Monster Jamz Headphones, great product

I have owned these iem’s for neary 9 months. They have a great balanced sound, and can handle hip hop bass with no distortion. I primarily listen to rock and find these well suited. I can see where the thin cable might cause issue for some. I guess i am just extra cautious with mine as they’ve made it through 9 months in afghanistan in great shape. I spent $100 on mine in a big box retailer store, and at that price point might have some reservation making any suggestions towards these over any other brands, but in the $40-50 range these are a fantastic value.

The headphones sound great and are mostly very high quality, with the exception of the jack. The three year warranty is a nice, and i suspect i will be using it quite often. I ordered mine in january and have needed the warranty twice already, due to the design of the jack. I have incurred the expense of returning these to the company twice, and have had to make do without my headphones while awaiting replacement. I enclosed the following letter with my second pair and also submitted the letter to the company via their web site. The emailed response stated (quite curtly i thought):’unfortunately, we cannot upgrade your headphones to the pro model. We will be shipping the replacement headphones fedex 2 day air. ‘letter:enclosed please find a defective pair of jamz headphones. I originally purchased the headphones in january 2010. Right out of the box the original pair had a problem with the jack – the metal sleeve was completely loose.

I go through a lot of earphones because i do manual work and they take a beating so i decided to get some tough ones. In fact in demonstrations of the product they pound the earphones with a heavy hammer and they don’t break. They are precision machined single-billet metal housing that cancels unwanted vibrations for clean sound the sound quality is quite good with good response. Rugged strain relief helps protects the cable and withstands the heavy use i give it. I sometimes have to turn the volume down a little because the push out the sound so well. The only problem with these and any similar type ear buds is that i have a hard time fitting them into my ear canals. However they come with a number of different sized rubber tips for a custom fit. They seal in the noise well with their tight fit. The bass response is great but some is lost because of their small size.

Key specs for Monster Jamz Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Model No. MH JMZ IE
  • Advanced driver design for extended full range sound
  • Solid, precision machined single-billet metal housing cancels unwanted vibrations for the purest sound.
  • Hard chrome finish keeps headphones shinning
  • Rugged strain relief protects the cable & withstands heavy-duty use
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired – 3.5mm/ USB
  • Bright chrome finish on all-metal housing construction.

Comments from buyers

“monster is right!
, These are very good headphones. A lot better than the cheap plastic
, So far so good

Thanks you, for bussines, produckt heardphone is verry good, gl for you life ;)))(((((((((((( ccc aaaa bbb i like goob songs, with your producta ;).

These guys definitely have great bass response for what they are. I mean its only 1/2 an inch of actual headphone construction. They’re small yet deliver such a high quality bass. You should buy these if you’re a traveling dj like me. Small & compact and get the job done. They are a bit uncomfortable, but when you’re playing live it wont really matter as long as you have a headphone amplifier on your laptop. When you play these loud, they sound even better. You will get adjusted to them quickly. Check the phones out, they’re worth it.

These are very good headphones. A lot better than the cheap plastic types prevalent at most local electronics stores. I’m buying my 3rd pair (unfortunately due to earbud phones being so small they are easily misplaced or dropped if you travel a lot). I’m sure there have been manufacturing issues with this model but there always is with all electronics these days. All i can say is that in my personal experience each pair that i have purchased has lasted me over 3 years without any degradation in sound quality or having them fall apart). Each pair i have owned has worked just fine while working out in the gym or running. The jacks do tend to be weak points (but i have noticed that with all headphone jacks and it is due to cable/jack design) they wear out due to normal abuse like dropping your mp3 player or phone and the jack gets yanked out while you are walking etc. I’m going to buy another pair (to leave at the office). I can’t speak to issues some other people have had with these earbuds but in my experience if you are careful with your electronics and take care to not yank or destroy these they will last a long time. It seems to me that some folks equate ‘metal’ housing with ‘should be drop/stomp/fire/water/catastrophic abuse proof’.

I have owned these headphone before i purchased these. The first ones were broken in an accident. These were as great as the first set, very accurate reproduction of sound and lows(bass) are more present than in other headphones of this same price range.

I bought these after using the monster lil jamz, which are the smaller version of these. I do think that the sound is better on these, but there are some drawbacks to these earphones. Overviewthese cost between $60-$100 depending where you buy them. They are placed below monster’s excellent monster turbine and above the monster lil’ jamz. Monster makes a big deal about how well made these earphones are built and gives them a 3 year warranty because of it. Soundthese sound very good for the price. They sound substantially better than the lil’ jamz. The mids and highs are pretty clear(much better than the ibeats for example) and the bass is decent, though if you want a lot of bass you might want to go somewhere else like the ibeats or a v-moda. I overall think that the sound is pretty good for the price, but by no stretch is it the best. Comfort/fitthese are quite heavy and bulky for in-ears.

