Klipsch Image X7i – WHITE In-Ear Headphones : Very comfortable & great sound after you find the proper fit

This is my second pair of klipsch iems but they are better than my last set. Great bass tonality and wonderful highs. The mid tones are rock solid as well. I would recommend these to anyone looking to hear the best in music. The also mask the outside sounds quite well.

These headphones are brilliant, the x10i’s are slightly better, more depth and colour. The x7i’s are brilliant headphones. I have gone through so many sets of headphones, that i could almost open my own 2nd hand headphone store. My humble verdict, is that the klipsch brand are superior headphones. The only thing i can’t fathom is why people would want to buy expensive headphones and then go and listen the muddled sound that comes out of mp3’s even the ones at a high bit rate of 320. When i first sampled the x10i’s in the store i was nearly floored by the quality of the sound, i had not heard headphones so brilliant before. So i bit the bullet and bought them, they were quite expensive. To my dismay when i got home and connected my ipod they sounded not much better than the cheap headphones that come with your phone. Then i thought about the songs they played in the shop and how crystal clear and full they sounded.

Klipsch Image X7i – WHITE In-Ear Headphones

  • Ceramic design offers elegance and durability
  • 3-button remote for full music + voice control on select Apple products
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear and enhanced bass
  • Full-range balanced armature drivers deliver deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs
  • New flat, tangle resistant cables

Would give 5 star except it seems to break after a year.

Satisfied with the earphone. However since it is a used and opened piece, the earphones collecte dust and some glitches were to be found on the earphones. There is one pair of ear buds that is missing which should be five pairs as indicated on the box. It lacks a bass punch though. Overall i am pleased with the sound quality and it seems you can listen to these earphones over a long period with comfort and ease.

Fantastic deal on an excellent sounding pair of headphones. These do a great job of preventing my fiance from listening to me on a daily basis.

Klipsch Image X7i – WHITE In-Ear Headphones : I have owned several klipsch sound reduction ear buds. I am very pleased with the sound purity for the price. Clearly beat out the larger name commodity ear buds. Yes, blue tooth offers conveniences. But do not need to worry about battery life.

Only had these for a week but the first impression is quite good. Here’s what sounds good on them. So pretty much anything that isn’t bass heavy music like house or hip hop. Having said that, if you don’t ming having a balanced bass sound then you can use these for that type of mucus as well. The highs are spectacular on these. It makes for a super cool open effect when you’re listening. And they are super comfortable. You can’t even tell when you’re wearing them.

I was looking for an upgrade to the stock issued white iphone ear buds to use at the gym during my workouts. These ear buds were recommended by elijah wood on twitter and had good amazon reviews so i tried them out. These buds come with several rubber tips, a nice carry case and a 2-prong adapter. I listen mainly to dubstep and rap and a little to pop, techno and r&b. Sound quality: the sound is amazing compared to stock iphone ear buds. The bass isn’t as strong as i was hoping for. I have to really cram these buds in my ear canal to get a good bass experience. But with a good cram, the bass is there and sounds nice. The noise cancelling does work. If i need to eat a snack with these buds in i can hear all my chewing and smacking. When i’m running i can hear my foot falls on the treadmill until i jack the volume up. During workouts: these buds are terrible for running. The combination of bouncing and sweating pops these buds right out of my ears no matter which rubber tip i have on. I have tried each tip with my run and they all suck.

Excellent sound quality for me, i had owned 4 pairs of the s4-ii but always doesn’t last long, either side stop working, had twice ask for replacement, love klipsch so decided to try this, so far working good just a little bit uncomfortable sometimes as cord is too heavy and just drop out from my ear if do a lot of movement.

The flat cable is pretty resistant to tangles and twists but is more susceptible to wind noise. It comes with interchangeable ear buds so you can pick the best fit for your ears.

It started with a decision to buy a good pair of headphones for once in my life. Over a year i used the skullcandy ink’ed 2, listening to them all day every day at work. Finally, i felt i deserved better. But i wasn’t sure i could appreciate better. Could my ears really tell the difference?i bought the klipsch r6m. $100 didn’t seem too much for this experiment. Much lower and i would confuse the data. I needed to know if i could tell quality from crap.

Their response is as flat and accurate as the old etymotics were (before the wiring broke – they were too flimsy for my use), which means they sound terrific. After a year of use and some unfortunate lurches from dropping my phone, they still work very well. Very glad about this upgrade in quality and sturdiness.

Great pair of headphones — 6 months after purchase they still work well. Imo the sound quality is pretty good and i haven’t had any of the build problems that others have had. Both sides still work and i’ve dropped them multiple times with no problem. In fact, i even have a cat who likes to try and eat them regularly and still there’s very little damage. To those reading the bad reviews and thinking about purchasing a pair of mid-range headphones, it is a good idea to assess how often you will be using them, where you keep them, what kind of weather conditions you’re using them in, and if the investment is worth it. Most headphones, with regular use, take an absolute beating. People here are saying 2 years it seems. That’s actually a pretty long time for something you wear on your body in the rain and wind and snow and sun, with the motion of your body constantly tugging on the cord. And then after that, most people will shove them in their pockets or their bags to be squished or folded or put through the wash on accident. In my experience audio equipment is often fragile by nature.

Only people who don’t appreciate real music. Klipsch has been doing this years before beats became trendy and fashionable. You won’t see people wearing them around their necks like an accessory but in their ears tuning the world out.

Note: i bought these headphones 2 months ago. After using them heavily in traveling and running, i decided to write down this review. I owned a pair of bose mie2i headphones which i bought almost 2 years ago. Very good sound quality, but after two years of heavy use the cables started to break so i decided to give a chance to this pair of klipsch x7i. Once i started to listen to random tracks i was surprised. I found some instruments in many tunes that i haven’t heard before with the bose mie2i. For such a small pieces of hardware i am amazed of how rich and powerful they can sound. Not only sound quality is better than mie2i but also the x7 are made of better materials–the ceramic is way better than the plastic bose use. Cables also feel stronger and never tangle. These are more expensive than bose mie2i but you really get a better product.

