Etymotic Research ETY-Kids5 Safe-Listening Earphones, These ear buds fit my 7 yr old very well

So these worked – she did voice her dislike that the plugs want to be inserted into her. My 5yr daughter utilized for air vacation. Tried using several manufacturers of earbuds but they just didn’t keep in her ears. She a great deal prefers above ear headphones but those people will not do the job perfectly on planes except if the are noise canceling and i did not wander to have added bulk. So these labored – she did voice her dislike that the plugs need to be inserted into her ears, but it did not halt her from observing hrs of my minimal pony on quite a few transcontinental flights.

I love these for aircraft rides. I appreciate these for plane rides. Does a terrific occupation isolating the noise coming from my gadget from crying babies and this kind of, and when the pilot arrives in excess of the intercom with a a lot also loud announcement, my ears are secure from that blaring.

Fits in my nine-year-previous daughter’s ears which most ear buds. Suits in my nine-12 months-aged daughter’s ears which most ear buds don’. Wire and building is the quality you’d anticipate from etymotic.

Key specs for Etymotic Research ETY-Kids5 Safe-Listening Earphones, Pink:

  • For ages 4 and above and anyone overly sensitive to loud sounds
  • 6 mm neodymium moving coil drivers fit small ears and are engineered for safe sound output
  • Reinforced 4 foot cable; high-gloss finish; 3.5mm stereo phone plug
  • Includes an assortment of eartips for a comfortable fit and carrying pouch

Comments from buyers

“Not just for Kids, These are the best headphones. The only gripe is the metal jack , Excellent and affordable for classical musicians and audiophiles”

Fantastic audio, but confined quantity. These are comfortable (and suit my grownup-sized ears just good) and have amazingly excellent sound for the low rate, but they have an higher quantity restrict. This would seem like a wonderful attribute to safeguard the hearing of children and grown ups alike, and isn’t really a issue for listening to audio, but can be an situation when listening to podcasts or other spoken term recordings, primarily on a loud subway or airplane.

Love these for the audio good quality and sound blocking. They crack far way too simply though and the return approach is a bit of a ache.

These ear buds fit my seven yr aged pretty nicely. These ear buds match my seven yr old pretty nicely. But i am very suprised by how loud they had been equipped to get thinking of that they are ‘safe listening’. I also bought some other ‘volume limiting’ ear buds and they stored the quantity considerably decreased. Useless to say my son wants to use these types.

They audio seriously great when amped. For $25 this is definitely a steal. They are not kid’s toys they are some serious earphonesif you have an amplifier, set it on boost the bass a little bit: they will seem actually great. Bass is not weighty but extremely restricted and fast mids are flat and specific highs are a little veiled but easy and not fatiguing. Seem phase is first rate and picture/separation is in par with earphones higher than $one hundred. The total integrity is just phenomenal. It truly is ordinarily neutral etymotic seem and i would say this pair seems near to the hf5s, nevertheless a minimal facts and staging are missing. Without amping it tends to sound slim with weak bass, although information appear to be extra participating. It is extremely interesting that the mc5s (which use the similar driver) essentially audio not as good. It could be the higher impedance which forces the amp to raise the output stage and provide more facts.

Just a excellent product or service, is effective for my little ones.

Fantastic significant top quality iems (for adults) at an introductory price tag. I acquired them for use in a wooden-store, but they block out so substantially sound, even without the need of enjoying any songs by means of them, that i only really feel risk-free using them when nobody else is around. Pleasant to be equipped to pay attention to anything at a lower volume in a noisy atmosphere, although they also can get (much) louder than i truly feel at ease employing them at.

Not my initially pair, nor my final. I owned a pair of hf5’s for 3 many years right before they broke from heavy abuse. These are obviously a phase down in fidelity but if you happen to be all over loud equipment they can be a godsend due to the fact they still carry the similar triple flange design and style from the hf5. It is honestly the very best isolation i have ever experienced from an iem. They absence sub bass but that is very substantially par for the program with this brand name. Continue to, i have gotten these issues soaked with h2o and they function just like new. In addition the warranty is strong and involves fantastic trade in discounts.

