Maxell EBCP Jelleez Earbubs – Surprisingly good

It is a very good headphones if you have large ears so go out and get it my ears small soit aint fitting to well but it is nice.

Most earbuds are too large or awkwardly shaped for my ears, but these work well. They sit just inside the opening of the ear, which i prefer to the earbuds with that weird suction cup thingy that goes into the ear canal (i can’t stand the feeling that my ear is plugged). The sound quality isn’t perfect–hence four stars instead of five–but for a $10 pair of earbuds, it’s just fine. If you find that most earbuds are too large for you or are an uncomfortable shape, give these a try.

Received them quickly and they are awesome.

I can hear the music great with them.

I bought this at fry’s electronics last june for less than $4 (employee discount. Wink), and for what it’s worth its a fairly decent headset. It’s true what the other reviews said about the ‘gelleez’ comment: the main earbuds that go inside your ears are plastic and the gummy parts are the just wire and the cup coverings. The sound is ok, nothing like a sennheiser or a bose earbuds (of course), but about the same quality, or better than coby and koss el cheapo earbuds. Comfort-wise, i have smallish ear canals so it hurts when i use it for more than an hour. If you get it for less than $6, its great. Buy it for anything more than $9.

I bought this at a grocery store, and love them. Am coming to amazon to get another pair as a spare. Cute colors, very comfortable with the squishy plastic around the hard case. Another reviewer disliked the sound quality. Hey what do you expect for under $6???. It won’t be a bose quality, but neither is the price. I recommend them above any others i’ve tried in the ‘under $9’ category.

  • Wonderful but.
  • Love these! Perfect for small ears.

Earbuds have good sound, plug size are large and don’t stay in the ear as well as some. But what do you expect for such a good price.

I bought a pair of these about 1 year ago and it is still going strong after much abuse. Unlike skullcandy, which will almost always fail after a few months, these things are built to last. The sound quality is pretty good considering the price, and these earbuds won’t make your ears uncomfortable after wearing them for prolonged period of time. 5 years and it is still going strong.

I bought these yesterday in a haste before work. When i got off i ripped these suckers out of the package in a hurry to use them. At first i noticed that the chord isnt all that long, but that can be fixed with a cheap 3. When i put them in my ear i was amazed with how comfy they are. Most earbuds fall out my ears cuz i got some big ass ears. But these you dont even have to shove them in which is nice because i have really waxy ears 🙂 great for only ten dollars.

My boyfriend loves these earbubs. I wanted to find an all black ipod skin and red ear-buds. I succeededthis product is great, very simple, and durable.I got myself the ones in blue.

I’m very hard on headphones and earbuds. Sweat on, sit on, yank cords, bake in car, marinate in gym bag, bash on rocks when climbing, and roll over with office chair, you get the point. So i go through a lot of headphones. I got these after the nike ‘sport’ stereo headphones suddenly went mono after 10 days, normally i would not get something so ‘cheap’ but i needed some quickly. I can’t tell you how surprised i was at the sound coming out of this sub $[. Perfect headphones for workouts and other activities.


I have to admit i was surprised to see the low rating on this item. These are easily the most comfortable ear buds i have ever used. I actually was coming back to order another pair. Most ear buds are uncomfortable, but i love these. They fit perfectly in my ears and are good to wear while laying down. I also love the bright colors because they are hard to lose. It also makes them easy to see in your ears so your family will know why you can’t hear them.

These headphones have the best sound quality of any earbuds that i have ever used. The cord is extremely flexible, which means that the wires (theoretically) won’t break easily. The only things that make this product less ideal are the size of the earbuds themselves and the fact that there is no slider to keep the earbuds from tangling together. The earbuds are extremely small, but meant to rest just inside the ear. The earbuds that i had before were the same but the actual ear parts were bigger; these earbuds’ size bothers my ears. I have really sensitive ears. Overall, so far, they’re wonderful. If they were over-ear headphones, the quality of sound that these earbuds produce would be magnificent.

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Maxell Juicy Tunes Earbud : they have always been a good

Very pleased with my purchase. Would definitely recommend them to friends/family. So pleased they now have colored ear buds that can be used with android devices.

I was worried about sound quality. The last set of inexpensive buds i bought sounded like the music was coming out of the bottom of a bucket. Great range of sounds and very affordable. I’m buying and extra pair for a backup.

Maxell Juicy Tunes Earbud

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Ideal for home and travel use, especially on airplanes
  • Comfortable, lightweight and easy to adjust for extended usage
  • 10mm drivers and Neodymium magnets
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 4′ cable with 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Fashion earbuds available in four juicy colors
  • 10mm driver; neodymium magnet
  • Comfortable, lightweight and east to adjust for extended use
  • Ideal for home and travel
  • Includes three different ear tip sizes

Cheap and i don’t need $100 earbuds. If you’re like me, then these will do.

This are nice and worth the money.

Well here is my review ,the sound is average not good not horrable just ok , for $8the bass isnt good it gets by , mid is meh and highs and treble is decent i think. The thing is they are decently loud for cheapies but the problem is they get kinda distorted when you crank them up high , so you have to find the right balance of bass and volumebut for $8 you can get sonys not in ear style sound better and not block out the lawn mower or get these less sound quality but blocks out more noise. Durability and looks : decent very long cord 4ft i think , life time warranty is a big plusends look decent. Gold plug so thats niceall in all these will get you by long enough to get though the day or until your order ships to your house with some actually good buds ; be it sony, sennheiser,jvc,panasonic,creative or something else worth $20. Dont buy these thinking they will knock your socks off they just get you by if you need something to block out noise for cheap , if you can you should buy jvc marshmello $10-$15 or maybe skullcandys for $10 they sound a tad bit better.