I have owned shure, bose, sennheiser, klipsch, and a whole bunch of other brands. I bought these to replace a set of sennheiser cxc 700 active noise canceling headphones that i bought. The sennheisers were nice, but they were not loud enough, and they did not do a very good job of keeping out the noise. So i bought set x7i headphones, and boy am i glad i did. I ride a noisy bus every day and i can barely hear anyone or anything other than what is playing in the speakers. These things do a great job with sound reproduction too. Update: after only 3 months of ownership, my left ear bud stopped working. I used these at least 3 hours every day and i took really good care of them. I sent klipsch an e-mail requesting an exchange. I have not yet heard back from them, but i will update. $180 is too much to spend for disposable headphones. I sure hope that they will exchange them. Update: klipsch sent me the information that i needed to return the headphones.

Let me preface this by saying i’m not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. I’m coming off of two years of suffering through having to use iphone earbuds after my dog ate my etymotic research hf2s, biding my time until i could drop some decent cash on a pair of noise-isolating iems. I had been eyeing this pair and finally went for it with the prime price drop. I’ve been so long removed from having a good set of headphones that all i know is i’m pleased with hearing my music through a good set of iems again. You won’t get critiques of clear mids or deep bass here. I’m just a guy who loves music and needs to be able to plug in at work without leaking too much or destroying my eardrums. For me it’s the perfect combination of style and function. Haven’t encountered any caveats with fit, the wire, remote or anything.

Musical and uncolored; articulate. Some reviews have said it lacks bass, but it is there if the source material has it. A good ear seal is required for optimum bass, and these are extremely comfortable and lightweight so achieving a good, comfortable fit is easy. The klipsch oval silicone pads are very comfortable. What they do not do is exaggerate the bass, or any other portion of the musical spectrum. My only negative is that the flat ribbon wire tends to be microphonic, so minimizing cable movement is required. Give these a try and find out the reason why one should spend over $100 for a set of earbuds.

Comfort and sound quality is one of the best earbuds that i had used. However, cable noise is quite evident if you move a lot or you use it for sports activities. However, i kinda regret getting the white colour as it gets dirty quite easily.

A little crisper than the s4, but i can’t tell if that was because the s4 was a knock-off or not (ok driver, flimsy build). Very nice mid-range detail, highs are good (i’m 60 and probably can’t hear them so much anymore. ) you have to jam these guys way in to get any bass.

I’ve owned klipsch speakers for years and bought my 1st pair of klipsch in-ear headphones more than 5 years ago. They are still in perfect shape, but were recently used by my spouse and never returned to me. I got the opportunity to trade up to these wonderful headphones and they are awesome. They block out most of the outside noise and lock you into what they are sending into your ear, clear crisp, sharp music. Highly recommend these to anyone.

The headphones were great till the mic stopped working around 15 months after purchase. This will be my last klipsch purchase.

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Klipsch Image S4i Rugged – ORANGE All Weather In-Ear Headphones – Not good for exercise, but excellent for long flight

Pretty good headphones if you get them on sale. I listen to a lot of songs with bass and they just don’t put it out well. They are very tough looking and haven’t failed me yet and came with 4 different ear peices that stay in very well (as long as you wrap them around your ears and use the clip included to hold the weight of the large clicker) the clicker is pretty big but is nice for when you are wearing gloves. They do get pretty loud but as i said just not heavy on bass. Also the only buttons that work with my straight talk cell phone is the pause and forward functions. Not the volume (up and down) or reverse song function that i was excited for. Not one of the buttons work on my old ipod either so keep that in mind.

I have owned and used these for 2 years now so its time for a review. Pro’s:sound is great once you get them sorted out and fitted to your ears. They are a little more on the bass-y side than say bose. I like to have a little extra bass. Cables are relatively tangle free and durable. Clearly with buttons this large they are easy to use. These really stay in the ears well even when running. Con’s:these come with a few different size buds as everyone has different ears. Problem is that i could not get any of them to work. The ends of the rubber tips just pressed into the wall of my ears and i could not hear anything. I ended up reading that someone else had the same problem and fixed it by cutting off, little by little, the ends of the rubber until they no longer pressed against the ears and one could actually hear music. The controls are perhaps a little too large. While the plastic case is light and so far has been durable, i would prefer something slightly smaller for running as it does bounce around just a little.

Sound quality is not as good as previous klipsch headphones i owned but fine. Way better fit and sound quality than earphones that come with the iphone. Nice being able to control the volume and navigate forward and backward through songs through the remote control. Without headphones my phone audio quality seems poor unless i’m in a very quiet location or unless i use headphones, so headphones are a ‘must have’ accessory. The wires get tangled less than previous headphones, as there is a sliding clip connecting the ear pieces. The ear pieces are angled to improve the fit or the sound in your ears, but if they are positioned incorrectly, the sound is blocked. No big deal you adjust them. I walk while talking or listening to music with no problems but i have not run with these. After years of running, when i started listening to music while running, i would cross roads not hearing cars nearby, so avoided music plus running, too dangerous for me. I got yellow since it matched my black iphone and yellow and black phone case, and it looks really sharp.

Still rocking after 18 months and a lot of use. (i mean, what dummy gets on a plane without some kind of noise-cancelling ear bud?)and i just found these in the washing machine after going through the long extra dirty cycle with my travel stuff and they still worki’ve owned expensive shure brand in the past and they fell apart within 12 months and the company had a really poor customer service option (costing way more money than the ear buds were worth). I think these klipsch are great middle of the road on price and excellent value for the quality.

I have purchased over six sets of the s4i and two of the s4i rugged. I have found the same problem with both. The skip/call/answer button does not work for very long is you use them for exercise. I keep mine under my cycling jersey, so i sweat all over them. I purchased two pair of the rugged versions and purposefully kept one dry while sweating on the other. The control that stays close to my skin has stopped working reliably in short order. I can’t really fault this product as they do not claim to be sweat/moisture proof, but i do wish they would last longer in regards to sweat. I kept one pair in an oakley sunglasses bag in my front pocket for a year, every day everywhere i went, and they held up well. They sound fantastic, and the microphone works well.