I was wanting for etymotic research earplugs for use in aviation less than my headsets. These operate incredibly nicely for my intent on sound attenuation and audio clarity in aviation conversation. I purchased the ety little ones as an experiment owing to the lower cost and the 300 ohm resistance for use with additional impressive headset drivers. I initially made use of etymotic hf-5 earplugs for use, but the volume was loud more than enough that i experienced to be incredibly very careful with the volume command to stay away from hurting my ears. The ety young children audio truly clear as well. They function nicely on my android mobile phone as perfectly. The loudest volume environment on the cellphone will never get rid of my ears.

We were on the lookout for a earbud or headphone which would block out external sound for our boy or girl. The use case would be in the motor vehicle so he can tune out his brother and though performing property perform (perhaps with audio or sounds machine). My most important fear was that he would not like placing these in his ears. Due to the fact this is a present which has yet to be giving the jury is even now out on that. This critique is only getting offered on my screening them to make guaranteed they perform. Edit: obtaining now tried them he loves them (soon after actively playing all-around with the different ear parts it arrives with). I purchased these due to the fact i have a pair of etymotic hf3 which i really like. Like the hf3 these are positioned into the ear canal, like an ear plug. They are a little difficult to spot in the ear and it can take observe but the moment in adequately i have identified them to be particularly cozy.

I have researched for days and weeks to discover the excellent headphones that would block out as considerably exterior sounds as probable. These are the headphonesnot only are they risk-free for your ears because of the sounds reduction, but they block out external sounds so properly. Devoid of any music on, just obtaining them in your ear is about as productive as placing in foam earplugs. The moment you get tunes likely, you cannot listen to substantially at all. I acquired these for work and researching – i have to do a whole lot of analysis and i can’t focus when i hear folks speaking or just noise in the background. I bought these, adhere them in my ear, participate in some static white sounds on them. And it really is hardcore focus for several hours and several hours. A person of the very best and most benefit including buys ever.

These are the most inexpensive etymotic research earphones. They occur with a range of ear ideas, which includes the regular adult size, as properly as tips for lesser ears. The stock suggestions are good, but i advise the comply p sequence foam strategies (black) three-pair pack, medium for an enhance to the inventory silicone or foam rubber ideas. The comply foam tips match improved and are additional comfy, with exceptional sounds blocking. These earphones block outdoors sounds just as nicely as the other types. You is not going to hear anything at all other than your music. The seem excellent is very superior in my belief, although i have not in comparison them with etymotic’s additional high priced models. All earphones have some wire microphonic sound when the twine rubs against your outfits or entire body. But in contrast to other earphones i have attempted, this model is not bad at all.

These are the best headphones. The only gripe is the steel jack. These are the finest headphones. The only gripe is the metal jack portion can snap off. I hold purchasing new pairs simply because i like them. In any other case they seem indestructible. The cord can’t be snapped no make any difference how really hard to pull, it have to have some kevlar or something in it. Terrific audio good quality, amazing audio isolation. Way more highly effective than any earplug. I have owned the more high priced etymotic design and i can’t notify the variation in audio excellent. I have a emotion the individuals who charge the good quality negative don’t know how to insert them deep more than enough in the ear canal, or they equate volume to high-quality. These go lots loud, i under no circumstances use full quantity. I enjoy faint quantity, i have sensitive listening to and they isolate you to these types of a silence that it will work out great.

