Altec Lansing MZX736B Bliss Platinum Series Headphones – Blue/Copper, Great headphones

These headphones have good sound and are small enough to stay in my small ears. However, one side stops working after a few weeks. I’ve had two pairs and it happened to both.

This is a real good set of earbuds for the price. These earbuds come with plenty of exchangeable ear pieces for all size ears. They also are excellent on keeping the outside noise out.

The product arrived as expected. These headphones are great for smaller ears.

Key specs for Altec Lansing MZX736B Bliss Platinum Series Headphones – Blue/Copper:

  • Smaller housings, narrower barrels and are designed for smaller ears to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Miniaturized drivers are engineered to provide performance-quality sound.
  • Jewel-like detailing and stylish colors make a true fashion statement.
  • Perfect for listening to music on MP3 Players, iPods, smartphones and tablets.

Comments from buyers

“I Love These Headphones!
, Fantastic
, Great for Smaller Ears

I am a skull candy earbuds kind of guy. I had a pair of these a year ago, and unfortunatly my dog ate them. Well i finally decided to get some more. They are small, stay in my ear, and they sound wonderful. Plus you can’t beat the braided cord or the re-inforced headphone plug. These will be in the gym with me for days to come.

I bought ones like these, but in a different color combination off of groupon about three years ago. I find that these are the best earbuds i have had in a very long time. The only other pair i liked were these noise-cancelling ones, but i broke them while on deployment. Nonetheless, these earbuds are great. I really don’t know what people are talking about when they say these are flimsy or don’t last. I haven’t had problems with mine at all. The sound is superior and i like that the wires are wrapped in nylon rope instead of just being rubber/plastic. The only thing (which is with all earbuds) is that i can hear the wires rubbing against my clothing in my ear. The sound travles up the wire into the earbud and it can actually be a bit loud. Like when you tap on a stethoscope.

Our daughter loves the look and sound of these. She’s not an audiophile, but she’s very happy with the sound.

I have very small ear channels – these came with different sizes of bud tips and it’s the first time i’ve found comfortable ear buds that fit and weren’t ‘kids’. The color is nice (to me) but they fit so well they’re not really noticeable on the outside. They’re super affordable, and the sounds was great – i watched some shows and heard things i had never heard before (sound effects) with them. (i don’t mean to sound like an ad, i’m just very happy with them and would encourage anyone else to get them).

They fit perfect for me and finally don’t hurt my ears.

These headphones came with small ear buds, which is great. For the the price i paid, this is a bargain.

I have small ears and have a very difficult time finding ear bubs that stay in my ears but these were great.

I have used altec lansing headphones for over 10 years now and these are the best ones so far. The sound is great and it blocks most noise. My wife likes to watch tv before bed and the earphones are comfortable enough to sleep in and they block out the tv sound. I couldn’t believe the price i got them for: $9. To save shipping from amazon i purchased 4 pairs and am looking forward to a long time before i need to purchase new headphones. They are built very well and are easy to keep clean without damaging the speaker part unlike previous units. If you’re looking for an inexpensive set of headphones that sound great, do yourself a favor and try these.

Most ear buds are too large for my ear canal so when i found these i was ecstatic. The small size covers work the best for me but they do include several other sizes. Other reviews have stated that they stop working. I have never had a problem with that. I have had to buy several pairs of these but that is only because my chinchilla got to them. I should wear them while playing with my chin. He can bite through a cord in a second.

These fit my ears like no other headphone i have ever purchased. Unfortunately the sound could substantially improve. I still use these daily because the comfort and fit are so spot on.

Happy with product and quality. Was surprised with the great price, paid 3 times the amount at store.

This is my second pair of altec bliss platinum ear phones. The last pair i had for a few years until they finally bit the dust, so i consider that pretty durable for earphones that i carry around all the time and take a lot of abuse in pockets and purses and backpacks, etc. They fit perfectly in my ears, block out any unwanted sounds, and have pretty decent audio to boot. Plus i like the colors and the little bit of bling that are on the headphones too.

I have small ear canals and they work perfect for me.

They are the only ones that stay in my ears. But they do not seem to last very long. I use them 5 times a week while i run. In about a year or less, however, one side seems to stop working. Then i have to buy another set.

I have small ears and could never use in ear head phones. I was skeptical about these pre-purchase, but they are the first pair to fit comfortably in my little ears. Good sound, and comfortable.

