KZ Ed9 Kz-ed9 Moving Coil Noise Cancelling Heavy Bass Music HiFi Dj Monitor Studio Sports Metal 3 : I like these earbuds very much

As with all kz, these headphones perform way above their pricepoint. Great bass response, and the overall sounds is very pleasing. After getting these, i’d love to try out the other kz models to see if they are as spectacular.

After viewing so many positive reviews on these earbuds, i was really excited to try them out. I know i should not be so critical about such low-priced earbuds, but my review is going to be based on its high rating. Pros: as reported in several places, these headphones do have very high quality and seem to be built very well. I especially like the cord that doesn’t seem to tangle as badly as others. As far as sound quality, these earbuds do seem to have a decent balance across all frequencies. It seems that i am experiencing some of my music in a new way because i am now able to hear certain parts or instruments that i had not heard before. They also offer a neat 3d effect in sound that i actually haven’t seen advertised. I was watching a netflix show today and actually turned my head because i thought somebody was speaking right next to me. Cons: this is where i get really critical. Though the sound is fairly balanced across the spectrum, there really is not much to say about the bass frequencies.

These cheap iems were quite a surprise. Bought on a whim, i figured they would end up in my junk box along with so many other cheap chinese phones, but. Rather solidly built, comes with two sets of removable inserts, one neutral, one that adds a bass bump. Great sound, balanced, they go fairly deep, though probably wouldn’t be considered for true bassheads. The earpieces are real metal too. A no brainer at this price point.

My dogs like to hunt down and chew up my headphones so i wanted an inexpensive pair to keep around the house. I have to say i was very surprised at the excellent sound on these bad boys. Hard to believe the quality of the audio they put out. I think i like them better than headphones i have paid more than $50 for. They are certainly are a value at less than $15.

  • Powerful and clean non-fatiguing sound!
  • Five Stars
  • Amazing Sound Quality and Flat monitor sound !!

Kz Ed9 Kz-ed9 Moving Coil Noise Cancelling Heavy Bass Music HiFi Dj Monitor Studio Sports Metal 3.5mm Earphones Headphones Earbuds with Micphone for iPhone Samsung HTC Mp3 Mp4

  • ED9 is a bit extreme definition of new flagship headphones, variable tuning device with patent
  • Frequency Range:7-46200 (Hz)
  • Sensitivity:106 (dB)
  • Speaker diameter:6.8 (mm)
  • Use:Mobile Phones/computers/mp3/mp4/tablents

I like these earbuds very much. Great sound quality, frequency response evenly distributed. Good bass response, midrange and treble. Only flaw is that sometimes, when speaking on the phone, the other person hears an echo.

I’m pleasantly surprised that this product is so fabulous. I would get at least 3 more.

Excellent for the price bass is lovely.

I give 5 out of 5 for the amazing sound quality and sound that’s put in these i only heard one side because my headphones only play loudly from the right side, (i messaged the company about that. ) overall this price and the protective box are well worth the money .

Arrived in a small plastic box, it had a very basic cover graphics and a detailed spec on the back. Under the cover it had a nice display presentation with a foam cutout and ed9 inside of it. Though it was minimalistic, for such low price kz actually included a set of 3 hybrid eartips (s/m/l, hybrid design with a red core) and a set of 2 filters. Yes, hard to believe but this design accommodates replaceable metal nozzle-filters that screw into the shell of headphones. And as a bonus there was an extra pair of hybrid eartips used as a “holder” for 2nd set of filters. Starting with a cable, this is something you wouldn’t expect from a “budget” iem. It has a quality gold plated l-shaped connector with a nice strain relief. The multi-colored twisted wires are inside of a clear rubbery shielding which is soft and easy to manage without getting tangled too much. Y-splitter is small and rubbery with a nice strain relief around all 3 points of wire connection. Right side of the wire also has inline remote control with universal multi-function single button and mic right next to it.

Cord leaves some room to improve-it’s very noisy and gets horribly tangled. But i suppose that is the nature of a cord.

Excellent set of earbuds with powerful and clean sound, very similar to their superb cousins, the kz-ate, but with a bit more extended highs. They are very comfortable to wear and come with two sound filters to satisfy different tastes.

These are the best earphones i’ve ever received. They are very, very clear like very. They have so much bass (which i like ),they could give u a headache. They are a little heavy since they are medal but they are ­čĺ»­čĺ». I would recommend this to anyone who are earphone lovers like myself. . I like the way they are built, instead of the left and right earphone lines being intertwined together they are separated.

