Monster Lil’ Jamz Headphones : Not worth the Money

I purchased these on amazon without hearing them first. I wasn’t sure what to expect when i received them but i was pleasantly surprised. They have good bass and clear mids / highs. Since they are so small and light weight, the bass isn’t as good as the turbines or beats; however, those headphones are not good for the gym and these are. I bought them to use while working out and they are perfect for that. I would recommend them if you’re looking for something light weight with overall good sound. There are better headphones out there but, for the price, i’m happy with the purchase.

Hey, i bought these because my ipod phones disappeared somewhere and i used to buy the jlabs. Now, the monster lil’ jamz were on sale for around $24-25 and i figured i could just get them for once. I had my eye on the 50mm jbl xx but then decided to go with these instead. They are comfortable and have a nice and clear sound. I did do the burn-in for a few days (a couple of hours every day) before really listening to them. I like the pouch that you can store them in (somewhat unusual comment for me) and i use it whenever i am not using these headphones. In the end, i could not tell you that they sound or fit better then the many jlab’s i’ve owned in the past. I think they may be a little more durable but in the end i could not pay more than $25 for these headphones, either. It’s a tiny piece of technology in your ear that you expect to provide you with high quality music. I think that is an illusion.

Monster Lil’ Jamz Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Model No. MH JMZM IE
  • Advanced driver design for extended full range sound
  • Solid, precision-machined single-billet metal housing cancels unwanted vibrations for the purest sound
  • Hard black chrome finish keeps headphones shinning
  • Rugged strain relief protects the cable & withstands heavy-duty use
  • Big Monster Sound From a Small, Lightweight In-ear, Perfect for Active Lifestyles
  • Solid, Pecision-Machined Single-Billet Metal Housing
  • Hard Black Chrome Finish
  • Advanced Monster Cables
  • 24K Gold Contacts

Got these to replace my ibeats because of the left earbud going out. Amazingly i don’t hear a difference between the two. They are perfectly balanced with sound and for $42, you’d be nuts not to buy these.

This monster lil’ jamz packs a deep bass for its price. I can actually say by the appearance of it that it will last. As they say, it’s virtually indestructible. Much better than skull candy fmj that i previously owned. I loved this purchase and i recommend this product.

Well, i got it under 30 bucks. This is my first time buying monster, but i am quite satisfied.

Monster Lil’ Jamz Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I changed jobs a few months ago and the days of blaring music in my office were over, i needed headphones. I started using the sport style ear clips that i use while exercising. I prefer this style for stability in my ear. But after years of use the cable was fraying and i needed some new ones. My main criteria for headphones were 1) stability in my ear while moving around and 2) easy maintenance. One major problem i had with my other headphones is that the foam padding collected ear gunk too easily and was delicate which made cleaning it a hassle. Because of the two concerns written above i decided to go with these lil’ jamz. The regular jamz were too big from what i was reading and i had a concern they would fall out my ears while running. I haven’t yet been running with the lil’ jamz but they do stay in pretty well while walking, secure enough that i’d jog with them. The detachable ear tips are a function of this design of headphones but i think it’s great for ear health.

If your not an total audiophile you are probably looking for mid-range quality headphones. They have a nice fit in the ear and dont fall out(i cycle and run in them without and issue). There a bit heavy for the size but the feel solid. For the price they are worth it. The sound quality is good you wouldnt know the small nuances in them if you were’nt an audiphile. Going from the stock i-pod white buds to these i noticed quite a differnce in the clarity of sound.

Already broked after used about half of year.

I bought these headphones because i love listening to music, being a guitarist i also love quality and great sound. I am actually listening to them right now as i type this review. So after watching many reviews on youtube i made my decision and bought them and i am extremely happy i did. First off i do not like over-powering bass because to me it just get annoying. And for the record i do not listen to a lot of recent music i usually listen to guns n roses, an alot of other 80’s rock band, but i do listen to the occasional green day and stuff like that. So the bass (for me) is good and the sound is very clear compared to some other headphones and they are built tough. The multiple ear-tips made it easy for me to find a pair that fit. They sound amazing in the end and i love them.