I recommend these headphones to all my girlfriends because they are small and very comfortable. I keep a pair in my gym bag and a pair in my nightstand.

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Altec Lansing UHP206 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone – Love these headphones.

One thing is for sure these are much better then the jbuds i got as a gift. Makes me now notice that i have to redo some of the music on my computer because of the quality. Great sound but the bass is a little on the low side for me but good enough to know it’s there compared to the jbuds. Good price but shipping took almost 2 weeks.Electronics expo is the company these came from and no care was put into the packaging. The tape that covers the sticky flap on the envelope was just wadded up and stuffed into the envelope like the person that packaged it was too lazy to throw it away. Box for the earbuds was crushed on one side but they work fine. Bad first experience dealing with electronics expo.

Great headphones, snug fit, good sound. Came with 3 silicone ear adapters. The cloth cord covering is great, no tangling and easy wrapping. These replaced a pair of sennheiser buds (the right one stopped working). The price on amazon was half of anywhere else that i saw them.

For the most part it is what i read in the other reviews. It doesn’t tangle much and the sound it good. The in ear headphone are very comfortable and i love the chose of sizes instead of ‘one size fit all’because they don’t. Here are the specifications for the Altec Lansing UHP206 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone:

  • 10 mm Neodymium speaker
  • 6 piece custom fit kit with mulitple tips for reduction of background noise
  • tagle free cloth cable

These headphones are better than any others that i have tried. I have even compared them to the dr. Dre beats (in ear) and the bose ie2. I think these outperform both. I would definitely recommend these for the $10 price, as i think they are the best sounding earphones out there under $100. One thing that should be mentioned, is that depending on who you purchase these through you may end up with uhs206, not uhp206 like is listed. The uhs includes the play/pause button and the in line mic. I suggest verifying with the seller if you are picky about whether or not the headphones are the standard ones or the one with the mic. The bass really shines on these headphones and it rounds out the mids and highs nicely. These earphones sound very full and are great for a wide range of genres.

I was very pleased with the purchase of these headphones as they were about half the cost on amazon’s site compared to what best buy was selling them for, plus they were back ordered on their site. They are far better than what came with my mp3 player and i have found that with this type, the sound quality is related to the fit so they have to fit well for the sound to be good. It was also nice that they came with several sizes of silicone ear buds. The sound quality is very good and they are very comfortable to wear. I also like the material like cord compared to rubber ones, they don’t seem to get tangled up as much. I would recommend them to others.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bought for work
  • Pretty good
  • Altec Lansing Headphones

Finally a pair of ear buds that don’t tangle, the sound quality isn’t the best i’ve ever heard but it’s still pretty good. If your looking for some tangle free headphones with decent sound quality then look no further.

I like these earphones a lot despite a couple of negatives. Other reviews mention the cord noise and, of course, i was actively listening for it when i first got the earphones. It does exist at times but not really any more noise than you would get with other products; the type of noise does differ due to the covering on the wire though, perhaps making it more noticeable to some. The quality of the earbuds themselves doesn’t seem that great, with the plastic cases looking rather cheap. Even the plastic ear inserts seem thin and cheap, but. They stay in much better than other sets i have. They are really light and i think that contributes to the lasting fit as well. The cord is interesting and doesn’t tangle easily. There is also a lariat type arrangement that you can drag up the two separate cables and hold them together to lessen tangles. The sound is acceptable given the low cost of the earbuds.

I bought these for only $10, regular price at best buy was 45. When i placed them in my ears, they did not fix right making the sound bad. I had to flip the earphones upside down in order to get them to stay and for me to hear the rich bass. After that i was satisfied with them.

I though i used to have one of this long time ago so i ordered the same one but, didn’t sound the same. Not enough of bass too much treble. I bought very inexpensive earphone from ross and they sounded better.

Just got the altec 206’s about a month ago. Great sound and they do block out background noise fairly well, e. The ear buds i got with my ipod would not stay in during any workout. These stay in my ears while jogging on a treadmill. I would definitely buy these again.

Living in ny, it’s difficult to block out the noise of the loud city streets & subway. But these headphones do the trick. I’m also a drummer, so i can use them while practicing.

Great sound but could not keep buds in my ears when moving around so had to return them.

