Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear Headphones : This ATh is good in the resolution of high and low frequency but

These earphones are my fourth one from audiotechnica and the ones i prefer. I have no experience with the most recent models that replaced them. Once burned in they sound neutral, with an extended response, no reinforcement on a given part of the spectrum. Their main qualities compared to other model and other brands in similar price range:- ability to discriminate subtle tonal differences. – very low intrinsic intermodulation, including in its super clean and extended bass response- easy to drive, they accept an iphone plug even though they will of course sound even better with a better amplification and conversiononly feed them via uncompressed or high bitrate compressed file – or analog origin – they resolve also well the issues of inferior digital encoding. Not fitted to very small ears and a bit bulky to sleep with.

Excellent sound quality, the dual phase push-pull drivers is able to reproduce the bass accurately. The size of the earbug is quite large, but surprisingly, they are very comfortable in my ears. I can hear a lot more details in all high/mid/low ranges when compare to normal consumer earbug like apple earpod. I use a fiio e10k dac amp to drive it, it sound slight better with the amplifier, but the differences is hard to tell when compare with connecting to my iphone directly. I wish i could give it a 5-stars, but i deducted one because the cable is non-removable and can result of some microphonics even when you move your head slightly. This is not a big issue to me as i use it solely in the office, but i do not recommend to anyone to use it on the go.

I rarely write review for headphones because i think feeling of sound is very personal. But i just want to say i like my ckr10girl and guitar sounds soooooooo awesome that i really cannot stop the music. If the er4p sounds like a super clean white board, this ckr10 sounds like a white board with a cute girl playing guitar of ukelele. I own 10+ headphones and i’ve tried many (up to $7000+ stax-007 system). In my opinion, ckr-10 is worth of the money ( 180ish ) for sure.

This ath is good in the resolution of high and low frequency but it is not that good in playing human voice. It is suitable to listen classical musics.

  • Sennheiser ie800 Vs. Shure ie846 vs ATH-CKR10 maybe worth saving $600? !!!!
  • Impeccable accuracy
  • Amazing sound quality, but still have room to improve

Audio-Technica ATH-CKR10 SonicPro In-Ear Headphones

  • Delivers amazing, high-resolution reproduction of the original sound
  • World’s first dual phase push-pull drivers (13 mm x 2, with pure iron yoke) provide extended frequency response by reducing intermodulation distortion
  • Metal-coated titanium housings for a rigidity that greatly reduces unwanted vibration
  • Stainless steel acoustic resister provides improved high-frequency response, while bass acoustic resister delivers accurate low-frequency response
  • Includes silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L) and protective carrying case

Beautiful,it’s taken a few hours to open up. I will supplement this review later. But don’t hesitate to purchase these. And then just go for the ath im70. . Bass mids and treble don’t bleed into one another. Honestly, the signature keeps me wanting to play more and more. Whatever is being played, plays outstanding.

Great in ear earphones, great sound.

The audio-technica ath-ckr10 are, as claimed by audio-technica, the first dual phase push-pull drivers. Push-pull dual drivers are a common used speaker configuration to achieve reduction in harmonic distortion. This reduction in distortion helps provide a more accurate, pure sound as the drivers are “self-correcting” each other. Prior to writing this review i was unaware of push-pull drivers and their intended effect, and now i agree that ath-ckr10 do achieve this effect very well. The separation between the left and right channels is outstanding. Realizing this was one of the moments when i realized i have been using subpar equipment for quite some time, being presented with a superior performing piece of hardware. The bass response was strong but not overpowering from the 13mm drivers, and it didn’t sound artificially boosted. Midrange and highs are clear and crisp with no detectable distortion. As i increased volume levels the sound became uncomfortable before any distortion became present. The ath-ckr10 are certified “hi-res audio” capable.

