MEE audio Air-Fi Metro2 AF72 Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Isolating In-Ear Stereo Headset – These are great quality for the price and (mostly) well designed

I have these and plantronics backbeat go2. My biggest complaint with these came after about 6 months of use: the rubberized earpieces don’t stay attached to the device, they end up deep in my ear canal and are difficult to dig out. Another gripe is that these things communicate by indecipherable beeps. It’s like r2-d2 is trying to tell you that you’re low on battery or whatever. The plantronics has an actual voice. About 3 hours of continuous music listening, about a day of standby connection.

I use these while lifting weights and these are perfect for my small ears. They come out once in a while but that’s okay. I use the medium size and they seem to be good for my small ears. Volume is good and with medium level i don’t hear anything else.

Bought these for my gf and she loves them. . The only downside is the retaining hooks that keep the earbuds in,she lost them now they do t stay in so well at the gym. Range seems decent, she can be like 20 ft from her phone and still hear music. Here are the specifications for the MEE audio Air-Fi Metro2 AF72 Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Isolating In-Ear Stereo Headset:

  • Listen to media wirelessly from your phone or tablet
  • World’s lightest stereo wireless headset at 0.4 ounces comfortable for all-day listening
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX support for HD audio with crystal clarity and great bass
  • Built-in microphone and controls for phone calls, volume, and music playback
  • Includes protective carrying case, 3 sets of ear tips, and ear fins; 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

I bought this product based on reviews submitted on this product site. I can now say that i’m extremely disappointed by the product. Firstly you must have a small head to get to the mic, as the mic is located closer to ones ear than towards the mouth were it would be best situated. Even then the caller on the other side of the line complains that they cannot hear as if you standing a distance from the phone. You have to pull the mic close to your mouth and release the left side to get the necessary length you need for the mic to get close to your mouth. Don’t turn your head when reversing your vehicle as the earpiece pulls out on the left ear. The rubber clips to secure the earpiece is a waist and if you don’t watch out for them, you will loose them on your first use if not careful. I must be honest, except for the above the clarity when on a call is quite clear. I’ve wasted money and have reverted back to my era jawbone because it outclass this product. Not suited for businessmen wanting the freedom and comfort.

These little earbuds are great. They come with everything you need for adjustments and the carrying case keeps them from getting tangled with everything in your pocket/bag. They noise isolation is pretty good with the right buds as they can really make a seal and block everything out. The battery life is decent, but they last long enough for me to listen to music or movies all night which is the main reason why i bought them. Call quality is pretty good, but i cant comment on how long they last during a call. Charging is quick for 4 hours of use and easy because everything takes micro usb these days. I don’t really work out so cant comment on that aspect, but i have used them while walking to class and they are very comfortable. With how good these are and the low price, i will and have recommended these to friends and family.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I was astonished at how great they sound
  • These are great quality for the price and (mostly) well designed
  • Buy far the Best Bluetooth Quality Wireless Noise Isolating In Ear Buds I

I had a prior model by outdoor research (identical headphones but for $99. 99) and after 3 months they stopped working.

They paired up easily with my s4 and the sound is good. Unfortunately 1 of the 2 ear fins snapped when i first attempted to put it on the device. Consequently the ear plug will not stay in my ear when i move. Bad for them to only send 2 fins. Haven’t tried to contact the seller yet will update their response when i do. Received another set of these earbuds yesterday. Quick response from customer sevice received another set of these earbuds. Again, they came with multiple sizes earbud cushions but only 1 set of the ear fins.

They work exactly as advertised but so far i’ve found the range to be sub-par; the signal will get choppy with my phone in my pants pocket. This would make sense if i was 20′ tall but at 6′ the limitation is quite distracting.

Okay so i have tested these headphones for about a week. I use these on my samsung galaxy 3 and they work great sound is clear bass is okay. They fit comfortably and come with extra attachments to make sure you get a good fit. Mine charge fully in about 2 hours and work for about 8 hours on half volume. On full volume they last 5 1/2 to 6 hours. I do notice when i’m talking on the phone with these they have a slight hiss but nothing to bad. I’ve been told i sound clear on the other end of the line. I work outside in a state where it rains at least 9 months out of the year. The rain has yet to affect them. I wouldn’t use them for running because they feel like they would fall out, but light to moderate physical activity doesn’t seem to pull them out of my ear.