Acquired this for my teenage cousin who life in a really noisy (and disruptive) house. She explained it served continue to keep the sounds out and permit her focus (be it her research or regardless of what anime she was looking at). It broke on her following a couple of months, which is a little bit disappointing, but. Truthfully i know how she handles these. I never blame etymotic since i can individually vouch for their high quality (and given that i know this cousin abuses headphones–i was hoping an costly established would modify that practice), but perhaps a bit much more longevity would have been pleasant. Probably simply because of yanking. I did hear them the moment (fiio x3 or native devices ka6 + ibasso pb2 with neutral chip setup, if any audiophiles treatment), and they sounded awesome. Definitely truly worth their asking value in excellent. It’s been a although, but i was pleased with imaging mostly (which i’m stringent on for iems). Sound centre, crystal clear sufficient spacing.

Wish i would found them before. I am an grownup but was so glad to come across these. I normally hear to new music on the quietest placing my ipod can regulate and desire i could flip it down a little bit much more. They block noise well so i never will need to turn every little thing up to block out my surroundings, and they efficiently give me finer management over the volume of regardless of what i plug them into, letting me choose a more cozy quantity. The seem high-quality is excellent also. The earpieces in shape me fantastic even although they’re intended for young children, but it would be straightforward adequate to swap them for a more substantial set if essential. The experience of acquiring the earphones down in my ear canal requires some getting utilised to, but it can be not way too uncomfortable, just odd. These do get very loud if you use the highest. I keep somewhere in the middle vary now, but turning the quantity up to max hurts. If you’re organizing to get these to restrict your kids’ listening quantity, be mindful that there’s nonetheless a wide assortment of achievable volumes.

Fantastic audio poor eartips. Very first of all, this issue has fantastic sound. The actuality that it lowers the volume on almost everything might be a problem for individuals who want to blast their heads off with sounds, but i believe that these earphones have lots of loudness for individuals who want it to be that loud. They arrived with 3 models of eartips: tri-flange silicon, a spherical foam (not comply), and a weird inverted silicon. I discovered the tri-flange to be alright but extremely invasive (and they would sense even worse for any one not used to the in-ear type). The foam gave me the greatest sound isolation and thus seem top quality, but they quickly fell aside (inside of a few months). I never realize the previous pair – they seal all right, but are ridiculously uncomfortable. The longevity of the earphones seem fairly fine, and the cabling would seem strong sufficient. Also, the plug is neither straight nor a l-condition, but somewhat a halfway compromise – an fascinating selection, but it has not specified me any durability troubles so significantly.

Pricy but significant to guard granddaughters listening to. They suit her nicely, (fyi sizing: 3 yrs old – major of development chart) and most essential she is ready to use them so she can play quietly in the car and not blast the sound in her ears. She is of class a little tough on factors at this age i hope they are strong – they do not feel to be any much more durably designed than grownup ear buds.

Very very good price tag for these types of high quality seem. I have experienced etymotic earbuds for 15 decades – my 10 yr outdated highly-priced ones finally misplaced the left channel and presently i can not change them at their $one hundred forty cost so i tried these as a inexpensive interim option. The earbuds are not marked l or r but equally work incredibly nicely – also for my modest ear canals the narrower dimensions fits nicely. Highly satisfactory for listening while on the prepare or bus, shut out most ambient seem properly. Recommendedby the way, except you will need the microphone will not trouble.

Etykids earphones chosen to the grownup etymotic earphones. These etykids earphones are my private most loved due to the fact they fit easily in the ear canal of a male adult with out finding trapped and with no chance of slipping out even though for the duration of vigorous cardio training on treadmills, stairclimbers or the observe. I always acquire the etykids version as an alternative of the adult etymotic earphones as a end result. If there is any downside to the etykids, it is that i have to use max volume on my mp3 participant to hear appropriately even though the adult etymotic earphones are at the good quantity at the midrange of my mp3 player.

My first iems, and not my previous. Separation and transients are excellent. You seriously hear everything in the blend. No bass boosting or exaggeration. Contrary to some, these are not ‘bass-light’. Picking out the correct tips is paramount, and it will take endurance to uncover the true types.