Bought it to replace an old jbl, also good, but already showing signs that it is going to stop at any time. Well, the jamz has a superb sound. It really surprised me for it’s quality and the way it is built. You have the feeling that is a professional earphone, not an intermediary level accessory, as they present the product. Bass is strong, but balanced giving the music pleasure to listen to. The same could be said of the balance as a whole: every tone seems to be right and the music fills the ear in a deep but harmonic way. They are a bit heavy, so it is not the kind of earphone you want to use for running or the gym. It is more suitable for the time you want to relax, get away from the world for a while and enjoy your tunes. There’s not much more to say. I believe there’s no way to regret buying it. I am very happy and highly recommend.

Update: i’d like to add to my original review below that i highly recommend getting the monster super tips sampler pack to go along with these. The key to these headphones is the fit, i thought they were good with the ones that came. . Man was i wrong, i tried a few sizes of the foam super tips and was blown away all over again after having a proper fit. If you buy these, the super tips are in my opinion a necessity. The super tips also work with many other brands of headphone. __________________________________the first thing i want to point out is the 3 year replacement warranty, obviously monster stands by it’s product’s build quality. Also on the website you can see them beat the daylights out of these and they still work. Once you get the fit right you’ll have clear sound. I’ve been using them with a zune hd and it’s changed my world. They’re by far the best i’ve hooked into it.

The jamz are honestly the best pair of earphones i have ever had. Very high quailty build, only downside is lack of variety in buds included with the jamz.

The sound is amazing and the way they fit my ears is perfect and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Not as good earphones as i thought could of bought better ones for the money that i spent on these but overall they sounded okay.

It doesn’t like what i hoped, no much bass. And i feel regredit buying it. It[s not worth this priceit’s too dear.

I used to own a pair of bose in-ear headphones, and they were good, although fragile. The cord came loose at the plug and sound began to cutoff after a year or two of basic use. Nothing too serious, just put them in and played. I recently bought beats solo headphones by monster and i liked their attitude and their products. They care about quality in all aspects of their product, especially something as simple yet important as the cable. So when my bose cable broke and i began to look at new in ear headphones for travel and exercise i remembered monster over other name brands and found these. The jamz were at a good price, being in that range where the headphones aren’t cheap but aren’t professional grade. Quality consumer level i’d say. I got these today and have been listening to a variety of songs and just seeing how they feel, how they sound, and i’ve concluded so far that they were a good purchase. The sound is nice, clear, with a good range and some base.

The ones we purchased from monster in july broke (now mine have recently too). We are pleased to see they are the exact ones and hope they last longer.

These are very comfortable headphones and i hardly notice them in my ears. They cancel out outside noise pretty well also. But most importantly they sound amzing. They make everything sound 10x better. Plus they have a good bass in them. These are a great price for how good these are and i 100% recommend them to anyone who enjoys music.

I had been shopping around for some high quality earbuds for the past few months, and so when i purchased the monster jamz, i was truly surprised at the quality of the sound and the comfort. When the founder says these are ‘in ear speakers’ he isn’t kidding. I never thought i’d ever say i found sound quality better than bose, but now i have. Even the cds i have ripped that were recorded from analog tapes sound great, and at a much lower volume. Monster jamz are quite impressive, and the price (well below that of some retailers) was awesome.

I bought the monster jamz a couple of days ago for office use. On the first day i was quite disappointed as i was not getting any bass and the fit wasn’t proper. I then decided not to be lazy and try out all the provided sleeves. They sound amazing; clear lows, mids and highs. If this is entry level for monster, then i shudder to think how their flagship earphones sound. If you are reading this and still pondering whether or not to buy the jamz, then don’t.

We’ll start with the pros first. Solid metal, and metal accents, including metal enforced strain resistance. These scream style and durability all in one. These are built better than the turbines i exchanged for. At first i was unimpressed, they seemed muddy out of the box. But after listening for a good 12 hours or so, the sound improved tremendously. The highs became much clearer and so did the mids. So i got strong balanced sound, which is what i prefer. There’s enough bass to add punch, but not muddy or overpowering.

Bought a pair of these at fry’s electronics yesterday – they are amazing. Great sound quality, deep and resonating bass. Great noise cancellation as well. My previous headphones were quite loud and would often irritate people around me, and these earbuds get really loud but no one around me can hear them.Solid design – feels very sturdy. I hope they last longer than all of my other headphones (i usually replace every 6 months lol).

Although wait about three more weeks to get it, but it value that price, and value that quarlity.