Maxell Juicy Tunes Earbud : I just got these today from a local store in my town. These ear buds are good, they block out all of the out side sounds and all you hear is your music. The package comes with three different sizes so anyone could use them. They stay in place good but the sound is alright, its not the best. Other than that everything else is perfect.

The only head phones i buy for my wife and daughter, they have always been a good product.

This matches my husbands favorite color and they work great. He can even use them during his workouts and they don’t fall out of his ears. Definitely recommend them to anyone.

My favorite brand for in ear headphones. I had a pair for two years, they are comfortable and durable. Different colors, i always switch up.

Juicy tunes earbuds from maxell make life a little juicier. These fun colored earbuds are ergonomically designed allowing you to easily adjust the earbuds to your personal preference – ensuring you’ll always enjoy a comfortable fit. Choose from three different ear tip sizes made from soft silicone to match your specific ear size. Ideal for home and travel – especially on airplanes – you’ll have more than one reason to use them. Available in four juicy colors.

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Maxell 190336 Crystal Ear Buds, Pleasantly surprised

These were a great pair of earphones for the small time i’ve owned and used them. Until they were ruined by a friend i lent them to. Would buy them again, though.

I have only used them with my kindle. Not the best in loud places – on a plane.

This purchase was actually a replacement for the same item that i accidentally broke at work, (my fault entirely). I liked the first pair so much, when i ripped one of the cords out by getting it stuck in my office chair arm, i was not happy. When i found them on amazon, i ordered two pair, just incase. The sound quality is really impressive. Two of my teenagers have beats, the earbuds and the over the ear type. I would say they are close in comparisson, with the exception of the bass. These have bass, more than most earbuds i have owned. I love all kinds of music so i listen to r&b, hip hop, rock, and other music that doesn’t require so much bass but still requires a clean tone or sound quality. I like it loud and they can handle it and still stay clear but in no way do i need the volume or the bass to make my ears bleed either. If the beats are a 10, i would give these a 8+.

Key specs for Maxell 190336 Crystal Ear Buds (Black):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4 foot cord length and 2 extra sets of tips included to fit all ages
  • Available in four colors: Blue, Pink, Black, White
  • Works with every iPod, MP3, CD, DVD, portable device
  • High intensity listening experience with crystal clear sound and deep bass
  • Premium sound quality, compact size and sleek design

Comments from buyers

“Tiny earholes? Look no further!
, Great earbuds for the price
, Favorite earbuds

Low price,only 2 complaints: the crystals fell out after about weeks, but i glued them back in with no ill effects. And the white cord has picked up some strange pink hue.

If you don’t mind a little bling on the ear pieces, definitely buy these. I would say these are equal to a pair that would normally go for $30. Excellent sound for the awesome price.

Very comfortable – clear sound quality.

Not to bad sound pretty good for a cheap pair of ear buds.

I’ve bought one pair of earbuds after another and even the ones that claim they work in little ears just pop out of mine, or sliiiiide out really slowly and tickle as they go. These fit and stay in when i use the smallest size tip. They saved me on a recent transatlantic flight that was apparently some sort of shipping container for screaming kids. I almost don’t want to review them here because i’m afraid you will buy them all. But they’re that perfect for itty bitty earholes.

Only complaint is went back to order 30 more and could not get for the same price.

The sound quality is very good and the bling is very fun. However the reason i only gave them three stars is that the ear bud is very small and even though i have small hands i found it very difficult to get them in my ears. However don’t stay away from maxell just because of this. The maxell m&m’s earbuds are fun too but easy to put in the ear and they really rock besides. Also i would suggest to get a hold of a pair of the maxell ‘wild things’ earbuds they are fun and have awesome sound quality as well, and i’ve had no problems with them.

These buds sound really good but,as with most earbuds they get loose in your ears. They do come with three different size caps,(the middle sized ones work best. )better than most, and sound amazing but like i saidthey get loose.

These are the best earbuds i’ve ever used.

I originally bought these because they were cheap and came with small ear tips. I have small ears and with the smallest size ear tip, the ear pieces actually fit without falling or becoming painful. The sound quality surprised me from such an inexpensive set of ear buds. They rival my set of ear candy ear buds i used to have, but are a quarter of the price. The crystal/stone really isn’t my thing, i would have preferred plain ones, but for the price i don’t mind it being there. That being said, the stone is set well in the ear pieces and looks to be of decent quality. Again, better than i expected for the price. I would definitely recommend them, even over some of the more expensive brands.

Good audio, jack fits my iphone perfectly but one gem fell out almost immediately.

I purchased several of these to have on hand.

I’m not sure why people are giving this headphone such a bad review. It works just as good as those expensive headphones. I also accidentally washed these headphones the other day and to my surprise it still works just fine.

I ordered 2, for the price it was a great deal. They work great and i would buy them again.

Excellent sound performancei’m glad i purchased them. They are a little ‘blingy’ with the diamond ends but i think theirsound is great.

It is sad that these ear buds are discontinued. I have purchased many, even very expensive pairs, and have returned every one of them. I cannot find the comfort in my ear like i do with these maxell crystal ear buds. The quality of sound is very good for a pair that costs under $20. The pair i was replacing are the maxell crystal ear buds and lasted me a couple of years (with taking good care of them). They still work if i play around with the cord. I purchased an extra pair because they were discontinue.

Really nice sound, however the jewels both fell off within a day or so but it doesn’t effect sound quality at all.

I have really small ears (like a child). Normal earbuds do not fit into my ears and are very irritating, these are super comfortable and i kind of like the minimal bling.

Great clarity & corn length. Great to have the extra tips as well.

Great sound for the price – even if they don’t hold up, they are really good cheap headphones for a minute. And what more can you ask for for $3?.

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