Almost certainly the best at this price variety. Very neutral seem, probably the very best at this selling price assortment. At ease strategies, great twine that isn’t inclined to tangling. Loads of quantity with the exception of exceptionally dynamic classical recordings.

I have a number of er headsets but. If you have small ears, these are terrific headphones. I have a handful of er headsets but my spouse complains the ear suggestions are much too big and these are ideal. You can also include the larger ear tips to these if you do have more substantial ears. I was nervous about the ‘safe listening’ factor imagining they would be also silent but that is not an issue. I have no plan how loud kids like to pay attention to factors but these nonetheless get loud sufficient for me to sense unpleasant.

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Etymotic Research MC3 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones, Simple design and good audio quality

This is my 3rd set of ers and they are incredibly crystal clear and with the huge flanges seal extremely well. Only four stars due to the fact of the absence of significant bass.

Operates fantastic as marketed and is appropriately priced.

Daughter loved them, said they have some of the finest ear buds out there.

Key specs for Etymotic Research MC3 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones with 3 Button Microphone Control:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • Tight bass; Clear mids; Crisp highs; Hear all of your music as it was meant to be heard
  • Sleek and stylish 8mm neodymium drivers redistribute energy to smooth peaks and compensate for weak highs
  • 3 button close proximity in line microphone for easy control and clear communication; Reinforced 4 foot cable and 3.5mm stereo jack
  • 35 to 42 dB of noise isolation with a max output of 120 dB
  • Includes an assortment of eartips for a comfortable fit and carrying pouch

Comments from buyers

“Small compact and great sounds. Makes a huge difference in sound quality , Etymotic phones are the greatest – really excellent fidelity and they keep ambient noise out like nothing else I’ve ever used., Excellent earbuds.”

Functions properly plenty of, while individuals overhyped the integrity of the twine. This is not specially strengthened, this is a typical primary cord, in point it feels rather slender. Also only the pause button will work with my android nexus 6p. Audio high quality is good, and these are perfectly fitting to my ears. Note i am 6′-2′ and dress in xl hats, so my ear canal is most likely somewhat more substantial than regular.

Pretty good isolation and sound, be cautious of getting sweat/water in control. Really pleasant sound, the headphones themselves are steel, so they truly feel sturdy. They keep in area moderately nicely, however if you might be perspiring and managing you can expect to have to both definitely jam them in your ears or hold adjusting them. This is my 2nd pair of etymotic headphones — these are the closest i’ve uncovered to ‘earplugs with music’ that are not hideously reduced high-quality. They maintain all sorts of noises out, and let you to listen to audio at a sensible quantity. Really the only situation i have with them is that if you sweat and permit drinking water/sweat to get into the control (with the pause/skip, and volume buttons), unforeseen factors take place (at the very least with an iphone). Music will start/halt erratically, for instance. Factors go again to ordinary as soon as dry (in my expertise). As extensive as you are watchful with that, these are outstanding isolation headphones, and work nicely as earplugs way too.

Quite snug in the ear, even following 2 hrs of use. I would definately endorse for new music fans.

I’ve use e-r ear buds on plane outings for yrs, of course, it is bizarre sinking the plugs deep into your external auditory canals, but once you do, almost all of the exterior sound is just long gone. I am somewhat of an audiophile, and i assume the seem is just good. My ears are more mature (as is the rest of the overall body they are connected to) and exterior sound drives me nuts.

Etymotic telephones are the greatest – genuinely excellent fidelity and they preserve ambient sound out like absolutely nothing else i’ve at any time made use of. . Etymotic earphones are seriously fantastic, specially the way they maintain noise out when you want to listen to very good tunes in the silent. I in particular like them when i wander along a noisy superior-visitors street or likely on a long plane vacation and don’t want to hear the engines or noisy passengers. The only factor terrible is acquiring the earpiece to match into a restricted ear. I last but not least located just one of the inserts to get the job done properly in my still left ear that received severely injured in a car wreck yrs ago. The normal insert is too substantial and turns into really awkward. I acquired the compact edition by an additional order but they do not supply numerous with an buy for the telephones. I have the edition with a mike and it operates extremely perfectly with my lg 4g cell phone.