These are the earbuds i have had for 18 months and i have made some discoveries. The sound is impressive and as they ‘loosen up’ they improve. They go from really good to really really good. The silicon tips they come with take some juggling to find the best fit and the buds are solid metal, a bit heavy but not cumbersome. They fall out more easily and become uncomfortable compared to others i’ve used but again in time that becomes less of an issue. These are not what you wear when running but walking is not a problem. I went after-market and replaced the tips with comply t-400s and everything i’ve mentioned earlier becomes moot. These tips transformed the sound, fit and comfort. Now they stay put for hours without any discomfort during any reasonable activities. The jamz are every bit the equal of my monster turbines and in many respects i like the jamz better.

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Monster Gel SuperTips Replacement Kits 6 Pr – Great sound!

Before purchasing these the other reviews had me a little pessimistic. The build quality is top notch but the mic unit is a little flimsy (which i assume is to keep the weight off of the cable). The cable does tangle easily. Comes with a lot of different tips. The sound quality is full with great lows and mids, the highs are a lot better than i expected as well. The bass kicks hard, sometimes i use the equalizer to lower the bass. Great headphones to listen to and i don’t regret the purchase at all.

These headphones sound fantastic. I took a chance on these because there were no pictures other than the standard turbine pic available at the time. I have owned several headphones by monster including the beats tour with and without controltalk, beats solo, and monster turbines w/o controltalk. The turbines with controltalk are by far the best sounding and performing monster headphones that i have owned to date. The box indicates that these have a ‘right angle connector’ which i have found to be a hassle since i use these with an iphone 4 and the 3. Luckily the box was mis-labeled and these headphones have the straight plug. The only thing that i would like to see added to the package is the ‘super tips’ in addition to the silicone ones included in the standard set. Overall these are a great set of headphones and i recommend them highly.

These monster turbine high performance earbuds are hands-down the best i’ve ever heard (still) and better than most over-ear headphones – and after i’d tried about 10 different top-rated brands at the minneapolis airport (other monsters, klipsh image s-4s, bose, etc) i ordered the turbines. Full-thumping clear bass and kick drums, and clear mids and highs without distortion even at high levels. Instrument placement as the music producers and engineers designed. I also got them with control talk and i got them for an amazing price drop on amazon one day – price jumped back up the very next day. Got some decent use out of my buds – then the cat ate through the cord. So with this model cancelled, i ordered their diesel models – fantastic, too. I preferred these turbines slightly better overall (only slightly) but the diesels have a sturdier build.

I’ve been looking for durable earbuds to use with my older 3g and now 4g iphone. The quality of these in-ear speakers and cable-wires feel substantially better built than the oem iphone earbuds or other after-market in-ear headsets that i’ve used before. This in-ear headset is perfect for listening to music, podcast, and during cellphone conversations. The inline microphone and control buttons are very good and does not require repeated repositioning or speaking louder to be heard during normal cellphone conversations. The optional earpieces included with this headset comes in several shapes and sizes and allows for a comfortable in-ear fit, noise isolation and excellent sound quality performance.

Got the newer version which im really happy about. 🙂 everything is great from build quality to sound, but it could use more strain reliefs and the eartips are slightly hard to get used to. But overall im happy with it :)).

Excellent sound, great bass. Solid, but heavy and so was uncomfortable for me. I even purchased other sized inserts (monster gel and foams) to improve the comfort and it still didn’t help. Controls didn’t work on my wp or android phones; only work for iphone.

  • These Monster Turbine High Performance Earbuds are hands-down the best I’ve ever heard (still) and better than most over-ear
  • Awesome product, product packaged to impress!!
  • Excellent earbuds!

Ok, just need to make sure i get this out of the way. I received these headphones from monster cable as part of the turbine challenge at no charge. This review is my own fair, honest opinion and was not influenced or guided in any manner by monster. ‘so, that being said here goes. I received these in the mail and immediately pulled them out and looked over the packaging. Pretty nice packaging and i’m sure if you read the other reviews, not very green. All in all, nice looking box that can easily be repurposed to house other small items if one wanted. Upon reading the back packaging i noticed it stated that the turbines had an angled adapter. I know they are meant to be less obtrusive and may possibly last longer but if you are like me and have an aftermarket case on your iphone/ipod or any other mobile audio device, chances are this angled adapter won’t fit through your case. When i opened the box and pulled out the headphones, i was pleasantly surprised. I immediately logged on to monster’s site to check the headphone specs and sure enough no angled adapter on the site either.

Got a set for my wife and another set for my son.

