Coby CVE53RED Jammerz Attitduz Stereo Earphones, my fav!!

Very comfortable and fits all size ears. Bought for my daughter for her mp-3 player and she loves them.

I got these because my daughter lost my other pair, which was similar only panasonic and a few bucks more, and while they’re not awful, they’re not great. They don’t sit in my ears well (they come with two sets of cushions, neither was very comfortable to me) and i didn’t think the sound quality was that good. They serve my purposes, watching tv on my phone late at night or listening to music at the gym, but i’m by no means impressed with the performance or quality. Next time i’ll remember the panasonic pair are worth the extra $4.

Key specs for Coby CVE53RED Jammerz Attitduz Stereo Earphones, Red (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Red is Diva, Who cares what they think? You’ve got the power!
  • In-ear isolation design delivers pure digital audio
  • High Performance 10mm dynamic drivers
  • Available in 8 Bold Fashion colors with matching cord
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm straight cord. Connectivity Technology: Wired

Comments from buyers

“Some of the best sounding ear buds I’ve ever come across!
, Work ok, But I’ve Had Much Better
, For the price these are a good pair of earbuds for using at school or away

These fit my ears so well – usually earbuds are too big and hurt my ears but these were just right. They have survived hardcore workouts and a fair few flights where they were yanked out of me purse.

Ok headphones pretty decent sound quality if you need earbuds that cancel annoying ass people out these should do the job very well i’m pretty satisfied only thing i didn’t like was the way they looked other than that pretty good earbuds.

About the same quality as other headphones i’ve owned. Not bad sound quality, not bad fit, and lasted about as long as these headphones usually do for me, as a frequent user – 3 months.

They arrived on time & worked great. These are loud & comfortable in my ear. Extra bonus —>they have bass.

My son is using them 2 ft away from me and can’t here me yelling his name:) blocks out all outside noise.

Sound quality os awesome and it fits my ears perfectly.

More happy with these than the watch, tie and gift certificates he got from others lol. Good clear and nice bass he smiled and said.

These are the only ear buds in this price range that will stay put in my ears. I can’t believe the manufacturer discontinued them.

This is the best headset i’ve ever bought. Not only that, yet it also well worth the money.

Good price-item works well-very consistent. The sound quality is pretty good and the product is very attractive looking. I would certainly order it again.

Item is exactly as pictured. My daughter loves these ear buds and they actually have a pretty good sound quality.

These are a good buy for the price. I needed something to use when i’m working out at the gym, and they fit the bill. The color is kinda cute, too.

Typical cheapies, but are working good and sound pretty good. I have been using them for a couple of weeks and no issues so far.

For the price these are a good pair of earbuds for using at school or away from home. Not particularly the quality of sound i like normally but when you just want to listen to something quickly they do the trick. Much better sound than other cheap earbuds i’ve bought in the past. I’ve had two pairs of these and although they have broken before the price it great.

I had to go find the ones that hook over the ear because these kept slipping out.

They fit comfortably into my ears. They are great and purple is my favorite color.

Really great sound quality, sturdily made, plug in seems like it will hold up for a long time, and the price wasn’t bad at all.

These earphones don’t block out external noise, but the sound is pretty good.

I like this product, they fit my ears really good, do not hurt or irritate and the sound is really good as well as the price is right.

They did not fit comfortably in my ears and the sound was not near as good as most other ear phones i have owned. I ended up giving them to my son. However, they were very inexpensive and for the price i paid, i wasn’t expecting much.

I was very worried that these wouldn’t sound good and would break quickly for the price. But i was pleasantly surprised. They muffle outside noise, and the sound quality is terrific. I use them everyday, and they still function perfectly and they work great.

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Coby CV215RED Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones – Excellent Deal!

Earbuds seem to break regularly for me. I buy another pair every year or so. I like the skull candy earbuds. They are cheap and sound good to me. I use them at home as well as with my portable music player. I came to amazon to buy a pair of skull candy earbuds and i noticed this earphone/earbud combo for the same price. The earphones look nice in person. They also look very fragile.

Last time i ordered a low priced set of ear pieces (different maker then this one )the volume control guide for one was already nonactive, the sound was ok, had plenty of the ear covers for the speaker pieces but not even a month and one ear piece went completely dead, took the bass, and tone completely out sounded so phonic. But these?, holy toledo, not only is it a great deal for 2 of em but the sound is amazing, and i am sure they will last a bit if listened with care, but so far so good. The headphone set is comfortable, nice fit, the earpiece plug set is also great no extra cover pieces if these get ruined but the only draw back is the chin space between the split and your chin, a bit short, dont want to pull them apart to risk damage so i am pretty careful while i wear them but other then that, they are fantastic, nice sound, great bass tuned in, perfect. And no one can hear them on the outside which makes watching videos, listening to music a breeze, you don’t disrupt anyone whom may be watching tv or working on a laptop, just remember when your wearing them as great as the sound is, don’t begin screaming and singing, cause then the outside ears will definitely hear you, lol. Thanks coby for a reasonable product and price. The items i get here i have always been pleased with, never a problem as of yet.