Compact compact and fantastic seems. Tends to make a substantial difference in sound excellent. Little compact and wonderful appears. Will make a big change in audio high quality when i use the mic from this that my callers would usually say the signal acquired improved. Evidently they believed i did something this kind of as moved to a improved spot or known as from a better connection. Basically, all i did was to use this headphone and mic on my convention calls. I like to travel with them on flight as it also help isolate the noise stage all through the vacation.

I have utilised these for decades, i am on my 5th pair of etymotics. They have quite true sound (sounds flat to some, but they are pretty clear), and with the correct suggestions (i like the foam kinds) they are comfortable sufficient to don all working day. They would be 5 stars except that i have never had a pair previous more time than 2 years. Granted, i retain them in my pocket all the time.

Good for going for walks or excising.

Been acquiring these for several years. Is not going to be with out a pair, no bluetooth interference, which is why i keep a pair helpful. Generally use them when traveling.

Basic structure and fantastic audio high-quality. These are a large advancement in excess of my previous set designed by a different manufacturer. The seem quality just isn’t as fantastic as my hf5f earbuds, but thinking of that i use the mc3 largely for phone conversations, i take into consideration them a terrific price for the funds.

I use these buds for listening to music when on my driving mower. The sounds suppression is superb, as with any of the etymotic goods i’ve applied. Audio high-quality is fantastic–on par with the pricetag of these buds. I’ve had significantly greater sounding buds, but paid out twice the price tag and the sound suppression was not any place close to what these offer. I’ve experienced my pair for above 3 years ,and just bought this pair for my children to use while mowing. 3+ several years of abuse while getting made use of outside says one thing about the substantial high-quality and style and design.

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Etymotic Research ER23-HF3-BLACK-I HF3 In-Ear Headset – Fantastic IEMs, stellar sound!

I desire to use them with foam eartips for the greatest seal. . It is really virtually impossible to get a cleaner, reference model seem at this price tag issue. If you happen to be seeking for booming bass more than accuracy, this is not the pair for you. I favor to use them with foam eartips for the ideal seal.

Best benefit for dollars and entry-stage premium in-ear monitors. Best value for income and entry-stage premium in-ear displays. I recommend upgrading the filters to the bf-1921 purple 2200 ohm, which have definitely transformed the hf3 into a thing special.

Likely twentieth established of mid-assortment buds. Reliable development, superior experience, and exceptional audio. Im employing replacement guidelines i received off ebay as i couldnt get a superior in good shape with the ones bundled and the setup is great. Upgraded from mc5’s which were quite great but i snapped off connector on incident.

I like my etymotic earphones/headphone. Extremely compact and hassle-free. Would like to see a bluetooth variation that will operate with the newer iphones that do not have any earphone jack.

These are the finest fitting and sounding headsets in the current market. These are the most effective fitting and sounding headsets in the market. I have them for my total loved ones. I preserve buying since i reduce them. Little more than enough match to slumber in on planes.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the others just sound like something out of a tin can (over saturated tremble
  • Good but not great
  • Great Sound Quality for Music and Talking on Phone

Ideal in-ear-telephone for the revenue. Seems great and feels comfortable for many several hours.

Purchased these as a reward for my girlfriend. This makes them the 4th pair i have acquired for mates or relatives, they’re that great. If you know someone who appreciates superior new music and a excellent product or service you are unable to go wrong. I swear by etymotic, they make absolutely stellar merchandise.

These seem so substantially much better than the mr3s. Omg, these sound so a lot improved than the mr3s.

