iHip Classic Superman Logo Hi-Fi Noise ucing Ear Buds : lantern fan) but they’ve actually lasted longer and work better then the more expensive earphones we bought

Bought this for as a birthday gift for a friend, and they really love it. A great product, really love it.

My youngest child wanted these (as a green lantern fan) but they’ve actually lasted longer and work better then the more expensive earphones we bought. Works great (and very low priced).

The only problem with these are that the picture starts to peel off after so long.

My husband really enjoyed them and is a avid fan. Seems they do a good job and he has been using them ever since he received them.

  • Well one of them doesn’t work.
  • Great product! Really durable! 200% happy!
  • lantern fan) but they’ve actually lasted longer and work better then the more expensive earphones we bought

iHip Classic Superman Logo Hi-Fi Noise Reducing Ear Buds (Earphones)

  • Superman’s Face
  • High Quality
  • Noise Reducing
  • In-ear design
  • No.VALUE
  • Comic Character Logo Earbuds
  • In-Ear earbuds with Comic character logo in 3D printed design, official wire slider, and team insignia on the head jack
  • Noise Isolating and engineered for quality listening
  • Compatible with all standard headphone jack items including Iphone, Ipod, Blackberry, Walkmans and more

This is a really neat headset and i can’t wait to start using them once my current set wears out.

They fit very well in every ear. They will be damaged at the junction between the connector and the cable very soon. (i had a pair of these earbuds before).

Bought these as a gift for my husband. He loved the character the flash, and said they were good headphone to use with this cellphone.

These headphones are a must for wonder woman fans. The have good sound quality and excellent graphics and a cool collectors package.

I bought these to replace my son’s ipod headphones, he loves them and they’re surprisingly really great little headphones. Quality sound, decent noise reduction, and they’re batman – it’s all good :).

Nice headphones very comfortable to wear. Cute design of wonderwoman on the ear buds.

Oh my goodness i bought one set of wonder woman ear buds and its said not shipped for hours , i mean the first my order was cancelled then now this one isn’t shipped and it doesn’t allow me to contact the seller so he needs to get to stepping i said politely. So for now i will be generous and give 3 stars.

They arrived quickly and were very well packaged. But after about a week of using them, the right speaker began to fade out and after a couple weeks the connectivity with the headphone jack cuts in and out when listening and most of the time sound only comes out of the left speaker. Not good for running or working out, only really good if you’re sitting still and don’t put pressure on the cord. Don’t do very much to cancel out any sound.

Cool earbuds for any superhero fan. I’m pretty careless with my stuff but no matter what happened to them the picture stays perfect and they still work perfectly even after being in the washer and dryer a few times.The squishy parts for your ear do to seem to collect a lot of dust/dirt/lint pretty quickly though, it might just be me, but you do have to clean them from time to time.

Loved the sound it was very clear and i have a phone that has beats audio and enjoyed to listen to my music.

I love these headphones they are different from the normal plain white headphones. I showed my friends my headphones and they liked it a lot too and there’s 5 different kinds to choose from i want the whole collectionthey work really well my first ones were stolen so i had to buy them again but the price is not bad for headphones i really enjoy ;].

You would think 20 dollar eat buds would come without issues, right?. But hey, i paid like 6 bucks for these so i can’t really complain. I just wish i wasn’t so lazy or i would return them. I bought these to work out, i just put them in for the first time, so now i can work out one ear at a time. Maybe this will be the best part of my workout. 6 bench press and switch ears to keep my hearing loss even. Edit: rated from 1 to 3 stars. New pair arrived quickly and work just fine.

By little i mean the part the ear bud goes into and i mean my own. I hate bulky ear buds so these were perfect. Comfortable plus i love wonder woman.

Very cute set, and it also comes in a colorful little jacket. It’s a gift, so i was pleased it’s so appealing.

Work great look even better.

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IHIP AquaVibe Underwater Earbuds Durable and Lightweight Down to 25 Meters, Pretty cool. Bought them to go with lifeproof case. they seem delicate.

These are great to use while working out/swimming, however the cords get in the way a little bit so i rig it up my arm and around my suite.

This item works great underwater. I swim with it and no problems at all. However, be aware that the wires look extremely thin. I don’t think it’s a very good quality item, but for the price, it’s a great deal.

