BRAINWAVZ M3 In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones – Nice sound, unusual design, cool cable

 included with these headphones are 7 sets of ear tips of various sizes including double, 1 set of comply premium foam tips (which for me are the most comfortable and best ear tips of the bunch), the instruction manual/warranty card, a shirt clip, a velcro cable strap and a hard zip up storage case. With most sets of brainwavz (with the exception of the budget sets), they usually give a good selection of accessories and include a hard case, since i tend to throw my headphones around. When i examine headsets, i don’t get into the specifications of ratings and impedance and all that. I will leave that to the engineers and audio specialists among the reviewers to explain all that. I care mostly about how they sound to me and the quality and comfort of the headphones. I tried these through my i-pod classic (with a variety of music from rock to pop to hip-hop and r&b) and also through my phone using the comply earpieces. The sound of the music was very balanced, crisp and clear but doesn’t have as much bass punch that i personally prefer. The mids and highs were especially clear and distinct. This is a good sounding set overall especially if a balanced sounding set you are looking for. This headset is very comfortable and sits well into the ear without falling out.

These are a little different than the typical brainwavz design. (i’ve evaluated a number of brainwavz products, and this one was also a review sample provided by the vendor. ) to get an idea, look at the picture and notice that the back end or each earpiece is elongated piece and sticks out quite a bit. This to me indicates an ‘armature’ design, a larger winding on the end, which has performance implications. Brainwavz provides the usual large selection of tips, including a bi-flange and the heat-sensitive ‘comply’ tips. As always, you need to spend a *lot* of time evaluating which set is best for you. Acoustic isolation and performance depend heavily on tip selection. Avoid disappointment and spend the time to get it right; you’ll really appreciate the end results. These are plastic, not the usual brainwavz metal earpiece design.

First off i recieved these very quickly,kudos amazon and mp4nation. The m3s are very smooth and musical. Easy to listen to for extended periods and quite comfortable. Here are the specifications for the BRAINWAVZ M3 In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones:

  • Balanced Sound Signature.
  • High quality sound reproduction.
  • Silver OFC earphone cable with anti tangle features.
  • Comfortable & secure fit.
  • 12 Month Warranty.

2nd pair due to loss of first pair. I own an android, and as a result, remote controls on headphones are unreliable. That lets me chose buds based on sound, fit and feel. These exceed expectations on all counts, especially when you factor in price. Funny shape fits my ears perfectly and the ‘wings’ help them stay in and add to isolation. Cable resists (but does not stop) tangling. Case and extra ear cushions are high quality (although i like the original case better). I have owned several buds from this company and these are by far my favorite in terns of sound / fit / feel.

Brainwavz m3 is just fabulous. It might require a burn-in for around one week. The sound is overall well balanced and crystal clear, without over-exaggerated bass or coloring. Highly recommended for audiophiles.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very happy for almost two years
  • Love these for my Nexus 5
  • Best balanced earphone, so-so durability

This earphone’s sound is fantastic, however, its construction should have been better. This is actually my second set, my first one broke, the wire just where it enters the left earpiece broke and lost its connection, they should have made the wire a bit sturdier to withstand the everyday use. With its sound quality, the build should have been as good.

I have been so impressed with the m1s from brainwavz that i knew i had to try these. I could not be more impressed. They share all the best qualities of this m series (i will re-cap these in the pros/cons below) with almost none of the weaknesses. I selected the tips i knew fit me best and placed these in-ear and was blown away.Not since my shure e2cs have i immediately loved the rendering of an iem (in-ear monitor) with no burn-in. The highs and mids are rendered with unsparing clarity, no additional coloring, and the bass is represented without being muddy or overwhelming the upper frequencies. The m2s have the bass-heads covered, that’s not my bag; these have plentiful bass for me–bass that is kept in its place not given free reign to out-stage the rest of the spectrum. The soundstage is intimate but not tight or restricted, just the scope i like with the more intimate iem experience. The highs can soar without sounding shrill or grating. Mids are well presented without crowding the high-end detail that i love to hear.

