Koss BDZ1 Two-Pack Earbud Headphones, awesome value

The quality of the sound seems fine, but i cannot get them loud enough to really test them. I bought these for my 2 small children, so that they could listen to their dvd on car trips. They seem to like them ok, although the buds are a little big. But when i tried to listen to music with them, i could barely hear.

I recently got a portable dvd player and decided i should get a set of earbuds to listen to it when i travel. Well, its amazing what sets of earbuds cost these days. Most single pairs are 8-10 dollars, and unless you are paying for the noise cancelation ones, i honestly can’t tell a huge difference from one brand to another. Besides, i wasn’t looking to break the bank for earbuds i would use spiradically. Luckally, i ran across this set a retail store, and it was perfect for my use. My dvd player has 2 headphone ports, and this is a two pack. The sound quality is what is what i expect from earbuds, and i might have lower expectations. But, it’s good enough for me, and i got two for the price of what one pair is for most.

I have bought these ear buds on 3 differant occasions. For myself, my boyfriend and my neice. They are very good quality & 2 sets with a case for under $10 is the bargain of the year. The only thing, my neice is 12 years old and found them a little too big for her ears. But someone will be able to use them with all the portable dvd players & ipods in our home, they won’t go to waste.

Key specs for Koss BDZ1 Two-Pack Earbud Headphones with Case:

  • 2-Pack Of Ultra-Lightweight In-The-Ear Earbuds
  • Includes See-Through, Compact, Wind-Up Spool Carrying Case
  • Freq Resp: 80 Hz 20 Khz. Connectivity Technology: Wired

Comments from buyers

“good considering the price
, decent sound, great value

They look good but the black things are like falling off so ya other wise there good.

I got these at a chain store (similar price to amazon) to go with my portable dvd player, and they are more than adequate to make a movie enjoyable. Plus, my dvd player has two headphone out jacks, so i can share the movie with others. Small, cofortable fit, nice case for one set of buds to wind up into. Only negative is that the second set of buds do not have a case. Don’t know why they marketed it this way, but the price was right. Hope you find good luck with these as well.

I purchased a lot of these headphones for my piano keyboarding class. It was an excellent value to receive two headphones in one pack. They seem to work great so far.

I bought them because the ones that came with my psp fit my ears funny and tend to give me a slight earache if i wear them for too long. These are decent quality, they still hurt my ears. But not as quickly as the psp earbuds. I have a laptop bookbag, so i put these earbuds in one of the zipper pockets when i’m not using them. Every month or so the foam comes off. I wish both earbuds came with the wind up protector case. However, for the price i can’t complain. I work in a cube farm, so the sound quality is good enough to drown out the noisy phone conversations. If you’re looking for a set of earbuds that shut out all noise around you and are so comfortable you don’t even remember that you’re wearing them. Then shell out more cash and buy a more expensive ‘brand name’ pair.

I bought these earbuds as a replacement for my ipod headphones. 99 for new ipod earbuds when you can get these for less than $10. However, for those of you who are used to the ipod’s earbud feel. These are completely different and will feel very uncomfortable at first. These buds do not fit into your ear like their ipod counterparts. Instead, they sit on the bottom portion of your ear. Once they’re in that position, they feel fine and don’t move. But, getting them into that position is a pain, sometimes literally. Would have got 5 stars if they weren’t so darn uncomfortable.

The depth and clarity of these earphones are amazing-even better than i expected. I recommend them to anyone who is searching for a pair-or two-of earphones.

In retrospect i probably would have bought the koss sparkplugs instead, but i’m not disappointed with these buds. The sound is decent; it’s a little thin unless you insert them right, which is sometimes a bit difficult due to their size. However, it’s a fantastic value: you get two sets of koss earbuds for less than $10. At that price you won’t need koss’s lifetime warranty for these earbuds.

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Koss Keb30W In-Ear Headphone – Great at blocking outside noise

I like it, good sounds and nice quality for the price. The reviews are so mixed on these, but i have had nice luck with koss.

The volume slide is especially to use. Very comfortable in my ears. I only bought these because the vacuum cleaner ate the first pair i’d bought.

Lost my first pair after only using them twice, and got another pair from santa 🙂 .

I bought these online because of their great reviews and because i love koss’ products–especially their portapro over-ear phones. If i could, i would only use the portapro’s, but there are times when i need to wear hearing protection, so i need in-ear phones. These keb30w’s have incredible sound compared to my more expensive but disappointing sony earbuds that my wife bought me as a surprise. The keb30w’s sound and fit great and have a separate volume control. No detectable distortion at high volume. I could not call them noise-cancelling, but they are pretty darn close. These are a great price and koss’ warranty kills their competitors, for good reason. They make a great range of products. No, i don’t work for koss nor does anyone i know.

Good sounding buds compared to the $10 models. Would recommend, i threw out the other size ear adapter and the small size keeps falling out of my ears. I bought them because of the volume switch feature, it will nicely decrease the volume if you need to talk to someone or something.

The sound is good and i like that you can adjust the volume on the wire. In fact, i had bought another set to replace the first (the cat ate them) and i disliked them so much that i went to amazon to see if i could find the koss.

