Bose In-Ear Headphones : BOSE Quality

Bose lives up to their reputation again. For this type of earphone the bass response is phenomenal and the whole frequency spectrum has the life that was intended when the song was produced. (i am a recording engineer and producer, so i know).

I purchased these headphones refurbished for $30. 00 which made picking these up all the more great. The sound is good but i was hoping for a little deeper bass than what i got but i have to remember that these are earbuds not encapsulated headphones. The comfort is better than the sony earbuds that come with the ipod, and also better than a pair of skullcandy earbuds that i mistakenly destroyed while working out. The cords are thicker than other earbuds that i’ve owned, but with the idea of replacing these at the cost of $100. 00; i have most definitely better be careful as i look to avoid that ridiculous price. The high price is what is keeping me from giving it a five-star rating. I think $50 to $60 would be a good price for them new, but it’s only a matter of time before sony comes with real deal and undercut the competition with good sounding, lower priced set of earbuds.

I think the description was a little off because they came in a case that was not made for the earbuds and the description was opened but never used. Also the instructions were for stereo headphones, not the product i received. But i just wanted the earbuds and they were $120 in the bose store, so i’m satisfied.

Check your bose headphones when you get them. The ones i received were not manufactured by bose. If the warranty card does not have a serial number on it, your headphones are probably counterfeit.

  • Awesome
  • Bose Earbuds
  • Great for long runs or long flights

Bose In-Ear Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Includes carrying case, clothing clip, and lanyard
  • Angled plug fits most MP3 players, including recessed iPhone jacks
  • Headphones rest gently in the bowls of your ears rather than the ear canal
  • Bose technology delivers well-balanced sound, including deep low notes
  • Soft silicone tips in three sizes for getting a comfortable fit
  • Bose technology delivers well-balanced sound, including deep low notes
  • Headphones rest gently in the bowls of your ears rather than the ear canal
  • Soft silicone tips in three sizes for getting a comfortable fit
  • Angled plug fits most MP3 players, including recessed iPhone jacks
  • Includes carrying case, clothing clip, and lanyard

Although i’m spoiled by the triport oe headphones. Pros:high quality audiogreat designinterchangeable tipscons:need more base (the oe’s put these to shame)price is a little highcause a little discomfort in ears after long use.

These things make music sound like it really should. I bought a pair of these for myself last year and really loved them. The only bad thing was, i loved them so much, i had to buy a pair for my son, daughter, and daughter-in-law. I couldn’t let them continue to listen to music with their standard apple earbuds. The last pair i bought was for my girlfriend. I hope i am now out of people to buy for, as this is getting expensive. Also, if you do any activity while you are wearing them, and they come out of your ears, you should invest in the stayhear tips. Well worth the small (less than $10 for two pairs) investment.

I wanted a pair of these bose headphones for quite awhile. I had read good reviews but refused to spend the money until my other set quit working. After receiving them i was excited. Once i placed them in my ears not so much. The sound quality was good but not above and beyond others as is typical with bose products. I changed the tips several times but just could not get the comfort i was looking for. While running they fell out of my ears or i had to push on them every few minutes. I ordered the klipsh s4 in ear headphones. They are leaps and bounds above bose in fit, sound and comfort.

The sound is very good as you’d expect from bose, crystal clear sound. I like loud music and i was very disappointed that volume levels are not as good as my cheaper headphone. I purchased it for running and it was my worst buy ever. It does not stay in place, one step and it will fall off your ears. I ran 5 minutes and wanted to put it right in the trash. I gave it to my husband and he loves it, ocassionally he rans on a treadmill and says that it does not fall, maybe my ears are too small. I tried all the silicone tips and even the smallest one will not hold. I also do not like the way the earpice is angled, it does not help stay in my ears. Overall it is very good for listening while not running or moving a lot. I would give 10 for sound quality and 5 for design and confort.

Unfortunately you will spend a fair portion of you time either putting them back in your ears or making sure they are not about to fall out. I have tried every combination of silicone tips and without fail they work their way out of my ears. And god forbid you doze off on an airplane and tilt your head to either side, or tilt your head at all for that matter. The sound is fantastic and the best i have ever heard in an in-ear headphone, but the design is critically flawed. Three stars for sound quality.

