JBL J22 High-Performance In-Ear Headphones -, Perfect

Absolutely love these headphones. I’d had a pair before, but my cat had chewed them, and instead of looking for a new pair i wanted to buy the same ones. The sound quality is great, they fit comfortably, they don’t tangle, and it comes with a small pouch to store them in when traveling. I have a pair, my fiancé has a pair, and my sister have a pair- we all love them. For the price you’re paying, the sound quality is great.

Will go the extra mile if you need extra help. He sent them to me and i had additional ear tips within a week there are not too many dealers that would go to that kind of trouble. My hat’s off to this vendor.

To me they sound like they reproduce more low frequency than is in the actual signal but i can live with that. They are comfortable after a few hours of use. The built in mic is a nice feature as well.

Key specs for JBL J22 High-Performance In-Ear Headphones – White:

  • High-performance JBL drivers deliver incredible sound quality
  • Exciting JBL design
  • Three pairs of silicone sleeves for comfort and fit
  • Flat elastomer cables and rubber slider keeps cables organized
  • Carry pouch protects the headphones when on the go. Connectivity Technology: Wired

Comments from buyers

“Put cord over your ear for secure fit
, Great sound for the money- a couple of minor drawbacks
, Great JBL Sound. Heavy Duty. A Little Uncomfortable.

In concert with many of this product’s reviewers, i didn’t find any of the jbl supplied tips properly sized for an ideal occlusive fit; this primarily because the earphone’s stem isn’t long enough. But when i physically held the earbuds in my ears to form a good seal, the sound was fairly well balanced and i figured i’d try a pair of memory foam tips to see if they’d correct jbl’s flawed design. I bought some veritas memory foam tips (4. 0 mm shaft diameter) and indeed, these complete the package. Sound from these j22i’s is now pretty darn good and since the veritas tips install part way (enough) onto the shaft, they end up lengthening ear canal incursion — making the statement ‘in-ear headphones’ true. The flat cable and iphone dedicated mic-control work well and now with the veritas memory foam tips, they stay in place while i’m working out — and the sound quality matches or exceeds the price point (discounted to about 40 bucks here on amazon). Add ten bucks for the veritas memory foams though or pass on these earphones altogether; that’s my advice.

These are heavy and they fall out. The cords are long which i am also not a fan of. The sound quality is wonderful however. Would i recommend these to anyone?.Probably not simply because they do fall out and i had put the smallest silicone piece on them. They are just to heavy it about took my earring out between the wire snagging and heaviness i had to rate low. However sound quality wonderful.

Like the features, earbud fit, and especially the cord that never tangles . Fixed all the issues we were looking to fix. The only problem is that’s too easy to unintentionally turn on by the slightest pressure.

What can i say jbl always the best the sound is great pick up a set you will love them.

Bought these for my nephew and he loves them. The wires are thick and sturdy and the mic/volume rocker feels solid and has nice feedback. These are definitely bass heavy but they counter it by ramping up the highs. Which is an interesting approach. They are also very loud and with the proper ear piece, you won’t hear the outside world. For the price, these are fantastic and i’m considering getting myself a pair. I went 4 stars due to the heavy bass and it not sounding real balanced, rather just, let’s make the highs really high, too.

Voice quality and microphone are good. Don’t buy it if you want to listen to music, it has very little bass and there are better options available.

I bought these in 2015 and i have taken care of them and they continue to function today- just as well as the day they arrived. Great sound fidelity and the no tangle design of the cord has never become knotted.

My only very minor complaint is that when the microphone rubs against my face i hear scratching noise when using the phone.

Good bass,great for watching movies on an ipad,not so good for music listening,at least for me.

These headphones are the best i’ve ever owned. The bass hits on the right spot and you hear every single beats. Especially if you listen to lossless music tracks. I always use that to test the quality of my earphones. These tiny monsters have no muffles even at the loudest end.

At first i didn’t like these ear buds. The wire is substantial and extra long. Once i played several tracks i was hooked. Better sounding and more durable than my beats.

I feel completely okay about these. They were reviewed highly on consumer reports. I found them to be just fine. Frankly, i received a headset as a gift a couple of years ago that i liked them more, but couldn’t remember the manufacturer.

I love the balance between the highs, midrange, and bass. If you love bass these headphones are for you. The deepest bass i’ve ever heard from ear buds. For the best experience try all of the different sizes of the included buds to find the size that fits you. I’ve found that the better the fit, the better the sound.

This is a top self ear buds which gives bass like expensive headsets i’ll recommend these over all ear buds and most head sets.

Never want to remove my earphone ever againexcellent soundif you used to do bose or monster this items may not that upscale like those.