I’ve tried several different headphones from brainwavz and am always impressed. They come nicely packaged in a protective zip up case, which also includes several extra earbuds, in case you lose a pair or want a better fit. As usual, i was quite happy with the earbuds that were already on there. This pair has a slightly different housing design that accommodates the 20 ohm dynamic drivers. The cable is a silver ofc, and is designed to eliminate tangle. I wrap these up around my fingers to replace them into the case, and when i take them out again i just shake them once and they’re ready to go. They offer a passive noise cancellation: which basically means if you select the right size of earbuds for your ear from the range they offer, they’ll fill up your ear and work like earplugs, limiting the amount of external sound that will interfere with your music. If you’ve only ever used low end headphones (the sort that usually comes with a phone or mp3 player) you’ll be blown away. If you’ve used high end phones — even much more expensive than these — you are likely to be pleasantly surprised. I’ve found that brainwavz does a great job of hitting a sweet spot where you get a very high end sound at a much more affordable price than you’d expect for the quality. The bass is quite good, and there’s a good overall balance and clarity in the sound. I’ve listened to a lot of music with these and haven’t been disappointed.

Well, i’m not sure if the brainwavz m3 iem sounds about right. I got quite a few iems and sound wise, nothing matches these. This keeps up with my over the head audio technica ath-m40x & grado sr60.I will not go into a sound comparison to any other iem, as i did not hear any that tries to match over the head qualities. I cannot find anything lacking in sound. Highs are all there and not bright or distorted. The mids are all there, retains it’s mid range sound and vocals are slightly up front. The bass is full and there only when ordered.

These headphones and i have a unique history. A few semesters ago in one of my large college lecture classes, i sat down on a mediocre tuesday afternoon. I noticed something stringy stuck between the side of my seat and the desk portion that pulls up for taking notes. A pair of these headphones had been left behind by somebody, most likely accidentally. Well, i waited around about a week with these headphones, always returning to that same seat to see if anyone was going to come back to claim them. After a week with no bites, i claimed these and started taking them for a spin–on the bus to and from campus, out for a run in golden gate park, out on the street listening to podcasts, etc. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe how amazing these sound for the price and not being a well-known brand. About two weeks ago, my roommate’s new cat chewed through the aforementioned ‘found’ pair i owned, so i returned to amazon here and ordered up a brand new pair. I’ve been happy and musically infused again since.

I have several sets of in ear headphones, including a few brainwavz. These are in the upper price range of brainwavz. For the extra money you get the ‘twisty’ (as i call it) tangle-free cord, carry case, several different tips, and the expected brainwavz quality. The design is different – the little extension thingie that points backwards. I assume it’s a sound chamber, but it also doubles as a support for the earpiece. This makes it awkward if you like to (or need to) wrap the wires over your ear, as you have to put the left earbud in the right ear, etc. Otherwise that extension prevents the earbud from staying in your ear. *but* the extension works very well as a support. I wore the headset for a couple of hours outside while cleaning up fall leaves, in bed while reading and around the house.

I’m a big fan of the brainwavz m3 in-ear noise isolating earphones and here’s why. When i was asked to try them, i jumped at the opportunity because i know their brand for amazing quality and sound. These are perfect when space is a premium and great for heavy activity because they are designed to stay in place much better than many other in-ear headphones i have tried. The m3 headphones are ultra portable and have smart design features. First, though not a flat or braided cable, the cable is designed for anti-tangle resistance. These headphones are generally impossible to knot, i have tried. I like to watch films and podcasts on my tablet, these are perfect for that, clear and crisp voices. Music is just as good, good strong bass. Back to the fit for a second, the ear buds feature a little protrusion, this for me has helped keep them steady especially during running. The package includes lots of cool accessories and different fits.

I bought these to replace my 19. 99 sony bumpin’ buds and so that i could listen to them at school and when just walking around. I read the reviews on it at head-fi. Org and was intrigued at how good these were supposed to be, so i dropped the 80 dollars and was amazed,i can wear them all day without any discomfort after i picked out the correct size and they just sounded great. The basses were there when you wanted them and not there when you weren’t, they were just awesome, andthe highs and mids are hit just head on. I feel like i’m listening to my higher-end bose when i have them in because they really do create a huge listening area, like the music is all around me. I’ve been listening to dubstep, electronic, house, rock, pop, indie-pop and a ton of other music to try these things out and i cannot get enough of them. They came with a neat hard-case so i can carry them around and not worry about damage and the wire coils itself wherever it is hanging, so it sometimes does get in the way or catches your shirt, but other than that, tangle-free. Love this product over the sony buds i bought at target and find them more functional with the same sound as my bose around ear and bose noise-cancellation headphones (the bose of course have the added attribute of comfort).

