfect. But so far i’m totally pleased and would recommend if asked. Sennheiser cx 485 premium earbuds.

  • Truly hypoallergenic.
  • One of the best of Sennheisers
  • Sennheiser CX 485 Premium Earbuds for small ears

I absolutely loved these earbuds. The quality was amazing and they cancelled alot of ambient noise. I used them practically every day, until yesterday, when the right bud gave out almost completely. Maybe i just got a bad pair, but if they didnt break, i’d stil be using then. A shame too, since they were great.

I have this for over a year now. The volume control has connectivity issues by now but it still works. Decent sound and good noise isolation. The samsung buds i got for my galaxy outperforms these.

I’ve been a sennheiser fan for years but i think i’ve finally found a perfect pair for me. This one has a volume control. It can’t shut off the sound completely but that’s not a problem for me. It also comes with a leather pouch, a y-splitter, and 3 different size earbuds. The sound quality is as clear as the beats audio by monster. Overall, i’m very satisfied.

The best earbuds i’ve used yet. I’ve been using philips she-9500 for years, and they’re good, but they break relatively quickly. I’ve tried several other models of philips buds, but every other ‘higher end’ set i’ve tried has been terrible. This is my first sennheiser set and i must say, so far i’m impressed. Sound quality is great, probably clearer than the she-9500, and noise cancellation is way better than anything else i’ve tried. I’ve only been using them for a couple weeks now, but so far they’re fantastic. I’m hoping they last, that will be the real test.

I have heard about sennheiser but never purchased a pair until now. They are comfortable, lightweight and produce such an excellent sound. I am amazed and wish i had bought them earlier.

Features of Sennheiser CX 485 Premium Earbuds – Old version (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Premium In-Ear noise blocking headphone designed for smaller ears, includes volume control
  • Completely customized fit via the supplied soft silicone ear adapters (hypo-allergenic, S/M/L)
  • Included carrying pouch prevents tangles while protecting the earphones
  • Works with all 1/8-Inch (3.5mm) headphone plugs including smartphones
  • Compatible (listen only) with latest generation of tablets

Premium In-Ear noise blocking headphone designed for smaller ears, includes volume control

Not an audiophile, but i love how these buds sit in your ear. Fantastic sound to my ears, and durable. I even wear them running and carry them in my gym bag with no problem. Will absolutely repurchase, if need be.

These are the perfect ear buds for almost anything from music to games to small scale audio and video editing. For the normal user they sound amazing and when you crank it up the bass is amazing but balanced. It is not the distorting garbage that bose and skullkandy put out. They don’t bleed at high volumes and they look nice. 5 stars is the volume slider. While convenient it gets in the way when storing and it does not do much. For some its great but i don’t use it. 5 stars and they are well worth the value. On a side note they still have huge pads and even the small ones are big despite what the package says.

These are good ear buds though they don’t cancel out background noise completely. They’re much better than the cheaper ones i usually buy.

This is my first pair of headphones and amazon has the best price in town. I can’t comment much on the durability of the hf yet. I’ve owned them for only two days but they seem to be very nice so far.

These sound great and fit perfectly due to the interchangeable multiple size silicon ear fittings. They fit so well as to act as a form of noise canceling. I used them on my last trip in a plane and was very pleased with their comfort sound and performance.

I purchased these because i spilled cranberry pomegranite juice on my cx200s. I’m a huge sennheiser fan and decided to check these out. They’re so comfy and sound great.

Completely customized fit via the supplied soft silicone ear adapters (hypo-allergenic, S/M/L)

These sound great and i got a good deal on them.

This earphones were really good value for its price. They were also very comfortable to wear and had excellent sound quality.

Excellent earbuds with great sound. Durable too, accidentally put them throgh washer and dryer and they still sound great.

These are among the best (right up there with panasonic and jvc) ear buds that i’ve owned. They are compact, yet don’t compromise in sound quality. Bass, midrange and treble are all proportionate to each other with none overpowering the others, and all notes come through with crystal clarity, even during complex passages, which lends them to being useful with rock and even jazz and some classical music. These are the perfect choice if you want something better sounding than you’d get from the discount store, but not something that would cost an arm and a leg to replace if you misplaced them. Bottom line: recommended for home and travel, yes. Recommended for walking (but not around traffic), yes. Recommended for strenuous exercise only if you don’t mind replacing them if they get ruined from sweat.

I got these earbuds as they were advertised for women with smaller ears. Even the smallest ear pieces were too small for my ears. I was able to get some other ear pieces which work better and so am able to use these earbuds. The sound adjuster on the cord is wonderful and makes it easy to adjust the sound as needed without having to unlock my ipod and adjusting it that way. Also, the plug fits in very securely and i don’t have to worry about it coming out when exercising.