The cord is long; which if you work out and don’t like your music clipped to your arm is a must. A long cord allows me to move around without dropping my music player. I had the black coby ones just like these for like a year before they completely blew out and when i went back to ross they had other brands that i tried and just didn’t like. The sound was just not there. And i’m not ready to drop 200-300 on beats; so the coby will have to do. Deep bass; and blocks out everything around me. I can’t wear these every day though, they hurt. Here are the specifications for the Coby CV215RED Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones:

  • High-Performance 40Mm Neodymium Driver Units Deliver Deep Bass Sound
  • Padded Headband For Maximum Comfort
  • Gold-Plated 3.5Mm Stereo Plug
  • Includes Digital Stereo Earbuds With Carrying Case
  • Coby’s deep bass headphones deliver great, resonant lows, providing a premium listening experience. Adjustable headband lets you experience your music in complete comfort
  • High-performance 40mm neodymium driver units deliver deep bass sound Padded headband for maximum comfort Compact folding design for easy carrying and storage

I waited a while to make a review because i wanted to be fair in the use of both units which i knew i was going to use daily. The over the head stereo headsets were purchased to replace my maxwell headsets that i was using on my imac for years before they broke. I’m a video editor and i constantly need to use headsets to ensure the audio is aligned and it sounds correctly. Well, it took me a few uses to get used to these new coby headsets, because you can bend them and twist them a million ways from friday. If you hold them up, you can twist the heads left and right and swivel them up and down, this of course is separate from the actual headband adjustment for comfort. In other words, there’s no excuse to say they are not comfortable with so many ways to adjust them. I just wasn’t used to so many points of flexibility with a pair of headsets before. At first i was afraid that they were going to come loose as many of them do, but with the constant daily use, they are still holding up as strong as ever. Now as far as sound, wow was i surprised. Now i’m no audiophile, but i do use my headphones to edit video and watch movies.

The headphones are nice enough for their price, but not the most durable. And left them on the table for a few days (and they weren’t touched in the meantime). When i picked them up, the padding on the inside of the headband part came off. I used some superglue and reattached the pieces. Hopefully they stick together. O_eheadphones: the speakers themselves are designed move within the socket, and the headband is made of plastic. I always feel like i’m about to break it, as it’s slightly smaller and more fragile than expected.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • love it but it does hurt the ears
  • Music never sounded so good!
  • Awesome for the price, soundnot so much.

I bought these for a temporary replacement until i could get some better headphones. The ear-buds are actually pretty comfortable but the sound really sucks. :/ i’m a huge music fan among other things, and the sound that these give off does not cut it. They give way too much treble and barely any bass. So much treble that it drastically effects both the sound of the instruments and the sound of vocalists. Needless to say, these would be horrible temp replacements for anyone that needed them for serious reasons. However, the price is excellent. If you need cheap ear-bud replacements, skullcandy is both more comfortable and sounds way better. The headphones are slightly better with sound but lacks in the comfort department. Overall design is very rigid. There is no cushion for the top of the head and the ear pieces are more hard then soft.

I must tell you, i was a little skeptical about purchasing this after i read some of the negative reviews. I was concerned that the price was too cheap so the product must be too. I got my headphones yesterday and put them to use today and i was truely blown away. I was initially gonna use them with my ipod but i need a new battery so i used these with my cell phone (which has a built in media player). Usually the volume sucks on it even when i have it on high. When i plugged these in i instantly had to turn the volume down. There was bass, real bass playing with my music. These headphones are super cute, great for working out in. They are simply the best and the price is great.

In this package, you get a pair of headhphones and earphones. For the price, of under $10, it is a pretty good deal, considering they could sell the headphones, at the same quality, for the same price alone. However, i do have a few gripes about the thing as a whole. Coby makes a similar model for $4, which are much superior in just about every way. These are much too quiet, the sound quality is horrible, and they just feel too cheap. They do however, come in a nice case that would hold the alternative earbuds, as well as an extra pair of rubber thingies. I wouldn’t buy these earbuds over the other coby model if they were $1. The sound is superb, except for the fact that when i put the volume on full blast, the left ear had an annoying buzz that was impossible to block out. With the sound on lower volume, these headphones are more than decent sound quality. The build quality however, is a different story. The folding technique would break them if you tried to fold them, then unfold them, and it eventually did break without me ever doing so. They are merely cheap plastic, and break with the slightest stretch, which is sometimes necessary to even put them on. If you plan on buying one of these bundles every few weeks to few months, then these are for you. If not, go with a higher quality headphone, and coby’s alternative earphones.