It does cheaper than the retail store’s, but has the same product and sound quality as which in store. It carries enough bass to enjoy jazz, r&b, hiphop and also suitable for other casual music. Happy purchase with this product.

Bought it less than 30$ on black friday, and the sound quality is just worth no more than the price.

Works very well, the price is very reasonable and has very good sounds quality.

I got this cute headphones just now. I try it , really nice and amazing . I will recommend it to everyone , now i find the price back to $79 , but i got this with $29.

Its good and cute, i love it .

I purchased these headphones from a retail store approximately one year ago. They are the absolute best headphones i have ever tried. First, and foremost, they fit my ears. I have small ears and i have never found a pair of headphones that fit without hurting me, until now. There were different size ear buds in the carrying case, but i have only needed the original pair. The size of the headphones themselves is a plus, also. They are hardly visible to passersby, which i find preferable to the large over-the-head sets, which are so popular now. Secondly, the sound is amazing. Listening to music, i hear bass and treble sounds (with crystal clarity), developing into a rich, full, liquid fusion of notes that soothes my senses. Movies and tv shows have the same sharpness and crisp sounds.

I have had these only for 6 weeks, but i am very impressed. They are very well constructed, with great feeling materials. The buds are color coded for right/left, and have tangle free cords. There only a few nits i have to pick: 1) cord slide is metal, thin and seems to drag on the cord. Makes me feel like i will be to fray the cord. This can, and should be improved. 2) plug, now this is personal preference, but i prefer my plugs to have a 90 degree angle when coming off my ipod touch. When i hold the touch wide screen style, the straight plugs stick out, and feel fragile. They tend to interfere with some of the touch functions. This is not a fault of the lil’ jamz exclusive, but all staight plug ear buds.

This headphone is really nice.

I was very happy when i got these headphones,people may say monster product are over priced & overated but they must be insane. I love these ear-speakers(as monster calls them) they are just great. I mountain bike & the product is made of metal instead of plastic so they are durable & sound great as i,m rolling along,i highly recommend them.

I bought these lil jamz a couple weeks ago and was somewhat disappointed. They seem to be good quality, and come with a nice pouch for carrying. However, i had hoped for better sound for $80. They have excellent sound clarity but are completely lacking in bass. I don’t like overpowering bass, but i want to be able to hear it. I thought they just needed burned in, but after letting them play at fairly high volume several hours a day for a week or more, there was little improvement. I just exchange them for a pair of klipsch image s4s, and was blown away by their sound quality right out of the box. They don’t seem to be made of the high quality materials the monsters are, and their cheap, bulky tin case is nothing short of ridiculous. These things aside, however, the s4s sound the best of any earphones i’ve used. At least ten times better than the monster buds.

This is a great product from monster. The build quality is amazing as it feels much more expensive. I also appreciate the 3 year warranty. Highs seems pretty crisp but the lows seem slightly weaker than i would like. I also own the monster turbine headphones, which have a more balanced sound, but the earbuds are substantially bigger and heavier. This product is probably best for people that are looking for a small light but well built earbuds with good sound quality. I would recommend the monster turbine for listeners looking for sound quality as their main concern.

Bought it when it is on special. Small headphone with rich bass. Travel bag is nice look too.

I listen to all types of music and i need a set of headphones on me most of the time that sound great, block out outside noise, and have little sound leakage. These headphones meet all my requirements. These headphones shine the most in hip hop and electronic. I also notice how nice they bring out rock music and soft voices. Its rare to find headphones that do this already. They have a deep bass that will only be overwhelming if the song is made that way. I never complain about the bass in this. The wire is somewhat thin but the earbuds are very low-profile, small, and have a good looking black-chrome finish so they don’t look ridiculous or too flashy in public.

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Monster Cable FSM ST Flat-S WW FlatScreen SuperThin Flat Mount : Well made and well priced, but make sure that they will meet your needs

The gold casing around the earbuds fell off after a month or two of use – revealing that it had been simply glued on. Unfortunate since the aesthetic appeal was a major reason i bought them but they still work fine.

