JVC Marshmallow Headphone- – Had these for several years!

Great sound quality and really works as earplugs so you don’t have to crank your music and damage your hearing.

A few years ago i was looking for a new pair of headphones. I picked these up without having heard anything about them until that point. These things have incredible sound and bass, they block noise wonderfully, and they are comfyi’ll never buy another kind of headphone again.

I wasn’t a huge fan when i first saw them as i didn’t think i would like anything that goes in my ear, but my friend got them for me for my birthday and i fell in love. I liked them so much that when i lost my first pair, i bought another set of them. The memory foam comes in two sizes, which is great if you have smaller ears. Despite how they’re meant to be changed, the foam pieces don’t often fall off unless they get caught on a pocket or something. Never have had an issue putting them in or taking them out, although if they’re cold i would recommend rolling them in your fingers or warming them up somehow before using them, only because it takes longer for the foam to stretch back out to keep it in your ear. I do have some small scratches on the insides of my ears though, and if i wear these for too long (longer than an hour and a half or so), they do start to bother me a little. A quick break fixes it however. Sometimes i don’t get them in the ‘sweet spot’, but it’s easy enough to adjust them a little.

This was actually my second set since my dog chewed through the cord on my first set. They are a perfect match for the color of my ipod and unlike the earbuds that came with the ipod, these don’t fall out even while running and doing pilates. The sound quality is great and they are really durable.

I went with your item because of the color shown in the picture. I wanted them to replace the dark green that i had before but instead it’s a bright yellow/green color. I’m not going to return because i really like the marshmallow headphones just disappointed they don’t match my ipod but i’ll survive.

I was looking for a set of headphones to use in my motorcycle helmet while riding and these fit the bill very well. They do a great job of blocking out a lot of the wind noise generated and the sound is great. I own 5 or 6 different pair of earbuds from mee electronics and a set of ultimate ears and these can compete pretty well. The memory foam pads are nice because they form a great seal, but i don’t imagine these would work well if you have tiny ear canals. Also, the picture shows a set of deeper, brighter green headphones, but the ones i received are green like a granny smith apple. Overall they are great and i would recommend them.

  • Had these for several years!
  • Great for using in my motorcycle helmet
  • Great fit

The price is great and the sound quality is superior to the earbuds that come with the ipod. I doubt there’s a better product at this price.

I had some of these before and liked the old pair better. There is a little nub on each earpiece that seems to make it harder to seat them. Sound quality is fine though.

The sound quality is very good. Great highs, wonderful lows and very deep bass. The sound isolation is great (if you wear these headphones properly).

Features of Marshmallow Headphone- Green

  • New 8-color line-up perfectly matching the iPod nano 6G
  • Better isolation from background sound with two sizes of memory foam earpieces
  • Comfortable and secure fit inner ear headphones with softer memory foam earpieces and just-fit body
  • Powerful 0.33″ (8.5mm) Neodymium driver unit
  • Gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug

New 8-color line-up perfectly matching the iPod nano 6G

Better isolation from background sound with two sizes of memory foam earpieces

Comfortable and secure fit inner ear headphones with softer memory foam earpieces and just-fit body

Powerful 0.33″ (8.5mm) Neodymium driver unit

Gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug

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JVC HAFR36G Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones : Decent product

I have had several pairs of these headphones. They sound great, fit my ears well, and block out lots of outside sound.

I first purchased the jvc marshmallow earphones about 7 years ago (i think the model was 34). Bought them from circuit city because they had a great deal (maybe part of circuit city’s downfall?). I was in medical school and i needed earphones to listen to audio lectures. The big bonus that kept me coming back was the sound damping / earplug effect from the marshmallows. They blocked so much noise that i used them as earplugs even when i wasn’t listening to music. Great for studying in loud places, sleeping on a plane, etc. The first pair ultimately went dead on one side so i bought a replacement, albeit an updated model. Fast forward several years and i wanted to buy a 2nd pair.

I use this for my wife’s iphone and they work very well. There really isn’t much to say, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

She mainly uses these to watch netflix on her nook. She likes the color, they stay in fine for her. She’s had them three months now. I have borrowed them to run in, and i don’t like them for running. They seem to fall out easily. But for sitting and listening they seem to do the trick.