Four years ago my family presented me with lovely, fold-up, noise-cancelling sennheiser headphones, replacing the freebie sennheiser headset that i’d used and kept from a british airways concorde flight a few years earlier (a longer story. ) as a business guy that travelled a great deal on long-haul flights, i was excited to have a new headset, but the sennheiser’s weren’t exactly what i would have picked. They were a very thoughtful, and expensive gift and i used those headphones a lot. But these are only good for in-seat use – whether home or on board somewhere – they require batteries and take up space, and have a hassle factor that made me want to get a new set. When the iphone came into my life i realized the iphone headset was good enough, and it simply took over. Ultimately, the sennheisers went the ebay way. However, i have never felt satisfied. There are major trade-offs when you use a standard headset, as i’ve experienced the past year or so. Background noise is louder, they’re uncomfortable after some time, and music quality is mediocre.

These turbines are fantastic. Once you have them properly seated, the sound is amazing. The earbuds isolate outside sound, so you have to seat them correctly to isolate outside sound as well as ensure you are getting the sound quality you expect. I am recommending them to anyone who is looking to isolate outside sound to focus on your workout, run, or whatever you are doing. The only catagory these buds could give you more is being able to easily repeat or go back to a previous song. You can forward easily enough, but ‘rewinding’ is more difficult. Still can’t complain about anything else.

These ‘in ear speakers’ blew me away when i first connected them to my iphone. I cannot believe what i was missing using some cheap earbuds. I will never go back, now that i am spoiled. Appreciated all the extras too – the huge assortment of tips to select from, the nice case for the speakers, and another for the all the various earbuds.

Features of Monster Gel SuperTips Replacement Kits 6 Pr. (Medium) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Model No. MH TRB IE CT
  • Low mass, wide bandwidth driver for precision response
  • Black chrome all-metal housing eliminates vibration for pure sound
  • Monster sound isolating ear tips in multiple sizes provide a perfect fit to seal out noise
  • Tangle-resistant cable design
  • Low mass, wide bandwidth driver for precision response
  • Black chrome all-metal housing eliminates vibration for pure sound
  • Monster sound isolating eartips in multiple sizes provide a perfect fit to seal out noise
  • Tangle-resistant cable design
  • MicroStrand cable for extended frequency response

Model No.

I’m one of those careful buyers that read many reviews before making a large purchase. When i read that these headphones had some of the best sounds in the. Getting the package:the turbines came in about 4 days. It was well packaged and showed no signs of shipping damage. When i opened the shipping box, i read through the box details and was really excited that it said that these headphones were with the ‘new and improved’ l-tip design. Opening the package:how misleading. The tip was not l-shaped at all. It was the normal straight 3. Granted, it was not one of my big concerns when making the original purchase, i still can’t help but feel deceived by the box description.

I have been searching for the perfect set of headphones, and i believe that i have found them. I always thought that to get the best sound quality i would need a pair of over-the-ear headphones. I now know that is not the case. I currently have a pair of v-moda crossfade lp over-the-ear headphones. They do sound great but are not very practical to wear when you are out and about (especially in the summer). In the past, i have shied away from in-ear headphone because i felt the sound quality was not as good. The monster turbine in-ear speakers have completely changed my thoughts. The sound is absolutely amazing. It is equal or better than the over-the-ear v-modas. When i first researched the headphones, i chuckled at the ‘in-ear speaker’ tagline with a ‘ya right’ kind of attitude.

I have tried every other in-ear headphone out. Klipsch s4i, bowers & wilkins c/5, sure, & currently even have power beats by dre headphones. These to me have a better sound, fit, & quality than all the others. I have only had them for a week, so maybe they aren’t very durable, but i have worked out with them every day, been to the beach with them, & basically not stoped using them. They have held up to some firm tugging, & abuse so far. The ear hooks are also a very valuable incentive with these units. I would reccomend them to anyone looking for good soumd, design, & comfort.

Well starting off, monster sure knows how to put headphones into a box: the tiny headphones came with a high quality , no nonsense box that tells you everything you need to know about the product. Upon opening the box, you are first greeted with a ‘note from the head monster’ apparently about the love of music blablabla. The packaging itself really shows how much effort they put into making sure you get more then your money’s worth. The box contained : the headphones, about 7 pairs of silicon eartips , two pretty high quality cases (one with a magnetic clasp and another more sporty cloth one, i personally like the one with the magnetic clasp because it looks so much more classy) and a bunch of manuals. Just a fun fact -somehow monster’s boxes come with a ocean-breeze like smell, just saying. The bunch of tips that they gave. Well lets just say they could do better because i tried all of them and none seems to get a perfect fit. Still, its not a show-stopper because there’s a simple solution if none of them fit your ears -comply t400 foam tips. With the foam tips, you get comfort, a tight fit , and earplugs that finally stay in your ear. Thou, theres a slight drop in the bass but nothing that would really ruin the sound.