Well to honest i like the cx200 more than this, coz the bass is not as impressive and the treble is not so outstanding, and the design and color isn’t quite different, there’s no characteristic on this product that paticularly impress me. So is the cx300 precision one. . Not as good as the cx200 in my experience.

Included carrying pouch prevents tangles while protecting the earphones

I don’t know a hole lot about electronics but my boyfriend bought me these and i notice things about my favorite music that id idn’t notice before and it sounds loud but clear when i crank up the volume. If you want good sound these are good earphones and like he says, you have to spend a little money if you want quality, and he nose his stuff when it comes to electronics stuff.

It is truly unfortunate that these earphones went ‘out of print,’ because these are one of the best sennheiser products ever made. I previously owned the cx 300 and cx 500, and this product sounds about as good as cx 500, perhaps slightly better. One of the biggest problems of sennheiser earphones are, while their sound quality of their earphones were absolutely one of the best (if not the best), all this quality sound goodness comes with a very steep price: their products don’t last very well, and the old cx 300, 400, 500 series (particularly the 500 for some reason) were notoriously known for getting one of its two earphones to completely stop working in a short period of time. My cx 300 lasted a bit over a year before this happened, and the cx 500 in (gasp) two months. I’ve been using the cx 485 almost for a year, and so far its working impeccably, which in itself an accomplishment for sennheiser in my opinion. So put it simply, the cx 485 is a slightly better and smaller version of cx 500, that lasts far longer. I purchased these earphone for about $40 in amazon and i have to say that it is the best $40 ever spent for an earphone, and i would like to petition sennheiser to make a similar quality-price range product. I promise to buy at least three pairs more if you decide to reissue these wonderful earphones. Update3/31/16i’m still using these earphones, and they are as good as when i first bought them.

These are great specially while doing your sports, like mountainbike or sports bikes. It works great with my helmet plus it has a volume control. I will buy another one just in case :).

First of all, i want to point out that i bought this earbuds as a replacement for my sennheiser cx300b earbuds that served me well for almost 3 years of constant use and abuse. I was very happy with my cx300 and thought of buying them again but i came across this offer and decided i waned to give them a try. They are sennheiser’s too, so they couldn’t be that bad. Well my first impression as i got the box is that this earbuds were an upgrade to my last ones. As i opened the package i realized the cables were totally different from the cx300. This ones feel more like rubber. The overall feeling was better on this ones. The imput jack is better designed. I do like the y configuration of the cables. The cx300 comes with uneven cables. As i plugged in to my iphone and started listening to some classic rock i was somehow dissapointed. ‘where is the tight bass that was on the cx300?’.

I have a rather severe hearing problem coupled with small ears. Can you guess how long i have been looking for quality earbuds that will serve me well and fit?.My [asin:b005qxaamy sennheiser cx 485 premium earbuds] arrived yesterday & i’m using them as i write this review. I’m listening to my sirius xm radio on their station the bridge. I have heard the songs this station plays many, many times & now, for the first time, i can understand 95% of the words. You can’t imagine what a thrill that is. There is a volume control on the earbuds which is helpful, but it doesn’t play loud enough. I had to turn up my radio to really enjoy the music. ]

Got these on sale so i’m quite pleased with their comfort and sound. I wasn’t too happy until i realized you have to actually get the earbuds to seal in your ear for good bass.

From the reviews i read about and the amount they were discounted i was expecting something better. If they last then they will be worth the price. Don’t get me wrong they are fine buds but wouldn’t compare to true higher end ones like bose.

Works with all 1/8-Inch (3.5mm) headphone plugs including smartphones

Usual high sennheiser acoustic quality, but earbuds not comfortable or well designed to maximize effective range. Choose one of the other models.

I’m enjoying what beats and the rest of them so called ear plugs sellers want their costumers to have ,i’ve recommended these ear plugs to all of my friends,glad amazon had one more pair,i’m lovin listening to all my favorite music,and all my music is crispy clear,with the extra volume control wow. You can’t compare these ear plugs,they are in a class by their self ,plus my ear silicones are perfect,not like some other ones keep slipping out yur ears ,sounds just like i’m at a concert forreal,i hope the designer bring these back,it would put a lot of the gat overs out of business,cause some people don’t know how to search for quality in ear plugs,definitely sennheiser has it all ,i guarantee any body well all real music lovers would love these ear plugs.

Arrived very quickly, the product is genuine and amazon had best price in town. This is a second pair that i have purchased for gifts. They have great a sound and have a great warranty.

These things have stuck by me for years, even after having gone through the washer a few times. The sound is great and the build quality is wonderful.

Compatible (listen only) with latest generation of tablets

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