Ive been a longtime altec fan,up until 2 years ago i owned altec 17 voice of the theatre speakers and loved them. When my sennheisers 400 blew i did some looking and found the altec 206 and for the price thought i would give them a try. Altec was always know for their live forward sound,which i love. The earphones were not quite as forward as i remembered altec sound but yet they are really great. Bass is full and lively,the midrange the first min i wore them was muddy but than all of a sudden showed up and was quite good. The highs were the sleight dissapointment to me but im sure for most will be really good. The kicker for me was something i was not expecting a soundstage,i own grado 125 headphones and they sound great but i never experienced, a sound stage with headphone before. I really like these so far and would suggest that anybody looking for earphones give these a whack.

I don’t listen to as much music as when i was a teenager but when i do i want to be carried away. These headphones do exactly that. Everyone’s ears are different and in my case i always need to use the largest adapters to get a good seal. I’ve tried nearly all the popular headphones in the $10-50 range and these beat them all by a long way. I also had the triple-fi 10 and yes they were slightly better sounding but i was always conscious i had something stuck in my ears which doesn’t happen with the 206. I had the altec 306 before and they were great. Dunno if there’s any actually difference because i never did a side by side comparison so go for the cheaper ones i always say. Finally right now i’m comparing the 206 to the sennheiser 580, the best headphones i have. I’m listening to vaughn williams ‘the lark ascending’. The 580’s are technically better.

I bought 3 sets of them because i liked them so much.

These were very affordable and they sound amazing for such small earbuds at this price. The cords are also very durable and don’t twist easily.

Before these ear buds i had some really annoying white sony earbuds with a a funky ‘l’ shape to them, and i absolutely hated them, after seeing that my sister was happy with these ear buds by altec i decided i would look them up. I bought them and they came within 2 days, i order them in the morning on thursday and received them monday afternoon. They are wonderful, the shoe string idea really works, it keeps the cables from tangling up and making knots, and also helps them to be not so breakable (because shoe string does not snap apart without some serious force). The sound is great, the $40 sony earbuds i bought really suck in sound compared to these. I feel like i’m using $80 earbuds, and i practically am (if i wasn’t getting such huge discounts from amazon). One thing i don’t like about these earbuds is sound travels up through them when they rub against stuff. It’s not terrible and with the volume set correctly (loud enough to enjoy the music), you can’t really tell. I’m a big runner and these are just funominal, i run anywhere from 1-2 hours a day and they do not fall out. If they do for you, try the different sizes, they come with 3 different sizes so the ones that are already on are the large ones, try going down a few sizes and that should fix most of your problems with them falling out. For me, they haven’t fallen out once to day and i have had them for just about a month before i lost them and decided to reorder because i liked them so much.

 about 7 months of ownership and usage gone by, and these get a short. The right ear has almost completely shorted out (extremely quiet) while the left ear is not even half the volume maxed out. Very disappointed, since these were pretty pricey when i got them. Please note, the video was made shortly after i got them. This description is the most recent update to this review.

I bought these from ‘best buy’ back in 2010. As i’m getting older i find myself not liking ear buds. I would rather have a good pair of over the ear headphones. Having said that,these are the best sounding ear buds i’ve ever owned. The cloth covering on the cord isn’t that big of a bother if i stick the cord through a mini binder clip like you would find in an office,clip the clip to my shirt,and then the cord noise isn’t too bad. Over all,these are great ear buds,and since you can now find these here at amazon for a much,much,lower price. If you can get these for $25.

Comfortable fit – excellent wires (seem thicker than most)- very good sound – great value. These are now my preferred ear buds for everyday use.

Altec lansing is notorious for producing high quality audio in headsets and mobile sound devices. After using and breaking multiple apple brand headphones, i purchased these after using a pair of my friends and was dumbfounded at the quality for a little less that the apple brand. I workout with these and never have a problem with them falling our even being pulled out of my ears. Just be sure to find a comfortable fitting ear piece and you are set.

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Altec Lansing UHP606 Reference Earphones – GREAT headphones. among the best I’ve used

I absolutely love these earphones. I use these for studying at starbucks and they work wonders. I’m able to study in my own little world with these little babies on. I’m very happy about the price i paid for them $25. Like what some other posters have mentioned, the bass is pretty good after breaking them in. A definite must buy for those that don’t go for inflated bass provided by other sets. They were a little uncomfortable to start off with, but i quickly gotten used to them. I would definitely buy this again if my current one ever breaks down.

