KINDEN High Performance Bass Earphone In-Ear Metal Earbuds With In-line Metal Mic Control PU Cord – Excellent Earbuds, a review from my 18 year old son

The quality is unreal for the price. But, they don’t sound as good or as bass heavy as i wanted, but they still sound great for the price.

Decent sound, but bought these for the volume control – which they don’t have.

I got these headphones for my 18 year old gaming son as a gift, and i asked him for his review. _______to be perfectly honest, the kinden headphones are one of the best pairs of headphones i’ve owned. They have had an impressive consistency in sound quality ranging from extreme highs to bass levels i don’t often hear on ear buds. The material of the headphones also has made them one of my favorite pairs, not only because of it’s durability, but it keeps these headphones from getting tangled in any tight knots. So all in all there aren’t really any note worthy draw backs and i am very happy with this pair. ________’this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

The only real problems we’ve had thus far with these earbuds is that the delivery seemed a bit slow and the wire gets tangled a bit too easily. But, other then that they work fine. I actually felt a little spoiled by the sound quality, maybe i’m used to the lower quality earbuds, but this comes with nifty accessories too. These ear buds come with a little case that holds all of the accessories, over the ear loops and replacement ear bud covers. That special jack they added made all of the difference, we had the opportunity to test it and used these with an old kindle with a tricky jack and it sounded great with no loss of sound or added background static. *we did receive this at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and to clarify that – my family doesn’t let the discount sway our opinion of products. I’ll be happy to answer any question that i can.

I left these earbuds playing music for a couple of days just to try the whole ‘burn in’ concept. I know there are very mixed reviews on whether or not this does anything at all but i figured it was worth a shot. They certainly weren’t going to get any worse. Well, i am pleased to announce they sound much better. They are just barely less clear than my very high-end earbuds that i paid quite a bit more for. The highs are just a little muffled, but the lows sound really good now. Very good bass and mid-bass for how cheap they were. So there you have it, if you don’t like the sound when you first get them put on some loudish music (something with good bass is preferable) and let them play for a while. I would be willing to bet you will notice a huge improvement of the bass and other sound quality in general. Good luckoriginal review:i really wanted to love these headphones. The pair i usually use went through the laundry thanks to a hidden pocket that i forgot to check and i found these one one of those sites that gives you a small discount if you write a review and thought i’d give them a shot. (so yes, i’m one of those people who received these for a slight discount in exchange for a honest review which i would have left anyway. But i do appreciate the discount).

  • Decent sound, but bought these for the volume control – which they don’t have. Oh well.
  • Five Stars
  • they don’t sound as good or as bass heavy as I wanted

I got this in the mail and there was no special packaging, just in a bubbled envelope and inside it was a simple brown box. Inside the box was the case. Pretty simple yet not cheap, the case quality is very good. Opening the case you will find the earphones and accessories that is included and it was placed with care not just slapped in closed the case. The build quality of the earphone is rock solid. The wire will definitely be able to take a rough beating. It feels like the remote and the earphone body is made out of metal, and there are no mold trace or rough edges. Extreme of detail was put on the build quality. Now lets get to the most important part, sound quality. I first slapped this on my samsung s7 edge and it was doing ok, flipping through my music trying to get a fill for it.

I really like these earphones. They are comfortable to wear and the sound quality is really good. They came in a really cute zippered travel case to keep everything together with replacement ear cushions. I only wished i could control the volume from the button on the cord. Either way, i would purchase again and i highly recommend them. (this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

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KINDEN EP04 Metal Housing Earphone Noise Isolating In Ear Bass Earbuds Wired Headphone With metallic Handsfree Mic For Iphone 6 Samsung – did they change it?

For this price range, these are a nice option for those of you so used to subpar quality of the earphones that come with their phones. They come with what is the best looking earphone case i’ve ever had. The cable feels nice, but seems a bit thin and raises some concern regarding its durability. The earphones are smaller than the average earphone and require a slightly higher volume level than my current earphones to produce the same volume. They sound quality is nearly identical with my $25 earphones, but don’t seem to sound as ‘dynamic’ due to the smaller sized drivers. The highs seem to be a bit muffled and bass doesn’t feel punchy enough probably due to its smaller driver. My other earphones with bigger drivers have better bass and clearer highs. However, i still find myself using these earphones from time to time without being bothered by these issues. They included sports earhooks which i was having issues using and found them to be tough to put around my ear and tightly seal them in my ear. Ultimately, buy them if you like the design more than the other earphones on amazon.

I’ve been known to brake my earbuds within a few days but these are pretty good and haven’t broke yet.

They came in a very useful and cute black and red carry pouch that zips. The earbuds, extra rubber ear plugs and also two over the ear buds (to switch if you prefer to wear them that way) were inside. I tested the sound listening to music and the sound came through incredibly clear. Not too short, but also not too long that it snags on anything. Also, the material of the cord keeps it from getting into a tangled mess. Overall, these are wonderful earbuds for the price. I usually always buy skullcandy and i’d say these have about the same sound quality, if not better.

I ordered these because everyone in my house used earphones and i am always looking for one. These came in really good box which will keep it from tangling for sure. Cord of these earplugs is different and made of material and wont tangle easily. Ear buds are made of metal which gives them an expensive look. Voice quality is very good and i have no issue so far. I am carrying them with me since due to box its easier then before. I read some other review and people have issue with voice quality and quality of this product. I dont have any issue so far but i will continue using them and will update my review if find any issue. I received these on discount price for review purpose and discount does not effect my review.