Got these for my boyfriend, he loves them, they are loud and they put out good bass too.

Just like all of bose products, these are great. There is no comparison to other earbuds. The sound quality is just fantastic. There is such a huge difference. You’ll want to toss your other earbuds. They just won’t sound good after using these. Plus there is a neat feature to allow you to clip the string on to your shirt so you can pop out the buds easily if needed but not have to fuss with putting them in your pocket. I got them for my husband but now i want my own.

Received these 2 days earlier than promised. Thanx amazon once again for excellent service. 1st i want to mention comfort. These headphone are extremely comfortable placed in the ear. I have gone thru a lot of in ear headphones and these are by far the best i’ve owned so far. Bose knows sound and once again they prove that with this little piece of hardware. For the price of $ 58 with free shipping and no sales tax, i think its the best deal in high performing headphones one can expect to buy. Now, i do read other people mentioning that these headphones are not durable and don’t last more than 12-18 months. All i can say is that i’ll just have to wait and see how long they last.

The quality of sound is good. They are adequate for running, but fall out periodically depending on the terrain. They are ok for air, train & automobile travel. I have not had any problems & can still hear ok when i’m being spoken to, or when traffic is approaching. They are not noise canceling headphones.

I will start by saying that i hate earbuds. I have purchased several brands and types and have just settled on a couple because i needed a pair of compact listening devices. However, this pair is the first pair that i am happy i purchased. These are very comfortable (soft in the ear and lightweight) and the audio is great. As to durability, i have had no problems. However, bose has updated the headphones, so make sure you get the ones with the black and white cord. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a high quality and very comfortable set of in-ear headphones.

Once you get used to the amazing sound any other headphone won’t due. My first pair lasted two years and i used them almost every day. The rubber tips can come off and one should be careful not to pull on the cords. Best ear buds / headphones i’ve ever owned.

I bought these earphones in 2008. It was a tough to justify spending $99 on a pair of in-ear headphones for my ipod. After 2 years of constant use for workouts, runs, snowboarding and long flights (movies & music), these bad boys are still going strong. The sound quality, especially the bass, is unmatched in any other in-ear headphone for the same price. I have experienced no problems with these, like other reviewers. I always store them in the leather case when not using them and i would be willing to bet that it is why mine have lasted so long. I have actually given a few as gifts because they are so good. I highly recommend giving them a try.

The improvement in depth of sound is quite amazing. These earbuds give a bass response beyond any others i have tried. It takes quite a while to become accustomed to the way these earbuds fit into the ear but very soon their presence is forgotten. I find myself hearing lines of music which no other headset except a bose qc2 has produced. Minor gripe : as always,bose has a very long cord which can become entangled with treadmills etc.

I bought a set of these earbuds two years ago and have used them almost every day. I often fall asleep wearing them, which can bend the wires, and they finally died. I was reluctant to spend $90 on a new set, so i bought some $30 sony earbuds at a local store and promptly returned them. They weren’t near as comfortable and the sound quality was awful. So, i have just ordered another set of these bose earbuds. What i love about these is the comfortable contoured fit, multiple tip sizes and good sound quality. The downsides: the tips can slip off (especially when you sleep in them) and they are expensive. I hesitate to call them ‘overpriced’ because i have just tried a cheaper alternative and was not happy.

I love these earphones – i listen to dance/house music all the time and these really accentuate the bass in my music. I did damage the cord from apparently wrapping them around my i pod too tight – i called bose direct,told them my issue, gave them the serial # on the cord, and they told me to send them back for new ones in return. So the company is great to work with as well.

Wow is all i can say, i ordered these for my flight on july 25th and was disappointed at first because the shipping estimate was for the 26th as i was leaving for the airport i looked in my mailbox one last time and there they were. And let me tell you it made a big difference for my flight. Thank you electronics expo we will be doing business again.

Bose items are of good quality and performance. It’s really worth your investment compared to other brands.

Great price for excellent ear phones.

