SRS Labs iWOW-3DF Audio Enhancement Adapter, Best Sound you can ger from your iPad or iPhone

I bought this for a friend that has everything. He spent about $700 for an amplifier and connector to be able to hear better quality from his mobile devices. This little item was just as good as that other stuff and a lot more mobile.

I switched to the samsung note 3, but have kept my iphone 4s just so i can hear my music through this. A very good friend of mine is a recording engineer with almost a dozen cd’s to his credit, he put these on with his earphones while we were in the waiting room of a hospital and it blew him away.

Great sound, it truly enhances the sound from my ipod classic 160. The difference is well worth the purchase price. The ear pods were adequate, but uncomfortable. I have a set of bose in ear which are very good, and in combination with the srs adaptor, my mp3’s are as close to perfect as i’ll ever know.

Key specs for SRS Labs iWOW-3DF Audio Enhancement Adapter with Multicolor Faceplates for iPod, iPhone and iPad:

  • Delivers natural and immersive sound with deep and rich base.
  • Enhances your listening experience by creating a bigger and wider sound field
  • SRS iWow App (included) allows you to customize songs to your liking
  • Dynamically locates and restores audio details buried in the source material
  • Connects snugly and easily with one button control for audio enhancement providing ultra clear and crisp definition.

Comments from buyers

“Best On Models Other Than iPod Classic
, Proof of the acceleration of time in a digital age (this gadget from 5 years ago feels like ancient history)

My primary use for the iwow is with my trusty ipod classic with its huge storage capacity. Unfortunately there is no way to customize the function of the iwow to the classic. Other models of ipods and ipads have the advantage of a downloadable app from srs labs that allows you to do audio customization. The classic has no means of utilizing the app, so the downside for my use is that the iwow circuitry is implemented in its ‘raw’ form. The result overall is a very good enhancement to the direct ipod output. Generally the music seems more expansive, instruments are more well defined, more oomph to the output. But, that being said, the inability to conture the application has some drawbacks. Sometimes the music overwhelms vocals. Sometimes the bass is overstated. Sometimes the presentation is overall too booming.

I could not believe the difference in sound this device made on my ipad. I also tried it on an ipod nano (3rd generation), and it worked just as well. I immediately noticed the difference in clarity and fullness of sound. If it wasn’t like being in the room with the musicians, it was awful close. I will never listen to music again without this gadget. It’s now hard for me to believe that i’ve been thinking the music was so good for all these years without the iwow 3d. Well, maybe it was good; it’s definitely a lot better now. I’m going to be listening to songs all over again that i stopped listening to.

I was a bit apprehensive at first however this device makes a big difference to the sound in the car. I was not that impressed with the difference it made with the ear buds but the sound in the car is incredible. Definitely worth the price if you listen to your ipod/iphone in the car.

Gives the listener a lot more control over the volume and how their music sounds. Ear-buds supplied are low quality. Switched to a decent set of ear-buds and made a big difference. Music has much more depth, clarity and volume compared to playback without iwow.

I have had this for 6 months now, and still it amazes me every time i use it. It makes watching a movie or listening to music on my ipad a very enjoyable experience. Does not drain battery and the app is amazing where you can control the effects.

Ok first of all, the sound improvement is great. But this thing drains your battery. I take my ipod when i go on long bicycle rides, sometimes 4 hours and it’s not even close to half drained. I used the iwow 3d for the first time time tonight probably less than 2 hours and the battery was almost dead. Why would the product designers put a light on it that no one needs that kills the battery?. If this is the case, then the people who developed this otherwise great product are morons. This is why it only gets a rating of 3. Not sure i can recommend it with such a short battery life. And wondering why there are so many high ratings.

The sound improvement is small but noticeable on headphones. Once you move to car speakers though, this just distorts the music and isn’t really any better than just a loudness button on a head deck. Also, note that this device plugs into the iphone/ipod dock connector so you are no longer able to plug in a charger. Bottom line, if just want it to enhance your headphones, probably worth considering; otherwise stay away.

First let me just say that this product will substantially improve the quality of the sound coming from your ipod. I never knew that my car speakers had such bass. When i use this device, the battery life of my previous generation ipod nano is drastically reduced. Since the device occupies the dock, i cannot charge the device while i’m using it to keep it playing. The device cannot be used with a vehicle’s usb ipod connection since the dock is occupied by the device. Srs really needs to find a way to connect their device while also allowing for charging & usb connection to vehicles. *** update ***i eventually realized that my ipod battery had gone bad, so i had it replaced. While the device does reduce battery life, it’s not as drastic as i had initially thought.