Superb sound, comfort relies upon on obtaining a fitting eartip. I use it mainly to hear songs on my iphone. Seem is superb and matches my taste, not so significant bass and really crystal clear medium and trebble. The 3-button in line control is extremely hassle-free, very similar to apple’s unique earphones. My only criticism regards consolation, to have best audio and have a superior isolation just one will have to introduce eartips deeply. I did not come to feel extremely relaxed with any of the equipped eartips. I have requested some various ones, which have to be sent by subsequent week and i assume to be far more at ease.

The joke in our house is that if the headphones usually are not etymotic, they are not worthy of purchasing. They make it audio like i am in the entrance row of the live performance, orchestra, audience, regardless of what. They are the only model i have confidence in when shopping for headphones for myself or my spouse.

I hold getting rid of mine on airplanes and repurchase them.

These give excellent audio in my. For an in ear telephone, wired, these give wonderful seem in my belief.

Driver not demanded, but suggested. . Extremely clean up sound, super-lightweight. If you want a wonderful pair of earphones at a good selling price, you’ve got hit the sweet-place. As well as, they block out tons of external noise like all ety’s, thanks in significant component to the company founding (they commenced out building listening to protection / aids). Caveat: even though these are great earphones plugged straight into your smartphone or mp3 player, they do like to be amped. When it will come to seem copy the process has to be matched. Illustration, plugging shure se846-cl seem isolating earphones with quad high definition microdrivers and real subwoofer into an iphone is not going to audio as very good as plugging into plugging them into a significant-end household hifi system. In phrases of output top quality, an iphone are unable to compete with a hifi. You should not get me improper, these etymotic earphones audio fantastic on an iphone or ipod.

Good audio good quality for tunes and chatting on cellphone. Etymotic research can make some of the ideal earphones that income can obtain. Whether i am listening to new music, or chatting on the cell phone, these earphones usually have excellent sound top quality. I would really advise to everyone who desires great earphones that you can use to speak on the phone.

These are my beloved in-ear headphones by far. I have tried numerous brands but normally occur again to etymotic research.

Slender-ear canal deliciousness. These are completely wonderful. I owned a pair of yamaha eph100s and audiotechnica im70’s- but these seem the finest by far. It’s legitimate that the bass is a little bit lower- but the relaxation of the spectrum is crispy and scrumptious. As much as convenience goes, these are remarkable. I have narrow ear canals and have often experienced an challenge with earbuds. These match beautifully offered their slim diameter and flanged tips.

Cherished my past pair, and failed to critically take into consideration any other brand when it arrived time to switch them. Would fee 5 stars if they however offered more colors (previous pair was metallic crimson), and if the value were being a bit reduced.

Substantial excellent earphones that pick up extra specifics in your audio and make it possible for you to have the quantity at a substantially decrease stage due to the fact they block out ambient noise close to you. I like that they appear with a complete bunch of distinct earphone possibilities — i finished up liking the memory foam attachments the greatest.

Etymotic is by much the very best at shielding hearing while listening to music. I acquired my initial pair of these, hf5 basically in 2008. I’ve worn them to afghanistan, fitness centers, mowing the yard, climbing, and they just wore out. Etymotic is by significantly the best at preserving listening to although listening to new music. Caveat is you only want to use them in environments where you you should not need to have to hear outside noise, like the fitness center or mowing the property.

They work pretty perfectly on an airplane with a lot of qualifications sound.

Good seem, but lousy inline controller. I use these typically for bicycling to lessen road and wind sounds whilst listening to motivational tunes. I experienced a pair of the non-inline-quantity-control model and shelled out the additional funds to get this inline control so i did not have to fish for my cellular phone when riding. The audio excellent in etymotic buds typically is outstanding. But i dinged for two stars simply because. . I have to wear them with the cord pointing upwards in buy to get them in my ear much adequate to block noise, which they do incredibly well if you get them in considerably ample. Andthe in-line volume control, for which you shell out an further fifty bucks, has buttons so very small that you can barely feel the place they are with a bare finger. You place on even the lightest gloves and they are ineffective.

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