Sound quality has been very good; these produce more volume than some of my other waterproof earbuds. They don’t come with triple-flange tips, however, and for me those are essential for swimming. I replaced the standard tips ihip supplies with some triple-flange tips i had. Durability has also been very good; i swim about a mile daily, and i expect a low-cost earbud to last about a month. When the ihip buds hit seven weeks without problems, i ordered a couple more.

Comments from buyers

“Great for swimming — IF properly inserted and secured
, My favorite waterproof earbuds yet
, It’s good that these came free with purchase.

Like: the bud is design to work under water. That is very good, it can prevent water to get into my ears. The sound quality is good for this price. It’s outstanding while listen to the rock music.

After reviewing many ‘waterproof’ ear buds, most of which said not for pool use, i chose this model. As ear buds they work pretty well but are difficult to get fitted the first time. Some directions as to how to place them in the ear and how to choose the correct silicon pads would have been invaluable. I had a problem caused by using the small silicon when i need the larger and had trouble finding an insertion technique that would give sound in both ears. Once they are in and working they sound great underwater.

I use in water aerobics and water walking.

Swimming miles a day, they just work. Put them under my swim cap, i have no problem hearing my waterfi ipod. Took off one star because the earbuds are too small for my ears and there is no large size earplugs. But it minor, especially at this price. No problem hearing as i’m swimming.

The only difference in these than the more expensive ones, is that the cord ivery long & not coiled; so i just use a rubberband to shorten the extra length.

There shouldnt be any bad reviews on this. When this was on sale for 6$ i bought a pair, and im glad i did. Im not a hardcore swimmer or anything, i just shower with my lifeproof case, (thats right) and its a really nice luxury.

I got them so that i could start swiming then i got sick i havent used them just yet but when i do great.

Sound is really pretty good particularly considering the cost. Thus far, no problems using these when i kayak (they have gotten wet but not submerged).

My favorite waterproof earbuds yet, i have ordered several pairs. Like any sport earbuds these aren’t going to last long, but in the meantime they sound pretty decent and seem to stay in my ears better than any others i’ve tried (i wear a swimcap over them). I probably only swim like once a week and these will last me up to a year. Update: my most recent pair only lasted about 9 months, so that was a bit disappointing. If they were under $20 i would still give 5 stars but i’m going to try another brand and see how long they last.

No problems, but i’m not stuffing these in my pocket or anything. Eddie bauer ‘curvy man’ work great for keeping them neat and tidy.

I got these headphones free with my purchase of a waterproof ipod from underwater audio. On the positive side, they fit will in my ear, and the sound was clear enough to listen to audiobooks while i was swimming laps. I have also used them for running, because i sweat a lot, and they stay in relatively well. On the downside, i have only used them 16 times (i keep a workout log, and i counted) and they have already stopped working. The wires are pulling out from the plug that goes into the ipod itself. Given that they cost 7 dollars, i am not super surprised, but it is still a pain that they didn’t hold up. I have conacted the company, and we’ll see what they say.

I swim every day and go thru earbuds regularly. As a ‘free’ gift with the waterproof ipod, i feel blessed and hope to do business again soon.

For a free add on with my ipod shuffle purchase they’re ok, but not great. They come out of my ears fairly often when lap swimming. I’m thinking about getting a different pair since i am enjoying the shuffle so much.

I haven’t useed them yet, but they sound good. I hope they still work fine once that i’m swimming. But by now, they seem to be great.

Good sound quality and fit my ears well did not try underwater. Great for deep sea fishing trip we did get wet.

Listed information was not clear on the plug type and it did not fit our player. I had to return, so i cannot comment on quality of the system. All i can say that the stereo plug is not micro, it is 3.

I just got these, so i’ve only used them a few times, but working great so far. (will edit later regarding longevity, etc. ) the sound is okay, nothing to write home about, but definitely good enough to be enjoyable. A primer on swimming with these and other waterproof earbuds:1) they only work if they seal the ear canal 100%. The phones must seal out all water, leaving only empty air between the phone and the eardrum. If any water leaks in, you can’t hear anything because the phones aren’t powerful enough to conduct sound through water. This is the same with all waterproof earphones. The aquavibe’s come with two sizes of eartips; the ones that are already on the earphones worked great for me, the other set is smaller. If one of the two sets of tips don’t fit your ears, you’re screwed. The tips are very flexible though, and should fit most/many ears.