A true deal for an in-ear-headphone. Currently this headphones is paired with an htc one (qualcomm wcd9310, with an inline class d headphone amp) – beats off with poweramp app. The clarity of this is dependent on the unit that supply’s the power to the headphones. Price: sure you can get maybe a yamaha eph-100, fidelio s2. Two additional great in-ear headphones though the price point doubles. If you really want to go high end for being a true audiophile. Might as well get the sennheiser ie80’s, bose quiet comfort 20’s, shure se’s. Fitting: comes with additional in-ear fittings. You are bound to find something that fits you.

Monster Cable FSM ST Flat-S WW FlatScreen SuperThin Flat Mount for Up to 27-Inch Screens (Multi-Language) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • ControlTalk In-Line mic and volume/talk controls
  • High-performance Monster cables for astounding sound quality
  • Noise isolation keeps the music in, unwanted noise out
  • Premium rose gold finish
  • Protective carrying case

I have some ety hf3s with shure medium olive tips that my ears prefer for comfort, sound, call quality and stealth. They also cost twice as much and require conscientious handling of the cables for longevity. When they eventually break i’ll get a fourth pair. To be fair, when i say the call quality of the monster gratitude is inferior to that of the ety hf2, that isn’t a slam. Every headset i’ve tried has had call quality vastly inferior to the etymotics. They surpass some phones that cost quite a bit more. At the $60 as-reviewed price point of this monster gratitude, the hf3 simply cannot compete. I found the monsters’ construction to be very tough and the design very attractive. Sound wise after burn-in, the gratitude has a refined signature that works well with apple high-bitrate compressed files as well as alac files. The iphone 5’s own internal amps drive these phones very well.

I discovered these headphones by accident while browsing amazon. Com looking for a nice pair of in-ear headphones. I grew up listening to earth, wind, & fire and love all their music. When i came across these monster cable headphones and discovered that their artist collaboration was with earth, wind, & fire, i had to have a pair. When i receive my headphones, they came in a beautiful box,i was simply amazed at the quality of sound that these tiny ‘ear buds’ produced. I also loved how all outside noise was cancelled out. They are compact and with so many choices of tips, everyone can find the perfect fit. I highly recommend these in-ear headphones.

I was using sony’s in-ear headphones previously and i thought i need a change. I desperately wanted to buy some good piece of headphones for a long time. I saw this headphones in amazon for $60 which is definitely affordable for monster headphones and i purchased these headphones. I listen to metallica, ozzy, pink floyd and many heavy metal songs. I also listen to 2pac, bob marley, and other pop music. Monster did really great with all song genres. Before purchasing this headphone i started reading reviews on amazon. Some reviews were helpful and i was scared about my purchase after reading some reviews. But i kept those negative things aside and went for this headphone. The song clarity is just ultimate but only thing is u should use the right ear buds for your headphones.

Monster Cable FSM ST Flat-S WW FlatScreen SuperThin Flat Mount for Up to 27-Inch Screens (Multi-Language) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I bought these for around $60 and they’re a noticeable upgrade over my klipsch s4’s (in my opinion). I’ve got a pair of shure se-215’s that blow these out of the water but unlike those, i can wear these with glasses and hats. If i paid retail for these bricks would be shat because there’s absolutely nothing to justify these costing any more than $80. Their best feature is the plethora of ear buds but a lot of them feel very cheaply made. The box they are packed in is superfluous and adds to the ridiculous retail price. They’re ideal for pop, rock, alternative music rather than hip-hop, r&b, electronic, or anything that emphasizes bass.

This is one hell of an earphone. All nicely packaged, with an assortment of ear tips. Sadly my ears are weird so the only ones that would fit were the ‘christmas tree’ shaped tips. At the start i wasn’t very impressed with the product. Sounded iffy, and the driver details aren’t even given (thanks monster). But these headphones started to grow on my, i started to like them more and more. I usually wear my headphones outside and these sure catch a lot of attention, i have people coming up to be asking what headphones these were. (beware the christmas ear tip looks like poop in my opinion). I had one problem, while walking, i could her the headphone wires rubbing against either my zipper or just moving against my shirt. I felt like a pair of $200 headphones should have done better.