  • Koss does it again
  • For $19 or so, hard to beat.
  • Best ear phones

At the rate i lose headphones, i can’t afford to be spending $70, $80, $100+ every time i need to replace them. As apple’s offerings are essentially crap, i needed something that delivered reasonable fidelity for an economy price. It’s hard to find buds that fit my ears comfortably, but fortunately, the keb-30s come with three different sizes of removable ear buds, so it’s easier to find a fit that works. Ok, the volume slider is cheesy — that’s why you can get them new for $20. They do a good job blotting out ambient noise and letting one concentrate on the music. They’re not the best headphones you’ll ever own, but they’re quite probably the best $20 headphones you’ll ever own. Far, far superior to the apple earbuds/earpods. If you need an in-line mic, you’re out of luck here, though.

Sound quality is decent, but i love these because of the amount of airplane noise they block out.

I special ordered these because i had another pair that i bought at another retailer and i really liked them. But these do not have the same volume that the old ones did. I’ve tried everything but seems they just don’t have the same volume.

Features of Koss Keb30W In-Ear Headphone, White

  • High Quality White In-Ear (Ear Bud) Headphone with in line Volume control & 3.5mm plug
  • includes 3 sizes of cushions for a customized fit
  • In-Ear design fits snugly and is ideal for active lifestyles
  • Available in White , Black, or Silver
  • Frequency Response 15-20,000 Hz, Sensitivity 109db SPL

High Quality White In-Ear (Ear Bud) Headphone with in line Volume control & 3.5mm plug

includes 3 sizes of cushions for a customized fit

In-Ear design fits snugly and is ideal for active lifestyles

Available in White , Black, or Silver

Frequency Response 15-20,000 Hz, Sensitivity 109db SPL

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Koss In Ear Headphone iL100K – – good fit, high quality construction

If you assume you can’t afford exceptional sound quality, great information, you happen to be wrongthank you koss, thank you amazon.

Storytime: i upgraded from a koss ‘the plug’ because my cat made the decision she appreciated those earbuds as much as i did. (but instead of utilizing them for music, she vigorously chewed on the cord right until it frayed aside, the very little munchkin. ) among their untimely demise and my invest in of these earbuds, i tried two other individuals: a pair of fancy hunting earbuds (forte clarity bass-hi res wooden earbuds), and they sounded terrible – sharp and lacking in depth. Then i experimented with some nicely-reviewed cheapo earbuds (jvc hafx8b), and the sound was suitable. Not distressing, but absolutely nothing that manufactured me want to shut my eyes and sink into the tunes. Additionally, they felt flimsy and gentle. Soon after those disappointments, i finally decided to go for these, and remembered how very good earbuds could be. Seem: abundant, in-depth, and whole. These have a awesome punchy bass without having it being mind-boggling. I listen to a ton of folk tunes, indie rock, pop, and many others, and i sense like i can listen to each individual element in the music, and it truly is all really crystal clear.

I just received my koss il100k the audio is unbelievable highs lows mid-array the il100k can tackle it. Really don’t drop asleep sporting them you may perhaps oversleep considering you ended up in heaven.

These ear buds are, well, a blended bag. Let’s confront it: ear buds just will not final that very long. Even larger-finish ear buds sooner or later fail. I obtained them in may perhaps 2016. It truly is now november 2017, and i’m about to store for new types, mainly because the appropriate ear bud isn’t functioning anymore. I have to have my computer stability at a little something like 15/50 to maintain a semblance of stereo seem, and even then, the audio in the correct ear just has a rattle for bass appears, and the sound is much extra compressed, like if you’re listening to a 32 kbs sound file. one one/two a long time is not a negative operate for a pair of ear buds, significantly at $20, but i’d have most popular to pay out a bit a lot more and get double or triple that. My outdated zune earphones lasted a excellent 6 several years.

I acquired the koss in ear headphone il one hundred two unique periods on amazon. They are cautiously packaged and extremely properly built. The sound good quality & selection is superb – pretty great for both highs and lows. I would hugely propose them to any individual looking for wonderful audio at a realistic price. I use them all around the household and when going for walks outside. They remain in put and are very cozy. Pretty much did not invest in them just after studying a one particular star assessment on amazon, but considered i would consider them out. I am pretty happy that i purchased them and quickly acquired a 2nd pair.

The interlocking is a whole gimmick but essentially kinda is effective. Headphones have a pretty dark sound with supurb bass, good match, high good quality design, and you are not able to conquer a lifetime warranty.

  • Look no further – build and sound are earbud perfection
  • Impressive Sound at a Low Price
  • These weren’t half bad. I purchased them in May 2016

Features of Koss In Ear Headphone iL100K – Black

  • interlocking design for easy storage
  • Noise-isolating headphone
  • Cast and machined aluminum enclosure
  • three different size cushions for perfect fit
  • 4′ cord with 3.5mm plug. Connectivity Technology: Wired

interlocking design for easy storage

Noise-isolating headphone

Cast and machined aluminum enclosure

three different size cushions for perfect fit

4′ cord with 3.5mm plug.

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