First, some notes on the other 26 reviews. I’m seeing strange complaints that need to be addressed. • iems are all shaped and fit differently, but these are fairly ordinary in form and include 4 sizes of silicone tips. If you can’t get a proper fit, you’re either wearing them reversed, or you have deformed ears. Your inability to fit iems correctly is not audio-technica’s fault. • like any amazon review page, this one is littered with complaints about sellers and shippers. They have nothing to do with the product and frankly don’t belong here. Be sure you buy from a reputable seller (like amazon), not shady brady’s “discount” av or whatever. • many reviewers invoke problems common to nearly all iems. Newsflash: most cable is noisy. Your inability to sit still is not at’s fault. Your shuffling feet and lack of a humidifier is not at’s fault. These issues can occur with any headphone. • several reviews identify the wrong product (at least 4 for ath-ckr7), they identify the wrong brand, or they include misinformation, like that you need a dedicated amp to drive them. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. • on that note, “burn-in” refers to the time it takes for drivers to loosen up and “settle” in their housing. The larger the driver, the more burn-in needed. But since these drivers are merely 13mm, you only need an hour or two, tops.

I’ve been an audio engineer for the last 5 years and i can honestly say these are the clearest, most comfortable and accurate in ear headphones i’ve used. I’m a huge fan of audio technica microphones and earphones. I also own the m50x, and have used a friends pair of the m70x from a friend. I also own the discontinued audio technical solid bass headphones, which are much cheaper. The frequency range on these sound just as ridiculous as it looks on paper. The bass response is better than my krk 10″ subwoofer and the highs are on par with a pair of yamaha monitors. I honesty can’t imagine a time i’ve heard an audio being represented more clearly than these. These are definitely end of the line headphones, the wire is a little flimsy, and looks cheaper than most headphones, but if clarity and a flat, accurate frequency response is what you’re looking for in a pair of headphones, look no further. You have found the headphones for you.

These are incredible earphones. Transparent, clear, with a grear control of the bass, the stage is incredible. The best i have heard until now. I came from the senheiser environment and these are much better. They fit well in the concovaty of the ear and isolate really any noise from the outside. They come also with a small pouch and are very easily transportable.

First, i’m not saying these are better than the ie800 or se846. Without providing a detailed technical review, i can honestly say that the ath-ckr10 will make you remember that the ie800 and se846 set you back $800 aka two car notes or a mortgage or your rent payment while the ath-ckr10 are under $200. Your inner cheap guy, conscience, business person and economist will seriously start to question whether you need to spend $800. I might provide details later, but those technically savvy can take a look at this. Impedance:sennheiser 16 ohmshure 9 ohmaudio-technica 12 ohm (no amp needed. Iphone 6s plus)frequency low: (deep detailed bass)sennheiser 8 hzshure 15 hzath-ckr10 5 hzfrequency (high): the highest frequency at which headphones produce audio. Sennheiser ie 800 41 khzshure se846 20 khzaudio-technica ath-ckr10 40 khzi understand specs can sometimes be misleading but not the case here as i’ve owned the ie800 and ie80 and shure amongst other headphones. This is the audiophiles best kept secret. That purchase i’ve been searching for. All the hard work and research finally paid off right when i was getting ready to settle.

Alright, these are the best iems i have heard. It really brings out the littlest of details. Guitars, cymbals, voices, and drums sound incredibly clean on these. I cannot believe ath discontinued this line. The guitars sound so clean and every little detail is revealed. The bass is verry tight and punchy, also incredibly clean. The frequency response is fairly neutral. Soundstage is small but this is preference to whether you like tight and clean sounds or not.

I purchased these from my place of employement and i was immediately blown away by the audio detail and depth. I have a pair of klipsch x7i’s that i have been using for the past couple of years and i didn’t think it could get better in that price range; i was wrong. The large eartips work perfectly for my ears, though i will be looking into some comply foam eartips to reduce the risk of them sliding out of my ears as they are a bit heavy compared to the x7’s. I was thinking i needed a headphone amp to enjoy these. They sound fantastic with my note3 and flac or even 320kbs mp3s. There is one con:i may have figure out the perfect way to get them into my ears without the housing touching the ridges of my ears as they do hurt my ears after a short while of listening. The foam eartips may help prevent that. **update**i am having no luck getting these to not be incredibly painful (physically) in my ears. I have to drop this down by 3 stars. If i cannot wear them to enjoy them, they do not deserve all of the stars for me. This is unfortunate as the sound is absolutely amazing.

Good product but nothing compared to ath dsr9bt.