I gave these a try at the price, and for that money they are not bad. I didn’t care much for the design though, and the tips, while there is a massive selection, never worked for me. I ended up selling them on ebay for about what i paid. At $55, i can recommend them for sound, which is a balanced albeit warm signature. For design, i felt that they needed other tips, which makes them sort of a hassle for anyone not getting a great fir with the ones that come with the gratitudes. Of the monster phones attached to musicians, i much favor the miles davis trumpets for comfort and sound. In fact, i love those phones (they are $150, so much more expensive, but worth it in my view).

My hubs and i often watch tv together, he and i have different taste so he can watch explosions while i watch cooking or something cute. I got these for when i drive since you are able to take calls with them but they also work great with my ipad for movies and music. They have a bunch of ear pieces so you can customize your fit. I have smaller ear holes, i use the smallest ones and these are the only buds i have ever had that i can wear all day with no discomfort.

More than half of year using this earphone and i never been or rarely used my other headphones to listen to music (i own beats mixr, beats studio, denon ahd-400, sol republic track hd, sony mdr-x10, fanny wang 2001, audio technica ath-m50,etc. . Why i am not using these headphones?. (i will make this comment easy and fast + less word and sorry if any of my word are wrongly type because english is my second language) it is easy to carry anywhere unlike headphone that you hang on your neck (make you feel uncomfortable unless your neck is small) or put in your carry or case (there are a chance they can break due to the pressure of other object in your carry). It’s sound is way far better enough to kill any other headphone. From the tight bass (not overwhelming) to killer ear treble(may uncomfortable for some people when you listen to it at full volume) my only problem of it ,but not really make me from stop gave it 5 stars, is that they come with a 10 something pairs or ear-buds and only 1 pair that can fix me and they are not snug in my ear that much (getting fall out of my ear most of the time). Conclusion, i recommend this for anyone who like earphones that you can listen to any kind of genre of music but not to anyone like to workout/exercise.

I bought this for my husband who is an ew&f fan. The earbuds fall out when he’s active. For the amount that it costs it’s a bummer that they don’t fit better, although there are many size ear pieces to alter the fit. Hopefully it will fit your ears better. The performance of the earbuds is good. Obviously, if they fit perfectly then the sound is of better quality. He uses a skull cap/ beanie over his ears when he has them in and that produces a secure fit and quality sound.

Sound quality is pretty good, but other reviewers are correct when they state the gold plating may peel. I looked up one day and the gold plating was not on one of the earbuds. Made a couple of tweaks in the equalizer settings of my iphone and the sound is awesome.

I looked at these because of the huge discount in price so i got myself a pair. They are nice looking headphones that come with all the bells and whistles. First off my headphones cord has a few dented creases in it which makes me question there quality also the volume control is just horribly made. The headphones sound great with songs like bruises by train and longer i run by peter bradley adams. They don’t have any base barely which makes them excellent for clarity but any song that you want a little thump in will not work with these headphones. The voices sound awesome and instruments. The cases are okay too because the magnet in one of the cases broke away inside the case flap so now it doesn’t magnetically close. The plastic strips along the ear buds are starting to come off and i will soon have to super glue them back on. I forgot to mention i’ve only had these for 2 days. Overall they are not bad for a $60 price tag but i would look for other headphones in this price range with way better build quality.

Okay i’m just going to get straight into this, these earbuds are an amazing buy for $60, have fun trying to find better for the same price. But definitely not worth $200+pros:great sound (best with the tri earbuds i have noticed) very well built, very good looking too these pictures don’t do it justice. They don’t really ever tanglecons:the tri ear tip piece keeps falling out or staying in my ear when i take out the earbuds and for that reason i cannot give these earbuds a 5 star review. That’s really the only con that bugs me. But the cable for the earbuds tends to stiffen in really cold weather and it’s kind of just a minor inconvenience.

I have tried a lot of ear buds in the day including bose. Great soundind and they give you multiple ear tip sizes. I really liked my bose ear buds but did not like how they fit. These are not quite as good over all ranges in your listening music but the comfort is far superior.

I was quite unhappy with the reproduction on these headphones; the sound was thin and somewhat muffled. I tried many combinations of the included tips and none seemed to work. I decided to try the comply tsx-200 tips and it made all the difference. I am convinced, for me, that the included tips were simply a bad fit. Considering the number of tips included, it’s hard to beleive that i could not find a good fit. (maybe i have odd ear canals). The phones now produce great sound, and the complys are also very comfortable for long periods.