For what it is, it works well. I use with an ipod classic, 7th generation. No doubt that the device enhances sound quality of music, but not what i would call super great. I found the sound of podcasts not particularly improved. The long vertical tail makes device use when carried slightly inconvenient. The iwow has additional features available for the ipod touch which i don’t have and so won’t comment.

Pros:+ noticeably improves sound quality+ compatible with pretty much any app that plays music. + reasonably compact and easy to carry+ no extra batteries neededcons:- bright led can be distracting- drains batterythis device does an excellent job of improving sound quality and is nice to have when listening to music for relatively short periods of time. Over a longer period of time you have to be careful to keep an eye on your battery so that you don’t let it drain your device completely.

I have been using it with my ipod touch for about six week now. The sound is great either with headphones or small speakers.

I use the iwow with my ipod and i can seriously say this is the best audio enhancing device i have ever owned. I heard things in songs i had never heard and in podcasts of spoken word, it gave an enhanced depth of field. It was easy to set up and i installed the iwow app from itunes and that was easy to use and understand.

The headset along with the program is awesome, the bass and treble setup makes any computer sound excellent. I couldn’t believe the difference it makes. Very happy with this purchase.

This little device should be a built in part of any mp3 player or ipod. The sound is amplified and clear and crisp. It makes you realize how little of the sound you are actually hearing from your device until you plug this thing in and turn it on. Deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs. Before i got this i was thinking of purchasing an amp for my harley as i could not hear my iphone music plugged into my stereo at speeds over 50. The iwow pumps out the sound so that i actually had to turn it down on my bike. I can’t say enough about this thing. It is worth twice what it costs, but am glad its not.

I’ll have to admit, i was a bit skeptical about purchasing this adapter. I work for a home theater specialty retailer and am a huge audiophile. I saw an advertisement in home theater magazine for this and it immediately peaked my interest. I went on to read a bunch of reviews not only from amazon, but from other trusted sources as well. So i went to the srs labs website and this thing was reasonably priced but i figured i’d give amazon a shot. Low and behold, a cheaper price. So, i already own a pair of beats over-the-ear headphones which sound phoenomenal as is. Once i got this little guy in the mail. The difference is night and day.

I love using this – the sound from this little device is absolutely amazing. When you first plug this in and you hear the sound coming from the speakers you don’t want to take this off to charge the device. It really take music and games to a whole different level. It really opens up the sound stage surrounding you in rich sound. But it is only as good as the files you put on your device. So the better the quality of the music file the better this sounds. I do listen to pandora and tunein radio with this and it really helps. When using tunein – i just get immersed in the sound. I usually listen to jazz, soundscapes, oldies, rock. They all are enhanced with the iwow device.

First amazon got my order to me one day early so i was super stokedthe quality of these adaptors is what you would expect for the price, there is an excellent value and bang for the buck. The sound quality is incredible.It seems to separate sounds better than my old magnavox home theatre. It works excellent with my iphone, for my kids ipods and ipads, all we hear from them now is an occasional giggle from the movie they are watching. Works well with netfilx, youtube, etc. ,i have tested with earbuds, headphones and aux input to the real deal, sounds amazing in all situations. I bought the model with the different color face plates for the kids and they think their cool. Loli highly recommend this adaptor if you are serious about your music or multimedia experience.

This product does what it says it does, enhance sound quality. While not a dac/amp by any means, for the casual listener not sure if he’s ready to take the leap into audiophile land, this is the best thing you can get.

Basically this is a friendly product, and if you’re watching lotsa movies or drama on your ipod, it’s worth the money, for my songs, i prefer them to stay true to my ears. Sometime’s i’ll have to plug it in and out for the ipod to detect it, otherwise, it works fine. Easy to install, easy to run.

I was really excited when i read the review about this product, as i have been trying to get quality sound out of my ipod on my car stereo for some time. I have jl audio equipment and use a clean sweep processor with an electronic crossover, multiple jl amplifiers and 6 drivers with 2 subs. The head unit has only an mp3 jack on it and it was lacking bass and high end using the ipod. This product gives both, but also creates a strong hissing sound with it. The hiss reminds me of cassette tapes before dolby noise reduction was added to reduce the hiss. I will use it until i find something better as it is better but not cd quality, which what i was hoping for.

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