JVC HAFR36B Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones – Just buy them they’re amazing

Like many of us, i’m looking for a set of headphones with the following features:- comfortable- secure during a sweaty workout- above average sound, particularly bass (for said workout)- iphone music controls- reasonably reliable- under $30 (probably under $20)i was wary of these jvcs, but after trying bassbuds (awesome, but expensive when not on a groupon and prone to breakage in a month) meelectronics (okay, but awkward, remote rarely worked), gogroove (never fit right, broke really quickly) and countless others, i tried the marshmallows. The quick verdict:sound — ok. Pretty enhanced bass, pretty thin mids, pretty tinny trebles. But better than stock apple headphones. Maybe if i’d burn-in a bit, they’d improve. ) still totally acceptable for general listening/podcasts/workouts. Comfort and security — really good. The marshmallow buds fit my ear just fine, give me a good seal that lasts throughout my workout.

I got these on sale and figured for the price may as well get a couple of pairs. These are great earphones in the under $100 category. They sound super good through a portable headphone amp. Buy these buds and a portable amp and for less than $100 one can have pretty darn good sound.

But they could fitt a little snugger in ear. Also, foam cover tend to seperate from plastic body, i’ve superglued them and they last for a while untill i need reglue.

The sound quality is very good. I keep the volume on my phone as low as possible and it’s still plenty loud. I use these for work and i often ask how i sound on the other end, the reviews are very good.

These are the best headphones i have ever owned and i have purchased them for multiple people. I wear them all the time and i never feel uncomfortable and the sound it great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • About as good as you can get
  • Decent earbuds for a good value
  • Solid, especially for the price

I bought these to replace the older set of jvc marshmallow inner ear headphones that i had lost (don’t remember the model number). The hafr36b has a decent sound but the base was not quite as full as the older version. Most importantly, the marshmallow cushions on the hafr36b are not nearly as pliable and well fit as those on my old ones, so now i’m getting lots of outside noise around the edges of the earphones plus they sometimes fall out. On the plus side, the remote attached to the right earbud functioned as well as the dinky apple earbuds that came with my iphone 4 in terms of being able to single-click to start/stop, double-click to advance, and triple-click to go back.

The ear buds are really soft in a good way. They felt a little weird at first, but they get pretty comfortable afterwards. There are little symbols that indicate which ear bud is the left and which is the right. Didn’t really buy this for the mic, but i couldn’t find it when i was trying to use it to test it out.

I love the marshmallow headphones. They are so comfortable in my ears. This was the first pair i bought with a mic. The mic works, i guess, but whenever i use it, i get comments like ‘speak up’ or ‘you’re too loud. ‘ it bugs me that the mic is not consistent, but i still love the sound and comfort i get from these ‘ear’phones, so no complaints on that end.

These are my favorite everyday headphones. Good sound quality and they keep enough of the outside noise out without making you oblivious to what is going on around you.

These headphones sound decent and i like the fact that it has a remote/mic on it for when i get calls while listening to music but the memory foam doesnt quite fit my ears. Following all the instructions even the smallest one is just a bit off, not enough to fall out but enough so its noticeable. All in all im happy with the product as it fits my needs until i can get a better pair.

I have been wearing headphones like these for a couple of years now. Jvc tends to change the models around a bit, but i really love these headphones. I’m not a major audiophile, and for the price of these don’t expect to get world class audio performance. My only real qualm is they don’t hold up under constant use long term. I usually go through a pair every other month or so. The problems are varied between sets too, but mostly the problem is one of the earphones dying while the other works. Sometimes the microphone button dies too. My current set has audio in the opposite ear that has the microphone which is a little annoying, but these things are so darn comfortable that i just order them in sets of 3 so i can keep using them :).

I’ve been using the ha-fr36bs for about 3 years now. They have definitely withstood the test of time. They are still working just fine like they were brand new. The sound is excellent, better than the bottom-tier beats and sol tracks headphones. The sound profile seems very even and the volume is great. I love the ‘marshmallow’ foam pieces; they are a much better alternative to the dreaded rubber tips that most earbuds are equipped with. Although, they are starting to dry out a bit and flake, but this is after a solid 3 years of use, much longer than i ever expected these earbuds to last. The built-in mic does its job for making phone calls and taking voice memos. I never quite figured out the remote, however. I never use in-line remotes so i didn’t bother actually trying to figure it out.