These headphones are pretty much perfect for my needs. My brother has owned a pair of these for a while and i tried his out and was immediately sold. Pros:sound quality-these are the best sounding earbuds i’ve ever owned. I feel like many headphone manufacturers focus only on having huge bass, and while these certainly have that, they have amazing depth as well. When listening to all kinds of music, you can hear a great dynamic range. Acoustic guitar sounds amazing on these earbuds. Build quality- these can definitely take a beating, which suits my needs very well as i use them when running, lifting, and doing outdoor calisthenics. The toggle switch works pretty good with my lg android phone and it’s a pretty lightweight switch, so it doesn’t feel as clunky and heavy as some otherslong cord- yes. Not only do these earbuds sound great, but they actually have a long cord, which not nearly enough earbuds do. I’m a relatively tall man, and i would prefer to have my phone in my pants pocket while listening to it, but with most earbuds, it will pull with each stride on my runs, leaving the other options of holding my phone or wearing an armband, which i find uncomfortablecons:i haven’t come across any yet, will update my review accordingly if i find anything.

  • Long-lasting
  • In the middle
  • These are easily the best headphones under 50 bucks. Period.

Bought this since s4i started to tear and needed new one. I liked s4i, but didn’t want to buy the exact same one, wanted to see (or hear) different product, but new series was bit expensive, so chose this one. Thinking that having the same name (or series) of s4i, sound quality would be the same but not at all. Very disappointed on the sound. S4i had much much better sound qality (crisp) clear from top to bottom but this rugged one’s sounds isn’t clear at all. $10 more (in amazon) and get s4i is recommended. I personally don’t mind this but i didn’t expect to be this big.

While i mainly use them to studying and listen to music, i’ve also used it for phone activities but not for intense sport activity. The ear buds are very comfortable (sometimes i forget they’re there) and for the most part stay in my ear, though i have no used them during intense sport activity i could see how they would fall out if not properly mounted in the ear. It has great sound quality and those very near me cannot make out whether i’m even listening to anything. Plus they help a lot to cancel surrounding noise, not completely but they do a good job suppressing. My favorite feature is that the cords do not tangle, they seem to resist tangling so folding or rolling them up then bringing them back out is very easy. The buttons work well and click so you know you’ve pressed them and work with my android phone in terms of answering/hanging up the phone and playing music. The only downside i’ve notice is that at times those i’m talking to cannot hear me properly through the mic. I cannot determine why or when its happening. So very comfortable, mic could rarely be an issue.

I bought these to replace an earlier version of klipsch headphones that had lasted me years of use with working out, travel, daily use, etc. These did not stack up to the original pair. The design was similar, but they had problems with noise cancellation as well as the buttons sometimes not working when trying to use siri with the headphones. They’re sturdy and the overall physical quality makes it seem as they will last forever, where they ultimately failed though was the tech side of things.

So to be fair, i have owned a lot of higher end earphones from etymotic, shure, monster, etc. At first i did not find these earphones to be quite as detailed nor to reproduce the full frequency range of these other units. However, a short break-in period revealed that these earphones were entirely capably of producing very solid sound reproduction in their own right. The lowest lows and the highest highs do not match those of more audiophile-oriented offerings, but their mid-range reproduction is very pleasing. Moreover, the construction quality is outstanding, the components are solid, and the stock eartips are both extremely comfortable and effective in achieving laudable sound isolation. When you factor in the cost of these s4s relative to their competition, i have no reservations in recommending these units as an excellent contender worthy of consideration.

I’ve had and used these earbuds for over 3 years – since 2015. I wrap them and put them in the case and keep one in my backpack and one in my purse. I use them for long flights and while traveling. Pros:* durable – seriously, 3 years and both pairs still work. Several times a week, i wind the cord around the volume control and then unwind it. My cord won’t lay flat from all of the winding. But there are no shorts in the cord. * value – i paid around $50 for each pair and both are still working. * comfort – i can keep these things in for a 10-hour flight without ear pain. Though i’ve never tried sleeping with them in.

Features of Klipsch Image S4i Rugged – ORANGE All Weather In-Ear Headphones

  • All weather design resists moisture and functions thru extreme elements
  • Same award winning acoustics as the Image S4
  • Ruggedized with tough rubber moldings
  • X-large 3-button remote for easy control during outdoor activity
  • Directional mic for hands-free, crystal clear phone calls

All weather design resists moisture and functions thru extreme elements

My first pair still function perfectly but are plain s4’s (no controls on cord). I’ve since moved my music from my old ipod to my new iphone 6 and therefore wanted a headset with controls on the cord. Lucky for me, i found these here at huge discount. Since these are the ‘rugged’ model the control board is bigger than on the regular s4i’s, love it. Easy to control while i’m at workplease note s4 are without controls on cord. The s4i have controls on the cord and are for apple products. You can control volume, play/pause and fast fwd and rewind. They also have an android model s4a. Please be sure to get the model you need.Easily twice as loud as the earbuds apple gives you and yet way better sound quality.

I generally don’t like to spend too much on headphones because i either tend to lose them or break them. With that said, i was looking for a new pair of iems after i lost my bose ie2s, which i still consider to be the best overall headphones that i’ve ever owned. These klipsch s4is also happen to be my third pair of the line as i had previously broken two separate pairs of regular klipsch s4. I had also owned a pair of klipsch s3s, but they were very underwhelming, even though they were cheap. I tend to judge headphones on two things: sound quality and comfort. In terms of sound, these are simply the best iems i have listened to. Aside from the headphones i’ve owned, i’ve tested out many other pairs, more and less expensive. Compared to something like the bose ie2s, the s4 is more lenient towards the low-end, meaning there is more bass in songs, which tends to slightly distort the mids, but i have no problems with it because for my taste of music, the songs actually sound better. In terms of comfort, the s4s are okay. Not the best, not the worst.

These are comfortable and feel just like klipsch s4’s that i also own. The sound is great and they stay in my ears. The controls are absolutely huge though, but this is by design and is part of its ‘ruggedness. ‘ the size makes them easy to identify if you are not looking at them. My only complaint is that you can hear noise when you touch the wires. If you haven’t heard this sound before, its like the sound of a gust of wind blowing inside your ears. A lot of earbuds have this issue. It gets annoying though, especially if you are active (activity is part of the reason for this particular model). I bought these because i wanted orange earbuds. To that end, i am happily satisfied with them.

Had these a few weeks now and use them almost daily. They sound great and are rugged enough that i am pretty sure they will outlast most others i have gone through. They fit snuggly in my ears – never feel like they will fall out – and the weight of the controls isn’t as issue as i tuck them through sleeves or bra straps and let my clothing take any weight that may pull them out. I have a set of bose ear buds and they have slightly better sound but these are definitely up there close. This was a great deal – i have paid more for much less.