I’m going to make this easy. I have several pair of brainwavz in-ear earphones. The problem is i can’t tell – in a blind test – the difference between an m3 and the m5 or s1s. Well, i didn’t think i could. For the past six weeks, i had settled on the m2s as my absolute favorites. Well, the m3s have slightly more bass, and they see the ‘cleanest’ or ‘purest’ of all the fine brainwavz earbuds. Of all the m series, in two days, this has become my new favorite, and i think when i’m not using studio phones, these will be my go-to earbuds when i’m working at my computer. They’re extremely comfortable, and the cables are tangle free. It doesn’t matter which of the m series you buy, you won’t be dissatisfied. But these m3s (and the m2s) will fast become your standard.

At first i was a little skeptical about the design of the headphones but after wearing it for a couple of weeks it does not detract from the overall feel of it. The sound of it is wonderful, good mids, crisp highs, and deep bass. I am very satisfied with the quality of sound overall for the price i had payed for it. It comes with a hard case and many different buds as well as a shirt clip; i found this very appealing. Overall i think these are a great pair of earphones, great sound, good feel, and fairly good isolation.

I don’t consider myself an audiophile, but i do like my music loud, with force and clarity. These headphones provide me everything i need, including a very nice case. The case i received wasn’t as pictured, but i actually like it better. I can’t repeat enough how good, clean, and perfect these sound. Would buy again if needed another pair of headphones.

I was given these earphones in exchange for this review. I have reviewed many of the brainwavz earphones here on amazon. So i compare different brainwavz models to each other for the sound i like to hear. My favorite brainwavz earphones (and my overall favorite as well) is the brainwavz s1 in ear noise isolating headphones, followed closely by the brainwavz s5 in ear noise isolating headphones. These two models have clean, crisp sound with no equalization needed. The bass, mids and treble seem to be balanced and vocals are clear and ‘present. ‘now, comparing that with these m3’s, i found the m3 to have a more muted vocal quality. I tried to make them sound like the s1s by adjusting the equalizer on my mp3 player. I had to almost completely turn off around the 1000hz range and boost the low end around 400hz and the high end around 8000-10000hz. Then, it came close to the s1, but still fell short to my ears.

It’s only recently that the left phone has started periodically going out, then back in. Usually this is accompanied by some smallish amount of movement either of my head or of the wire hooked around my ear, and it’s almost always momentary but increasingly frequent. I’ve never had a problem with them until now and otherwise sing their praises. Maybe someone has a suggestion. Something having nothing to do with soldering and such?(edit): i’ve recently discovered that if you twist that cable gently a bit before putting it in, you’ll get back to the consistent great sound. Sure, it may wonk slightly later, but maybe it wants for another hand-tweak, if you’re up to it. There are times when it’s still easy sailing. These things are so trustworthy that i may order them again instead of the r3, for instance. The design must’ve been abandoned b/c some were afraid it wouldn’t work, but it’s actually ‘handy’ having that outflanking stem to work with for getting them into a perfect seal.

I’ve used a variety of brainwavz earphones and they rarely disappoint. These are no exception – the m3’s provide the same level of comfort as other brainwavz earphones plus provide a richer audio quality than their lower-level models. The build quality appears to be good, with solidly-anchored cables and plugs. The cables are on the thin side which is a mixed blessing. Great for keeping them out of the way when i wear these while exercising, but they probably won’t stand up to being stressed or yanked on. In-ear comfort is excellent. As with other brainwavz earphones these come with a selection of tips in both silicone and comply foam. I prefer the latter since it gives me excellent sound isolation and feels custom-molded to my ear. However, since the audio quality (especially the bass response) is directly impacted by the ear fit, it’s worth the time to try out all the various tips to see which one(s) give you the best blend of comfort and sound quality. It also comes with a shirt clip and an excellent carry case.