Just buy these you wont regret itthese headphones rock, even the mic is greatmy only complaint is trying to skip songs w/ the mic button it works like 50% of the time, but thats not its intended use so whatever.

Not much in terms of sound quality. If they were $10 earphones, i probably wouldn’t complain, but i paid $20. Seriously, go with monoprice brand. Really cheap, and excellent sound quality.

Perfect earphones the best in the world i only buy this company i own like 5 piers.

I sleep in these with white noise and works out great because they don’t have the mic that i would roll onto and then would start playing somehting else and wake me up.

I bought these headphones as cheap headphones to wear at work. I have a lot of conference calls during the week, so the microphone comes in handy. The sound is just what you’d expect. I don’t have the best ears, but all of my music/calls sound great. The foam padding has always been great and comfortable. I’d recommend these to a friend looking for a cheap pair of headphones that actually stick in your ear.

Best set of headphones we’ve found. Our son has tried many and these are by far his favorite. We’ve bought multiple sets and should actually buy more in case they become unavailable some day.

The microphone and remote worked as expected. Sound quality is on par with other headsets in this price range that i’ve used and they have better sound isolation than a lot of other headphones i’ve tried. I’ve used other marshmallow ear buds for years. The only problem i’ve ever had with any of the marshmallows i’ve had is they only seem to last 8-16 months.

The best part of these headphones are the soft ear pieces. They are incredibly comfortable. Other things i like about the headphones: the wire is not rubberized. . Many other headphones i’ve tried have rubberized cords which ‘stick’ or ‘grip’ onto everything and end up yanking the cord outthe sound quality isn’t up there with the $100+ headphones but it is better than average imo. Given that these cost around $12 they are an awesome purchase.

For what these earbuds cost, they’re alright. When i first plug them into any device, there’s a noticable low hum for a few seconds. This goes away pretty quickly, but it is noticeable. Audio quality isn’t anything to write home about, but, again, they’re pretty cheap so i can’t complain. The playback controls really only consist of a pause/play button, but it works well on my motorola moto x. The buds themselves are squishy and fit comfortably in my ears, which is a huge sticking point for me with most earbuds as they tend to hurt my ear canal if they aren’t the right size. All in all, these earbuds are good for the value, but if you’re a stickler for audio quality, you are definitely going to want to spring for something more expensive.

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JVC HAFR36P Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones – Just right

I always have issues with earbuds hurting my ears and not fitting. These are perfect and sound great. Super cute color too, so happy.

I’ve been buying these headphones for almost a 2 years i’ve had two pairs and they each lasted a lasted a full year and a month. I highly recommend that if you take the proper care of them they will last a long time.

I had received some as a gift last year and absolutely loved them. They are so comfortable that they can stay in for extended periods of time. So i in turn bought them as a gift for someone who has sensitive ear canals.

I never liked in-ear types but as i find so few choices these days that are a mix of good quality and good price, i decided to try in-ear types. After failed pairs, i tried jvc marshmallow. It’s the most comfortable in-ear i tried ever. The memory foam really fits your ear and feels like you’re not wearing any earphones.

The only earbuds that stay on my ears. The marshmallow earpiece makes a nice tight fitting in my ear canal,but doesn’t really make you avoid from hearing other noises. The cord also does gets tangled up and look wrinkly.

I’vpurchased these for years. The ear pieces are the only ones that stay in my ears and are super comfy. Also i love how i hear the bass so well. Walmart doesnt carry them anymore where i live.

  • Not great for small ears, sound is iffy
  • Just right
  • Previous models lasted about 1 year, This model = 5 months

I love these ‘marshmallow’s. Over the years i have tried several different in ear headphones, and these are the best i have found. One note: i won’t spend more than $30 for these little headphones, so those who are willing to may have found nicer ones. For my money, though, these are the best. Good sound, well made, comfortable, and they isolate very well.

This is my third pair of jvc earbuds, the previous two each lasted a couple years before i lost them. They fit in my ears well and block noise almost entirely.

These are excellent head phone if you are looking for something that is less expensive with a mic. I will tell you have had three pairs of these just due to ware and tear in the last year.