They marshmallow bit doesn’t squish down long enough for it to fit into my ear so i end up shoving them in. Sound quality is good though.

JVC HAFR36G Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones with Microphone and Remote (Green) : See my review of the silver one for more. Mostly, i wish the wires were sturdier so they’d last longer.

I keep on re buying these headphones about every month or two because they always break at the plug. They are great and i love the sound. Sound curves a little heavy towards bass, but nothing major. Sound curve is flatter than beats which is nice. Would recommend them if you are looking for some great cheapies. They are extremely comfortable as well.

These are decent earphones that play well. I do like the microphone/remote feature, which is very convenient. I was a little disappointed to see how the item was bundled however. I’m concerned the earphones may stop working sooner than they should since the cables were folded so tightly. I’m having trouble trying to get the cables to straighten out now. Overall, i’m pleased with this product.

Needed headphones for my ipad and these work fine. The sound is fine and they are comfortable in my ears.

Headphones work really well and i like the color a lot. Inner ear set is very comfortable. Overall very satisfied with the product and seller.

Was pleased with what i recieved. Will definately be back for more. For the price the sound quality to me is perfect.

I got a pair in the store but lost them and i can’t wear any other so i was happy to find them here online. As earphones, they are unbeatable. However, i docked stars b/c the mic doesn’t work. I don’t know if my unit is defective, but my pc won’t recognize a mic.

Work well with my phone and laptop. I bought three pairs so i never have to remember which bag i left my headphones in.

These are the only headphones i use. I have re-ordered them many times. They are the only type that doesn’t hurt the inside of my ear, and stay in at the same time. Also i like having the clicker on the cord to pause the music or change a song/playlist.

I threw these headphones in my pants into the washer and dryer and they still work, even the microphone.

Excellent sound like his predecesors but cable feels cheap. The mic and remote included are very useful. Mic doesn’t have noise cancelling.

Inexpensive and great high end sound.

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JVC HAFR36B Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones – Just buy them they’re amazing

Like many of us, i’m looking for a set of headphones with the following features:- comfortable- secure during a sweaty workout- above average sound, particularly bass (for said workout)- iphone music controls- reasonably reliable- under $30 (probably under $20)i was wary of these jvcs, but after trying bassbuds (awesome, but expensive when not on a groupon and prone to breakage in a month) meelectronics (okay, but awkward, remote rarely worked), gogroove (never fit right, broke really quickly) and countless others, i tried the marshmallows. The quick verdict:sound — ok. Pretty enhanced bass, pretty thin mids, pretty tinny trebles. But better than stock apple headphones. Maybe if i’d burn-in a bit, they’d improve. ) still totally acceptable for general listening/podcasts/workouts. Comfort and security — really good. The marshmallow buds fit my ear just fine, give me a good seal that lasts throughout my workout.

I got these on sale and figured for the price may as well get a couple of pairs. These are great earphones in the under $100 category. They sound super good through a portable headphone amp. Buy these buds and a portable amp and for less than $100 one can have pretty darn good sound.

But they could fitt a little snugger in ear. Also, foam cover tend to seperate from plastic body, i’ve superglued them and they last for a while untill i need reglue.

The sound quality is very good. I keep the volume on my phone as low as possible and it’s still plenty loud. I use these for work and i often ask how i sound on the other end, the reviews are very good.

These are the best headphones i have ever owned and i have purchased them for multiple people. I wear them all the time and i never feel uncomfortable and the sound it great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • About as good as you can get
  • Decent earbuds for a good value
  • Solid, especially for the price

I bought these to replace the older set of jvc marshmallow inner ear headphones that i had lost (don’t remember the model number). The hafr36b has a decent sound but the base was not quite as full as the older version. Most importantly, the marshmallow cushions on the hafr36b are not nearly as pliable and well fit as those on my old ones, so now i’m getting lots of outside noise around the edges of the earphones plus they sometimes fall out. On the plus side, the remote attached to the right earbud functioned as well as the dinky apple earbuds that came with my iphone 4 in terms of being able to single-click to start/stop, double-click to advance, and triple-click to go back.

The ear buds are really soft in a good way. They felt a little weird at first, but they get pretty comfortable afterwards. There are little symbols that indicate which ear bud is the left and which is the right. Didn’t really buy this for the mic, but i couldn’t find it when i was trying to use it to test it out.