I was sold on these when one reviewer said he used them alone as earplugs against his wife’s snoring. To get the full benefit of the sound isolation you need to use the memory foam tips. They are excellent for blocking sound. I have missed phone calls and storms while using them. My only complaint is the wires are stiff and hard to roll up. You cannot wrap them around your ipod nor do you want to bundle them. They hang like a large spring or slinky.

The first time i listened to a quality earphone, beyond the cheap $10 earbuds i had used all my life, was with the brainwavz m2’s. I was simply blown away by the quality of the deep, but tight, punchy bass and insanely good instrument separation. I never heard anything beyond the muddy clustered sound of cheap earphones until then. At that moment, i knew i had unleashed my dormant inner audiophile. Since the time i listened to the m2’s, which was around 3 years ago, i got to play with many other headphones that i had the joy of experiencing, but i never owned a good pair for myself. So then i figured it was time for me to buy my own pair of iem’s. After much debate between brands, i felt obligated to go with a pair of brainwavz since they were the first good audio brand that i had listened to. I thought, ‘since the m2’s were so good, i think i should get the m3’s’2 days later the m3’s landed on my doorstep. In a rush i tore the package open and slid on the comply foam tips, then gave them a solid listen without any burn-in. To say the least, i was disappointed.

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BRAINWAVZ M5 in Ear Earbuds Noise Isolating Earphones Stereo Headphones : Excellent earbuds

After my last set of noise isolating earphones started falling apart i decided to see if i could find something better. It wasn’t hard as my last pair was a 10 year old set of koss ‘the plug’ earplug style phones. I bought them for when i worked in a loud server room. These are so much better, that i feel bad even comparing the two. The difference between sound quality is night and day. The old ones were very bassy and muddy sounding, while these are crystal clear. And these provide the same level of external noise blocking. I spent a half hour trying all the buds, but ended up using the ones that came already attached to the earphones. Pretty much all of them fit. Some were just more comfortable than others.

Great value, excellent sound quality. Would certainly purchase again. Two year warranty is an added bonus. Fast shipping and fantastic customer service and follow-up.

Brainwavz M5 in Ear Earbuds Noise Isolating Earphones Stereo Headphones (Without Remote & Mic)

  • Acoustically engineered earbuds to produce exceptional frequency response for an enhanced listening experience with pleasing beats. Stainless steel metal earbud housing in a compact and light weight design.
  • 24 Month hassle free Brainwavz warranty. These headphones are covered by Brainwavz comprensive hassle free warranty for 24 months. Should any problem arise, simply contact Brainwavz customer support.
  • Built with high performance micro audio speakers, these stereo earphones produce lower distortion, extended frequency response, superb bass response thats not too heavy and the included noise isolating (not noise cancelling) ear tips eliminate ambient noise.
  • Headset version with 3 button remote designed for Apple Devices | Most Androids Smartphone | Windows Phone | MP3/MP4 Player | Portable Musics Player
  • 3 Button headset versioj designed for volume, audio playback and call control, built to work with Apple iPhone and Android phones. Compact remote provides monster control with ease.

I purchased based on amazon reviews. Some said they need to break in. . I can tell you that right out of the package these were the best sounding ear buds i’ve ever heard. If they will sound even better after break in, well, i’m not going to complain. I am not an audiophile by any stretch, my main set were the stock apple product. Very pleased, very reasonably priced.

This is my first pair of brainwavz anything. I purchased them under the assumption, based on credible reviewers, they would outperform my previous iems/earbuds the klipsch s4. To say they did would be an understatement. Brainwavz m5 is a warm earbud that offers up a more natural bass than that of other recognized brands in the sub $50 range. The overall quality could easily compete with more expensive models even reaching the sub $100 range. If it sounds too good to be true, it does not end there just yet. These earbuds are housed in metal, they do not look cheap. The oxygen free cables and gold plated 3. 5 mm l shaped tip only further the value. Speaking of value brainwavz has outdone themselves.

I’m not a an audiophile, so with that:they seem pretty balanced. I wouldn’t consider them to be warm, but the sound is good. The vocals seem to be a little clearer than my last pair of earbuds (creative ep-630s). All in all, happy with the purchase at around $35. The sound won’t wow you, but it won’t let you down either unless you’re looking for sound you’d get from something much more expensive.