Buy far the best bluetooth quality wireless noise isolating in ear buds i have purchased in the past years this includes your top 3 sellers and newer ones showing up new every now and then with great ratings , this is bluetooth headphones at its all time best here ,i work out in the gym several times a week , and sweat a lot that where many get damaged not being water proof, they stay in your ear no mater what exercise you do period, and the most important is the sound i could not believe that a pair of bluetooth wireless noise isolating could do ,it isolates the music perfectly , amazing well balanced music your working out in heaven the highs are crisp and clear ,your mid are just perfect as good as it gets , but the most sickening is the basssss it is tight ,accurate ,fast, deep not muddy unbelievable ,if you try them you will have everyone you know to get a pair , because if you dont like them you can return them and that i doubt , i have had to buy 3 relatives a pair , 2 were confiscated by son and wife.

This is a very compact design, with the buds not much bigger than wired earbuds. The sound quality is very good, and battery life is decent, if not stellar. There are occasional problems with dropout of the bluetooth signal if the transmitting device is too deep in a pants-pocket or otherwise obscured, but this is not a major issue. Overall, these are excellent bluetooth earbuds, the best that i’ve owned.

Blocks out outside noise, which can be good and bad?. I do not drive with these blue-tooth in my ears because you can not hear traffic or road noise, but for listening to music or tv uninterrupted , awsome.

Good condition, didn’t like the design, too easy to loose.

I’ve got the powerbeats, which cost me 199, and i’m pleasantly surprised that the air-fi metro2 are comparable in quality and much cheaper. I work in a rather loud environment and can still hear sound very well with these headphones. Positioning of the earbud takes getting used to, but that is one of the few issues with these. Charge is around 3-4 hours of continuous play. If you are thinking of buying the beats, try these first.

I can’t give this 5 stars, but it is a good headset for a road warrior that is looking to have that ‘in ear’ experience, with minimal wires / cords. My pros:- light, easy to switch plugs to get that right fit in your ear- the extra option for ear stays add additional anchoring to your ear for added stability- pairing was easy- sounds, not the best in ranges, shallow bass, but good mid range and high range areas- tangle free, well, since it is short cord, you don’t have to worry about the cord being wrapped up into a knotmy no so pro’s:- the mic / control / volume control is on the right side, very close to your ear. If you wrap the cord behind your neck, then the mic tends to float back away from the right ear. Two issues there, the mic / controls are hard to reach, and your voice is projected forward, and you will sound muffled to anyone you speak with. To remedy this, i don’t wrap the cord behind the neck, instead i let the cord dangle below my chin. This is the main reason for not giving it a 5 star rating. – for some reason, in an area with lots of other devices, (like a crowded football stadium), the device would cut in and out. Maybe it is the bluetooth 4. 0 issue, but i know there were lots of people on phones, and with all that stadium seating, this was the environment while listening to music before the game, and when the mic / control unit was out of the ‘line of sight’ of my phone (in my shirt pocket), the music would cut in and out each time i turned my head. Weird, but when i left go get a drink at the concession stand, i would repeat the pattern (phone in shirt pocket, turn my head to the right) no problem.

Alright, this is completely redone, as i fixed the problem that i was having before, which just required me to turn up the volume on my headset. The sound quality on these, i would say is comparable to most good quality $40-$50 earbuds, which is awesome for bluetooth earbuds at this price, and you are getting the bluetooth, which is awesome. I have had these for a day and they are already my go-to headphone for travel. Their battery lasts from 5-6 hours of playback, which is awesome. The standby time is probably like a day or two. This is coming from someone who owns sennheiser, audio-technica, and akg products, so i know good sound. My final opinion: these are a steal for their price, and are probably some of the best, if not the best sub $100 bluetooth earbuds. They are absolutely amazing.

The earbuds were great while they lasted. I usually like to run with the bluetooth ear-buds, the sound was really good, the apt-x codecs improves a lot the viewing experience of playing videos from youtube, the lag between the sound and picture is better than classic bluetooth codec sbc. I already return the product since it did not charge/turn on back, once the battery got discharged during workout.