Using them now and they work great. Came in a timely manner and they are very comfortable. The only think i wish it had was a volume control. But being able to pause, skip and repeat with one button is great.

This is the only set i can use in my ears.

Features of JVC HAFR36P Marshmallow Inner Ear Headphones with Microphone and Remote -Pink

  • 11mm driver
  • 1.2-m cord color cord
  • Includes microphone & remote

11mm driver

I use them at work with skype and gotomeeting all day long. The microphone is sensitive but the sound is great and buds don’t give me a headache after wearing them all day like some others have.

Fast shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Would buy again should i need headphones, however i think i wouldn’t by this specific type as i have small ears and the marshmallows weren’t exactly comfortable for me.

Did not match up to the quality of the same headphones i purchased in store. The ones purchased in store i loved because of the great bass in relation to price. These were flimsier and less supported at the bends (prone to breakage). However, if you’re looking for headphones that just work decently, block out outside noise, and don’t cost much, this would be a good choice.

Was pleased with what i recieved. Will definately be back for more. For the price the sound quality to me is perfect.

These work great on my phone and they are also very comfortable. I have had bad headsets in the past but these work very nice.

My go to headphones for computer and phone. Though they always seem to go out around the 3 month mark (usually the microphone stops or there is a shortage ) i keep coming back because they are comfortable and just work very well. Nice, clear sound and don’t pop out when i’m working out.

1.2-m cord color cord

These headphones are wonderful. I’ve been using this brand for years. When working out; they never fall out of my ears. And the microphone control is a great feature to have. Makes it easy to switch songs on the fly.

These are my favorite headphones. The sound quality does not compare to any other headphones i’ve had.

Very good earphones especially for the price. The earphones worked very well for noise cancellation and the ear buds are very comfortable but do get dirty easily and ripped up at times.

It arrived in a timely manner and the sound quality is excellent. Still haven’t tested the microphone though due to being afraid of messing up the settings on my speakers like i did last time i tried to set up a microphone.

Didn’t work for my nano 7th generation, but i’m still satisfied.

Includes microphone & remote

I was expecting to be able to change the volume with the remote such as with the beats or apple headphones but i can only pause, rewind, fast forward, skip, or replay. Kind of a bummer but other than that, they are super cute and work great.

These are by far my favorite headphones in the world. I’ve had phones come with headphones, but these are so much better than any other ones i’ve ever purchased. My only problem is that they don’t have a button to turn the volume up and down.

I’ve bought at least 6 pairs of these over the years, and the last few this version with the microphone. I love the sound quality and the noise-cancelling foam ear pads, and for the price, i don’t care that they’re pinkbuild quality isn’t as great as i’d like them to be, though. I find myself buying a new pair every 12-18 months because something breaks. Still, 10 bucks a year is money spent way better than on ‘name brand’ headphones. The trick to the sound quality is the noise cancelling. If you cancel out most of the noise, then you don’t need drivers the size of your head to push the bass down your ear.

Love these headphones, but the cord is too short.

They are great for the price. Nothing super duper awesome as far as sound quality goes but it still does the job and the remote definitely makes it more convenient to use. Having a microphone is another great feature it has. Comparable to apple earphones. I bought them to replace my old apple ones that came with my iphone 4s but this one’s missing volume control on the remote. The remote only let you pause, play, next/previous songs.

These are the only headphones i’ve found that dont fall out when i run. Glad i could get these when i had amazon prime for free – fast shipping :).

I have 3 pair of these and i love them. The audio is clear and the headphones are comfortable.

Update: i’ve been using these earphones (jvc hafr36p marshmallow – pink) for 5 months now, and they’re already broken. The lifespan of recent jvc marshmallow earphones have been getting shorter and shorter. I said before that they usually last me about 1 year (and i’m not gentle with them). But this current (broken) pair has been overheating if i have it in my ears for more than 1 hour. And then i found that the plug was warped (probably also due to overheating). So the sound is all messed up. I have to wiggle and turn the plug around in the jack of my ipad in a certain way in order to hear the vocals in my music. And if i wiggle it the wrong way, the right earbud stops producing sound altogether. I reduced my previous 4-star rating to a 3-star rating, mostly because i haven’t found a better model of in-ear earphones with good sound quality + foam earpieces to block outside noise + microphone/remote. Unfortunately, the quality of jvc models has been going down recently.