For those of you whose deliberately saying there is no bass poor treble. , please refer to the manual of how to wear these headphones properly. It is designed for ear canal insertion, not like wearing standard headphone. It came with 3 different ear adapters size, so you have to choose the one that fits your ear canal. Jbl is history you cannot go wrong with its product.

Good sound with plenty of bass. However i had a problem keeping ear buds in when walking. The cables are long and heavy.

These ear buds work better then any of the others i have bought. The price was a little high for me but they work as well as they said they would.

They’s great in-ear headphones, with the audio quality i have come to expect from jbl. Sadly the only con is they’re a little too heavy, so if they’re not forced into my ear they end up falling out with the slightest of movements. Another note, one that doesn’t effect my review score is if you’re getting these for a windows phone, the buttons and microphone do not work. However they do function perfectly on the iphone.

Note that the ‘i’ models appear to have apple-specific functions, but the headphones and mic work fine with my droid phone. As others have noted, the earpieces are somewhat heavy and can fall out. Since i walk, not a big deal. Can also get water around earpieces which makes them slipperier and can mess up the sound. It is a shame that the white models were two and a half times the cost of the black ones, but who cares if i am not color coordinated. Bought based on good reviews in cr. Overall, very good earphones for the money.

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JBL Synchros Reflect-A in-Ear Sport Headphones – Good quality sound and more bass than anything I’ve heard

Best in ear headphones hands down. Jbl has always been superior in car speakers. They have took that and put into portability. Great for workouts and phone conversations.

These headphones have awesome sound and a few cool features. The interchangeable ear pieces are great, they allow for a snug comfortable fit. They won’t fall out if you find the right size. The remote does everything it needs to do for android. The earbuds snap together with magnets to prevent tangling. Part of the cord can be removed for a shorter cord if you use it with a armband. The wire itself is reflective, which is also great. These earbuds are so good that i use them as my main sound while playing the xbox one.

Excellent quality and sound. I’ve tried lots of different ear buds for running and these do not fall out. Here are the specifications for the JBL Synchros Reflect-A in-Ear Sport Headphones:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.

Great sound, excellent at blocking wind noise when bike riding. Just wish the android style had repeat last song capability like the apple version.

The cord is the only thing great about these. I do a lot of running and these just don’t stay in my ears. The worst thing is sweat gets behind them and into my ear. This causes me to constantly pull them out and put them back in when running.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • When these were being designed they went a little TOO HARD.
  • Good audio for this price. UPDATE: Lost one of my earpieces, headphones are useless now.
  • Yes my wife and I love JBL products we have an issue with the silicone

Awesome and they stay in ear great.

Great quality headphone, but very heavy for running. Would be ok without the cord extention.

Good quality sound and more bass than anything i’ve heard at this price. Nice cable that doesn’t tangle and has reflective strips.

Very comfortable on long runs. Bass is too powerful at the low end, but this doesn’t really matter when exercising. Biggest complaint is that the cable is just a few inches too short to stretch to my music player clipped to my waistband, resulting in the 2′ extension cable being necessary.

Good bass for workout earbuds, good fin design, large earbud creates a lot of wind noise when cycling, inline remote does not function with motorola droid turbo.

Everything is good with the shipper and the product advertisement is accurate to what i received. I am not too fond of these earbuds. I did not expect these to compare to the more expensive ear buds made my jbl but the downfalls are quite annoying. First the cord is bulky and heavy to the point that i feel pulling at my ears all the time. Part of the way down the cord there is a clip so that you can relieve some of the weight off of the ear bud by clipping it to your shirt but it still feels like its pulling because the cord is so heavy and stiff. The magnets inside each earbud is a cool feature so you can store them around your neck without losing them as easily but this contributes to the weight of each bud to where i needed to use the large ear fitting which is too large for my ear but is the only way to keep them snug with all that weight. This has contributed to their discomfort. The cord is short but comes with an extension for when you are using them for working out but actually without the extension they are much too short to use for any reason at all. I would have preferred it to just be a longer cord without a silly disconnection in the middle that adds to its weight and i need to keep pushing it together because the contacts suck and i lose hearing in one bud all the time. Lastly, the reflective strip is peeling from the base of the aux connection.

Great bass, fits well, 3 sizes of rubber ear tips, nice collor.

I have been looking for something to not fall out of my ears while mowing the lawn and these are it. I put a pair of over the head ear protectors over top for greater hearing protection and not cranking the volume but also to try and anchor the ear buds but they would fall out. I tried coiling the wire around my ears and still no luck. These are an amazing fit, the sound, and the ability to stay in. I haven’t mowed yet but they were perfect while snow blowing.

Great quality of sound, however the aux extension cable broke, though this can be replaced easily.

Clean sound and great fit while exercising.