Have had these for a year now. These are great quality for the price and (mostly) well designed. I sent them in for a warranty repair prior to the expiration of my 1 year warranty and the customer service was top notch. They made two adjustments while repairing that added to the usability of the headset significantly (increased the length of the headset cable slightly so it doesn’t pull out of my ears when i turn my head and used a different rubber earpiece that doesn’t fall off every time you take it out of your pocket, that was extremely obnoxious). These weren’t requests, my headset may have been replaced for all i know. The two biggest downsides are the rubber ear tabs fall off constantly (i recently finally lost one as a result) and the earpiece will not stay in my ear for some reason, rendering the headset unusable. Also, the battery does not always last an entire work day depending on the usage. I have to plug it in whenever i’m not using it or it will die before i head home so make sure you have a microusb at work. To be fair, i don’t think you could have such a compact headset and expect the battery to last. Overall, still feel like this was a good buy and would definitely consider buying from mee again.

Bought the mee air fi metro2 wireless ear phones in conjunction with the miccus home rtx transmitter to ‘bluetooth’ our bedroom tv. They work great together, despite some initial confusion experienced by the installer. Now i can stay up late watching tv and my wife can sleep. Much cheaper than buying a new state-of-art tv.

Pretty good fit, nice to be able to adjust cord length, synced quickly to my s4. Good sound and noise isolation. With the ear hooks and largest size ear grommets they fit well. Be great to leave the phone in my locker if the range is good.

Cannot comment on battery life yet. They will fall out if you dont use the ‘wings’ properly.

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MEE audio M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphone – Good but not Great

I experienced acquired a set of sennheiser cx300 ii headphones to replace a pair of v-moda bass freq’s that i misplaced. I was not hoping to expect much too a lot, but sennheiser is a fairly excellent firm with wonderful large-conclude solutions. That made me a bit far more unsatisfied when i attempted out the underwhelming cx300’s, so i decided to obtain yet another pair of headphones and do a minor more research this time all around. For $12 extra, i ended up with the mee m-duo’s, and they are a phase up. The dual-driver technology partitions the bass and mid-higher frequencies into two various drivers in every single ear to avoid overdriven audio within just a person driver. This tends to make for a cleaner audio and i can inform the difference concerning my $35 cx300 and the m-duo. The wire is a bit far more durable than some in-ears, which means a lot more durability and probably additional cable sound from going for walks/running all-around. To combat this, you get the cable clip, which is fantastic. I clip with just enough slack for my head to swivel and not pull the headphones, which i feed around the major of my ears and fall them into my canals to assure a protected in good shape that is not interrupted. I will have to say, these are sound headphones for $forty seven – a price variety that can simply place individuals into lousy buying possibilities as some firms are charging a lot more for the title.

Will not commonly do product or service opinions, primarily audio units, as they are actually subjective. But, these meelectronic m-duo ear buds merely the finest i have read. Granted, my comparisons are relatively limited to people i transpire to have. First, my grado 335i are in the vicinity of not possible to beat, but expressing that, i prefer the m-duo as my listening place features our tv, and the grado are extremely open up. Immediate comparisons do involve my sony xba-4, which price tag around 4 occasions the m-duo, yamaha eph-100, more than a hundred and fifty. 00 usd, and a number of j-lab, which i use only in an emergency, as their sound is genuinely exaggerated. Pros: great sound, mid vary is a tad attenuated but enjoyable.

Using this earphones with my ipad air, it genuinely delivers the bass. Truly this earphones delivers what it claims. I have bought extra than my share of earphones these as bose, shure and klipsch but they were being -to me- lacking in bass copy – all over again in my belief. The duodriver factor deliversthe only detail i did not like was the extremely sturdy remote button on the remaining side earplug – which was a fantastic help in telling me the which aspect to insert into my ears – currently being a tiny as well stiff. My outdated fingers have been not nimble enough to push the two or a few instances quickly in get to get the song variety adjusted. But this is additional to do with me than this excellent earphone. I would acquire yet again and advise this. Shipping and delivery and packaging was excellent toothanks amazon.Here are the specifications for the MEE audio M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphone:

  • Dual driver design with separate subwoofer for deep, impactful bass with clean vocals and clear instruments
  • Integrated microphone and remote for calls and media control on smartphones, tablets, and more
  • In-Ear design provides noise isolation and comfort for extended use
  • Stylish and durable metal construction looks as good as it sounds
  • Includes premium carrying case and 6 sets of ear tips; 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

Update: i have been sent a substitute. : ) they just asked for a image of the headphones ruined. I am disappointed by the lack of sturdiness. These seriously audio exceptional, and the microphone had good sound excellent as very well. The one button was helpful. Nevertheless, eight months into using them, the microphone stopped functioning. The button ceased to function before long right after. Now i have misplaced the capability to use these earphones for cellphone calls, which was a significant promoting stage for me. A smaller stage: the plug is really very long, extending significantly from the socket and building me uneasy about accidentally bending it in my pocket.