I use this with my android phone. The button near the mic isn’t fully compatible, but then the description didn’t say it would work with android. It starts up the media player when i would prefer it to just answer and hangup calls. I can hear people clearly and they can hear me. The foam buds are soft enough and stay in my ears better than silicon ones do.

I love these earbuds and get whatever colors are cheapest and get free shipping. I only get these ones with the mic, because i use the magic jack app. I can have just the mic side in my ear for when my phone rings so i can quickly answer my phone. The mic also acts as a remote, by pressing the lower end. So you can pause and restart whatever you are listening to. Click twice to skip to the next song in your playlist. I just wish the wiring were a bit more fool-proof. As in, this fool tends to unintentionally abuse the cords. Eventually one side stops working. I now have a bunch on one-earred setsoh and they come with an extra set of soft tips. They are very nice to fit into my ears. I just gently clean them off with a tiny bit of water on a cotton cloth and then dry them. The sound is very good, too and the cords are long enough so i can put my ipod in my pants pocket and still listen.

I had this headphones before but without the mic, now with this feature increases the value. I choose them for the color and because of the size and work incredibly.

The product arrived in time, the color (pink) is bright and beautiful. And worked perfectly with my cellphone.

I just bought these for running, because the apple earbuds don’t fit in my ears. Because these are squishy at the tips, they conform to even the smallest ears (like mine). The sound quality is also amazing for these little gems being so cheap. I would recommend these to anyone.

Sound is not perfect but it’s fine, for the price. I can use it on all my stuff, it’s not picky.

Love the squishy, marshmallow part. I think i have small ear drums, so i wanted something that didn’t hurt my ears.

The third time i have bought these headphones because i love them so much. I have never been able to wear other sets of ear buds but these are surprisingly comfortable and do not fall out like others. Eventually the control on the cord stops working or one of the ear buds stops working and then i replace them, but that is to be expected when you use them every day. For the price these are great.

So happy i found these i bought them in store around december and they just popped late july. So they last long so hopefully they still around when these pop.

These earbuds are just what i was looking for–love the inline remote/microphone. These work great with my ipod. The small foam tips are just a tad big for my ears, but they will work just fine.

These worked well for my girlfriend. And they sound good as well. Plus they’re pinki recommend them.

I loved a pair of the older model of these without the remote and i ordered these and they weren’t even listed to work with my phone but they do which makes it even better, i just wanted the newer model for the headphone part because mine are getting kind of old.

I’ve only used jvc marshmallow earphones since i found my first pair about 8 years ago. I like these, my newest pair, for the additional features. The soft ear pieces are still comfortable, but now i have a microphone and a push button to pause/fast forward my music.

I get sweaty at the gym, and these are fine. They’re comfortable and a great price. However, i sometimes have issues when i wrap it around my ipod when i’m done, the button on the cord will hit and start playing without my knowledge and drain my ipod. You just gotta be careful not to bump it when it’s in your bag or whatever. Otherwise, they’re comfortable and having the power switch on the cord is a quick way to start or pause your music. Not terribly great quality as far as sound goes – but i’m not going to get expensive headphones for the gym.

I bought these to wear while walking and jogging with my dogs outside (near traffic sounds, etc. I know some people say they have small ears – i wear hearing aids and the audiologists always comment on how tiny my ears are. There is only one make/model of behind-the-ear hearing aid – in the smallest size – that fits my ears. So, rest assured, my ears are truly small. These ear buds do not work well in my ears. The squishy material is a neat idea and they’d probably be great for ‘medium-small’ ears while exercising. However, the solid part inside is still too large for my ears, so these are moderately uncomfortable for me. They do stay in my ears when i’m walking, but if i run a lot they start to come loose.

If you have tiny ear holes like i do, don’t buy. Gonna need to find different eat buds to put on there.

Great sound and very comfortable.

I was searching everywhere for the marshmallow type of foam of ear headphones and i found them. I only use them and love them.

Being an avid audilble listener, i have used many different types of headphones. These are by far the most comfortable earphones i have found. Also fabulously convenient when needing to answer the phone.