I am completely impressed by the quality of earbuds. The quality you get is the quality you’d expect from a monster brand product. Base sounds are full and make you feel as though you have a sub-woofer, the mid-rang sounds great, and the higher-frequencies like you’d hear in vocal or stringed instruments are very clear. One of my favorite musicians plays a violin with an electronic dance/techno sound background and both styles sound great, no real need for tweaking. I was impressed by the product packaging. They came in a box where the side panel closes magnetically, there was a ‘note’ from the monster ceo, and then the earbuds were placed in a plastic tray with accessories/additional ear cushions located beneath. Also included was a pouch that magnetically closes to house the earbuds when not in use and another ‘coin-purse style’ pouch that closes to keep your additional ear cushions safe. The earbuds have in-line controls (control talk) for apple devices, but as it states on the box, does not work with all devices. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great pair of earbuds.

The best bass i’ve ever had from reasonably priced earbuds. Input jack shorted out after about 6 months of daily back-pocket-use.

Low mass, wide bandwidth driver for precision response

Pros: first off, i didn’t expect much of a jump from my previous sony mdr-ex90sl that use to cost $100 but i was wrong and here is why. The bass on the turbine is incredible for an earphone. It treble is really good when you listen to the right sound/music for example: usher, love in this club[ft. It feels as if the subwoofer hit my ear. It really depend on what sound you listening to. The long beat tend to show off what this earphone is capable of. The short beat however, sound very good nonetheless, very powerful and in your face kind of. This earphone look very good yet not too flashy nor cheap. The carrying case is very high quality.

I absolutely love my monster turbines. Sadly they’re now discontinued by the manufacturer, but the fact you can still get them here at this price, with the controltalk option – wow, there’s no other set of in-ear headphone out there to match these – at almost any price. There are a couple of caveats though. The buds are pretty solid, quite heavy, and there can be some cable noise, so they aren’t necessarily the ideal buds to go running with. Also, if you’re going to buy these you should also order some monster supertips to go with them. The silicone tips these come with are ok, but the sound is much better with the gel supertips. (look for the original, round variety if you can still find them. ) with gel supertips, these headphones sound like the pro copper turbines, which sell for a lot more money (trust me, you don’t need the pro gold or copper models – these all sound the same once you put supertips on them). Also, you should be aware that all monster turbine models have basically zero resale value; there are so many counterfeits out there if you ever try and re-sell these on ebay, everybody will assume you’re selling fakes.Also, there is (or was) some variability in monster quality control and some people reported problems, particularly with the early batches.

Although it took me a long time to figure out which ear tips were the best fit for me, once i did i was blown away by these ‘in-ear speakers’. I’ll be comparing these headphones to the denon ah-c351w’s i’ve had for about 4 years now. Thoughts on comfort:-the turbines definitely win the round on comfort. The ear tips provided by monster (in-box) are much more comfortable (and thicker, if that makes sense) than the ones that came with my denon’s. One notable factor is that the weight behind the turbines’ (speaker drivers?) do add a bit of weight, so it takes a bit to get them in properly. Analysis of audio quality, particularly how each model handles high, middle, and low frequencies as well as overall clarity:-the denon’s were able to reproduce bass and lows fairly well, but fell flat with highs and mids. Highs are crisp and mids are clear. Bass is pounding, but not overly so. Another reviewer mentioned that the bass is so good that you’d expect your chest to be vibrating – i can totally attest to that.

Once you get them in your ear fully they sound really good. Only one set of ear tips fit nicely but i like the fit okay. The buds themselves are nice you can tell they are not cheap. The wire isn’t very great it seems thin if expect better after several months it’s fine. They are definitely not tangle free but the wires don’t get half as tangled as any other headphones i’ve had. I cannot hear anything when they are in and others can barely if at all hear them even when very loud in my ear. They sound is good i’ve heard it he’s say they are bass heavy, but they are definitely not as bass heavy as beats and i personally like the level of bass i wouldn’t want less. Overall they sound really good so if you see them pretty cheap go ahead and get them they are certainly worth $50-75 but if you have $100-200 to spend i might look elsewhere.

‘i received these headphones from monster cable at no charge in return for writing and submitting a fair, honest review. This review is my own opinion and was not influenced or guided in any manner by monster. ‘now, lets get down to business. I have put hours of use originally with my etymotic research er6i isolator headphones (traveling on planes, sitting in airports for hours, running, watching movies, to general everyday type of use) and preached how great they were to bose and most store bought headphone. They are not to pricey and they are light comfortable, block out 90% of sound and have a 5 ft. Then i received the monster turbine in-ear speakers after taking the challenge on facebook. Upon arrival, opened the box and this little pair of headphones was wrapped in an emasculate package (a magnet clasp, introduction letter, and the headphones nestled in a fuzzy mold making the pair of speakers pop out).