I procured this on a whim through a lightning offer sale that lowered the rate by almost $ten. I was doubtful if it was worthy of the money or my time trying it, typically offers like that are hoping to get rid of products that aren’t as excellent. As a substitute, i was pleasantly amazed: i absolutely really like these. The audio is wonderful, it came with a scenario, and a extensive selection of earpieces, and the audio is obvious when chatting to men and women through the developed in microphone in spite of movement and any other things. My only two concerns with it are that the duration of the cord is longer than ordinary and gets easily tangled. I added a velcro strap to assist with this, and it is some thing i would counsel for others. I also m anxious of the guidelines of the earpieces (wherever the precise earpiece connects) which is lesser then other earbuds, this means that it is possible the earpieces will slide off and get missing. Either way, neither of these negatives ought to discourage you from purchasing this if you might be hunting for a mid-array selling price for a substantial high-quality products.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good for what the kids are listening to these days
  • The best ear buds money can buy under $60 (the dual ear bud speaker design can be tweaked to take your music to another level)
  • Best I have ever owned

These are just one of the far more successful dual-driver iems i have heard. Ordinarily the difficulty with placing two drivers in headphones this small is getting very good, balanced seem. Meelectronics does that extremely nicely–bass is solid even in the extremely deep small notes and treble is apparent and comprehensive. But the treble appears just a bit raspy and a minor too forward. Much more pricey headphones will give you a sweeter, far more refined tonality, but at this price these are fantastic. Possibly the only problem is that their highs make these not quite ‘forgiving’ — if the highs in the recording are a minor bit dry or severe, these will deliver that out.

I have to say that i was rather astonished by these concealed gems. The sound high-quality is exceptional especially for the price tag as i take into consideration myself a budding audiophile. (flac wherever offered, amplifier in which achievable– thoroughly clean and uncomplicated is a motto i live by) to put points in perspective, i have in all probability had these for practically two yrs and continue to sing their praises. The audio vary and frequency is genuinely remarkable primarily for the value. I had a pair of klipsch s4i and i essential a 2nd pair of buds for a variety of use and i observed that the s4i (and s4 design for that issue) were being hugely regarded for a first rate spending budget earbud, but i identified them to be a little bit flat and often strident on the large conclusion. In distinction, i was amazed with the clarity and real bass present in these duos, on the other hand the mid bass and midrange are noticeably recessed a little bit to the discerning ear. Your typical user is not likely to notice probably that quantity of element, and these are appropriate for bass heads, but these are a very best purchase for the cash, quality, longevity, and performance. I propose choosing up some comply foam suggestions to complement these. It is the icing on the cake (and i despise silicone recommendations)the only motive i never give them the five stars they could be, is since they really don’t have volume control but a constructed in mic and audio controls. I hope they make a version with quantity regulate and 3 drivers.

I like audio and i have to listen to my audio on one thing very good. I’ve been by means of a large amount of headphones from beats, monster, bose, skullcandy, sennheiser, yamaha, and numerous extra. I am not an audiophile, but i can certainly inform the difference amongst these m-duos versus all the headphones i have employed. The bass is amazing and not frustrating. The vocals on tracks audio great. You can listen to all the devices with these. At first, i was form of hesitant to obtain these for the reason that i have in no way listened to of meelectronics right before. I investigated this pair and there were not quite a few expert critiques on it due to the fact they’re relatively new. I’m happy i gave these a likelihood.

Was choosing among these and the balanced armature set and it appears like the armature dependent iem’s can not do bass quite effectively except you phase up to the $200+ amount where by you are having 3 armatures to strike the distinct components of the frequency curve. Largely i use these on my computer to perform videogames, listen to new music, and films. I also bought an adapter to use the mic to discuss to my friends on vent. Have applied them in titanfall and diablo three, the audio and explosions seem fantastic. Audio, listened to some hip hop, classical, and alternative and all seem amazing. The bass is incredibly pronounced but would not overwhelm the mids and highs. Some people today have complained about semblance.