Brainwavz M5 in Ear Earbuds Noise Isolating Earphones Stereo Headphones (Without Remote & Mic) : The sounded good, but they stopped working after 5 months of use, looks like is the connection between the cable and the hearphone and the cable and the connector wasn’t good enough.

Sound quality is decent i guess. I don’t like the ear pieces, not even the memory foam. I have ones from previous earbuds that i am using. I love the carrying case though.

The reduction of the environmetal noise is excellent. The lower frequences could be a little more stronger.

Edit: one of the earphones broken after a few months usage. However, i believe that this product will satisfy most of the users.

I’ve used several earbuds over the years, and usually only switch pairs when one is sacrificed to the audio gods by an unattended puppy. I recently got the m5s to replace some create labs earbuds that met this unfortunate fate. I enjoy the wide variety of tips and hard case that are included with the earbuds. The sound is very good, with about as good of bass as you can get from this form factor. They don’t have the range or staging that my circumaural htf600s have, but for a relatively cheap pair of earbuds, i don’t expect them to. I commute on public transit about a half hour each way, with another half hour walk at the end, and they stay comfortably in place, even when i’m sweating in sweltering heat. The build quality of the buds themselves is excellent. I wish the cord was a little more robust, but again, in this price range, it is hard to get too excited about it. I’ll see how they hold up under long term use, being repeatedly stuffed in a messenger bag.

I’ve bought a second pair for personal use because the sound is good. I’m not too much of an audiophile but i can tell the difference between quality of cheap earbuds and these. My first pair happened to break due to my own error though the only complaint would be the glue was falling apart on the metal casing and the bud part; probably just a minor defect but i super-glued that part together and it turned out fine. With the various choices on the tips, i think these are the most comfortable earphones that i’ve ever used. I especially like to point out their design on the jack. It has an l-shaped jack preventing separation of the wire and jack. I’d definitely recommend these.

The headphones themselves aren’t too bad. Punchy bass with a focus on good highs and mids. Great for edm songs that don’t have a heavy focus on the bass, though the low frequency does hold its own. However they broke pretty quickly. Build quality doesn’t feel up to par. Wires would come apart from the ear piece. Lost sound on the left earpiece after a year of minimal use. Just wish it lasted longer, but for $25 and someone who babies their earphones, this is probably the best in its price range.

Great sounding headphones at a really great price.

I am going to start this review by saying that i am in no way an audiophile but i still crave for great sound quality and build quality. I just received these iems two days ago, and so far i am loving them. First impressions were great: the phones come in their case well packaged with all the information and accessories inside the case (foam ear tips, different sized rubber ear tips, shirt clip, and velcro tie to tie them together, no double flanged ear tips. ) the case is about 3 and a half inches long, 2 and three quarters inches wide, and an inch and a half tall, very sturdy, and roomy enough to pack the iems, foam ear tips, rubber ear tips, the shirt clip, and even an extra pair of earphones (i like to carry them around so i can lend them to friends instead of sharing my fancy ones, kinda like pens) and their respective extra ear tips. The case itself has pockets on the inside to help keep all this organized. The only draw back is that it is large so carrying in a pants pocket isn’t very convenient. Now for the iems themselves:they seem very well made, with the outside housing half metal and half a sturdy looking plastic. The cable is rather easy to get tangled so you definitely need to refrain from twisting them or shoving them in your pants pocket. As far as noise cancelling or isolating goes: in my experience they do not block out everything but do a good job at muffling or blocking out most sounds once you have music playing. The sounds that i can certainly still hear listening at a little more than half volume: dog barking, clacking of my membrane keyboard as i type.

The foam ear pieces that mould to your ear canal are a plus.

These are the best midrange headphones you will find with this quality/price ratio. The sound is really clear and brings the bass just right when needed.

I was expecting more, based on product reviews. I like the highs, but the bass is very weak.

I bought these to match or beat the quality of the iphone 5s earbuds but noise isolating, and i have to say it fits the bill. The sound is clear and the earbuds seal the ear completely.

Works great, the accessories make it seem even better.

Very nice earbuds for the price.