I love the marshmallow headphones. They are so comfortable in my ears. This was the first pair i bought with a mic. The mic works, i guess, but whenever i use it, i get comments like ‘speak up’ or ‘you’re too loud. ‘ it bugs me that the mic is not consistent, but i still love the sound and comfort i get from these ‘ear’phones, so no complaints on that end.

These are my favorite everyday headphones. Good sound quality and they keep enough of the outside noise out without making you oblivious to what is going on around you.

These headphones sound decent and i like the fact that it has a remote/mic on it for when i get calls while listening to music but the memory foam doesnt quite fit my ears. Following all the instructions even the smallest one is just a bit off, not enough to fall out but enough so its noticeable. All in all im happy with the product as it fits my needs until i can get a better pair.

I have been wearing headphones like these for a couple of years now. Jvc tends to change the models around a bit, but i really love these headphones. I’m not a major audiophile, and for the price of these don’t expect to get world class audio performance. My only real qualm is they don’t hold up under constant use long term. I usually go through a pair every other month or so. The problems are varied between sets too, but mostly the problem is one of the earphones dying while the other works. Sometimes the microphone button dies too. My current set has audio in the opposite ear that has the microphone which is a little annoying, but these things are so darn comfortable that i just order them in sets of 3 so i can keep using them :).

I’ve been using the ha-fr36bs for about 3 years now. They have definitely withstood the test of time. They are still working just fine like they were brand new. The sound is excellent, better than the bottom-tier beats and sol tracks headphones. The sound profile seems very even and the volume is great. I love the ‘marshmallow’ foam pieces; they are a much better alternative to the dreaded rubber tips that most earbuds are equipped with. Although, they are starting to dry out a bit and flake, but this is after a solid 3 years of use, much longer than i ever expected these earbuds to last. The built-in mic does its job for making phone calls and taking voice memos. I never quite figured out the remote, however. I never use in-line remotes so i didn’t bother actually trying to figure it out.

Just buy these you wont regret itthese headphones rock, even the mic is greatmy only complaint is trying to skip songs w/ the mic button it works like 50% of the time, but thats not its intended use so whatever.

Not much in terms of sound quality. If they were $10 earphones, i probably wouldn’t complain, but i paid $20. Seriously, go with monoprice brand. Really cheap, and excellent sound quality.

Perfect earphones the best in the world i only buy this company i own like 5 piers.

I sleep in these with white noise and works out great because they don’t have the mic that i would roll onto and then would start playing somehting else and wake me up.

I bought these headphones as cheap headphones to wear at work. I have a lot of conference calls during the week, so the microphone comes in handy. The sound is just what you’d expect. I don’t have the best ears, but all of my music/calls sound great. The foam padding has always been great and comfortable. I’d recommend these to a friend looking for a cheap pair of headphones that actually stick in your ear.

Best set of headphones we’ve found. Our son has tried many and these are by far his favorite. We’ve bought multiple sets and should actually buy more in case they become unavailable some day.

The microphone and remote worked as expected. Sound quality is on par with other headsets in this price range that i’ve used and they have better sound isolation than a lot of other headphones i’ve tried. I’ve used other marshmallow ear buds for years. The only problem i’ve ever had with any of the marshmallows i’ve had is they only seem to last 8-16 months.

The best part of these headphones are the soft ear pieces. They are incredibly comfortable. Other things i like about the headphones: the wire is not rubberized. . Many other headphones i’ve tried have rubberized cords which ‘stick’ or ‘grip’ onto everything and end up yanking the cord outthe sound quality isn’t up there with the $100+ headphones but it is better than average imo. Given that these cost around $12 they are an awesome purchase.

For what these earbuds cost, they’re alright. When i first plug them into any device, there’s a noticable low hum for a few seconds. This goes away pretty quickly, but it is noticeable. Audio quality isn’t anything to write home about, but, again, they’re pretty cheap so i can’t complain. The playback controls really only consist of a pause/play button, but it works well on my motorola moto x. The buds themselves are squishy and fit comfortably in my ears, which is a huge sticking point for me with most earbuds as they tend to hurt my ear canal if they aren’t the right size. All in all, these earbuds are good for the value, but if you’re a stickler for audio quality, you are definitely going to want to spring for something more expensive.

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