I was sitting close to listening to my a variety of buds and made a decision to review a couple. I purchased these a while back again when they had been all-around 40 bucks. Even at 40 bucks, there are greater buds for a great deal less. I see now they are close to 80-90 bucks. At that value get a move and notice a lot of of the assessments came when these were being at a better cost level. These phones do have good audio but not fantastic sound. The sound is tight but it lacks fullness and richness. They also are pretty prolonged so forget about sleeping with them. I will not commit additional time examining these as i would fairly place my time into phones deserving of the sweat you set in to make a buck to acquire telephones. If you want a pair of buds that are at the very least as pleasant, extremely well created, a lot more considerable wire, and in my opinion, have a great deal far better richer fuller sound try the techrise wired stereo in-ear headset for all-around 12 bucks. Hey for 12 bucks what do you really have to drop compared to the nearly ninety dollar telephones hear. Check out my evaluation for the techrise wired stereo in-ear headset.

I requested these just after my secondhand in-ear beats fell apart, practically. I was really delighted to open the box and see the headphones securely tucked away with assist to prevent them from any delivery crushes. As famous previously mentioned in the merchandise description, there is an bundled carrying case, with 6 pairs of distinct fashion and sizing ear-tips. I was ready to figure out which one in good shape me greatest, and commenced with the burn up in process. (exactly where you play tunes or a certain soundtrack consisting of distinct frequencies nonstop, in an attempt to ‘break in’ the headphones. This can be related to breaking in a new pair of shoes, they are stiff at initially, but loosen up as time goes on. There is controversy surround the efficacy of headphone ‘burn in’, but i believe that it definitely does aid, so i go via with it. I have in all probability only made use of them for a excellent 7 several hours now, and the headphones have been finding better and greater. As significantly as noise isolation/cancelation, i have been tests this by playing a song and snapping my fingers, listening to see how properly the snapping carried through the headphones (halfway concerning most affordable and optimum volume on iphone). I uncovered that i could hardly, in some cases by no means hear the snap, depending on the portion of the tune, which is a excellent point.

I not often depart opinions, enable alone appear back again to edit it. It truly is been two yrs given that i have owned this and i realize my basic overview isn’t going to do this ear bud justice. I paid out about $6k or so for my audi bang & olufsen sound program (which is superior than harmon kardon, bose ive owned ahead of. . , yeah i know i should really not mention bose, but bose is superior for vehicle audio) and these ear buds supply much better seem than that. The only position i can hear to far better seems is in my dedidicated media home with 11 speakers and complete audio command with bass traps and many others. This ear bud is only a little bit inferior to that. Previous review: amazing ear buds. Audio by means of my iphone sounds a million periods better than the stock kinds.

I won’t phone myself an audiophile, but i’ll acknowledge to getting an audio snob and sound high-quality is normally the most important issue when i order just about anything audio oriented. So this review will inevitably conclusion up ranting about that. But i’ll attempt to include other beneficial information and facts. I essential new earbuds to use at the health and fitness center whilst i lift weights. With this use in brain, i required earbuds that have been largely snug, had a protected match, were being resilient and sounded stimulating adequate to hold me pumped all through my sets. These are pretty comfy to me and they deliver a wonderful seal with the recommendations that appear currently connected. But if the stock medium guidelines don’t give you that seal, have no worry for the reason that there are five other sets presented. I assume it is really rather interesting that meelectronics would be so generous with the suggestions. The m-duo’s are quite cumbersome and heavier in comparison to the klipsch s4’s that i am employed to, but they however remain in my ears quite nicely. Nonetheless, i can envision other people might have problems if utilised throughout exercise or other kinds of excessive motion.