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Bose (R in-Ear Stereo Headphones : Great Sound

Sound great, and are reasonably comforable, but they are bose after all. Bought for gift for my wife. I listened a few times to compare against my sony active noise-cancelling in-ear phones. They both have their advantages; the bose in quiet environments, the sony’s for travelling in cars or planes to block out the “whoosh” and to some less extent, the annoying conversations of those in close proximity.

I bought this as a gift for my husband. He loves them and uses them to work out.

I find that the design does not fit my ear well. The sound is pretty good, but i don’t like using them because of their design.

Bose addressed the issue of fit months ago when they began selling the new improved model bearing the same model number. The wire on the old version is black and on the new it is black and white. Despite amazon’s product picture, i’m guessing amazon is shipping the black and white corded model. The sound is superb across the audio spectrum. Despite the claim of others, i have found no issues with the bass. It seem natural, not boomy or thin. I think that all reviewers have missed a key point when they criticize these or any ear/head phones. Much of the sound reproduction has to do with the device producing the sound. Back in day, consumers spent fortunes on “stereo receivers” because they understood that regardless of how good the speakers, if the receiver was middling, what you heard would be middling too. Today, the ear buds are the speakers and the mp3 player the “receiver”.

  • BOSE (R) In-Ear Stereo Headphones
  • Great for Office Use
  • A slice of heaven

Bose (R in-Ear Stereo Headphones

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • S, M and L removable silicone tips / Color-coded tips in three sizes help assure a more accurate fit that’s comfortable and stable
  • Ear cushion outside dimensions – 1.3 H x 1 W (3.3 cm x 2.6 cm) / One side – Medium tip
  • Weight with cables -. 64 oz (18.1 g) / Two sides – Medium tips
  • What’s In the Box – 1 pair of in-ear headphones with 49 (1.24 m) audio cable / 1 pair each of small, medium and large silicone tips / Carrying case

Simply the best headphones are made by bose. My wife got a listen and promptly ordered these beauties for herself.

Item worked as expected except that it doesn’t last for then a year.

These are really great ear buds. Included with the buds are different size tips that fit in your ear (3 sizes), if you loose your tips you can order a new set on line for under $10. Comfortable, easy to use, the sound is great. The bass notes and the highs will not dissapoint you. After all the were made by dr. Plus, when you go for a jog or work out at the gym, they stay in your ear. Nothing is worse than lifting weights and the ear buds fall out.

I have been on a mission over the past week to find good replacement earbuds for my iphone, starting with the shure se115s. They sounded ok, but i couldn’t stand the “stethoscope” effect (dull thumping in your ear when the cord hits/rubs your chest). So i took them back and got both the bose earbuds and a cheaper $26 sony in-ear pair, just to compare and see if they fit any better than the shures. The sonys were actually more comfortable than the shures (to me) but the sound quality was muffled no matter how i positioned them in my ear. Plus after running around the house a few times, they slid out easily with all 3 adapters. Based on the shures and sonys, i’ve found i’m not big on the models you have to stick tightly in your ear with expanding foam or rubber. It just doesn’t feel right to me, the music sounds too muffled, and apparently my ears are abnormal because they just don’t stay in unless i’m perfectly still. Moving on to the bose buds, i tried to shove them in my ear like the others. Lol then i read the directions.

Gave them as a christmas gift. My daughter said they were the best she has ever used.

I took these on a trip to vegas, and loved them. I used them on a 30gig ipod and the sound was ausome.

They fit great in the ear and do not fall out at all, but the sound is not as good as i expected.

I love these ear bub, becouse i workout three time a week. They stay in the ear with move around>.

Even with the small ear cups they fall out of my ear after minimal motion, e. While walking, turning my head, etc.

First, i want to say that i strongly disagree with b. Below about the sound quality. They might not fit in everyones ear, but that’s why you try them on before buying. This is my first bose product. I just picked these up at the bose store at the block, where i wanted to make sure they fit securely and the sound was up to my expectations for dropping a hundred bucks. Since then i have been using them nonstop. I’m listening with them right now as i write this and i’m just amazed by the wide range of clarity. Rap, hip-hop, rock, alternative, jazz and classical, all sound amazing. I can pick up minor details i couldn’t hear before.