Its been about a month that i got this babies, and i must say that i am very pleased with them. Crisp highs, very clear mids and well rounded warm base. Not as loud and boomy as some other headphones, but that is not what i like. This ones have a perfect amount of it. The headphones look and feel very sturdy and they do look like they can take a lot abuse (not that i would recommend it) and last a long time. Non-tangle chord is awesome. No matter how i folded them, i can untangle them in a heart beat. The only true remark that i have is the price.

Black chrome all-metal housing eliminates vibration for pure sound

I had listened to my iphone through monster in-ear speakers and was very impressed. Enough so that i returned them and purchased this product with the mic instead. I use my phone outdoors quite a bit and i found that even barely a breathe of air movement made my end of the conversation virtually unhearable. The mic picked up every last whisper of air and amplified it over the sound of my voice. So much so that i stopped using them altogether and ended up returning them. On a side note, the cord length of this product was noticeably shorter than the earphone-only version. This would not have been a showstopper for me but was an annoyance in my particular application of using them on my bike. With the earphone only version the cord was long enough to run under my jacket and then in to my helmet. With this version the cord was a bit shorter and was not long enough to route this way, leaving it outside and exposed to the wind and other elements.

These are easily some of the best headphones i have ever had, just one big problem, after three months the rut ear blew out. A regular problem i seem to encounter with monster headphones.

These are the best headphones that i have ever had and after using these there is no comparison to any other pair of ear buds. The sound quality is amazing with foam tips. I have had them for about a year and have had no problem with them at all. If you are looking for headphones with good bass response these are definetly the the ones you want. If they dont sound the best at first then just let them cook for a while and they will break in. They are just like new sub woofers. To get true quality they need to be brocken in.

Had them for a while now and haven’t fallen apart like so many have been reported to do which is great.

I think these sounded great in my ear and were excellent looking. I could not find a particular ear piece that fit my ears comfortably. I believe some of the slightly more expensive earbuds from monster have more ear pieces to choose from.

Monster sound isolating ear tips in multiple sizes provide a perfect fit to seal out noise

Tangle-resistant cable design

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Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphone : Fantastic. Sound quality is amazing

We all know that monster makes great products but it’s a pity that this doesn’t live up to the monster name. Yes they are comfortable to wear but the sound is somewhat disappointing. Yes it does come with a variety of ear plugs so that you’ll find your perfect fit but that doesn’t matter if the sounds isn’t up to par. I’ve used them with my galaxy s4 and they’re compatible but that isn’t enough for me to warrant spending over $100 for. The bass is almost non existent. To be honest i wasn’t too sad about that because i would prefer not to have the bass in my ear but for those who like hearing it then this isn’t for you and i’d raise it to 4 stars. If you’re willing to spend this much money bose makes headphones for about the same price that sounds a lot better bose® mie2i mobile headset.

The monster inspiration are in-ear headphones with an attached earloop. They use monster’s signature flat cord, which does not tangle up as much as ordinary headphone wire. The left ear wire features an iphone-compatible microphone, volume and track control. The earphones come bundled with a wire clip and no fewer than 13 pairs of eartips of various sizes and materials: soft, thick, and foam. Unlike regular in-ear monitors, these are a lot less intrusive and are more comfortable to wear. On the downside, it is more difficult to achieve and maintain a good seal, which is the reason why many reviewers complain about the lack of bass. The package also contains a little coin wallet-style carry pouch. I compared the inspirations to my favorite in-ear monitors: the klipsch image x10 and the ultimate ears triplefi 10, and they came out of the comparison with flying colors. While the triplefi 10 provide considerably more detail, better balance and overall much more accuracy, i was surprised to find the klipsch not really measuring up, possibly because they’re less sensitive and required a lot more power. In terms of wear comfort, the ultimate ears are an abomination, and the klipsch, while reasonably comfortable, are no match for the monsters which can be worn for extended periods of time without being bothersome.

Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphone

  • super comfortable, bendable ear hooks
  • Includes Control Talk universal for calls through your headphones
  • compatible with Skype

Great replacement for my iphone 5s earphones. Got the original for $140+ with warranty here on amazon. So far, i’m happy with it, especially the surround feature and ease of use. These are my best friends when i need to be lost in my writing.

I ride a bike all over the place, and as i do, i enjoy listening to big finish’s range of doctor who audio stories (type their name added by the obvious extension and you’ll see their website). But one thing that annoys me is that frequently, like two or three times per ride, one of the ear buds will pop out of my ear. That these headphones fix that problem is reason enough to buy them. The price tag is reason enough to make you balk, however, so let me say this: the sound quality is good. But realistically the sound quality is fine on the ten dollar set of ear buds i have that pop out all the time. So what i’d recommend, if you don’t want to send the 150 dollars currently being asked for this product, is that you instead look for a good set that have the same ‘over the ear’ style and go with that. In the end, you’ll have as good of a product, plus money left over to buy doctor who audios.Which i assume everyone wants to do.