Last but not least, some good headphones for an even greater price tag. These issues are leading notch and just what i was hunting for: an excellent high-quality headphone with sounds isolation, a microphone, and pause button. I missing a pair of klipsch s4s and these blow them absent in phrases of audio and build good quality. I returned preceding about-ear headphones from innovative and v-moda and experimented with each and every about-ear and on-ear headphone that bestbuy experienced on the flooring, like bose quiet comfort 25. Nevertheless it is challenging to compare iems with over and about-ear styles, these are the finest in conditions of seem high quality i have ever skilled. Be certain establish which of the supplied silicon ear ideas give you the most effective seal, as that is the only way to seize the very best seem from any iem. Total-spectrum audio without sacrificing bass. I am loving the dual driver set up: tweeters can fire the highs though the ‘woofers’ located powering them are concurrently firing the minimal stop. Preliminary excellent impressions are fantastic. Housings are durable metal, cord is really thin and weightless (this does make it possible for for a very little little bit of twine noise, but i do not prepare to operate with these), three.

I’ve experienced these for nearly 6 months now and very seriously they’re the most effective in ear phones i’ve owned. The foundation is following amount just have to make absolutely sure you have a excellent seal in your ears. Did why individuals squander a few to four instances as substantially on beats. This was my next pair of meelectronics. The first becoming the wood buds, which continue to seem terrific, and also have terrific bass. The substantial and mid vary look to be much better on these. I will under no circumstances get headphones from yet another enterprise. I even purchase these as gifts and errone luhz em. I also like the clip they come with, now the budds you should not get pulled out of my ear by the movement and or weight of the cable. Bumping rittz ideal now, seriously, rap new music hits so really hard in these things i really like it.

These ear buds are without the need of a question the finest ear buds i’ve at any time owned. Like any other ear buds, if you don’t insert them much sufficient into your ear, then they would seem like crap (small sound) mainly because you are allowing for the audio to escape as a result of the open up air space between the ear buds and your internal ear. With a sensitivity degree of one zero one db even beneath run equipment can easily energy these ear buds. For these of you who declare these absence bass and that the response is tranquil when compared to other headphones, check with yourselfs is there air place between your ear buds and your inner ear?.Are you using an eq application so that you can greatly enhance the low conclude reaction of your ear buds?. I would advise that you obtain a superior eq application and tweak your minimal finish so that your ear buds will position far more emphasis on the bass. These ear buds can without the need of a question output of bass at a very higher stage. I managed to get so significantly bass from my ear buds that they have caused my ear drums to vibrate, when sustaining thoroughly clean seem general thanks to the separate woofer/tweeter layout. For people of you with rooted products i might suggest that you search for an app named viper4android, which isn’t available in the participate in retail outlet and contemplate downloading that as your eq app. What tends to make this particular eq so a great deal additional affective for android products is the actuality that it has a its personal audio driver that must be installed 1st, the moment you originally open up the application.

These are the most effective in-ear set we’ve owned. Regrettably, they died just a couple months previous the 1 calendar year guarantee period of time. We’ve had other, more affordable in-ear sets last for a calendar year or two. So we were dissatisfied these failed to previous longer for look at the appearance of stable build high-quality. Execs:- at ease and stayed in-ear nicely- right angle jack looks to have outstanding develop quality- come with an assortment of suggestions to try out- substitute recommendations are very easily available- packaging is substantial-endcons:- died just after 14 months of use- somewhat see funds set into product good quality or decrease the rate vs. Into packagingconsiderations (not automatically distinct to this model/maker)- it took some getting employed to putting the silicon ideas into our ear and forming a seal- loads of sounds when the cable is brushed- the in-line remote command was constantly catching on our outfits/collars which would pull the bud in our left ear- black silicon recommendations appear off and are conveniently lost. We finished up acquiring white replacements. Considerably easier to locate when they pop off. It does consider some having employed to possessing the silicon suggestions sort a seal in your ear.

I do not acquire costly ear buds, i break and or eliminate much too a lot of of them. I like an prolonged flat frequency reaction, no further bass or highs. I ordinarily get senheiser or koss small conclusion one driver dynamic buds and they give good support. The m-duo dual driver buds are definitely much more prolonged, i can hear cymbals and analog tape hiss that are lacking with the regular solitary driver models. Likewise the bass is additional prolonged, superior than the normal which is seriously bogus bass designed by a bump in the one hundred to 200 hz octave. I do discover that the mids are rather depressed so i like a bit of mid enhance from my player. Total these are a terrific benefit, specifically with the particular cost when i ordered them. You can unquestionably get superior seem for additional pounds, or satisfactory seem for significantly less. But i uncover that these offer great performance at a average rate.