These earphones work really well in providing a rich sound with decent bass and pronounced highs while isolating ambient noise. The cord is also unique that is less prone to tangling due to a very relaxed glossy material (it looks like vinyl) that covers the cord (see picture of close up). The earpiece is aluminum and comes with a few earbuds to accommodate various ear canal sizes. The construction is high end and looks great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great customer service, great product.
  • did they change it?
  • Five Stars

Fantastic sound and so far, durability.

I accidentally broke my first pair and i love it so much that i got another one. It seems different from the first one.

These are a great little pair of earphones. They didn’t exactly look like the picture as they were more of gun metal color, they sound great though and come with a little case and extra ear bud covers, they also have a mic so you can use as a handsfree as well, overall a great pair of earphones.

Very good earphone, very clean and clear with high quality sound.

These headphones are worth the money in almost every way. They sounds good and look great, but they don’t have a right angle connection. Everything else is perfect, and since you get a case, earhooks, extra tips, and a mic, you won’t have to worry about buying anything else. A definite steal for the price.

The right earbud works great. Not canceling, so you have to hear in a way. And the left is the substitute. The left has no bass whatsoever. If you cover up the back whole on the left you cant hear anything. But it sounds weird with one ear really good. If both sounded like the right one. But i will be buying a new pair.

Update: new headphones work great. If same problem happens again, will update again, but i’m confident these guys put good effort into their product. To re-iterate from the original post – the sound is great on these guys. They ship with multiple earbuds, and a very convenient case. Update: kinden has offered a replacement, which i think reflects great customer service for checking and responding to the reviews. I will update shortly when i get a chance to test the replacement and see if it lasts. Given other positive reviews, i expect that it will. Original: this product stopped working in one ear after a month and a half. I was hopeful that the cord would be good for durability, and the marketing and price-point want to convince you this is a more durable/quality product. While the quality of sound is fine, the short life span makes this a poor choice. I’m sure plenty of people have gotten more out of their kinden earbuds, but i recommend looking elsewhere.

The wing that comes with them is pretty low tier though.

Awesome headphones, good for their price, and very fast shipping.

Great sounds quality, look and feel. Unfortunately, the button did not interface with my iphone 6. Additionally if the jack is bumped, it will cause siri to activate, pausing my music, and generallymessing up my music experience. I would recommend these unless you have an iphone, or unless you plan on doing anything other than sitting down with your headphones.

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KINDEN Noise Isolating Earphones – These work great. Seriously nose isolating and I find I don’t

Mentioned they are the ideal ever.

To be clear, the earbuds are certainly sweatproof but the in-line mic is not. These have superb sound high quality and a incredibly at ease style and design. They’d very easily get 5 stars from me except for the not-so-sweatproof feature. I applied them every day for about two months which included my operates (a few to 4 occasions a week). I do sweat a fair sum in the course of training, so choose that into thing to consider. On my previous operate, siri stored acquiring triggered or the songs turned off, without me hitting everything, i even produced sure to keep the twine and in-line mic absent from my overall body but it did not aid. The adhering to working day i tried using employing them to pay attention to music in the course of operate (sedentary tasks) and the identical point occurred. So, a day to dry out did not deal with the problem. I am unhappy about it but i have to retire these.

I would not contact myself an audiophile, but i am a musician (if you like prog, abide by us on facebook for terrific sounds. I never will need or anticipate my athletic buds to audio like my sennheiser hd650s, but i also you should not want to listen to a bunch of tin rattling in my ears. The kindens are the most snug sports headphones i have ever worn — usually my ears ache right after ending a 5k, but not with these.The sound is also seriously great for the price stage, and for the volume i beat them up. I will absolutely acquire these once again if and when i bust them :p.Here are the specifications for the KINDEN Noise Isolating Earphones:

  • In-ear curving design over-the-ear ,will not fall out from ear when sporting.
  • Ergonomic ear housing design provides long-term wearing comfort with different silicone ear tips.
  • Noise isolating in-ear design provide deep bass and high sensitivity microphone emphasize low tones for a clear, realistic optimum sound quality.
  • The stylish printing wire with in-line mic brings you hands free calling and a sporty feeling and long-term durability.
  • Lightweight and durable earphones headphone convenient to carry and for Sports/Running &Gym/Hiking/Jogger/Exercise.

Definitely great product for the value.

Seriously nose isolating and i locate i don’t have to have my ipod just about as loud at the gym.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not-so-sweatproof
  • These work great. Seriously nose isolating and I find I don’t
  • Good for the Price

For what i paid i wasn’t expecting much but i was very pleasantly surprised. These have really good sound quality my son absolutely loves them for when he’s working out after school.

What a pleasant surprisethese had been sent to me for evaluate. They make a good sound are not ‘noise canceling’ but do reduce ambient noise all-around you, but it is the high quality of the audio for the sub $twenty disposable in ear headphone planet that has shocked me. There is a fantastic bass, with no distortion and it handles the highs reasonably well. The four stars are primarily based upon the price/functionality expectation and these are as superior as in ear headphones at a larger price tag. I are unable to converse to how prolonged they will previous, but the audio is great.

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