Cord is thin and they do not stay in as well as you would need for heavy use (swiiming laps and such) but good for light use and kids. I ordered mine two days ago and they got here just on time.

What u expect from a waterproof music piece. It breaks up from not making a solid connection to the player but i expected that.

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iHip IP-PC-POP DJZ Noise Isolating Ear Buds – Kind of ugly, but work very well.

These are much better than expected. The sound quality is great and the volume control is a really nice feature.

These have worked well since i got them, it’s really interesting how flat the cord is. I’m not a fan of the pattern, but i do love the headphones themselves.

I chose to try these ear buds because i wanted something a little more durable than the ones that came with my phone. I like the flat cable design and the fun prints you can get on these. The quality is very good, and the ear buds are comfortable. I usually have problems with earbuds bothering my ears after a while. There are three sizes of bud cushions in the package, so you can custom fit. Microphone and volume control on the cord.

I had purchased my first pair from citi trends. They finally gave out on me so i searched them out on amazon. I ordered 2 pair to make sure i always have one handy just in case. These are the best headphones that i have purchased in a long time. The fit is very comfortable to wear all day. They also have very good bass sound when listening to your music.

These things were outstanding i loved them. They sounded great and looked cool. Only bad thing is the ear bud rubber was a little annoying it didnt work very good but they sounded great bass was awsome. I loved these the chord neaver tangledwould reccommend.

The ihip djz ear buds with built-in microphone are a great pair of buds for an extremely reasonable price. They produce a strong sound especially for this price range. The cord is flat and tangle resitant much like the dre beats cords. All in all you really can’t go wrong with these buds based on performance and price.

  • Durable and Fun
  • Excellent Ear Buds
  • points for style maybe my ears are weird.

Broke pretty easily great bass tho.

It is amazingi love them sooo mic i get soo many complements because of the unique design however it does take a lot of adjusting to because of the thin cord.

Awesome, i had a pair like this b4, lost it. So i was glad to find another since the manufacturer stopped making it.

Just as described my little boy loves them they sound great the skulls are very detailed we looked for a long time for headphones like these.

This is my second pair of these — i tend to kill earbuds fairly quickly, usually by fatiguing the wire to death at the strain relief on the plug. First pair came from tj maxx as a set licensed by the discovery channel, and when those died i liked them enough to dig them up here on amazon. I’ve used them with two android phones, a tmo g2 and a samsung galaxy blaze. Button, mic, and volume control all do their job, collar clip works dandy. Flat cables never ever seem to tangle. Sound quality’s as good as it could be for the price. Wish i could buy a pair of these that cost more and was really well made, but can’t complain for the price. Love the black and red checkers.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This thing is rigged to break with in a week to 2 weeks time don’t wast your money. It works and sounds good but not worth the buy.

I am pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new set of ear buds.

Great sound and great design 🙂 all my friends were asking were i got them. I love these headphones, they’re amazing.

Love it i only buy this headphones i love to hear xbass and this headphone has it it sounds like my car system in my hear you never want to take it out once you put it in your ear.

I don’t know why everyone said the cord was too short, it’s fine. The sound quality is great, it arrived quickly, and it looks cool.

These are really cool looking. I am guessing the internal bud design just aren’t compatible with my weird ears- they will not stay in. The ‘tape-like’ style of the cord is very different and cool, and i love the retro colors. If only they stayed comfortably in my ears.

Microphone for cell phone use

Bought these for my daughter to be used with her android phone, she loves them, said that they are very clear.

Nice and comfortable just what i was looking for love the mic and the volume control they haven’t tangeled up or anything.

The speaker part on the head phones is to far away from my mouth, also the cord is to short. The silver peice near the ear peices came unglued and now will fall down.

Great sound, sturdy build, and the controls work great. The only issue i have is the cord is a little shorter then i like, but still long enough my device can go into my pocket.

Very cool i’m still getting use to the ear buds.

Just bought these from burlington coat factory for $10. I could not believe when i put them in my ears how good they were. The sound quality is amazing. It truly isolates sounds and the buds feel comfortable in my ears. Usually headphones do not last very long, but so far so good. With a microphone, volume control and noise isolating features i can’t complain.

In-line Volume Control

These are the only headphones that my wife and kids like – was able to get them much cheaper here than at the store.

Ergonomic Design

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