The m-duos have very good, strong bass without the need of currently being idiotic about it. The midrange is additional recessed than i choose, and this can make vocals and guitars seem variety of distant. The treble frequencies are fair–not ear-shredding but with sufficient vitality to make electronica, edm, beyonce, and so on, audio superior. As opposed to mee’s well balanced armature iems like the a161p, the audio is significantly less in-depth and considerably less ahead, particulary in the mids, the bass is substantially heavier and the treble tones softer. As opposed to mee’s m11+ (which i feel was the company’s flagship dynamic driver iem five decades ago or so), they are somewhat colder and a lot less natural sounding, with deeper bass and better highs. Tunes models these are suited to are the aforementioned electronic genres, general rock, and, uh, nu metal. They are not notably great for acoustic styles or tiny ensembles that crank out a lot of midrangey tones. The cable is rubbery and rather gentle. Meelec has never ever bested the m11 in that department.

Permit me start by saying i am not an audio technician or anything on that stage so this review will not be from that realm. These are the best in-ear screens i have ever owned. I would go so much as to say the most effective monitors of any type i’ve had the pleasure of using that were not far more than what i would take into account sane selling price smart. Of all the monitors i have at any time utilised these are the only kinds that get loud more than enough i have to transform them down. From skullcandy to bose i have under no circumstances experienced to do that. Constantly been one of all those men and women getting yelled at to switch it down so this performs for me. Even though they are the loudest things i have owned they do not distort in the slightest no matter how considerably i crank the source up. All other screens have utilised, in-ear or if not, have distorted in just one way or a further so this was a great improve.

I purchased a set of these about six months in the past and i have utilized them at home, although going for walks or jogging, mowing the lawn, and when touring on industrial airways. They isolate you from ambient audio very very well without currently being hazardous. They produce fantastic audio and the dynamic driver definitely does supply a far better bass seem than any other earbuds i have tried using in this selling price selection. I am working with a reduced sound volume mainly because these isolate noise so properly, so it is far better for my ear wellbeing, also. As evidence of my fulfillment, i am about to order a 2nd pair.

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MEE audio Crystal by In-Ear Headphones – Calling all Fashionistas.

Sound is not wonderful but passable. If this is quite significant to you – i would not get these. The appears to be like is superb and super sweet. Appears strong but where by the cord connects to the insertion position that plugs into the earphone port – mine arrived out just just after 30 days – and now it is earlier the return and swap time window for amazon. For a trendy earbud, it does the job. If you want genuinely obvious seem – these are not for you.

Acquired these for myself in pink, and in gold for my sister. I did count on extra ‘pop’ and for them to stand out a bit far more, primarily for the value. But other then that they work wonderful, sound wonderful, and search stunning. There is a slight hold off when applying the botton on the headphones mic point to command the audio, it often will pause, participate in, skip like a moment immediately after i pressed it. After i previously took my mobile phone out and paused, enjoy, or skipped the song myself. Then out of the blue following i am on a new track then the sign gets mail and i am there back on my cellular phone heading back again a music or attempting to get it to unpause. But that may possibly just be my mobile phone, who knows.

How can i not publish an incredible & certainly glowing critique of these pink crystal headphones. I gave them to my girlfriend for xmas in the beautiful presentation box and she unquestionably beloved them. She wears them, completely, working out at the gym and will get tons of responses, compliments, and issues about how she received them. She just tells all people, ‘from my astounding boyfriend’. The audio good quality is next to none (seriously, as great as my bose) and they glance thoroughly sweet tooi’m getting a pair for myself (in gold) so we match on out trip. There are from time to time you just nail a christmas present – this was mine. Thanks meelectronics – you made me glance like a star.

I’m a massive enthusiast of meelectronics, but these are truly a rebrand from another maker that came out with these in like 2011ish. The highs are rather harsh even just after a excellent 20 hours of burn in on medium quantity and the bass is slim. The general seem, nonetheless, is decent. I would give it a 4 star ranking, but the true component that plugs into your phone/ect. Came off as i was unplugging it from my cellular phone. I will attach a picture to show what i imply. If i had regarded these had been like that, i would not have bought them and as an alternative opted for the m6s.

This was a reward for a close friend and she entirely adores these, they came elegantly packaged and seem excellent.