But i did not feel that it has the noise canceling effect as the product description says. In addition, the cord of the earphone kind of has a plastic smell what i dislike.

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KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones, Very nice!

I just received my earphones and i love them. They are clear and i enjoy using them for audiobooks.

These are really quite good for cheap. The shipping from china can be slow but that’s just part of the price you pay for the price. Also the microphone version of these aren’t available from a us based seller last i looked. They feel heavy in the hand put they are secure once inserted. They punch way above their price-class for audio quality. I prefer the gold filters, the longer brass ones over-bright and lacking bottom-end for me. They sound like you don’t have your earphones seated right, i think it’s from the little hole in the side. But the golds are nice, bassy without being overkill, and still clear up top.

At the time of writing, i’ve had these ear buds for about a month. For the price, the sound quality is pretty good. I typically used the shorter nozzles in the buds themselves and they worked fine. The mic worked fine and was clear as far as i could tell. I had no complaints when using the mic in discord or in overwatch. However, the right ear bud has already gone out, at least in some form. The mic and button still work, but i’ve tried it on three devices (my pc, iphone 5, and n3ds) and the actual sound for the right bud only worked on one, the 3ds. Even on that it had to be pushed in but not all the way. I’m not sure why it went out so soon but my only guess is because the rubber that wraps the cords is a bit gripy when wrapped and having to unwrap them whenever i take them out of my pockets probably did it. So in short, the buds are great but it looks like they’ll start acting up after a less than ideal period of time.

Key specs for KZ ED9 Tunning Nozzles In-Ear Headphones with Microphone:

  • Bass and balanced tunning nozzles, with different musical styles
  • Innovative T-shaped driver unit, make soft feel of sound and better extension of vocals
  • New vibrant PEK diaphragm, has purer vocals, dynamic texured bass
  • Musical instruments level acoustics copper housing
  • 3.5mm gold-planted jack with 90-degree angle; 3.9-foot flat tangle-free cord

Comments from buyers

“tl:dr decent quality but started going out in one bud after around a month
, Worth the wait.
, Great sound.

Came with lots of earplug sizes and the build quality is good.

Great sound, i use it all the time. It’s small size lets me take it with me wherever i go coupled with the sabaj da1 dac. They seem to be out of production so i would get a pair asap. You can’t go wrong with these.

These are to ear buds what superlux are to cans. I’ve been looking for a cheap pair of exceptional sounding earbuds for quite some time. Can’t wait to burn them in a little more. I’m a little worried about how frail the wires are in comparison to the surprisingly heavy build of the body, but we’ll see how they hold up.

Simply outstanding audio quality. It’s like a symphony in your ear.

Brought more expensive earbuds that did not sound as good.

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KZ ATE S Hi-Fi IEM Sports Headphones : Some Shortcomings

Sound great, really conftable, but tje button presses really easily and music stops or increases an decreases the volume alone. I recomend it but without the button, its really annoying.

I got these based on a reddit comment while discussing the┬ázero audio carbo tenore┬ásaying that these were great headphones for the money. That may very well be true, but they definitely need new tips on them; the ones that come with it (and it’s only one size, as opposed to the zero audio ones which come with s/m/l) do not seal well in my ears, reducing the output to “background noise. “i intend to measure them and get replacement tips, to see if they perform any better (depending, of course, on how much tips cost; lest i throw good money after bad)it isn’t obvious from the product photos, but the wire running from the earbud to that first “knob” connecting to the cord itself is bendable, semi-rigid wire designed to wrap around your ears and hold things in place. For me, at least, it does no such thing and the ear buds move around quite a bit. However, i’m hoping that can be chalked up to the tips not seating well. Speaking of the cord, it is **by far** the thing i hate most about these headphones. It is sticky or rather they failed to coat the wire in a smoothing agent, so the cords stick to themselves making putting them away awkward. The cord also seems to have a perpetual curl in it, which again makes it awkward to use. I regret that i am not describing this well, but the tl;dr is “be prepared to dislike the cable. “i have not had/made an opportunity to try out the inline mic.

Sounds really great, the chord is really light, the ear pieces are comfortable and it comes with extra ear pieces.

These are phenomenal in ear monitors. They sound a lot better than my $90+ headphones of the past. They get even better after about 50+ hours of play. These are extremely nice for the money grab a few pairs.