I have listened to these headphones for almost a month and overall they are good but i have another pair by bose that are better and cheaper. I have listened to these headphones at work, walking, and on a long flight. The headphones do a good job of blocking out noise when on a plane. I was able to easily hear the music without turning up the volume very high. My music taste is more hard rock and heavy metal and the headphones didn’t perform as expected with those music types. The headphones sounded better when i tried them out with softer music. With softer music the clarity of the sound was good. When i switched to heavier music the sound was kind of flat. I’m not a big fan of the over the ear style headphones although it does a good job of keeping the headphones in place if doing exercise. Monster is trying to market these as high end at a mid price point.

Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphone : The quality of the sound is great, no problems using iphone for business meetings. I also like the variety of earbuds, since my husband says one of his ear canals are smaller than other he appreciated the feel. But what i don’t like is that they won’t stay in my ear while running. For the price i think they should work like a sport version of the headphone. I never had problems with regular in buds, they stay in my ear so i would not recommend these if you intent to run with these.

First thing i noticed when i got this in the mail was the solid well constructed box with the magnetic latch which gives an impression of quality. The rest of the packaging requires some interaction; it’s a bit like opening an artfully packaged present. Certainly makes you feel like you bought something good. The headphones themselves really look black even though they’re called black titanium and even though the photos make them look more like brushed metal. The metal is almost black and you can barely tell the sheen and grain are there. The wires are very thin and flat and feel like silicon. When wearing the phones, the wires’ friction makes little noise compared to other phones i have used. The left side wire has a small remote control unit for volume, pause and play. On apple devices all controls work. On android only the pause and play worked for me.

I hate headphones with those loop things. I don’t know why i bought these. They always come out and the audio quality is obviously lost because of it. And they make my ears hurt after pushing them back in several times a day. Other than that, they have good quality, good build, nice materials, nice color, and like a billion unique pairs of squishy ear things (although only two really fit comfortably).

I find myself listening to music using headphones almost daily. I do this because of the workouts or the runs we go on. So with that said i was happy to see these as i product i could try out using the excellent vine program. These are the kind that wrap around your ears for a more secure fit. Luckily they are a comfortable fit as well. These ‘inspiration’ serious audio high style in-ear headphones are made to work with apple products like i-pad, i-phone, & i-pods of course. Still you can use them on anything else you would use headphones for like mp3 players and such. So far they work just fine for me so i would recommend them. The only thing is they are a bit pricey.

I’m really enjoying these new in ear headphones from monster. My first thought when i tried them on is how light they are and whether or not i would like the ear hook idea. The end result is really nice as instead of having to lodge earbuds into your ear, the hooks can help keep them in place and you can adjust how much pressure they cause. This is really a neat feature that i think will start to catch on. These come with the standard range of earbud sizes, flat wiring to help stay untangled, controls designed for apple products and noise-cancelling ability. The noise cancelling works well and you can really block out almost all sound if you turn it up high enough. The sound quality is quite clear and although i haven’t broken them in all the way yet, they are just the right amount of bass so far for someone likes classic rock, jazz and musicals scores. The remote controls work fine and the mic for phone calls needs to be held up to your mouth if you are outdoors but that is pretty standard. I thought the look of the hooks might be a bit strange but it hides behind your ear a bit and you get used to it real quick. I’ve tried hooks before on products labeled as ‘sporty’ but i always had fit problems and these solve that.

My monster inspiration in-the ear broke in a month of using it. Com to register and return them being that i could not bring it back to the airport store i bought it being it. When i attempted to register the product, i enter the serial number which is located on the cord of the plug that goes into the device, i discovered that my headphones were counterfeit. I should of know when i got them being the sound wasn’t all that. The iphone in-the ears sounded better. I was able to contact the shop that i bought it at and they sent me a new one that had a serial number, in which i could register the headphones. Then, i tried them on and listened to opera, punk rock, r&b and audio books, wow. Major difference from the fake. So, the point is if you think this earphone sounds average or below average, check your serial number here.

I’m really impressed with these new monsters. There’s a large variety of tips for a good custom fit. The behind ear loops are comfortable and help keep the tips in place no matter my head position. The slim profile means i can wear them even laying on a pillow and they’re still comfortable. The wiring are ribbons that help reduce cord tangle. The microphone and controls work well on my iphone 5. Fidelity and sound reproduction are excellent across a wide variety of musical styles. I don’t have anything negative to say about these guys except the premium monster pricing.

The quality/material and the sound of the earphone is very good. The only knock on it is that the bendable earhooks doesn’t bend too well, but that depends on your ear shape. If you bend it at the area near the earpiece, it seems like you would need to be more forceful, which in turn seems like it may tear it apart. Other than that, pretty solid earphone.