I experienced acquired the white ones in the previous but just after much usage, the wires had been displaying so made a decision to attempt one more coloration. The earbuds are very at ease. I would advocate to some others.

  • Wonderful quality.
  • Great, stylish headphones
  • they came elegantly packaged and look great!

These are absolutely worthy of the money. I have now experienced them for 2 yrs with a toddler, and they last but not least broke now simply because he pulled on them though a person was in my ear, and it break up the wires inside of. I have in no way had a pair of headphones go as a result of as a great deal trauma as these did and nevertheless perform so effectively.

Performs nicely, seem is wonderful and appears to be very good too.

The audio is excellent, and the jack fits pretty perfectly into audio units. It will come with a number of change pairs of earbud addresses, so you can decide which is most cozy and clear away them for cleansing.

Headphones are quite good looking and audio wonderful. Sadly, i have experienced two pairs crack in the previous eight months. 5mm connector plug is a sleek metal barrel. Since there isn’t quite fantastic grip, it can be extremely difficult to eliminate without having unintentionally pulling the cable. This at some point qualified prospects to failure. Mee was responsive for the rma course of action.

Features of Crystal by MEE audio In-Ear Headphones with Microphone Made with Swarovski Crystals, Turquoise

  • Chic and dazzling earphones made with genuine Swarovski Crystals
  • Compact and comfortable in smaller ears
  • Built-in microphone and remote for phone calls and music playback
  • Packaged in luxurious jewelry gift box to make the perfect gift
  • Includes carrying pouch and six sets of ear tips; 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

From the manufacturer

Packaged in Luxurious Jewelry Gift Box for the Perfect Gift

What”s in the Box:

  • Crystal In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
  • 6 sets of ear tips
  • Velveteen jewelry pouch
  • 1 shirt clip

Swarovski Crystal Ear Candy

For you, a friend or a loved one

Made with genuine Swarovski Crystals, the Crystal by MEE audio (formerly MEElectronics) is effortlessly chic and stylish, embodying the shimmer and radiance of its namesake. The stunning metal shell is sleek and modern, offset by the bold, prismatic crystals for an elegant, yet playful look.

  • Chic and stylish earphones made with genuine Swarovski Crystals
  • Compact and comfortable for petite ears
  • Built-in microphone and remote for phone calls and music playback

Bling It On

The Crystal is a great addition to any trendsetter’s accessory collection. Featuring spectacular high-definition sound, the full-range 7mm drivers deliver sound that is powerful, yet balanced, allowing you to hear the details in your music with crystal clarity.

Smart sStyle

The brilliance of the Crystal is its small size and a variety of flexible, hypoallergenic silicone eartips that keep the earphones securely in place to provide superb comfort for petite ears. In-ear design keeps media in and blocks outside noise.

Call Me, Maybe?

Built-in microphone allows you to take and make calls to your heart’s content while the integrated remote provides seamless control of media, letting you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet.

Sparkle and Dazzle

Presented in a luxurious jewelry box, the Crystal Earphones by MEE audio (formerly MEElectronics) are the perfect gift to dazzle a friend or yourself.

Chic and dazzling earphones made with genuine Swarovski Crystals

The headphones have a small in the wire, now they will never perform.

Rarely any foundation with these head telephones.

Best, classy established of earphones listed here. Understated class with these earphones. Gold isn’t flashy but a comfortable champagne gold (matches the most recent iphones and ipad air two properly. Now, the sound high-quality is genuinely great for the selling price. A must have simply because i appreciate my bass. The presentation (packaging) of these earbuds is an elegant introduction to what is inside of. Built for smaller ears, so these may be a challenge for some (sorry, men). (my) two thumbs up 👍👍.

Remarkable seem, tremendous adorable, long lasting manufacturer. I experienced one more pair of this identical brand for two yrs just before they bit the dust. The only bummer is i am having to get a substitute pair cuz the casing at the conclude of the cord quickly arrived off at the 1st unplugging. Was just gonna glue it back again but now the wiring is coming out. Very bummed cuz i enjoy them. But the replacement system is super quick.

Compact and comfortable in smaller ears

Built-in microphone and remote for phone calls and music playback

Packaged in luxurious jewelry gift box to make the perfect gift

Includes carrying pouch and six sets of ear tips; 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

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