The altec lansing uhp606 backbeat pro reference earphones are a new entry in the world of premium earphones. Unfortunately, i found these somewhat disappointing and not a significant upgrade over altec lansing’s less expensive dynamic earphones. Note that during listening sessions with the uhp606’s i compared them with a set of altec lansing uhp326 backbeat titanium earphones (one step below the pros in the backbeat series) and more expensive ultimate ears 700 noise isolating earphones. When appropriate below i will note comparisons to these competing earphones. The phones are made of plastic, mainly black except for gold trim around the tips. The cord is covered in a standard ‘plastic-y’ substance, which is preferable to the sticky rubber covering on some iem cords. The cords for the left and right ears are symmetrical with a total cord length of about 51′. Sound – the backbeat pros feature a single balance armature driver, which typically provides better highs than cheaper dynamic earphones. And in fact i was happy with the treble response, which was natural and clean. However, the midrange and lower midrange seemed too emphasized or ‘forward’ for my taste. In addition, there seemed to be significant emphasis in the mid-bass (causing some boominess) but not much deep bass. In this respect the bass was not as balanced or accurate as the ue 700s, but more surprisingly i preferred the bass response of the less expensive backbeat titaniums to these. Note that i tried foam comply tips (not supplied) with the backbeat pros, but these did not significantly alter the sound. Fit / accessories – the backbeat pros come with four sets of neoprene tips (s, m, l, dual flange).

After experimenting with the various size ear pieces i finally found the answer to the bass problem referenced by others: the bass is in the fit. With the right size ear piece the sound is well balanced across the spectrum. While not as good as my bose qc2 over the ear headphones these babies are damn fine for the price. Here are the specifications for the Altec Lansing UHP606 Reference Earphones:

  • Lightweight and Tangle-Free
  • Compatible with Computers and MP3 Players
  • Comes with eight-piece fit kit with neoprene ear tips (small, medium, and large)
  • Professional tuning and design create stage and studio quality sound from a single balanced armature
  • Musician-grade reference quality sound
  • 8-piece fit kit with multiple ultra-comfort neoprene ear tips (S, M, L), plus one set of dual flange tips for extra noise reduction
  • iPod and MP3 players with a standard 3.5 mm connector

Because altec calls these earphones ‘reference’ i had high hopes that they would live up to that designation. When i saw the price, i was surprised that they were so affordable in comparison to other products like the etymotic research er4s micropro reference earphones. What i liked about these earphones:- they came with a handy padded case to store them and the assorted earpads- the build quality looked solid and the black/gold design looks cool- high and mid-frequency come through crisp and undistortedwhat i did not like about them:- like other reviewers, i had the same experience with the burn-in process to improve the bass response and i’m cool with having to do that. I have a pair of jbuds j2 premium hi-fi noise isolating earbuds (onyx black) which needed that setup step too. I’m not too happy with having to tweak the eq to use these and even after the tweaking the sound was not what i would attribute to a ‘reference’ quality set of earphones. – i had a frustrating experience getting a good fit in my ears, no matter which earpads i used. Overall, these are just average earphones and were probably labeled reference as a marketing move to attract those who are looking for high-end affordability. My opinion is that there are other earphones in this same price range that will give better performance.

The sound quality is great and they are well made. So for most people this is a great buy. I think they could have better noise isolation though. I’m a welder and i wear them in the shop, and although they do block out some noise they could be better.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good for $ 25 but sucks for MSPR
  • If you sit completely still they’re great
  • Has the cord changed? Some of the best earphones for the price

These earphones sound excellent, especially considering their low price. To my ears, they sound flat across the entire audio spectrum. Bass is clean and crisp, unlike other earphones with boosted artificial sounding ‘boomy’ bass. Mids and highs are open and clear and voices and instruments sound natural. The uhp606 also provides a wide soundstage, similar to my sennheiser hd497 on-ear headphones. Comfort and noise isolation are very good. The soft case provides convenient storage. Overall, i am very pleased with these earphones – they are far superior to the sony earbuds that they replaced.

These buds are exceptional for presence and balance. They are true to claim of a balanced ‘monitor’ type sound. My music ranges from 50’s sun studios blues and rockabilly to the latest ecm piano trios. In the latter case, the crystal clear productions of eicher come through sweetly with beautiful piano midrange and excellent high cymbal sparkle, accurate bass. I listened to some acoustic base such as renaud garcia-fons and the clarity of the fretwork and bowing was wonderful. I always find folks need much more bass in this era of lo-fi hip hop recordings, so buds can never come close to the bass of a set of good headphones or home speakers, but if you want an inexpensive set of buds which really replicates intricacy of acoustic and well recorded electric music these things rock. When i listen to out of balance speakers or stereos the ear fatigue sets in fast-i do not get that with these. Ps if you like the sound of crappy i-buds (i cannot understand why apple includes such crappy buds in their $500 iphones or ipods) then you will be just as happy with some 10 dollar buds but if you spend time really listening to your collection these are pretty dern good. I paid quite a bit more than this at xx-xx (ubiquitous electronic retailer).