I bought these to replace the klipsch s4 that broke on me, so i can only compare the m5 to these. The sound is clearer and more vibrant. The high notes sound like listening live in a night club. They have less bass than any earphones that i’ve ever used. That is not a problem for me because i use them with the iphone and i put the equalizer on hip hop. Each person has a different preference and you may find that their bass is adequate. They come with numerous earbuds from big to tiny, long to short, even foam ones and one pair with double buds. However, i found none of them as good as the silicone ones of the klipsch. The problem is the wall thickness of the buds. They are too thin and flimsy, so they don’t seal tight around the ear holes.

These have a great sound and are nicely balanced. They are not what you want if you’re looking for bass though – i tried several tips and the bass is there, but not booming. This is fine for me most of the time, but every now and then i wish they had a bit more to give on the low end.

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BRAINWAVZ ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones : Great sound for the price

I’ve reviewed many an earbud set, including much of the brainwavz product line. This unit falls somewhere in the upper middle of the product class, which is about what you’d expect given the upper-mid price. Very lightweight and portable. Weighs almost nothing without the case (but please use the case). I don’t want it too short but certainly not too long. Comfortable for long-term use; comes with the usual wide selection of tips including bi-flange (tri-flange seems to be a thing of the past).

Compared to the other in-ear headphones in the same class as the brainwavz proalpha, (bottom line) it actually mimics the quality of the media you are listing to quite well. These are not your average in-ear headphones. If you are listing to the radio, pandora, cd’s, mp3’s ripped at 320kbps etc. It will produce an exceptional listening experience (above average).

Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones

  • Lots of Bas – A good one for Bass Lovers.
  • High quality Silver OFC Cables.
  • Good quality sound reproduction.
  • Nice design, sturdy and stylish.
  • A good bang for your buck earphone.

The chords have too much memory and i am always adjusting them.

These don’t do nearly a good enough job blocking sound, and feel like they’re falling out fairly often compared to other earbuds i’ve used. Otherwise, the sound quality is pretty good, the cable is nice, and the hard case is useful.

Everything sounds nice and evenly. I not regret a penny of my purchase.Everything sounds nice and evenly. I not regret a penny of my purchase.

Brainwavz ProAlpha In-Ear Headphones : Very pleased with my purchase of these earbuds. Good price for a very nice carrying case,also excellent sound quality with deep rich bass & nice detailed treble & mids.

I received these and was really impressed by the quality of the music i was hearing out of them, i own some monster turbines and they are close in comparison, these seemd alittle more comfortable to to wear for long periods ot time then my turbines, and the bass from these is very good, i’m one of those bass lovers, and although not too overpowering its very good.

Brainwavz headphones have the best balance bass, mid-tone and treble. No question once you try this or any other brianwavz headphone. The higher the price point the better it sounds. I strongly recommend this product.

I use these on my roku remote, and the sound quality is excellent. I was using ipod earbuds before, and the difference is night and day. These have really good bass, and i feel like they enhance the audio quality of the shows i watch.

I bought these for a friend. Uses them for workouts or just around the house. I like the look of them and have used them once myself. Very happy with this purchase.

Best sound i have found so far for the price point. Very well balanced everything. Unfortunately the housing on both ear pieces came apart easy from the beginning, exposing the wires. I could always click it back in but wondered why it wasn’t more secure. Unfortunately the wiring has broken away on one ear piece – rendering the unit as a mono one earpiece set. I would probably buy brainwavz again, if i felt confident the design flaw was addressed. Just seems like a design oversight in an otherwise solid product that the housing could be opened so easily. I got about 15 months daily use out of them, which is not remarkable.

Really nice in-ear headphones. I have some sony ex75 buds that i bought several years ago for about the same price and these are much more dynamic.

 these are a nice pair of wired earphones. They produce excellent quality sound and volume. The headphones are very light and weigh in at only ¾ of an ounce. The audio cord overall is 52 inches long. From the earbuds to the y-split they are 15. 5 inches and from the y-split to the audio plug they are 36. The quality of the earphones is excellent in many ways. Here are some of the things i liked:* great sound quality* highly flexible audio cord* the cord has quality designed strain reliefs built into the cable to protect the junction points from breaking except for the one at the earphone itself. 5 mm audio jack is gold plated to avoid corrosion and oxidation* the wire used is oxygen free to avoid the tarnishing and corrosion of the wire to minimize changes in the impedance of the cable. The wire is also silver tinned. * the kit contains 6 pairs of silicone ear tips that come in black or gray and in sizes s, m and large. * one pair of foam ear tips* one pair of bi-flanged ear tips* a nice hard shell carry case with two net pockets inside to carry the earphones in and some of the accessoriesit is important that you select the best set of earplugs for your listening comfort. The earplugs have to be comfortable and when they properly fit they direct most of the audio output into your ear for your listening enjoyment.