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Coby High-Performance Isolation Stereo Earphones CVEM77BLU : Awesome Earphones

I didn’t buy these from amazon, but i was searching for some headphones for my mother, saw the listing and decided to type something up. I really like this style, kind of like a faux-metallic look. I thought the cord was interesting because it looks like it’s made of nylon thread, but it’s actually like the same old plastic/whatever coating, the same as any regular old kind of headphones, except they gave it a pattern so it looks textured — even though it’s smooth. I really like the audio output: very rich sounds, nice bass, and i love hearing the understated background music in songs, the little touches you otherwise couldn’t hear if playing on a speaker, so being able to hear it here, crisply, is good. I’m not an audiophile though so i may be a tad less discerning about the sound than other people. These are noise-isolation earphones, and it blocks out the outside noises well. Running water becomes a dull hum, everyday conversation is transformed into a soft, unintelligible murmur. Louder noises, like a loudspeaker pa system, can still be heard, but still noticeably toned down. I can use the lower volume setting so it not only saves battery life, but my ears as well.

They are very comfortable and sound great. The bass comes in real loud and the whole experience is great.

I don’t recommend this product. It looks like very rich sound, easy to fall out most of the time. Very fragile, if you just pull it out of your pocket get’s tangle easily and could mess up the the buds.

The sound quality is very good and the noise isolation is very good too. If you like bass, then get these headphones, which have lots of bass. The earbuds also come with a nice case and fishbone cord wrap and various size earbuds. This is a bargain for the price. I got the red pair to match my red sansa clip. I’ve only had them for a day, so let’s see how long they hold up.

  • Sound awsome but breaks easily!
  • Decent earphones

Coby High-Performance Isolation Stereo Earphones CVEM77BLU (Blue) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • In-ear isolation design blocks background noise so you can experience your music without distraction
  • Aluminum housing delivers durability and performance in a lightweight package
  • High-definition 10mm neodymium drivers are optimized to produce pounding bass and crisp highs
  • Interchangeable silicone ear plugs ensure a perfect and comfortable fit
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug

I am pleased with the quality of sound for the price from this earphones.

So i use my phones as a mp3 player and listen to stuff via computer. For this purpose these earbuds are great. The bass is actually incredible, i have had to lower it to get truer sound. I am amazed at sub $15 these things work great, fit well, come with a case and are cool to look at. They block outside noise well, i can’t hear the cord swinging like i could on others and i will buy these again for myself or gift.

I was extremely satisfied with this product until the earpiece came apart. Needless to say i have not been able to use them since.

Normal head phones fall out of my ears these are geat both sound wise and comfort. And there a great color pink.

I cannot speak to the sound quality, as i bought these for my stepson for christmas. But they are very, very cute. I know, not what everyone is looking for, but not only do they have the colors on the earbuds, the cord is also colored. My 10 year old stepson loves them, and says they are very comfortable in his small ears.

I’ve gone through several pairs of earbuds over the years – all of which had terrible (or worse) sound quality. I kept buying headphones instead, simply because the sound was superior. Then i had a chance to try some similar to these (the older version of them, actually) while setting up my sister’s new mp3 player for her. I was really impressed with the sound quality and comfort of them, so when my headphones finally died, i went shopping for some earbuds. By that time, this version had come out and were more available than the older ones. For that reason, i was skeptical that the sound wouldn’t be the same, so not really knowing what possessed me, i bought a thirty-dollar pair instead, thinking that i would get what i paid for. Lesson learned, i immediately came back here to purchase these. They arrived today, and i am so completely impressedas with most earbuds or noise-canceling headphones, they do become a bit uncomfortable on the ears with extended wear – not that i’m all that used to wearing earbuds, as it is – but it’s nothing that a short break from them won’t cure.I consider it a very small price to pay for the quality of the sound these babies pump out.

These are great earphones, they are comfy and they block out most of the noise. Talking, tv going on around the person using them. I will likely order a few more to give as gifts etc b/c they are a steal, this is one example of getting more than you paid for. Highly recommend these ear phonescoby cve92 isolation stereo earphones.

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