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JVC HAFX34B Marshmallow Headphones – marshmallow headphones

Bought the jvc earbuds along with two other lower cost sets. These and the koss keb24 fit ok but have a shallow sound. The jbuds j2 earbuds deliver a richer sound. All 3 sets have a tendency to loosen up and fall out. I bought these to use in a noisy construction area and they do block enough outside sound to avoid hearing damage. If i turned these up enough to hear music over tool sounds, i could damage my hearing.  jbuds j2 premium hi-fi noise isolating earbuds (black/chrome silver)koss keb24 portable isolation earbud (black).

I wouldn’t change them for any other headphones. This was my first pair of marshmallows, i haven’t bought any other kind. Sadly i always en up loosing them but i always go back and get more of the same, great bass and overall sound quality. I think so far i have owned like 10 pairs.

First off, i consider myself a low-budget audiophile. I like good quality equipment at cheap prices. I’m not going to use earbuds with my ipod that cost more than the ipod itself, but i won’t use just any crap. I play guitar and i produce beats and mix and master my own songs. They are miles ahead of the stock ipod earbuds. They seem to have a much better range than the ipod earbuds and lower frequencies like bass and kickdrums really shine. Nuanced music really shines through these and i find i can hear an astonishing level of detail in songs. Here are the specifications for the JVC HAFX34B Marshmallow Headphones:

  • iphone compatible plug and Sound Isolating
  • Soft earpiece in 2 sizes, Soft earpiece in 2 sizes

The marshmallow buds are extremely comfy in my ears, the cord length is great & the sound quality is nothing short of fantastic. These headphones have intense bass boost & the noise reducing buds are perfect for my noisy office. I wish there was a volume control on the cord, but the sound quality makes up for that tenfold. I like to buy new buds occasionally because ears are gross but i dont see myself ever switching from this product. Add these to your cart & you’ll never regret it.

These were very comfortable, sounds good. Only complaint, i like to run with my headphones. Sometimes these come loose and have to be pushed back into ear. The best use for these headphones maybe sitting still and not jogging with them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Better than even more expensive options
  • you can’t beat this for $10!
  • Great Sound, good noise cancelling, ok comfortability.

I work in a noisy metal shop, and these phones do a good job of blocking the noise, so i don’t have to destroy my ears just to hear my ipod over the racket. They sound pretty decent, and have lasted me for something like a year now, whereas before i was going through phones every few months. I’m buying a new set in preparation for the inevitable day when these crap out.

Apparently i have the correct size ears because my set fits perfectly and have truly impressive, wide range, sound. I just listened to the saint-saens organ symphony and even the last movement sounded good including the deep base organ notes.

These earphones are very comfortable. The sound quality is not very rich. If you are listening to talk radio or a sports event, they should be great. If you are looking for better than average sound then these would not be a very good choice.

I’ve always bet to earbuds rather than headphones, and these ones are on my short reference list. I use them to compare when i’m testing new models. I’ve had several pairs of different colors, some that i’ve lost and some that i’ve given away. But i always come back and order a new ones. I need to have a pair of these marshmallows close to me. They are very comfortable and their sound reproduction is hi-fi, very rich and warm, never harsh or exagerated bass. Song after song i find they sound as they should. It’s a shame they have been discontinued because their newer models like the jvc extreme xplosives don’t get close to them. The hafx34 are highly recommended.

I bought these headphones as a replacement to a pair of bose triport ie headphones i owned and in my opinion they sound just as good as the boses did. Once you take a few moments to figure out how to set them into your ears properly they have a nice, warm sound to them and are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. While they are not true noise-canceling headphones they do a decent job at cutting out surrounding ambient noise. My only complaint that i have so far is that i wish they came with a longer cord. Besides that you really can’t go wrong with these headphones especially for the price. Update: be careful with these headphones. The foam tips became loose after several months of use and i have gotten them stuck in my ears on more than one occasion. Enough to keep me away from in-canal headphones for now.