Truly amazing sound signature. Have yet to listen to something that sounded bad. From jazz to alternative, classic rock to classical and rap to laptop techpop – it all sounds great. Obviously some recordings are just have more depth and texture and so their brilliance is better realized but as good as you are going to find in this price band and unless you have a more expensive (in the $400 and up range) reference pair to compare against you will be blown away. Deep round textured bass thumps when it should, pops when it should and quakes when it should. Seem some reviews online that have knocked the bass. Two possibilities here: reviewer did not find the right fit to gain a proper seal (not by merit of not having enough tips for certain) or they are looking for over-enhanced and not at the artist intended it bass. Vocals are breathy, throaty and seem to be right their in the room with you. Layers of music you have never heard will reveal themselves. Kick drums have that live unaldulerated pop that you can feel.

My son had a sony headset that was misplaced and these had all the specs he had asked for. He sneaked a peak at my email account (dummy mom didn’t delete the purchase and shipping notice) and went on line and read the reviews. He said after he used them that he was really delighted because the reviews he read left him regreting my choice but he said they really fit the bill. He found the sony set this afternoon and asked could he gift them to a friend because he would buy the monster set if something happened to it. He enjoys his music and has had to snag it back from his friends who keep wandering off with his set, leaving him their’s. He also states they make it better to hear his phone conversations because he is outside a lot and the wind was an issue even with the sony pair.

I know that reading headphone reviews is one of the most confusing things. How can people love and hate the same headphones???. I love music and primarily listen to hard rock, rock, pop, dance, 80s, 90s, some 70s, smooth jazz, metal, etc. Headphones have amazing sound, there is no doubt about this. I had trouble finding the right size tips even though there are many included. Also, the headphones are somewhat heavy and tend to come out of the ear due to the weight at times. I solved this by using third party tips, which worked well for me before. Overall, great headphones for the price.

I bought these headphones because i figured since earth, wind, fire designed them, i thought these headphones would have some bass. Instead these headphones are more on the clearer side. My sister and i like bass more so these weren’t the headphones for us. If you’re looking for headphones that isn’t too heavy on the bass then these would be the ones for you.

Monster nailed it with this one when it comes to build quality and sound quality. But when i’m using the mic to to talk it doesn’t pick up my voice and its not so clear on the other end.

There are so many choices out there for headphones. I researched a lot before choosing these. I found better ones for under $99, but nothing this good for under $60. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but wanted something to last and sound great too. These are just that, very well made and sound great. They didn’t have much ‘boom’ for my tastes, but i put my ipad on rock, and that did the trick. Volume buttons and skip etc worked fine. The box is very well made and comes with loads of accessories.

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Monster Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones Featuring Interchangeable Faces : My wife loves these!

These headphones are stylish and awesome, for us girls that who love to make a statement with everything we wear. I got these on sale at target for $39. 99, i got lucky because they were the last ones availablethe sound is great once u find the perfect ear plug for u. It is a high quality sound for a not so high quality price hey its monster all there stuff is of the best quality. So if your a girl or guy i dont judge, and you dont have the money or dont want to spend that much on lets say dr. These harajuku wickeds are wicked awesome.

Got these for my wife to replace her beats by dre in ear headphones, on which the wires crapped out after less than 6 months. I figured she needed a pair that are good quality (beats were made by monster) and these are nice and ‘cute’ to compliment her style. She uses them at work and loves the audio quality, and the ability to ‘play’ with the harajuku girls and gwen while bored at her desk. Besides, you are only as old as you feel.

Monster Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones Featuring Interchangeable Faces (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • 4 sets Interchangeable faces.
  • 5 clip-on girls let you create the look of your sound, with G and the four Harajuku girls
  • Heart-shaped carabineers.
  • Heart-shaped carrying case.
  • Heart-shaped compact case keeps your headphones safe, shiny, and new

Perfect package and all friends said good. I will buy it in the near future!very good.