I bought these when they were around $50 because i lost my apple earbuds. When they arrived i was taken aback by the size of the control talk thing, which is very large. I tried to plug the end into my lifeproof case, but it didn’t fit, so i had to use an adapter. The sound quality on these earbuds is actually extremely good. I consider myself an audiophile, and i was impressed with what sound was delivered. When the earbuds are properly in ( a position that takes a little to get right and to get used to) the noise cancellation that occurs due to the earbud being in your ear is impressive, and when music is playing you will only be able to hear the outside world if sounds are moderately loud. My only complaint is that the mids on the headphones seem a little high, and the treble and bass could be boosted a little while mids are cut. All in all, very good headphones for the price.

I bought these klipsch s4i rugged earbuds for when i go jogging/running. When i first tried them out at home they seemed okay, good sound, good build, and fit in my ears with no discomfort. Now when i went running with them. A couple of problems occurred. First problem, i hear every footstep and stomp i make, so unless you are running to the tempo of the current song, this could be a really annoying. Second problem, the earbuds would fall out occasionally. I tried wrapping the wire around my ear, which helped somewhat, but not entirely. I still needed to adjust the buds every so often. In conclusion, the better headphones for me to jog/run with are the current standard apple headphones. You do not hear your foot stomping, they do not fall out, and they are easy to operate and have pretty good sound.

Same award winning acoustics as the Image S4

Excellent sound quality for ear buds in this price range. They are actually as good if not better than the ultimate ears i have, which cost 3x as much. The volume control is probably the only complaint. It is overly bulky, and might put strain on the cables while jogging or exercising. I also noticed while they sound great, the speaker drivers are obviously not as efficient, because they are not as loud as other ear buds i have. I use these with an ipod touch, and i can have the volume all the way up with these, and it is in no way too loud. So, relative to other ear buds i own, these are not as loud, but they do sound way better.

I’ve had these for around two years now, and they are going strong. I lost one of the rubber ear pieces and was able to buy more online. I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that the remote is in a slightly less-than-ideal place- it used to bounce around when i ran with it. Then i bought this little gadget called a ‘bud button’ to hold the cord in the right place, and it all works perfectly now. Overall i love the remote and the headphones. They don’t tell you this little trick, as far as i can tell. But:press the play button once and it pauses. Press it twice quickly and it skips to the next song. Press it three times quickly and it replays the current song.

Update: this pair only lasted a three and a half months before the left channel gave out. Amazon says the return period is over, so it’s very disappointing for the cost. I think i have to order them again, because i’m used to them and like them when they work, but buyer beware on the durability. First lasted two and a half years of indoor and outdoor use, including rain, before one earphone went out. Large buttons are a joy, and in-line playback features (double squeeze play button to skip forward, etc. The in-line mic is better than any headphones i’ve ever had as well, although i usually hold it in front of my mouth, as it can pick up loud noises like wind and bouncing against clothes easily. Easy to held without touching the mic though. By fat my favorite headphones ever.

I got these headphones as a gift for my spouse. He uses them all the time at his job and he says that he can easily switch between music and phone calls as well as easily selecting different songs and volume. I have to say as someone who has spoken to him while he is using these headphones, the calls are always crisp and easy to listen to. I never hear background noise or conversations so they are top notch at noise reduction. He loves these headphones and he is very active so they have held up to a lot of abuse and they still look, sound and work phenomenally.

(tldr at the end)i love these headphones. I am on my 5th(?) pair currently and have just placed an order for my 6th pair for whenever i destroy my current pair. (i play a little rough with my headphones. ) it is severely disappointing that klipsch has discontinued their rugged line. As you would expect from klipsch, the headphones have wonderful sound. I’m sure if you are looking for a good set of headphones, klipsch is a great company to consider. But, so are some other brands. The one common denominator of the multiple choices of headphones out there (even significantly more expensive alternatives) is weak construction. The very first thing i look at when evaluating a pair of head phones is wire thickness. Many companies have a super thin cable.

I had the original black version of this headphone, and after over a year of heavy use the wire broke. I use my original set >4 hours a day, 5 days a week, in sun, rain, snow etc. Often snagging on bushes, fences, gates. So its not surprising that they broke. The large buttons are great, providing me with control even when i wear gloves. I only wish there was a detachable portion of the cable below the controller to safely snap off when i snag it on anything. And i’d prefer a 90 degree connector instead of a straight connector. None the less, i totally recommend this headphone for use when you’re exposed to the elements.

Ruggedized with tough rubber moldings

I disagree with reviews that mention the volume control is so heavy it yanks the earpieces out. Maybe if you’re not inserting them correctly. I fit them in snugly, and they seem to stay just fine. Also, the more snug you insert the pieces, the better the bass response and overall sound profile. It’s also designed ergonomically so that it fits on your ear canal at an angle — it won’t fit well unless you turn it to the right angle, and that’s when the sound really kicks in. It also does a nice job of sealing out external noise. The only reason i’m not giving five stars is because an over-the-ear [air of headphones woith noise reduction will always sound better than in-ear plugs.

I give it a 4 star because one of the ears lost 90% of its volume output after about 2 years, but while both speaker were functioning properly, the product produced good sound, created a good seal, and were perfect for exercise. The price justifies the short shelf life of a product that had hundreds of hours put into it. Also of note, the control buttons worked. Turns out that there is a button combination i would trigger rarely that would call my last contact when i would fiddle while running. It always made for an awkward quarter mile for everyone involved.

I bought this from a friend recommendation. He has the non-ruggedized version. I was quite disappointed with this unit, but maybe because my friend set the bar too high. People here have mentioned that the ruggedized version is quite different fron the non-ruggedized version. The good: excellent sound isolation and quality. The construction appear to be very sturdy, and everything feel premium about this head set. The bad: sound isolation might be too good, i can’t heard cars, bike bell, or my dog jingling tag while running. This is a safety concern for me. While running i’ll have to turn the volume down to heard the stuff mentioned above, but something else came up when the volume is low. I heard the cord hitting the earpiece on my steps that i took.

Controlls are great for when i’m wearing golves. Big bottoms make it perfect for skiing. The oval tips are the only decent tips i have ever come across. Only issues are the bass, little too much and washed out, but you won’t notice unless you really really focus on it and directly compare it to a pair of good headphones with a flat frequency response. I bent the jack skiing but i was able to cut the wire and resodier a new one. Customer service was a bitch, they didn’t want to sell me a repair or the parts. They wouldn’t even tell me the color scheme of the wires. Fyi, it’s all green on tip, all red on 2, white on 3, copper on 4 or maybe copper and white are switched, i can’t remember.