It would be helpful, although probably not realistic, to get to know more about reviewers who rate audio products. To wit; i really don’t care about a review complaining about lack of bass response from one of those individuals who cruise around with their hatch open and the volume up so loud that the bass from their washtub sized subwoofer rattles windows in homes and buildings. Likewise, self proclaimed audiophiles who nit-pick a product based on charts and numbers leave me cold. In my world there are three issues that are important relative to ear buds. In order of importance they are: (1) comfort (if their not comfortable, i’m not going to wear them no matter how good they sound. My wife gave me a pair of conventional earbuds that sounded great, but after three days of use, my left ear was so sore that i couldn’t put them in. ), (2) sound quality (do they deliver a good bass without fuzz or distortion and midrange and high notes without sizzle. ), and (3) price (here’s a tip. If the manufacturer offers an ‘easy payment plan’, you can probably find something just as good for a lot less). Based on these criteria, i give the jvc hafx34 mashmallow’s five stars.

These are the go-to non-premium earbuds that the guys in my family go for. These buds seem to stay in place and be more comfortable than 6 or more other brands/varieties in the same price range that the guys have tried.

My mom didn’t know how good of a purchase she made when she bought these for me back in 2008. I was a junior in high school and was going through cheap headphones like crazy, and she was being nice and just picking me up another pair of earbuds so i could listen to my music. I’m still using these earbuds to this day in 2014. I have never heard of headphones like this lasting anywhere near this long. Sadly, they’ve finally this month developed a bit of a short, and i’ve just ordered an identical used pair on here simply because these headphones rock. The sound quality is awesome. They’re super comfortable, and i would suggest them to anyone.

These are, by far, the best earbuds i have ever owned. Granted, i don’t often invest in earbuds, but these should not be overlooked when considering new ones. I use a standard philips mp3/mp4 player for my music. I previously owned the jvc ‘gumi’s, which seemed to get excessively loud when an ‘ee’ sound was played through them. I also had difficulties hearing bass instruments with the ‘gumi’s. When i first listened to the same songs on the same device through the marshmallows, i quickly noticed the amplified bass and lack of fluctuating volume. These earbuds are very good for listening to a personal audio device in loud environments. The comfortable mini-cushions block out all but a modicum of noise not being put through the earbuds. I highly recommend these earbuds–especially when considering the low price (currently about $10).

These were my first earbuds. I felt they sounded pretty good with my coby mp3 player. They stayed firmly in place with a foam similar to safety ear plug technology. I didn’t mind the two piece (foam and rubber) construction until i lost a piece. The black foam piece for some reason has a rubber sleeve that goes inside it. When the rubber piece from one side was lost, they wouldn’t stay together and are virtually useless. The small hole in the part that the foam and rubber go over easily plugs with earwax and needed to be cleaned every time i wanted to use them. If they plug while you’re out walking and can’t clean them, you’re listening in mono. Comparing construction and looks i would not hesitate to get sony (about $20), skullcandy (about $15) or even ge.

I just bought these along with the panasonic rp-hje300 earphones. The fit is pretty comfortable. I must note that i have small ear holes and find a lot of earphones out there become irritating after awhile but these can sit fine. The mids and highs are very good and clear. If you have an equalizer, you’ll definitely be doing a bass enhancement. After you pump up the bass, these earphones sound great.

They fit nicely in the ear, though sometimes it takes a moment or two to settle them just right. They have some of the best sound of all the in-ear headphones i’ve tried, they’re comfortable to wear, and because of their great design, they never get tangled up. I bought the same ones for my husband, and i’d recommend them for anyone looking for great, comfortable sound at a price that won’t gouge too much out of your bank account.

They have good sound quality and the foam type headphone tips fit really well in my ear and do a surprisingly good job of dampening external noise. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because the cord is pretty short so it is sometimes annoying to carry my mp3 player in my pocket or in other positions that require a longer headphone. These headphones are especially good if you are using them with a computer sitting right in front of you.

I have to say these had really good sound for the price range. Much better than retail headphones that were twice the price. The gel earbuds are great, prefer them over the thin rubber ones most headphones come with.

I bought these earbuds for less than $10 and for the price i paid the earbuds are excellent. But, they came in cheap plastic shrink wrap without a brand name. The earbuds had jvc stamped on them but the pack doesn’t. I think the seller buys these from the chinese market and sells then in the us. They are marked as jvc maybe because they are indeed manufactured for jvc by some chinese company. But the manufacturer sells them in the grey maket too. They are indeed value for money and arrived very quickly.

Works exactly as stated and were packaged as stated as well(brand new). I would recommend the product to anyone in the market for good cheap earbuds.

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