It is fine for the price if you just need to listen to the news.

Was looking for a lighter weight, less stress on the ears in ear buds – without compromising quality and i believe i found them. Just got them so hope they last a very long time. Using them an average of once or twice a week. My voice comes thru much clearer too.

Amazing quality and fast shipping .

I purchased the brainwavz proalpha for my husband. He is in a band and loves his music. I have purchased many headphones for him throughout the years from cheap ones to expensive ones. He always had some kind of complaint about them all. He needed a new pair so i wanted to get him something that was under $50 so that it wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t like them. To my complete utter amazement he loves them. I couldn’t believe there were no complaints. He said they were the best headphones he has had in a very long time. He said the sound was clear and crisp and the bass was perfect and they are very comfortable. I will be purchasing these again if he ever needs new ones.

The earphones themselves are beautifully designed – compact and comfortable to wear. The medium silicone ear tips installed on the set are a perfect fit for my ear. While playing music i found most of the ambient noise isolated – the seal in the ear canal is that effective and the silicone tips so pliable they conform effortlessly. The earphones quickly disappear from consciousness so the music is the only thing. But, fit is crucial and ear canals from person to person are as different as noses, so to be really able to hear what this terrific set can do take the time to ensure a good seal between the earpiece and the ear. To that end, the manufacturer has conveniently included numerous sized silicone tips (small, medium and large) along with a pair of comply foam tips and a pair of bi-flange tips. The fabric covered hard-shell zippered case is small and provides solid protection for the earphones and also holds the extra tips, shirt clip and instructions and warranty card. I spent hours listening to a wide range of music. As i listened to songs i had previously played hundreds of times i grew increasingly impressed. Even new songs like self’s runaway which features a heavy bass line – deep and thumping – was not only enhanced but none of the other reasonably complex components of the song were lost – all quite distinct – not at all muddy.

Free product provided for evaluation and review. I find these to be very comfortable- i’ve got extremely small ear canals and this is the most comfortable set of in-ear headphones for me yet. The small tips that they come with and the build of the units are such that i have been able to put them in and enjoy watching binge-watching tv while i worked. Usually i can’t stand to have earphones in that long. They make tv sound great too. They are heavy on the bass but have a good clear sound overall. Some of my favorite movies and tv have a lot of heavy hitting music in them, and it makes it sound really awesome. They come with several different size tips, and foam tips for noise reduction. They also have a carrying case. There’s more than enough cord to make these a good choice for the gym that’s outfitted with tvs on the aerobic machines.

I am a self proclaimed pseudo noob audiophile. I have purchased various ear buds and to me, bang for buck. Good bass, clarity and excellent for on the go or exercise.

I’ve had these for about 3 weeks now and i’m happy with how they’ve been performing. The sound quality is better than i expected for something in this price range. It has a nice clear sound with a slightly heavy bass (it doesn’t take away from the clarity). The mids and treble are expressed. Overall i would say these achieve a good, balanced sound. I mainly listen to rap/rock/reggae.

Such a great pair of headphones for the price. Compared to anything you’d be able to find in best buy or other stores, these blow the competition out of the water. The sound stage on these headphones is very clear and distinct, the bass is pretty smooth, but still quite prominent, with the mids taking a small step back from the bass. The higher trebles are definitely there, but i would not describe these headphones as being ‘bright’ by any means. The build quality is okay, there is a stress relief that is built slightly strange and i don’t feel like does much, and the housing and cable are all fairly cheap feeling plastic. If sound quality is important to you i’d definitely recommend these, but if you’re trying for something to last you a lifetime, i’d look somewhere else.

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