These are my 2nd pair of more pricey earphones, after the monster isport strive, which was probably the worst pair of earphones i’ve ever had in my life. But we’re not here to talk about that. I bought the orange ones for the sake of the price and i really like it. The orange is a lot softer than the picture. And it’s easy to find in my purse when i’m too lazy to put it back in the given case. I enjoy the rubberized texture of the chord, making it pretty durable. The earbuds are small and fit perfectly in my ear canal, so i can wear them for hours without feeling any strain. These earphones are frickin spectacular. I love the bass, i don’t find it overpowering at all. As other reviews said, the mids are a tad weaker than i would have liked, but that’s a quick fix in the eq (on iphones, it’s under settings and music).

I agonized for a while trying to find sport headphones that i could afford and that delivered a reasonable blend of comfort, sweat-proof durability and good sound. I scoured reviews on cnet and other places and deduced that these headphones seemed to be the highest rated anywhere near this price point. I’ve only had them for a couple of days but i’ve used them for hours and find them to be well worth the price. In-ear buds are inherently uncomfortable for me, but there are limited options in this price range for sweat-proof sport phones, and i find these to be far more comfortable and stable that others i’ve tried or owned. The remote is a nice functionality that works well and the nice carrying case is big enough to fit the headphones + my ipod nano, which is a plus for convenience and protecting the nano.

Great earbuds with somewhat odd styling choices. Pros:the sound these little babies put out is amazing, one of the best i’ve ever heard via earbuds. The fit is excellent; both very comfortable and stays in the ear well while walking, etc. The included case is a great little bonus. It looks good, is easy to use and seems well made (tough fabric with zip on 3 sides style). Cons:the vivid blue is an unusual color choice and, while it makes it easy for me to quickly identify these earbuds from others, it’s a bit more of a statement than i want to make. The giant rectangular control module in the centre of the cord is cumbersome, unattractive and a bit annoying. I need to own a piece of my dissatisfaction with this part of the rig. I purchased these buds fully understanding that they’re intended to be used with an i-product (i-phone, i-pad, etc.

X-large 3-button remote for easy control during outdoor activity

I bought these because they look like a rugged set of earbuds made by a brand known for sound quality. Only one of those two qualities panned out. Pros:>rugged and durable indeed>big remote/buttons make it easy for quick grab and change of volume, track, etc>decent bass when using app eqcons:>sound quality is marginal at best. Maybe they need to break in longer?>remote is heavy. It has its own, noticeable gravitational pullthese will do as a set of snowboarding earbuds until they die. My snowboarding earbuds always die. Then i’ll get something better.

I purchased a fiiox3 high resolution music player and needed to upgrade my in-ear headphones. I researched my options and was torn between a few brands. I am a big fan of klipsch products so i decided to go with these plus the price was right. There was an even better price provided i purchased the red ones. The build quality seems to be on par with other klipsch products and the sound quality is very good so i highly recommend them from that standpoint. The storage case is nice and they provide you with varying sizes of interchangeable ear tips. Note: you will have to find the ones that fit your ear and use them otherwise they will not stay in your ear. The issue for me, and what i suggest you consider, is that these are meant to be used when exercising, hiking, etc. , hence the all-weather design.

I got a pair of these to replace my water-destroyed pair of s4i’s that were a few years old. Because my ipod touch’s power button doesn’t work, i wanted something with a remote and volume control. Trying to find a solid pair with those features, and priced under $60 is difficult. So when these came up as a suggestion, priced at $40, i jumped at the chance. They sound just like the s4i’s did when they were working well, and that’s exactly what i was looking for. They stay in my ears well while walking, especially with the bigger tips.

I bought these a while back and am not sure how to feel about them. They sound nice, but for $15 i have bought headphones that sounded nice. Maybe because i spent so much on them i assumed they would have a wow factor. I am not an audiophile by any means and this is my first pair of spendy headphones. Over all i have not had any issues with the weight of the cord and having the control is nice for quick on and off. I have jogged in these with no issues. I used the clip that came with to hold the controls to my shirt. I did have to controls die on me, but started working again a few days later. It did take a trial and error process to figure out what tips work for me.

This was my overall favorite pair of everyday use earphones for over a year. I used these heavily including in my sleep so they were basically always in my ears. This pair recently broke on me by not playing sound from one ear but i am sure that it was a fixable problem if you know how to solder. I wanted to replace these earphones afterwards but my warranty ended so i decided to just wait until i can afford another pair. I do think that i would get the x6i pair because i fell in love with this brand. Here are my thoughts on it:pros:- sound quality is amazing- had many types of ear piece fittings that allows for a better fit- the length of the wire was about a meter long much longer than i anticipated. Cons:- warranty is not actually 2 years. It is only 1 year according to the klipsch website- the buttons are very sensitive (they would start playing even though i did not press them deliberately)- i did not use it for working out because it always fell out of my ears. I tried to wrap the cords around my ears but they still fell out. Overall: 8/10it may seem like there are many cons, but these earphones make beats and bose a run for their money.

I have been looking for a new pair of earphones since my cat cheewed up my other pair (i shouldn’t have left them on the floor. I am a female and have smaller ears and i’m picky with my earphones because after a while, they can hurt my ear. I always purchase the behind the ears earphones because i haven’t found earphones that fit securely in my ears for a good period of time. These actually did stay in my ear. It’s confusing at first because they kinda stick out and it feels as if it’s not going to stay in at first but they are angled in a way that’s supposed to make it security stay in. So that was definitely a plus. The reason i didn’t give this 5 stars is because the remote was very bulky and i could hear it as i was running. I literally had to wrap the cord around my neck so that the remote would rest on my shoulder otherwise, not only would the earphones come out but the sound would drive me nuts. It would be perfect if they made the remote in a more efficient way because it really was a plus to have the remote and i loved the features.

Directional mic for hands-free, crystal clear phone calls

As always, klipsche has amazing quality and sound. I bought this headset in the standard ‘non-rugged’ model and tore it up while snowboarding. I’m very excited to get these (on sale even). I haven’t had a chance to go snowboarding yet, but can tell they are definitely more rugged and the large buttons will be great when i have gloves on. And of course the sound is amazingmy only gripe is the color is not true to the picture. My set is closer to a burnt orange. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice color. But the pictures make it look like almost neon orange.