I’m going to post this after 1 week of use. I have returned my bose mie2’s and are going to try these out because of poor quality of bose in ear headphones. Ok so out of the box first reaction. I first though the short cord then an extension to be a pain but i have a arm band for my mp3 player and the short cord is super nice for it when i run. Having to use the extension cable when my phone is in my pocket wouldn’t be to bad if the shirt clip was better. The clip on the cable is just a hook for your collar?. The bose had a gator style clip that was movable up and down the cord, which was great. I will probably never use it.

Yes my wife and i love jbl products we have an issue with the silicone ear piece coming off. I have been in contact with jbl but their solution is to send the unit back instread of replacing the ear piece. I purchase the first set of jbls from a box store. My wife tried them and we then purchase the next set through amazon. But we both lost one of the ear pieces. Great sound and great microphone when using the phone, clarity. Just use caution with ear pieces because of the softness of the material they grab and come off. They do stay in your ear well.

The sound is ok (not isolating noises), the mic is ok, and i must say that it is not easy to fall while i am running, which is great.

Delivered on time and as described.

These are the most comfortable earphones i have ever bought. I love that the cord is non-tangle and the volume control. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Seriously an amazing pair of headphones. I’m not a big reviewer but felt obligated to do so on these because i was very hesitant to buy them due to the negative reviews. However, people losing their ear pieces does not warrant a 1-star review on the product itself. This is not a problem unique to these headphones and can be prevented if your cautious. Plus these headphones come with 3 pairs of the ear buds (albeit in different sizes). I have a $300 pair of headphones (v-moda m100s) and this $40 pair is honestly on par with them*. They fit great, sound great, line up perfectly anatomically with where a phone would sit in your pocket. I’ve been using these for a week and have no complaints so far. They are what the bose in-ear headphones should have been, only for much, much cheaper. Also, the remote on the earphones themselves integrate well with android (galaxy s5).

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JBL ROXY by Reference 230 Earbud Headphone – Orange/Pink, ROXY by Reference 230 Earbud Headphone – Orange/Pink

I have lesser ear openings so common-sized ear buds make my ears ache.

These are great earbuds, super lovable shades and they occur with a a genuinely cute pouch to continue to keep them nice.

These are high quality earbuds made by jbl they sound brilliant and look very good also. I acquired these for my girlfriend and she loves the pink cord it matches her situation. The earbuds fit in her ear properly and are cozy.

Key specs for ROXY by JBL Reference 230 Earbud Headphone – Orange/Pink (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Lightweight, comfortable fit makes them the perfect choice for everyday use.
  • Excellent frequency response and high-output makes them the perfect upgrade for virtually any portable device
  • Bright orange and pink Color delivers high performance sound with style

Comments from buyers

“Fit just outside ear canal, ROXY by JBL Reference 230 Earbud Headphone – Orange/Pink are great., great for smaller ears and kids!!”

Really like the merchandise, big supporter of roxy iteams good quality with prime came however the mail completely ready rapidly.

Great headphones bought me two pairs at craigslist for $9. Seem is great loud loud loud.

I experienced acquired a pair just like this at a superstore. Utilised them nearly every day for about two decades, then ultimately wore them out. I was so delighted to uncover them below. They match properly – the white earbuds that came with my telephone are a minor also substantial for my ears. I can leave these in for hrs with no any soreness from strain becoming applied to my ear. The seem excellent is quite very good as very well. I like the warm pink – it is effortless for people to location that you have them in, so they really don’t commence chatting to you. 🙂 i purchased two pairs, one particular for function and one particular for home/journey.

If you have compact ear canals and detest all those major fats hunky ear buds in your ears you require these. These are by significantly my favored ear buds. I use them with my sansa clip mp3 participant. The seem is good with the two tunes and audio books. I acquired these a few of years ago and they are however likely robust with day by day use.

Roxy by jbl reference 230 earbud headphone – orange/pink are excellent. These earbuds had been just as they are pictured and provide great audio. We have gotten a lot of very good use out of these headphones and i would definitely propose them. Thank you for studying my overview, if you have any issues experience absolutely free to electronic mail me, i would be joyful to assistance you with any thoughts you have.

I adore these headphones but not major notch on sound. I use them for my day to day and jogging.

Just bought these headphones in the mail. I have currently been employing them: sound top quality is excellent, and they in good shape completely in my ears. Actually relaxed, and they even arrived with a pouch for storage. The design and colours search amazing. I would certainly get these for a close friend.

They are terrific color and elegant for performing out. I would remarkably recommend them for all ages.

Incredibly very good product or service, excellent audio in the earpiece so easy presentation, just a minimal formless to the ear but devoid of inconvenience.

Enjoy the shade as my partner and son would not be swiping from me.

I really enjoy these earbuds. I experienced to switch them b/c my daughter ruined the to start with pair. They are good for touring and for young ladies.

The wire to earbud connection felt a minimal flimsy to me. But i am kinda tough on earbuds.

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