Coby Sports Neckband Earphones CVE207 – Love this earphone for watching movies !!!

I have several of these earphones that i use for computers, radio, tv etc. The audio fidelity is great with surprising bass. They are so light that you hardly know you have them on. For the price they can’t be beat.

I use these headphones 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, sometimes more and they are perfect for me. Yes the speaker pieces are hard plastic so they can be uncomfortable if you don’t position them correctly, but they’re really easy on your head and ears and have pretty decent sound for cheap headphones. Some of my neighboring cube dwellers can hear my music if i turn it up loud because of the open style of the speaker setup but they all wear headphones too so oh well. Overall, great purchase if you’re looking to save some money and just need a pair of speakers strapped to your head. Not sure how they would work as ‘sports headphones’ since they never leave my desk. I’ll leave that to someone else to review. Here are the specifications for the Coby Sports Neckband Earphones CVE207:

  • Engineered with natural human factors for secure fit and maximum comfort in mind
  • New unique style neckband design
  • Ultra lightweight in-ear type
  • High performance 15mm samarium cobalt magnet drivers for super bass sound
  • Convenient single-sided cord

I really like these because they don’t cover my ear and make it sweat. This pair already broke but i was able to superglue it. This pair seems wider than the previous ones: i can’t push both sides into my ear canal like before. These are not for people who want to rock out, but if you’re sweating and just want some tunes, they’re easy to put on and off and provide enough audio to enjoy listening (for me anyway).

We’ve used these over several years now and need to replace one and this is just like the others great product too bad it was discontinued.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • RIP
  • These are great. I use them for voice over projects where
  • nice open air phones

These were my favorite of this style. Inexpensive and very very durable. I use them for cycling (so they fit even when wearing the bike helmet) and working out (so constantly exposed to sweat, but no problems in the ears as they aren’t ear buds). I probably went through 10-15 pairs over around ten years but alas no longer available anywhere. The most recent order came from a guy in south korea who had a half dozen or so at a good price. No other headphone has come close.

I am using this headset for a yr now and they are still working just great. I bought it for 12 bucks, at the current price its a steal.

I use them to work out and on bike trails. I use them in reverse so that the left side is worn on my right ear and vice versa for the ride side of the headphone. These are one of the best headphones i have ever used for working out because they stay put.

I use them for voice over projects where i have to appear on camera but can’t have the sounds of the game be picked up on camera because i need just my live voice sounds picked up in front of the camera and the game sounds both on a separate tape track and my ear while playing. So as long as these headphones are on my ear and reasonably in there, the sounds don’t travel much farther than my ear. And i get to move around a bit without worrying about them falling off. I know they probably make other more advanced stuff these days that serve the same purpose, but for the person who doesn’t want to look into that a whole lot right now and just stick with what’s familiar, these are perfect. I wish they would keep making these just for the basicness of their usability. Now i just got to remember to always keep them where i won’t step on them and hope they last for years.

I got these for working out and i cannot complain, they are pretty comfortable and the sound quality is good. For the price i paid they are an excellent buy. I see that some other people had trouble with the fit of them. This is the first time i have purchased this type of fit headphone but they fit and stay on without any issue through my entire workout.

They are cheap, fit fairly well and are comfortable. When plugged into the tvs on the treadmill at the gym sweat gets in the earpieces and actually causes you to get small electric shocks. In less sweaty activities i haven’t had this problem.

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Coby CVE55BLK jammerz Streets Urban Style Isolation Stereo Earphones – Great Sound! Tough Headphones

Excelent sound on this earbuds.

For the price these are worth it but i won’t buy these again. You get what you pay for and these are cheap.

I usually like coby but this time maybe should have ponied up a few more dollars. These are def not as good as others i have bought from them. Spend a few more dollars, coby’s are usually very good. Here are the specifications for the Coby CVE55BLK jammerz Streets Urban Style Isolation Stereo Earphones:

  • In-ear isolation design delivers pure digital audio
  • Available in 4 striking colors with matching cord and ear buds
  • High performance 10 mm neodymium dynamic drivers for deep bass sound
  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo straight plug
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo straight plug; Connectivity Technology: Wired

These are fine if you’re poor like me haha, but they aren’t perfect.

The best ear buds i have ever used. When i can find them i will buy them again just to have an extrapair. You know when a product is good it sells out fast and it is hard to find,.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Sound could be better, but great deal
  • These earbuds really do jam urban style
  • I like them

These are some of the best headphones i’ve had. I tend to be hard on my headphones, but these have survived me well. I have gotten them accidentally wet with a spilled drink and they still work – would highly recommend.