Let me say that this headphones are just awesome. I had the previous s3 white headphones, which were great too, i had them for around 2. 5 years until they broke, now i got this s4i rugged and the sound quality is definatelly a step up. I got them today and the bass and quality is pristine.The controls are a little to big i think (first time with headphones with mic) but i dont mind. All other reviews saying the headphones are bad and that sound is horrible are not true. I am in no way endorsing the brand or anything, i just beleive that headphones dont have to be over $100 to be good. This are not cheap either, but great quality for the price.

Not great for weight-lifting. The cord is too long, which often leads to the plugs getting ripped out of your ears when doing certain exercises. Even worse, the big buttons which lay on your chest always seem to get pushed accidentally by the bar. There should be an override to shut those buttons off. The sound quality is good to very good, but not great. The old ultimate ears i had years ago were the best. Nothing seems to match those, including newer ultimate ears. But i do like the earbuds themselves. They conform well to the ear canal, and stay in place with a good seal and stay clean.

The remote doesn’t work with my sg5, but i don’t use the remote on earbuds much, anyway. All i wanted was a good sounding set of earbuds that are good for workouts and these perform above and beyond all expectations. At first, i was not all that impressed with the sound, but then i switched the ear fittings to the ones that are ‘doubles. ‘ then i discovered that i was not positioning them deep enough in my ears. I found that if i take the left one and ease it in while turning it clockwise as i push it in, it settles deeper in my ear canal and the sound really comes alive. On the right one, i ease it in by turning it counter clockwise as i push in. Once i get them positioned correctly, i then wrap the cord over the tops of my ears and let the cord fall behind my ears. This ensures that they stay in place during all aspects of my most intense workouts. With them positioned this way, i have not heard such impressive sound. Nice, correct, clear full spectrum frequency response with great exterior noise isolation.

I ordered these recently when they were on one of the gold box deals. It was a great price and definitely worth giving it a shot, even if they turned out to be very mediocre. I tend to like to use earphones when i do a lot of solo activities like yardwork, painting, cleaning, etc. , and i’ve done some damage to more than one set of shure earphones as a result. I have extremely sensitive ears and am able to hear even minute differences in earphones, even when comparing two sets of the same model. So far, my preferred set is a pair of shure e500’s that i bought a few years back. They list for $500, so they had better be good. I also have a few pairs of lower level shures that are very good as well as an etymotic hf-3 model that has the microphone built in to use with my iphone. I’ve been very happy with all of them. The biggest issue has always been price. For the money, i’ve never listened to a set of earphones anywhere close to as good as these are. No, they don’t sound like the e500’s, or even the e3c’s, but then again, they didn’t cost $300 or $500. At any price point under $100, i would rate this as an outstanding value.

The earbuds look pretty good but the sound quality is only average. The thing very good is these buds stay in my ears when i do long distance fast runs. Very few, if any other earbuds i’ve owned other than the s5 klipsch stay firmly in my ears. The connector to my phone (galaxy note) does not seem to be solid because i loose a channel if the cable is adjusted by touching near where the two things connect. I don’t know if this is the phone or the connector. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with my other earbuds. I’ve owned and tried at least 30 different types of earbuds and this would be the reason for the 3 stars. If it wasn’t for this i would give two stars and if it wasn’t for being klipsch i would give two stars. I would not buy these again. I really liked the s5’s but they were not available at the time.

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Klipsch Image X5 Noise-Isolating Earphones, Amazing if they fit you.

I experienced a pair of the unique (later on dubbed ‘x10’ headphones) that i gave to my dad and obtained these. Really like the klipsch excellent: i can set these in my ears on the educate, a plane, or on a bench in the metropolis and drown out screaming children or chatty, catty coeds and truly listen to my audio. The silicone guidelines are definitely comfortable. I ordinarily use the double-flange but these days i have been sporting the medium(?) sized suggestions that come typical in the bundle. They’re compact, inexpensive (especially on right here, and absolutely in comparison to the x10s), cozy, and cancel noise very properly for my tastes. I was skeptical about in-ear headphones before i obtained my x10s: i experienced worn bose silent comfort and ease 1s and 3s, but when i received my very first ipod contact as a gift i experienced bought my bose headphones and the stock apple earbuds were horrific, so i believed i would attempt klipsch. I like the visual appeal of in-ear in excess of clunky on-ear, and they are much more compact as properly for an less difficult, less cumbersome vacation knowledge. You are unable to go erroneous with possibly these or the x10s, but if you might be not experience the more money demanded for the smaller sized, much more highly-priced x10s (or just truly like the silver as opposed to copper finish) will not hesitate to purchase these.

I’ve hardly ever been a real connoisseur of audio merchandise, but i unquestionably like to be able to take pleasure in my encounter. I can not stand low-cost merchandise that only market huge amounts of bass and a very low price tag. I’ve applied other nicer merchandise but the only noteworthy 1 would be a discontinued product of bose earbuds that i have had for years. Klipsch image x5’s are in a various league entirelyi absolutely appreciate each and every and every knowledge with my image x5’s. All the things is there highs, mids, lows, almost everything is correctly audible and pleasurable as well – and when i say that i’m not together with exterior noises, oh no. When i set this in i sense like it is my individual private motion picture scene and as i place in the earbuds for new music all other sounds either quit or are so muted they may as well not be there any more. Making use of the x5’s is a entirely different working experience from any other earbud so considerably. My only grievance is that i won’t be able to acquire these with me for extra rigorous pursuits like work out. They remain in the ear properly, but they aren’t designed with that in brain. Certainly take care of oneself to a pair of x5’s if you see them on sale.

I am a website developer and listen to my ipod about seven+ hours a day when at perform, and when working out. I was a bit hesitant to shell out a good deal for earphones, but i love my songs, listen all working day, and was worn out of apples ear buds. I go through quite a few evaluations prior to my invest in and looked at a lot of other headphones. I eventually made the decision on the klipsch x5s. When i received them i was hoping they would audio great for the revenue i compensated, but actually was much more impressed than i thought i would be. The sound is certainly astounding, and they are particularly comfy. I quickly fail to remember i even have them in. My only difficulty is that the sound isolation is so excellent that i frequently get startled at operate by somebody tapping my again simply because i can not hear them. They are going to keep conversations with my again not realizing i can not listen to a solitary phrase they’re stating. Who demands sound cancelling when the sound isolation is so good with the x5s.