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Audio-Technica Audio Technica SonicPro Port ATH-CKM300I In-ear Headphones – They’re best for the price

I would say these a re a standard so i can only imagine the more expensive the better, i really like them.

Really like it, voice comes in so clear.

These headphones work great, except for one big problem. I got these because in the picture, the 3. 5mm jack is angled, which is what i was looking for. When i received these, i noticed the jack is not angled. So they also came with an angled 3. 5mm angled adapter, (which is what you see in the picture). So i said, eh, that’s fine, i don’t really mind using the adapter. I plug in the adapter and play some music. I immediately notice how bad the sound quality is. It sounded like the band was underwater, in a box, and i was standing about 100 feet away. And for some odd reason, the audio quality becomes way better (normal, i presume), when you hold the pause/call button. And i mean when you hold it, not by just pressing it. Another thing, my phone does not recognize them as a mic/headset when the adapter is plugged in, only as headphones.

I’m a big fan of audio technica headphones. I own two different pairs and the sound quality and build on both are quite excellent. The two pairs i purchased previously did not have a built in mic/control but were nearly double the price. I needed a new pair of inexpensive headphones that had a controller. Pros:1) the remote (mic controller) while feeling like cheap plastic, actually seems like it will last. I know that sounds like a contradiction but the ‘feel’ and the actual performance are two different things. 2) the mic works fine and the buttons respond well. 3) fairly comfortable and stays in ears4) solid cordcons:1) while the sounds is not bad, it’s definitely not as dynamic in range and clarity as my other headphones. I wish the highs were a little more crisp. The overall sounds is a little muddled for audio technica’s.

For the price, this is a nice pair of buds. I am huge fan of audio technica gear. I often recommend it to my friends who make the mistake of trying to purchase items like beats, who value marketing over quality. These sound clear and there are decent amounts of bass. Now, i would not buy them again. Why would i say these are nice, but wouldn’t buy them again?. Because i purchased these to use with my iphone. Unfortunately, the play/pause functionality does not work with the iphone. While it says that clearly on the page (near the bottom) i neglected to read down that far.

These headphones are pretty much. I’ve never had headphones with this type of design before, so i was surprised how nicely they went into my ear. As is typical with most headphones with a mic on them it doesn’t work, so that’s a bit of a let down. Overall a really nice pair of headphones with good sound.

  • Decent headphones
  • Buy theseunless you have an iPhone.
  • These headphones work great, except for one big problem

I loved these phones because everything was crisp and perfect. But i’m not sure if this is an earphone-related or a iphone-related problem, however after six months of usage it keeps activating voice control on my iphone (does not matter if i turn it off or not because headset-triggered voice control is always on per ios) or skipping or pausing my music. This has rendered it useless for me.

They’re nice earbuds, but they are no the ones depicted in the image. The audio jack isn’t angled and the volume control is on a plastic dial on the side. Not a huge problem, but i don’t see why i got a different product than what is depicted. If you have an iphone 6, don’t buy these earbuds unless you can get some small o-rings to help it sit better (but even then, it doesn’t work out so well).

Super great pair of earphones. Only complaint is they tangle super easy. My skull candy’s aren’t as bad as these. The cord came wound pretty tightly and it has never ‘relaxed’. Other than that im very impressed.

I love audio technica headphones all the time.

Nice looking, decent sound, and actual iphone controls. A flat cable might keep them a little less tangled, but for the price i can’t complain.

Features of Audio Technica SonicPro Port ATH-CKM300I In-ear Headphones with Mic & Volume Control for iPod, iPhone, and iPad – White

  • Frequency Range: 5-24,000Hz
  • Speaker Driver: 10.7mm
  • Power Handling: 200mW
  • Cord Length: 1.2m

Frequency Range: 5-24,000Hz

Excellent durability (it lasted 2 years). Microphone very detail and the audio a little bit bass y and shorter in highs but best for the price.

Best earbuds i have ever bought.