I have a pair of these same earbuds in green and loved the sound quality, just not thrilled by the ‘christmas green’ color so when i saw they were available in red i snatched them up to go with the red sansa clip zip i got on amazon as well. The sound quality is awesome and the bass and the treble really rock.

Decent sound quality for the $6 (including s&h). Inexpensive and will leave in my brief case as a spare. Would reccomend this product.

Great headphones for the price. The sound quality could be better, but for $5 they did the job. Ear buds fit nicely in my ear and they send other sizes for different ears. Great customer service and fast and prompt shippingi am very impressed with the price, i heard many bad things about coby headphones, but these headphones beat any i have tried, and for $5 they are a real bargin.

Let me start this review by stating i have never bought expensive earphones. I like the cheap ones, and i mostly listen to books. I have tried many of the low priced earphones out there. I like these because they fit in my ear well, and the sound is good. I also like that the wire is not stiff. I bought a red pair, and liked them so well i bought another in black for my other mp3 player.

The sound quality and comfort of these headphones is similar to my skull candy earbuds. Great value for the price and the product was shipped promptly.

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Coby CVE53RED Jammerz Attitduz Stereo Earphones, my fav!!

Very comfortable and fits all size ears. Bought for my daughter for her mp-3 player and she loves them.

I got these because my daughter lost my other pair, which was similar only panasonic and a few bucks more, and while they’re not awful, they’re not great. They don’t sit in my ears well (they come with two sets of cushions, neither was very comfortable to me) and i didn’t think the sound quality was that good. They serve my purposes, watching tv on my phone late at night or listening to music at the gym, but i’m by no means impressed with the performance or quality. Next time i’ll remember the panasonic pair are worth the extra $4.

Key specs for Coby CVE53RED Jammerz Attitduz Stereo Earphones, Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Red is Diva, Who cares what they think? You’ve got the power!
  • In-ear isolation design delivers pure digital audio
  • High Performance 10mm dynamic drivers
  • Available in 8 Bold Fashion colors with matching cord
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm straight cord. Connectivity Technology: Wired

Comments from buyers

“Some of the best sounding ear buds I’ve ever come across!
, Work ok, But I’ve Had Much Better
, For the price these are a good pair of earbuds for using at school or away

These fit my ears so well – usually earbuds are too big and hurt my ears but these were just right. They have survived hardcore workouts and a fair few flights where they were yanked out of me purse.

Ok headphones pretty decent sound quality if you need earbuds that cancel annoying ass people out these should do the job very well i’m pretty satisfied only thing i didn’t like was the way they looked other than that pretty good earbuds.

About the same quality as other headphones i’ve owned. Not bad sound quality, not bad fit, and lasted about as long as these headphones usually do for me, as a frequent user – 3 months.

They arrived on time & worked great. These are loud & comfortable in my ear. Extra bonus —>they have bass.

My son is using them 2 ft away from me and can’t here me yelling his name:) blocks out all outside noise.

Sound quality os awesome and it fits my ears perfectly.

More happy with these than the watch, tie and gift certificates he got from others lol. Good clear and nice bass he smiled and said.

These are the only ear buds in this price range that will stay put in my ears. I can’t believe the manufacturer discontinued them.

This is the best headset i’ve ever bought. Not only that, yet it also well worth the money.

Good price-item works well-very consistent. The sound quality is pretty good and the product is very attractive looking. I would certainly order it again.

Item is exactly as pictured. My daughter loves these ear buds and they actually have a pretty good sound quality.

These are a good buy for the price. I needed something to use when i’m working out at the gym, and they fit the bill. The color is kinda cute, too.

Typical cheapies, but are working good and sound pretty good. I have been using them for a couple of weeks and no issues so far.

For the price these are a good pair of earbuds for using at school or away from home. Not particularly the quality of sound i like normally but when you just want to listen to something quickly they do the trick. Much better sound than other cheap earbuds i’ve bought in the past. I’ve had two pairs of these and although they have broken before the price it great.

I had to go find the ones that hook over the ear because these kept slipping out.

They fit comfortably into my ears. They are great and purple is my favorite color.

Really great sound quality, sturdily made, plug in seems like it will hold up for a long time, and the price wasn’t bad at all.

These earphones don’t block out external noise, but the sound is pretty good.

I like this product, they fit my ears really good, do not hurt or irritate and the sound is really good as well as the price is right.

They did not fit comfortably in my ears and the sound was not near as good as most other ear phones i have owned. I ended up giving them to my son. However, they were very inexpensive and for the price i paid, i wasn’t expecting much.

I was very worried that these wouldn’t sound good and would break quickly for the price. But i was pleasantly surprised. They muffle outside noise, and the sound quality is terrific. I use them everyday, and they still function perfectly and they work great.

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