Key specs for Klipsch Image X5 Noise-Isolating Earphones:

  • Superior Armature Technology (as used in high-end hearing aids) for truly high performance sound and small size
  • One of world’s smallest and lightest in-ear earphones
  • Includes 5 sets of tips, compact magnetic case, airline adapter and cleaning tool.
  • Exclusive Counter Ear-gels are oval-shaped and provide unequalled comfort (5 tips sizes included)
  • High-performance Sound Isolating Earphones from the leader name in home audio and cinema sound

Comments from buyers

“Can’t go back (or forward) after using these, Very good for light listening, Best.In.Ear.Monitors.Ever.”

These iem (in ear displays) are incredible. I gave 2 pair to friends at christmas. They were being astonished at how comfy there were being to ear for hours. But they ended up definitely surprised by how much music they have been lacking employing standard in-ear headphones. There merely is no comparison.

I purchased these accurately 13 months in the past, and while i really don’t regret getting them the remaining bud died on me previous evening when listening to my tunes. For a price tag tag of $250 i would’ve envisioned more from any headphones particularly klipsch. I actually required to give these telephones a good assessment considering that they have served me properly for the previous year, but regrettably that streak has ended. I have to say however though the seem lasted it was damn around ideal. I’ve generally been a bass lover(past headphones had been sony xb-seven-hundred), but i decided to just take a leap of faith with these in ears(wished something portable for college or university). I put in just about two months reading through reviews and submitting on discussion boards and finally produced the selection to fall the money to get these. Persons claimed that these are some of the most acoustically accurate phones obtainable, and though i really like my bass the evaluations have been location on. The equilibrium of the telephones are amazing, and i basically figured out to recognize the stage of bass after breaking them in. I would say the treble could possibly be a very little strong from my position of view, but there is no other established i would like over these. A mate of mine has a pair of grados with a dac and tube amp, but i even now want my x5s.

Even though i was once a expert bass participant in a past daily life, i am going to consider to inform you in simple english why these are terrific earphones. It is crystal clear and outlined, not muddy or boomy. The good quality is this sort of that you can convey to if the bass is in tune. Certainly, you can discern the high-quality of the instrument. Male voices are apparent with no undesirable very low overtones. Female voices are crystal apparent. The highs have a sparkle without the need of staying harsh or raspy. What this indicates in real everyday living is that you can hear each and every personal instrument, even when that instrument is in the background.

In just two times of paying for this merchandise, the right ear bud made a small and no lengthier works. The ear buds ended up incredibly comfortable and the audio was wonderful but the toughness is terrible.

Bought these for my everyday ferry/teach commute as nicely as the occastional cross-country flight. So significantly i’ve been really satisfied, the audio high-quality is superb and for the measurement, the sound cancelling appears to function fairly effectively. The interchangable rubber thingies on them are a wonderful thought. They are reasonably comfortable to have on for long periods (wore them 6 several hours straight on the plane several occasions). They will not feel to stay in the ear as perfectly some but that could just be my ears. When i get up and wander from the ferry to the educate i am constantly pushing them again in. If i’m sitting nonetheless they continue to be in fairly perfectly. Total they are fairly superior and i’d recommend them.

I’m a legitimate audiophile and gadget junkie. I journey all the time with my task and depend on earphones a hundred% of the time for my listening working experience. I initial tried out in-ear headphones back again in 2003 due to the fact i desired something that could conveniently go from my pocket to ears, but still audio respectable. I went with the etymotic sr4’s. They sounded fantastic to me, but they acquired unpleasant immediately after a few several hours in my ears. They had been also really compact, which intended they have been hard to keep and maneuver into/out of my ears. I tried distinct suggestions, etcetera. But last but not least gave up on in-ear and went to the experimented with and correct bose qc2’s for wonderful sound reproduction. I am picky about sound ‘depth’ and the qc2 was the only factor that in shape the monthly bill and was comfy. However, i could only use them after seated on the plane.

Getting purchased a couple other headphones over the earlier few years i would like i experienced bought the klipsch x5 headphones extensive in the past, but the $250 cost tag retained me away. Getting discovered them on amazon for $149 i considered it was a excellent offer. Now that i have listened to the x5 headphones i’m even happier. Not only are they comfortable to use, the sound they generate is leading top quality. I have a pair of bose more than ear headphones and in contrast. The sound good quality of the x5s are excellent, but marginally. This is simply because the x5s are far more like earplugs that almost completely block out any external noise, leaving you with pure sound. The foundation is stable, and the high-quality of seem throughout the spectrum is superb. I remarkably recommend getting the klipsch x5 headphones.

I’m not an audiophile, but like to have superior sound. I just returned my overrated logitech z-2300s (are all these critiques penned by logitech staff members?) for occasion, and grew to dislike my klipsch pm20 igroove. I like my audio genuinely distinct and ‘bright. ‘my ipod headphones died and i resolved to acquire these. I wished higher excellent and wanted to try out some seem isolating headphones. I’ve experienced an outstanding working experience with these. I regretably really don’t have expertise with any other audio isolation headphones like shure, but i can convey to you these were being snug to dress in correct out of the box. There ended up other sized earpieces that arrived with it, but i was good. I am 5’10”, typical sized ears, slender dude. The seem isolation just isn’t ideal, but it is far better than my bose peaceful consolation ii.

I have hardly ever applied a far better pair of earbuds, and i am no lengthier satisfied with any other folks. These remain in my ears greater than the other folks like skullcandy and they do block noise, every type of sounds. I can inform another person is talking to me but are unable to make out what they’re expressing if they are appropriate next to me — imagine what that means for screaming babies on an plane. Two warnings: do not put them in right until you’re at altitude and acquire them out just before descending, because they will make your ears harm anything terrible if you let them preserve your ears from changing to the force throughout all those transitions. And really don’t use them whilst biking, driving, or doing nearly anything else the place you ought to be knowledgeable of your environment. You are a unique variety of unaware, and harmful to many others, if you won’t be able to convey to someone is shouting a warning at you. So, on the seem: music comes by way of pretty very well. I am not an specialist but i like the sound just great. Like i mentioned, it blocks other sound really very well, and which is what i actually use them for. I can listen to my songs and not whatsoever else is going on about me.