Speaker Driver: 10.7mm

Power Handling: 200mW

Cord Length: 1.2m

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Audio-Technica Audio Technica ATH-CKM500 BK | Inner Headphones – Respectable

A couple weeks back i purchased the sony xba-3ip and a couple weeks later one of the buds malfunctioned and i had to return it. I browsed head-fi looking for an alternative option and found these to be highly recommended. I had my doubts that these headphones could match the sound quality of the sony xbas due to the fact that they were less than half the price but i took a chance and ordered them anyway. I paid $76 for these headphones for rush shipping from japan and i think it was worth every penny. The bass and treble are great, the soundstage range is fantastic, and everything sounds wonderful. I would definitely pick these over the sony xbas any day. I think the only downside to these headphones is that they are very short. There is an extension that comes along with them but i don’t really like using extensions. This is just a small complaint though, definitely not a deal breaker. I highly recommend these headphones to anybody.

During the initial break in period, these earbuds sounded a bit tinny and harsh. But now after more than 100 hrs. Oflistening, the edge has worn off and the sound is pristine yet warm. Sound stage and separation are nearly perfect and thebackground is negligible.

These are awesome but i received the wrong colour. Minor annoyance, i know, but the actual headphones are fantastic regardless.

As an owner of audio technica ath-m50s, i suppose i had high expectations for these iems. They sound decent, but not nearly as good as my m50s and the previous iems that broke; the brainwavz m3s which are around the same price. As someone else mentioned the shortness of the cable is kind of annoying even though they do provide and extension, i’ve never been a believer of the effects of burning in headphones but perhaps with time those effects will show with these iems or more likely my ears will just get used to them.

Wish it had a button for stopping/volume/skipping tracks but just on sound alone, i highly recommend it. Great highs and middle that are extremely clear and bright. The bass has depth and isn’t just there for just bass sake. ** update nov 2015 – the headphone bud area that connects to the metal outer portion separated. :(i don’t treat my headphones with the utmost care, but i don’t throw them around either. Sorry i can’t gauge if this is a fluke or a defect. Still, i stand by the sound and would probably purchase again to replace.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Solid and well balanced
  • Amazing sound
  • Great sound, fit and build

I’m not an audiophile err whatever that is. I’m just a normal guy who loves great sounding music. Which is why i bought this pair of headphones. Before these, i was using a pair of sony headphones, similar to the sony mdrex10lp. The sony pair that i have are fairly old and i wanted something new with better quality of sound. I will never regret buying these headphones. I listen to a variety of music ranging from hip hop like mos def, the roots, and aesop rock. Rap like jay-z, eminem, snoop dogg, and brotha lynch hung. . Rock like marilyn manson, deftones, korn, nine inch nails, slipknot, sepultura, and soulfly. And some alternative stuff like the prodigy and daft punk.

These headphones have absolutely incredible build quality. On the whole, i’ve mistreated my pair quite a bit over the last year, sleeping on top of them and jamming them into my pockets. However, they still work perfectly for me and have had no issues, unlike other headphones i’ve owned. These headphones are as close to indestructible as i’ve found after a few years of buying different options.

A quick intro, i’m keanex on head-fi i regularly review headphones and other audio gear. I’m here to give you a quick review on these. Bass: the bass is well extended, very clean with no signs of distortion whether it’s through my ipod, laptop, or o2+odac combo. The bass hits hard and is quick, but the mid-bass is a bit pushy, this may change with burn-in though. Mids: the mids are intimate, clean and smooth. These are the most realistic mids i have come across in my endeavors for an iem. Highs: well extended, no added sibilance, and balanced really well with the overall signature. Instrument separation/soundstage is one of the best i’ve heard in an iem. I feel as if i’m in a small club that is tuned to provide a clean sound. Instruments have room to breath even in the most complex parts of songs i’ve heard that even sound a tad confusing at time on my audio technica ad2000.

Though, admittedly, i’ve never owned any ‘high-end’ ear buds before. Outstanding sound (especially after the ‘burn in’ period). Clear, full, without booming, bass. Clear and wide mid range, very present. Subtle, not tinny, high end. Very expansive and well integrated sound stage. A bit snug, which helps with the sound quality but can make them uncomfortable before too long.