The backbeat pro is simply the most amazing earphone in the price range sold here. Just to be clear, i got it for $25. I am the one who always looks out for premium earphones to be on this sort of a discount. I have a budget of $20 and i know i cannot get any decent earphones for that price without a discount sale. I got a jvc hafxc50b for $5 before this and i thought it never gets better than this. Ive never had premium quality earphones before. Getting to the earphones itself, the quality was decent in the 1st try. It had some bass but the thumping i expected was missing. The backbeat pro has a great low and mid range. This being top notch from altec lansing distinguished all the minute sound differences from a 320 kbps mp3 song. Since it was the bass that was missing and a little bit of high range i broke it in. Here’s what i did:- 12 hrs of repeating a playlist mixed with metal and hip hop at 80-85% max volume. – 4 hrs of repeating a playlist of only selected bass test music (mostly mid and low end bass) at again 80-85% max volume. – 2 hrs of fm static at 80-90% volume.

For variety, the altec lansing uhp606 backbeat pro reference earphones are a fine change from my ultimate ears superfi 3 studio noise isolating earphones when my ears need an alternate bud phone. If the lighterweight and more flexible cables are bent and wrapped around the back of the ear as they are with the ultimate ears, the length is just about equal. These are simply the cables into the ear buds. Both have a mini plug w/ a right angle, but the altec lansing is about 1/2′ further extended when inserted. The cables are less rigid than the ultimate ears and are encased in clear plastic rather than the more usual black. The sound, on the other hand is only average. I like the zippered small case which is included and most ears likely will have a satisfactory fit from the included assortment of silicone tips. External sounds are restricted with a nice tight fit, but the range of this audio could be improved. The price is what i expect to pay for an average pair of ear buds which are better than many, but not the best available.

I usually give my headphones and speakers time to break-in to make use of their full potential but these take a long time. I was leaving them hooked up to my pc and playing over night many times on top of using them as much as i can and i was beginning to think that they really lacked any highs or bass, they would easily distort even at medium levels but after about a few weeks of use they ended up sounding pretty solid and balanced. Make sure you experiment with the fitments of the different ear plugs, for all of these types of earphones they must fit very snugly in your ear. If they’re loose or you pick the wrong size than there won’t be enough of a seal and you’ll lose sound quality especially bass. Lack of bass is a common complaint of many earbuds because many don’t know about how earbuds work, your ear canals are like speaker box’s where the sound bounces off of them to shape up the rest of the frequencies especially bass. Very different from how normal over the head heaphones work. There are times where i wish the highs came in clearer but overall it’s a pretty balanced and as described monitor style earphones meaning it isn’t bias towards bass or high’s. At under $30 it’s a steal and i’m comparing them to a pair of premium ultimate ears earphones i use with my iphone that i thought i lost.

I ordered the altec uhp606 back beat pro earbuds for my wife (christmas) after she tried my own last year and had to get herself a pair. I’m sure there are others that sound as good or better (you can spend hundreds on a pair), but we both really like these. Plus – i got an amazing deal at amazon, nearly 2/3 off the $99. 95 suggested retailand now they are being offered here as low as $20 (really) – well below what they’re worth in my opinion. I’ll confess that mine were purchased elsewhere for 50% off, at fry’s electronics in silicon valley in late summer or september, but no one beats the amazon deal. Admittedly earbuds are a very subjective thing to rate – the fit, the bass strength, quality of high range, noise isolation, etc. But it’s not easy to make earbud comparisons, the way speakers can be compared. They almost always have to be purchased first, so several would have to be purchased in order to compare the sound. These really do the job for me and my ipod very well, staying in my ears as i move around too. It’s amazing how good small earbuds can sound these days.

I bought this set for my son with a prize much cheaper than many stores.