Sometimes they tumble out of your ears. Seem high-quality is phenomenal though.

Astounding seem top quality and a clean structure are what i like about the x5. Sadly the head telephones have a modest audio channel that is very easily clogged up and certain ample just after 3 years of reliable service the ideal speaker went practically silent. Klipsch refused to service the head telephones and would not even make it possible for me to pay for it stating the two calendar year warranty. This would seem like a peculiar policy offered the market section that these head phones are aimed at.

I am fairly a supporter of earphones. Generally in research of the ideal one particular income can buy with no ruining myself. I have the shure e310, e530 and whilst the sound excellent is remarkable, they unfortunately did not resist to the hard use i put them by way of with my usual exercise sessions. As for the klipsch, they have resisted so significantly. One particular drawback is that with the sweat permeating almost everything, they do not remain place in my ears all the time and i have to readjust them routinely, which bothers me. Soundwise, outstanding sound when properly set, if not the bass disappears. The sound isolation is rather fantastic also but general i would continue to area them down below the shure in audio excellent.

These headphones are changing my life as i compose. I have never ever read these full, exquisite dwelling and electro new music. I envision that my prior operate-of-the-mill headphones simply just did not have the specialized potential to supply quite a few of the instrumentals, subtleties, and gorgeous sways that i am now listening to. This is my first costly pair of headphones. And now, possessing witnessed just how greener the grass is on the other facet, i am never going again. When i ordered this product or service, its advertised fit was a really vital worry for me, given that i’ve attempted two pairs of ear buds there ended up way too significant or plastic-feeling. These buds have a gel shell that feels like it belongs in my ear. They are as slender as marketed. Am i sporting earphones right now?. Let us just say that i can not hear my fingers thudding against my keyboard, and the tunes is not blasting me – it truly is at 15% of my computer’s volume stage, and just seems crisper than anything i’ve at any time heard in my life.

Total seem is first rate, having said that mids look to be just at any time so a little lacking. I’m rather gentle with these factors, even so, these do seem to be to be a bit fragile, so i’m not positive how properly they’ll keep up.

I was hesitant to pay the rate for these but was in the market for a high quality set of in ear headphones and observed these had excellent reviews. Right after paying the revenue i was quite intent on performing a rapid return wondering there really couldn’t be that large a big difference concerning these and the sonys i bought many decades in the past for about 1/three the value. Found out that the vendor had a thirty day return coverage so i imagined i might go forward and give them a try out. I was astonished at the change. Plugged the x5s into one headphone outlet of my laptop computer and the sonys into the other and started evaluating. To start with factor i recognized is that the x5s required a a lot reduce volume setting though i might have to crank up the volume to get the same stage on the sonys. The top quality of what i was listening to in the x5s was rather astounding. I will not seriously know how to describe it other than as good clarity on voices and devices. Its like you truly listen to almost everything if that will make any sense.

Tremendous comfy and exceptional seem. I in contrast with all top rated brands. Have to acquire more than all on consolation even if you take place to desire one more firm’s seem also klipsch. In my feeling far better audio than x10 and x11 but these are greater diameter than individuals.

They are considerably sleeker than most in-ear headphones and healthy easily. Certainly noise-isolating which can be fantastic and undesirable when using them at do the job :). They work perfectly with each individual variety of music i have thrown at them from miles davis, to superior on fireplace, to grateful useless, to wu-tang. I’ve only had them for a couple of months so i will not know how prolonged they will previous. They aren’t the most durable looking by structure but the building appears strong. I feel you are foolish if you count on headphones this measurement to very last years and a long time. I really don’t believe i would have paid out entire value for that rationale but at the closeout price tag i compensated, i am joyful with them.

I’ve been a extended time klipsch enthusiast. My denon ah c751’s are pleasant and i nevertheless like them, but started acquiring difficulties with the left ear bud not as loud as the proper. So decided it was time to a new pair. Examine all the reviews on the two these and several some others. Determined that for the rankings & price, i’d get them. The more i pay attention to them, the much more i’m experiencing them. Bass is a wee little bit weak, but it is limited and clean up. Generating guaranteed they are seated deeply in your ear does make the bass additional commonplace.

On the other hand, the design helps prevent you from lying on your aspect in mattress. Also, these lasted just shy of 3 a long time (didn’t use them considerably outside the house of the condominium due to the fact of their price).

The klipsch x5 is astounding – and there is no bigger testament than the reality that i’m feedbacking, one thing i have under no circumstances accomplished, or at any time felt the have to have to. The x5, however, has been whispering in my ear: convey to them how superior i am. Audio top quality is fantastic, and i’m normally fairly fussy about these sort of points. Although some people may possibly like a heavier bass, and i am going to acknowledge, i used to be 1 of them, i discover the harmony equally distinct and clean a decent bass with clarity at the highs and the mids. I have read devices in my audio that i have in no way seen on my bose and audiophile speakersright now, it can be raining cats and pet dogs outside the house my window, but i fairly practically didn’t even know until finally there was a pause in my audio – which is how fantastic the audio isolation is. For an individual who would like to block the world out and go away the audio in, this is a great pair of earphones. If you are a person who crosses streets quite often, you may possibly wanna permit it hang loosely in your ear, just in scenario, if you even recall that you have earphones in. And that comes to my 3rd stage: the oval-formed ear buds are fantastic for my ears. I’ve weirdly shaped ear canals, in that i have attempted a very good amount of in-ear earphones, and they’ve often been much too significant/agonizing for me to use for extensive durations.

I have tried out numerous iem’s and always uncovered them missing in some respect or one more. My son has around the ear grado’s and swears by them. I will have to say they do seem quite superior but to big imo. I had originally purchased the 4i’s and located them rather pleasant overall but still missing that ‘something’. I experienced browse the assessments of the x5’s-they had been stellar and mainly because i genuinely love all varieties of audio i felt that i should have to hear it at its very best. I have examine that if you like tunes you owe it to your self to have some excellent headphones. I had presently fallen in like with the klipsh oval ear suggestions so i realized i required to keep with this brand name if for very little else. I would have went with the x10i’s for the reason that of the voice and ipod controls but the selling price and the point that they have copper coloration earbuds held me at bay. So i saved an eye on these but that 249. 00 selling price continue to kept me from pushing that get tab.

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