iFrogz If-QUA-PNK Quake Earbuds, The only earbuds my husband will use!

These are really great sound for the price. One pair was not working, and the seller has promised to replace that pair.

Please keep in mind i have not put these up to a higher volume, but so far the sound seems ok. For the price ($9), i can’t really complain much about them, but if you are looking for comfort and buds that will not be over-powered by outside noises, you might want to look elsewhere. I generally take a mid-sized ‘cushion’ on my earbuds (these come with 3 and i use the middle one on these also), but the plastic piece feels too large. While most ear buds will rest comfortably on my ear, these press against the sides making extended wear quite uncomfortable. The little rubber pieces also do nothing to help alleviate outside noise. I often find that i can hear other people’s conversations while trying to listen to my music. I have not yet tried to use the mic, but have seen mixed reviews online. Also, the cord is said to be ‘tangle resistant’ but i have managed to tangle it twice in less than a week. Overall, i would not buy these again.

I bought these earbuds to replace my original apple earphones (the ones without a mic). So far they have worked perfectly in my pc and sound a lot better than the apple pair. The remote works, but on my android tablet google play music only detects one click to pause/play. The mic also works, but not very well.

Key specs for iFrogz If-QUA-PNK Quake Earbuds with Mic, Pink:

  • In-line single-button remote/mic
  • Compatible with Apple, BlackBerry, Android and all other media devices with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Crisp, high-definition stereo sound
  • Bass Enhanced ear bud
  • Includes soft-tip noise-isolating earpieces in 3 sizes

Comments from buyers

“good sound, but uncomfortable for a smaller ear
, I Love the Ear Quake!
, A little hassle but definitely worth it!

Okay so i first got my hands on a pair of these when my friend gave me them to give back to my other friend. I was in need of some musical mcluvin’ so i plugged these in and they were great so i decided to order myself a pair. I received my ifrogz exactly when they said it would arrive but when i opened the pack there were some items missing. I contacted the seller the next day and he replied very quickly saying he would replace them right away and i wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of sending the original unit back in. The seller then immediately sent another shipment and i got the replacement unit within days of contacting him. He was great to work with and i definitely would make another purchase from them. For the price they are extremely amazing.Definitely better than the mainstream skull candy ear buds and cheaper too.

This is the 2nd pair of these that i’ve bought. Ca has hand free driving law. No one ever complains that they can’t hear me or about static while i’m talking, like my old headphones.

They aren’t the best headphones in the world but they work and sound great for the price. I always use them when i’m mowing and they block out sound pretty good and sound good when the volume is turned up high.

Were for my son and he said they did good.

My husband is very picky about his ear-buds. He has to have certain features (such as close fitting inside his ear – nothing that sticks out too far and would rub while wearing his helmet). These ifrogz are the only ear-buds that meet all of his criteria. He says they have excellent stereo sound and would recommend them to anyone. Unlike other’s i’ve purchased these so far have held up well.

I discovered these earbuds when they were marked down at office depot for a clearance sale from $26 to $4. I only bought one pair, since i wondered why the price cut was so deep. I busted the package open when i got to my car in the parking lot and was so blown away by the full range of sound especially the deep bass that never experienced with earbuds before. I marched back into the store and bought the remaining two pairs still on the rack. It’s a shame ifrogz discontinued this model.

This product exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is superb. The microphone works well and the noise cancelling is great.

Amazing headphones took me a little while to get used to but they’re decent.

The quality of these earphones are very high. A bit of vibration from the bass, but that could have easily been because my phone was too loud. The shipment arrived very much on time, so a thumbs up to the seller.

The sound is amazing for the price that i paid for. The wire however, seems of cheap quality and easily breakable but i can live with that. The earbuds fit very comfortable in my ears without hurting them which is what i like about this brand. The color is not bright pink but more of a lighter tone. All in all it is a good investment if you are looking for earbuds. The microphone works well and it synchronizes with my phone’s voice system.

I haven’t had these very long and they are already starting to short out.

Two stars based on overall sound quality and fit. For the price however, the sound quality is as expected, passable. Sound just isn’t great compared to good quality ear buds. You get a dang fancy box however that looks like a hundred bucks. The inline button to click to pause, skip is nice as is the 45-degree angled mini plug that had narrow shoulders and worked with my iphone case. 3 sets of ear pieces none of which are very good. I tried the medium and small neither of which seemed very secure. Cardio- i took a 10k run, horrible. There’s no clip to secure the line so you get the constant noise of the bouncing cable each step.

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iFrogz IFA-SPC-MIC-BLU Spectra Earbud – High quality and comfortable. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade from stock earbuds.

Good sound good durability good inline controls.

I bought these when i was between bb earphones and i was desperate. They were intended for interim use but the design is very nice so i may use them more. The fit in my ear is good, and they do a great sound isolation job. There was no shirt clip included and related 2. Since the cable is woven nylon to prevent tangling the microphonics sound when it rubs against my shirt is slightly distracting. But i do like the metal housing, makes it seem robust. Here are the specifications for the iFrogz IFA-SPC-MIC-BLU Spectra Earbud:

  • In-line single-button remote/mic
  • Compatible with Apple, BlackBerry, Android and all other media devices with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Crisp, high-definition stereo sound
  • Tangle resistant Nylon cord
  • Includes soft-tip noise-isolating earpieces in 3 sizes

These are the best headphones for listening to music. I bought a pair around last year and have had then till know (made the mistake of washing then im my jacket) and even after that they worked but the adhesive that held the speaker together was coming undone. You will read about the vibrating sound they make when they rub around on surfaces, this can be an issue but its one con vs all the pros. Such as they dont get tangled cause of the weaving, they are a perfect fit and the speaker is clear. Best of all they dont feel cheap but they dont cost an arm and a legp. Recommend buying from gohastings, awesome service.