I bought these headphones primarily because i was looking for decent headphones with cloth-covered cables. A friend of mine had the lower-end backbeats and i loved the cable on them. They don’t tangle and do not retain the curled shape after they’re taken out of a pocket. These headphones were supposed to ‘improve’ on that cable by having cloth-wrapped cables that are also covered by plastic. This design was supposed to improve the one flaw of cloth-wrapped cables: they produce more noise than regular cables when rubbed against clothing, etc. However, the result was that these cables are even more tangle-prone and stiff than regular plastic ones. They remain kinked after they are unwrapped and never straighten out. Either the execution or the whole concept of plastic on top of cloth has not worked. On the other hand, the sound from these headphones is not too bad. They are bass-heavy and i wouldn’t recommend them at their msrp.

Lemme lay down why i actually bought this: this earbuds have garnered many favorable reviews from tech critics such as cnet – with its good build quality and sound quality. After my v-moda bass freq have gave up on me after a year, i decided to switch to this brand. Pros (+):+ affordable price* (currently) – although it is being sold at around $23, its launch retail price may not be worth it (~$90)+ plastic-coated cloth cables increases durability+ isolates most of the background noise+ backbeat pro comes with a carrying case+ 2-year warranty+ decent sound qualitycons (-):- mediocre bass quality (not enough thump)- weak volume quality – meaning you may have to increase your volume level to get decent sound levels- cables still get tangled up nonetheless.

Pros: very well constructed headphones – the different earbuds are sure to fit anyone, and the cable is solid. The noise isolation is very good, and they’re decently loud. Cons: wow, there’s almost no bass – like someone turned the treble knob all the way up. Clarity and range is great – except for the darned basstotally worth the.

Bought a quality product from an amazon supplier. Quick & painless transaction.

These headphones sound great, maybe not as good as a $500 pair of headphones, but very good overall for the price range.

The altec lansing backbeat pro reference earphones are nice set of headphones at a moderate price. The sound quality is superb with nice high frequency and good middle frequency sound quality. The one main problem with these earphones is that they lack any significant low frequency bass. While this may be good for protecting your hearing, it certainly is not ideal for audiophiles or for anyone trying to appreciate the full range of their music. Nonetheless music does sound crisp with these earphones and if you can live with only mild bass then you will be pleased. *** positive points include: ***- comfortable fit that allows for extended listening- very good noise isolation (this is passive noise isolation which means they act like ear plugs not active noise cancelling that some other models have)- comes with a nice case and plenty of different size earpieces so you can get a perfect fit- great high frequency and mid frequency response. *** negative points include: ***- lacks deep low freqency (bass) response- price is a bit highoverall: i compared these earphones with a few cheaper alternatives that i have in my collection. They outperformed nearly all of them in terms of sound clarity but they definitely did not have the bass response expected for today’s music styles. For this price you would want it all.

I have to laugh at some of the reviews on here. For the price (around $25), there isn’t a better earbud out there. I have two pairs (and have dumped a handful of other brands that cost 3x the price) and they sound great. I use these on day hikes (4-6 hrs x 3-5 days a week) and i’m really pleased at their durability after being yanked out of my mp3 player numerous times while in dense brush. Finally, after a year, the left earbud wire wore out – couldn’t ask for better.

I was about to purchase another pair of these earphones to give as a gift and noticed that the recent reviews (reviews dated 2010) there are complaints about the noise transmitted through the cord. Does anyone know if something has changed in the manufacturing of these earphones?. The two pairs i have do not have any problems with noise from the cord. Are these the best sounding earphones?. Are they worth the msrp of $99. But for the purchase price of $24. 95 you would be hard pressed to find a better set of earphones. The sound is good, maybe a little light in the bass, but good. They are very comfortable to wear, no problem with sound transmitting through the cable and the build seems decent. They also do a good job of isolating outside noise. 95 purchase price, i find these a great set of earphones.

I got these for 27 dollars and i am pretty satisfy with what i purchased. I agree with the others that the bass is lacking. After use and use, the bass becomes crisp and balanced (just right, but not too much) one bad thing about this is that the ear tip falls off. But im currently using the double flanged tip which does not easily fall off due to the fact that it isn’t just one silicon band holding it to the earphone (i don’t know if that made any sense). I did some comparisons between the itouch earphones and these earphones with my itouch. While the altec did greatly reduce outside noise, i can’t really tell the difference between the two (bass and highs sound the same). But then, i do hear the difference when i test it on my laptop with a dedicated sound card. The altec has a wider range than the apple earphone and the bass is overwhelming compared to the apple’s seriously, the apple headphones sounds like garbage when connected to my laptop. Still i’m disappointed that i hear no difference on my itouch.

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