I’ve bought and compared dozens of monster products over the years and usually end up with the same conclusion: the same quality can be had at a better price. But that was cables and adapters and the like. And they claim to have done something novel and extra with this product. I’m not a monster hater, so i’m fine to report, these are good, noise cancelling, great sounding headphones. But again, i question what the premium price is for. The packaging is impressive. The array of ear buds to choose from to get your correct size is impressive. These aren’t items that should contribute to price though. So how the headphones perform?.

My previous notion of in-ear headphones was fairly modest: anything on sale for $19. For outer-ear, noise-canceling headphones, i’d budget higher (i’m fond of sennheiser). I received these from the vine program and was mostly delighted with them, with a minor caveat. As of 6/2013, they’re on sale on amazon for $149, so if your wallet doesn’t stretch that far, stop reading. Okay, here goes:on the amazon product page, it doesn’t say anything about this, but these headphones were designed to work with apple products: ipod, ipad, iphone. Soon, everyone on the planet will have only apple gadgets, but if you’re one of the dwindling population who don’t, keep this in mind, especially the part about use with an iphone. The universal control talk (not for apple) can’t adjust the volume. The headphones are compatible with skype. The design is sleek, unobtrusive, classy, and lighter than light.

These monster inspiration in ear headphones gives you a clear, crisp, and quality sound listening experience. I play all kinds of music but i play a lot of r&b and hip-hop music and this gives me crystal clear sounds and the bass lines are extremely rich. These headphones gives you clear highs and deep bass and that’s a plus for me because that’s exactly how i love to listen to my music. I love the wrap around design which is perfect for doing activities and you don’t have to worry about keep putting your headphones back in your ears. I have an android phone and this works perfect with my phone. I can answer my phone and have a good clear conversation without any interferences and the noise cancellation helped in loud areas such as the gym. The only issue that i have with the monster headphones are that you can’t change songs with the button on the headphones, but other than that issue i love everything else about these headphones. If you want an uninterrupted, clear, and crisp sounding music then i highly recommend these headphones especially if you are a music lover such as myself.

The headphones don’t wear wellthat sounds good.

+++ the pros+ flat cable: if you’ve ever dealt with tangled headphone wires, you know how frustrating it is to detangle them. Flattened cables simply don’t tangle-up like that so this is much appreciated. + plethora of extra ear inserts: everybody’s ears are different, monster was smart enough to realize this and included an assortment of plugs in different sizes and materials so a large majority of people can find what works best. + bass: i keep reading a lot of people’s disappointment with the bass output of these headphones and i just don’t agree (well, maybe a little). When i first put on these phones the bass is pretty intense, but within a minute or so the effect wears off and the bass is about on par with other phones at considerably less cost. I don’t know whether to attribute this to my own internal ‘normalization’ of that bass, or if it’s because whatever plugs i’m using start to settle-in and so the effect wears off. I’m leaning towards the latter reason and so stress the importance of finding the right plugs for your ears. + limited android functionality: the controls are meant for apple products, but for my lg android phone i’m able to have pause/unpause functionality. + hybrid over-ear hang w/ear-canals: i’m got a pair of ear-canal phones and while they’re my ‘high-end’ audiophile sets, i don’t use them because once you get them seated inside your ears you have to wrap the wire around the outside and back of your ears. Over time it gets at least annoying if not painful.

For the price in the 25 dollar range, these are great. I wear them when i go to the gym. The fir snug over the ear and do not come out when i am working out. Regular earbuds always come out if i wear them at the gym. Regular headphones soak up too much sweat on the earpads, so these are perfect. The sound is decent and good for the price as well.

These are really outstanding headphones for the price. They are incredibly light weight and you barely can feel them. The over the ear hooks bend to fit and are incredibly comfortable. The flat wire is light and flexible and best of all it doesn’t make noise. So many wires as they bump and rub against you produce noise in the ear. These don’t – i rubbed and pushed and banged them around and i simply can’t hear any interference in the phone. The phones stay put in place. They don’t fall out whether you are active or passive. The sound quality is very good. Surprisingly good for such light ear pieces.

Monster inspiration in-ear headphone comes with 13 pairs of anti-microbial supertips. (foam, gel & rubber, sizes xs, s, m, & xl) a coin type carrying case is included. It’s the type that has a metal band at the top; you squeeze the case to open it. It holds the ear phones securely. My ears are extremely difficult to fit. After trying just about every ear tip in the box, my ears were sore & irritated when i finished. I finally settled on using a different size of rubber supertip for each ear. With all these tips, i still wasn’t able to find a pair that successfully canceled out all noise fr me. I went on to listen to my favorite ‘bassy’ tunes & was disappointed – there just didn’t seem to be much bass. I decided to try again later when my ears weren’t so sore from trying all the tips.

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