First of all, i am an introvert, so headphone quality is of utmost importance. With that said, the spectra’s by ifrogz are of superior quality. The headphones sound great, with high-high’s and low-low’s. I am able to sit right next to my girlfriend and tune her out as she tells me about her day. The only minus i have with these is their durability. While they are great for exercise because they don’t fall out, never leave them in your pocket because any light thump will smash them instantly. Luckily i bought the extended warranty on these so i was able to get them replaced rather quickly. If you are willing to dish out the extra guap for the warranty, these headphones are definitely worth it; if not, don’t bother.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Iv’e bought
  • They are in perfect condition otherwise
  • Perfection for the ears!

The last pair i bought was at wal-mart and they lasted for about a year until the left side started going out and stopped working. I had these ones for a few weeks before the right ear bud came off and i had to glue it back. Nothing came off the speaker part, it still worked. Ticked me off if you ask me. If it stopped working all together i would be omega pissed off. They are in perfect condition otherwise. I would suggest that they put a warranty on these though.

I have been using stock earbuds that came with my galaxy s4. They also come with a built-in microphone with the addition of volume controls that these ifrogz do not have. In comparison, the fit and comfort of these spectra buds are definitely superior to the stock buds that came with my phone. On max volume (on my tablet), the sound is slightly lower than max with the stock earbuds. The bass is noticeably richer and the highs are noticeably clearer. I am x-military and probably slightly deaf from many years of heavy equipment, gunfire, and explosion noises, so max volume is important to me, especially on my tablet which doesn’t seem to be able to get as loud as any of my other devices. These earbuds are definitely sufficient in this regard with richer sound than my stock earbuds. Volume controls that were built into the phone earbuds do not work on my tablet or any other device, so this is not much of a loss. For the spectra buds, you have to squeeze the little dangling box to depress the mic button (mute?. – haven’t used this yet so i’m not sure). This is much easier than fumbling with the tiny volume up/down + mute/answer buttons that are mashed together on the stock buds. (big thumbs)i was recently using these earbuds while working out on a machine and i definitely noticed the noise of the cord when it hit or rubbed against a surface. This was even at the high volumes that i was listening at.

I am now in love with these earbuds. The bass sounds absolutely amazing, they look great, and they’re more comfortable than any other eabuds i’ve ever owned. I can hear my music much more clearly than in my old (apple) earbuds. The nylon cord do a great job at helping take out tangles and make for a more quality look. Now i can’t stop listening with them, it all sounds too amazing.

Best earbuds i’ve ever purchased. Most earbuds have wires that tangle easily and break. Ifrogs have covered wires that prrotect wires from damage & are easy to coil & store without breaking.

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iFrogz Earpollution Ep-Cg- Pink Crew Graffiti Buds – Love it

These are great i bought them to replace my skull candy ear buds and i was very pleased with them, and the price was fantastic. I would recommend them 100%.

First off i am very hardcore about my music, if i can’t feel it when i listen to it the ear buds are going in the trash, i’ve recommended these for as long as i can remember and they are all i buy my girlfriend wanted new ear buds that she could enjoy she had a pair of skull candy that her parents bought her costing around $50 and i had her try mine which even she agreed where better than the skull candy, they have amazing bass and they fit perfectly in your ears drowning out noise exceptionally well. I’m hard on my ear buds they travel with me quite often and are used at least once a day and these last me longer than any other brand i’ve ever used, these are a must have.

Only kind of earbuds that dont hurt my ears:). Here are the specifications for the iFrogz Earpollution Ep-Cg- Pink Crew Graffiti Buds:

  • Delivers super-deep bass, smooth, undistorted highs, and crystal clear vocals.
  • Comes with two sizes of memory foam tips, and one pair of silicone tips.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, and any other media device with a 3.5 mm jack.
  • Driver Unit: 9mm neodymium – Impedance: 16 ohms – Sensitivity: 98dB+/-3dB at 1KHz – Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz – Cord Length: 1.25 meters
  • In-canal noise-isolating earbuds
  • Include UltraComfort tips that slide into user’s ear for the best comfort. & interchangeable silicone earfit pieces
  • Pink

I like the ear buds themselves but the padded mailer was absolutely flattened and chewed up. The extra ear pads were so flat and misshapened they can’t even be used. Too much of a hassle to return for an exchange so i will simply make do.

My son got some and after wearing them for 5 minutes i was on amazon’s website searching for my own. Definitely the most comfortable pair i have ever worn.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good product but arrived damaged!
  • Five Stars
  • Love these

First of i’d like to confess that i bought this headphone from walmart for the same price, after reading the reviews on amazon. These are great for the price, good sound quality, blocks noises from outside, and they stay in your ears. These are ideal for working out in the gym and such. The bass is average, but of course for the price, it’s good. I was about to get something more expensive at the price of $30 or the $100 bose ear buds. But i figured i only need these for the gym, so this is good enough.

I have tried several different kind of ear buds and i have to say these have the best sound quality and comfort level of any that i have tried. When these start to get old i will defiantly be repurchasing.

These earbuds sound exactly how i remembered. They might not be very durable, but they do last long, and i mean long. I had a pair of these for nearly 4+ years and they still sound like they did when i first purchase them. These are practically the best earbuds i ever had. To bad they stopped selling them in my local walmart.

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