Didn’t give them a five star because it doesn’t have a mic and i use it mainly for my ipad and while i’m skyping on it. Sound is ok not exceptional but i bought it for the look and for that i’m happy.

I purchased these for my oldest daughter and she absolutely loves themshe wears them every single day.

Monster Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones Featuring Interchangeable Faces (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : These are great, my daughter says they are comfortable and loves to change out the pieces each week for a new look.

I had brought the ‘kawai style headphones’ and was very impressed with the sound but not the overall make and feel of them, i then decided to buy these 1# i liked the flat tangle free wire, and 2# i loved the interchangeable little heads. When i got them i was blown away with how well made they were and the sound was perfect, i have two pairs of skull candy headphones, and even brought a pair of shure ones. Neither of them can compare to the rich deep sound of these, they even block out noise they’re so adorable and i just can’t say enough. If your in the market for some good sounding earphones but don’t want to spend a lot, these are for you except. Maybe if you’re a guy then you might be out of luck xd.

I found these on the clearance rack,at target,for 17. I was about to not buy them. They are much better then my skullcandy and m&m headphones. Now that i see the real price,man did i get a bargin. I love the heart shaped carry case and how you can interchange between love,angel,music,baby,and gwen.

Bought these as a christmas gift and they sound like they cost more than what i paid. Great sound and pretty decent at noise cancelation.

The earbuds are really well made and the 5 clip-on girls are a great way to change up the style. I have not had a problem with the cute clip-ons and they stay in place very well. The box also comes with 2 extra sets of buds in different sizes so if a certain size doesn’t fit well in one’s ear it’s easy to change to a different size. In total there are 3 sets of buds that come in 3 different sizes including the ones that are already on the earbuds. The carrying case included in the box is small, simple, and cute. The inside of the case is gray, has two straps to clip the clip-on girls, and a small pocket to put the earbuds in. The only problem i have with these earbuds is the sound quality as one customer has mentioned. The best way to describe the quality is it sounds like one is hearing music, a video, etc from the radio. Other then that the sound is smooth and clear but not the best so if you’re looking for great sounding earbuds these are not for you. While these are great looking earbuds i will be purchasing better sounding ones.

I wish i could give you a more detailed review about the sound quality but my 16-year-old loves these. She has several pairs of headphones and she chooses these to use daily. They are unique and any anime lover would be happy.

The quality of voices is great as well. There r a lot of options of accesories to choose from.

My 14 year-old daughter loved them. . Until she listened to them. They were a gift so she was initially embarrassed to tell me they sound ‘crappy. ‘ i gave them a listen to establish whether they were defective or if it was a personal preference thing or some other issue. My first reaction was that they did indeed sound like crap. These are ‘noise-isolating’ earbuds – something i had no prior experience with. The good news is that they sound much, much better – pretty darn good, in fact – when inserted properly. The bad news is that even with the best-sized cushion attached, it doesn’t take much to disrupt the fit and have one or both ears sound like crap again.

So cool and so cute…i like it very much. As a nice price,i wanna another one,z.

Very cute at a reasonable price~ a perfect option for gift great sound and wonderful outlooksfive sets of babies to be chosen.

This was a gift for my 11 year old daughter. She absolutely loves harajuku, so when i saw these earphones, i had to get it for her for christmas. She goes everywhere with them and loves the fact that she can change to characters whenever she wants. I got to test them out with my phone and found that they are very good quality. Highly suggest this product.

This ear headphones is cute, love the interchangeable faces. And love the heart case as well. However, i don’t get how all the other reviews the sound quality is good. No bass whatsoever, even my iphone original headphones has more power than this onei’ll give it 3 stars for the design and cuteness and a so-so sound quality.

The sound quality is amazing and for monster hheadphones this is a great buy. I love how i can change the faces. I always change them according to what i wear.

The sound quality is amazing. I love gwen stefani and her lamb harajuku line. One of the best monster audio products out there.

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my niece. I ordered them and received them quickly. They were packaged securely. Thank you amazon, thank you shipper.

Generally met my expectation, but lack drive-by-wire, which is not very convenient when need control of the music sounds.

Absolutely love this thing, came with a super cure heart casing for it when im not using and i hang it from my bag, this was a great buy.

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