Ordered these from japan import (provided by amazon, prompt shipping, highly recommended), and am currently breaking them in as i write this review. I’m a firm believer in ‘burning in’ headphones, so i’m basing this review based on my first impressions. From the music i’ve played: (smashing pumpkins, slightly stoopid, immortal technique, weezer, miles davis), this is what i’ve noted:- i took note of the presence of bass. It’s there, and satisfies all but the extreme bass heads. – the mids and highs (if that makes sense) seemed didn’t seem to be as clear as others have claimed. – from my perspective, it seemed as though these headphones are settled for darker, punchier music. – instrument separation was surprisingly good, i took note of some percussion and backing vocals that i didn’t catch before on some of my other headsets. Some things to keep in mind, before these headphones, i frequently used the sony mdr-v6 monitor series headphones with ccaw voice coil and grado prestige series sr-60i padded headphones, so it’s possible that my preferences are just accustomed to the mentioned products above. Again, i’m not a an audiophile, but i do enjoy my music being reproduced with respectable quality, and for what these iem’s offer, they are definitely respectable. After burning these in, they’ll only get better, so my advice is to pick these up if your looking to replace or add on to to your headphone situation.

I’ve a number of headphones – beyerdynamic t1 for critical listening, akg 701 for casual listening, akg 240 for use when on the computer and now the ath ckm500 for travel. Not being an in ear (iem) fan due to past problems with fit and performance, i was quite surprised by not only the dynamic range but also the comfort. Tried a number of other iems within this price range and found ckm500’s the most comfortable. The bass is solid but never overbearing, the midrange and high-ends are articulate and musical. Soundstage, for a closed phone, is pleasantly wide enough to accurately produce a credible presentation of classical music (a telling test of breath of image). Obviously results depend upon your source, but even with itunes mp3 or spotify selections the sound is still satisfying. I prefer open-back phones and planar speakers due to their more ‘airy’ presentation but have been happily entertained on long flights with these (caveat, not noise canceling but do provide acceptable isolation and won’t irritate others). As a veteran headphone user i highly recommend these iems within their price range.

To start off there is some sort of burn in period for these headphones. When i first got them they were ok but not stellar however, they were still better sounding than most others i have heard. Now that i have had them for a bit the sound is suprisingly good with most types of music and i would find it pretty hard to beat at this price point. The previous review claimed these were anemic and everyone is entitled to an opinion but they are far from anemic even with a flat eq and a good source. Good quality headphones shouldn’t need enhancements to sound right and so far all my listening has been with no enhancements. I have listened to a lot of various types of music and these seem to perform very well. Hans zimmer’s music for instance sounds amazing with great detail, warm sounding strings, and very defined bass. I have tried some trance,drums and bass,jazz,frequency sweeps, and a lot more. Overall these are great headphones and when properly worn produce great sound all the way down to an eardrum shaking 20hz.

The freq response was unacceptable, the highs were nice but they lacked aby warmth and the lows were recessed to the point my eq could not pull them up enough to give them a reasonably flat response. I bought these thinking they would outperform my thinksound rains, and they were able to reach higher before rolling off but below 2khz the rains mop the floor with them. They did sound better than my ms-01’s but i think the ms=01’s sound terrible (im an audiophile and the ms’s are very anemic and lack highs, imaging is nice but it takes alot of eq to get any warmth) i know this is going to sound sarcastic, but i can eq my 3yo’s syba set to have more lows and be flatter and more fun to listen too than i could these. As a professional in the audio field i am no stranger to the way things should sound, and given if a person was used to generic $5 chain store earbuds they would probably think these were nearly amazing, these do not perform on the price point they are selling for to me. Save some money and try the ts rains.

I had been wanting some japanese import buds for some time, worth the wait. I don`t know if they are different than the ckm500is, but they got better reviews. I really don`t care much for the 2 piece cable i don`t understand why companies do this, but small complaint. I have these plugged into my amp so i can enjoy these even though they are not done burning in. I plugged them in as soon as they got here right into my ipod, the highs were a little harsh, the amp smoothed it right out. The default tips worked just fine, but put some sony hybrids on i like them better. I read some reviews on head-fi comparing them to vsonic gr-07`s they did just fine these, might keep me from buying them. I am really amazed at how good some of these under $100. I also have vsonic vsd1s and they are also very good.

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