Works well on the airplane as well as at work and play. Comes with multiple sized silicone ear pieces to fit almost any sized ear. The sound is typical bose, very nice.

I read the other reviews and since i don’t use them while running i gave them a try. My rating:staying in my ears: 5noise cancellation (in office use only): 4bass: 5midrange (after a week of use): 4highs (after a week of use): 4carrying case: 1connector (1″ long and gets in the way, bad design): 1over all: 4 (compared to the 3 different sets my wife has these sound great).

I think that these are great little earbuds. They sound wonderful and they come with various sized adaptors for different sized ear canals. They were a little pricey so for some they may not be worth the price.

Ordered on a sunday, received in a tuesday. Head set is perfect, mu wife could not find a head set for her i pod she could wear while walking.

For this price you won’t find better product than this.

The fact that this sound, this bass comes from ear buds blows me away. I love letting people try them out at work.

Between my wife, kids and i, have purchased 7 of these, but there are only 4 of us. Three of them stopped working in one ear after a few months. You can’t beat the sound quality and they are comfy to wear. Only downside is they are fragile.

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Bose Mobile in-Ear Headphones – I totally enjoy my little speakers 👍

I have for so long refused to spend so much money on earphones. But by far a great purchase,and they are sturdy, sound is amazing.

Bought it for a friend, he really likes it.

My wife is a musician and loves music. These blew her mind and were a perfect christmas gift. Buyer beware, beats headphones aren’t actually good for sound. If you really know sound well you’ll love these.

These headphones are amazing. This is my second pair (i lost my other ones). However, i could have bought any other pair, but these were perfect. I love the case that it comes with. I usually throw my headphones in my purse/gym bag and it never fails to get tangled with everything else. The case is an absolute lifesaver.

I am not a music expert by no means. With that being said i do know when i hear quality sound and these earbuds meet the bill. The highs, mids, and the lows are crystal clear. As for how they fit in my ears i have had them in for 3 hours and they don’t even itch, hurt, or fall out. By the way i am a custodian and have been vacuuming with them.

This is best sounding and most comfortable earbuds i’ve ever owned. The ‘stayhear’ ear tips are so comfortable it’s like there not even there, and they hold the buds in-place,even with abrupt movements. They have excellent sound, distinct with clarity and layers of separation. If there used for other then apple devices = the device must control all functions. The cable is 46′ from plug to ear, with a movable/re-movable clip for holding in place on cloths,and ‘slider’ for adjusting length of line behind head. Comes with three sets ‘stayhear® tip’ – color coded = small (white center – medium (gray center) – large ( black center)bose – zippered carrying case, holds complete set. (3′ – 5′ and 1′ thick)these buds are designed toward apple devices = so the inline microphone and remotework for easy switching between calls and music = but only with select iphone models. The set comes in black or white. Shown above at time of this posting is white. Both sets have combination black/white cable.

  • Worth every penny! Much better than newer model.
  • Vacuuming for 3 hours and hear music crystal clear. WOW!!!
  • Outstanding Headphones

Best headphones i have ever owned.

Product came fast and as described. I totally enjoy my little bose speakers 👍.

These are the best earphones i had. The only problem that i found (hard way) is that connector pin (i. The thing that you insert into a device) can be easily broken. I broke connector on my previous pair when ipad fell while connected and this broke the connector. I glad that i bought that one from costco and was able to return it for refund. Unfortunately costco does not sell this model any more as this model seems discontinued. So i purchased 2 pairs from this seller. I tried newer and more expensive model ( http://www. Com/gp/product/b0117rfoeg – bose soundsport) – only to find that newer model is inferior in every way (sound quality is pathetic, wires are stiff, earbuds shape is uncomfortable). So i am glad that this older model is still available. Great sound quality, comfortable in ear, wires are soft.

Great sound as you would expect from bose, but beware, you cannot use them in an airplane jack. There is a warning in the manual that they might overheat or cause a fire. So, they are great for use with your apple products, but you will need to carry a different set of earbuds on a plane. If they were more universal, i would have given them 5 stars.

Features of Bose Mobile in-Ear Headphones with Mic

  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging.

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