  • Broke after 19 days
  • They sound about like you would expect them to sound
  • Some Shortcomings

KZ ATE S Hi-Fi IEM Sports Headphones with Super Bass and Noise Isolating, Mic Edition

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Independent sound channel for each driver, bring you a new kind of auditory sense, dental, and sound like feeling extremely rich.
  • The midbass and treble driver unit have a rich, vigorous performance at bass, midrange and treble; bass, mids and treble is rich and energetic.
  • Excellent sound quality with vast sound field, for magnificent spatial aspects of the sound.
  • With the stylish design and high-end sound quality,work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices.
  • Durable, Designed with a memory wire technology, the in-ear headphones make it easier to keep moving, providing a locked-in fit.

Best for its price range no doubt about it. Use them more than my apple earpods and samsung earphones.

Sounds excellent i use mainly for rock or more guitar focused music. Nice good thump on the low end doesn’t kill the rest of the music.

I finally got these headphones in after waiting for almost 3 weeks. First off to let you guys know these headphone came in from china, and the shipping will be really really really slow. So don’t be in a hurry for them. Now that is out the way lets discuss the headphone themselves. They are of descent build quality. They are solid enough for you to be able to toss them around but not abuse them. The fit is nice and the angled tips really fit my ears well. The hooks on the ears are bendable and can be manipulated to any shape to get that perfect fit. So i will give them a 5 star for fit and comfort. Now the music part, if you are a bass head then skip these, they are not at all bass heavy.

I wear them while at work so they are tugged on a lot and have held up great. Sound good for music but mostly used for audio books.

Sounds great, but the plugs are very large. I kept them as backup, and now rarely use them.

Mic button fell out after 19 days of casual use. The button is also used to hold on the mic’s outer cover in-place which keeps the two plastic halves sandwiched around the mic’s circuit board. I’ll plan on returning them since they broke within the first 30 days if i knew where the button was i’d just shove it back in but if vanished while walking between class. I will re-order them because they sound so good but if the second pair also fail i’ll update the review and lower the rating. I also have a pair of the beteran kz ate kz-ate dynamic balanced armature iems. That version has a much better mic design less but i prefer the “memory wire” ear loops on the sport super bass version. It’s hard for me to tell the two apart acoustically. My ears aren’t good enough they both sound great, the super bass version might be punchier than the balanced version but i’d need a frequency response curve to say that for sure. They use the exact same driver ear piece and the speakers inside look exactly the same. There is a larger white thing just inside the small hole by the stem that’s used to balance the pressure inside and outside of the headphones.

Got these for running, worked amazing, never had to adjust them mid run. The sound was very good with tight bass but not as bassy as the ed8’s. After 2 weeks of use the left driver came loose inside the housing and rattles. I would rate 5 stars if not for that. Will order another pair when i get around to it.

Good sound and very comprtable.

I bought these to replace my audio technica ath pro 700 mk2 in the gym. I needed a cheap in earphones and read the reviews. I put my faith in the reviews and decided to give these a shot. I bought these just to try it and test it myself to see whether they would live up to the hype and they knocked my socks off.If you are planning to buy beats then drop that thought and get these instead. The eq is bass heavy, trebles are not soft, and mid-range is challenged. However, if the eq is adjusted, these little gems will surprise you. The bass could bleed into mid-range and distort the sound if eq is not set properly. I use viper4android on my g3 and these kz ate s match very well. I have also tried these with little dot i+ tube amplifier andkz ate s never cease to amaze me.

Sound from one ear is more muted.

The best iem earbud out there for the money. It honestly sounds better than earbuds and headphone ranging at the price above $100.

Best bass for the price, almost as good as my audio technica m50xs.

The ability to shape these to your outer ear is great and sound quality is decent, but these do have some shortcomings. The microphone has sharp edges that constantly catch on the collars of my shirts causing the headphones to tug on my ear. And speaking of the microphone, if you’re outside talking on the phone, any wind noise is heard by the person on the other end of the call. I have had no complaints on calls indoors. Typically with a pair of in-ear headphones, if i put the cable over my ear, i virtually eliminate noise caused by the cables rubbing on my shirt. The over-the-ear design of these headphones does not eliminate this noise. Also, the length of the cable could stand to be a few inches longer. For the price though, they’re not a bad set of headphones.

I enjoy music probably more than the average guy. So i’m comparing these to klipsch x10 and symphonized nrg 3. For some songs, they will sound better than x10’s. These are way better than nrg’s. These have more bass than x10, but the x10 is probably slightly clearer. At lower volume, x10 is noticeably more clear. At higher volumes these just sounded better than the $100 headphones. Though the x10s are way more comfortable though.

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