Spider USA SPEB111-YL Sapphire Series Metal Earbuds : Rocking N’ Rolling!!!

I purchased these headphones on a whim, and to my surprise they far exceeded my expectations. First and foremost, the sound quality was astonishingly good and remarkably there was considerably less sounds distortion at high volumes, compared to other brands of headphones; some of which cost several times what i paid for the spiders. In addition, the fitting for the earbuds themselves were so comfortable that i could hardly notice them, with the added bonus of rarely ever falling out. However, i was most impressed by their durability, since my intentions were to use these as an inexpensive set of headphones while i traveled through south east asia, fully expecting them to not survive the several weeks of extreme humidity and rain that have ruined so many of my other headphones. Yet,once again they exceeded expectations and still work fabulously to this day. I would recommend these to anyone.

Excellent sound with good bass, clear vocals, and soaring crisp high notes of treble. No muddy bass sound, bass has a punch to it and treble notes are clean without a ‘tinny’ sound. I definitely would buy from this manufacture/seller again.

 this is a review of the spider amber and sapphire series wired headphones. Because the two are so similar, this article reviews both pairs of earphones. They are almost identical, with just a slightly different design. These are nice wired earphones that offer very good sound quality and premium metal build quality. The sapphire are more plainly designed and cost $20. The amber have a more detailed design that will bring the price to $25. The first thing that you will notice with these earphones is how nice they look. They are both made of a shiny metal and designed to be stylish. The metal will also add to the earphones’ durability. With both pairs of earphones, there is an inline microphone.

Spider sapphire earbuds – from the outside, these spider earbuds don’t look much different from scores of others we saw at ces. But they deliver terrific sound quality across the frequency spectrum. They come with three different sized ear tips and they use passive noise cancelling to keep out the din (even worked on the ces show floor). These buds also have an in-line mike and track control for your smartphone and playing your tunes. But what impressed us most was the price, a mere $20.

  • Rocking N’ Rolling!!!
  • Great quality and sound
  • he liked it. Only problem is that left ear bud

Spider USA SPEB111-YL Sapphire Series Metal Earbuds, Yellow

  • Enhanced audio and bass
  • Passive noise cancelling
  • In-Line microphone & remote

I currently have a pair of spider usa sapphire speb111s, that i use daily. They have to be one of my favorite pair of affordable high quality earbuds i’ve ever come across on amazon. I’m an audio engineer, and i love referencing my work on earbuds, because ultimately, it’s where my finished product ends up getting played on. It is the most popular form of consumer listening. So i’m always looking for a decent pair of earphones to playback my mixes and such. I’ve had many unsatisfied experiences with other competing brands in this price range. One common flaw in the design of most standard earbuds, is that they claim to be (noise – cancelling, noise –isolated) and it seems to be a staple of their product descriptions. However, extraneous noise is all i hear throughout my listening experiences, which taints the actual audio, introduces natural artifacts from outside environments and lastly makes it a very unpleasant experience. This makes my track referencing seem a bit deceiving than it should. As an example, while listening to my mixes i’m sometimes tuning in to the finished product on a pair of in-ear phones, and looking to see if there are any unwanted digital artifacts and/or additional mic bleed from another channel track within my mix.

I clean buildings for a living it and was hard for me to find headphones after a pair if mine had broke. I came across these and i wasn’t dissapointed in my purchase. It came earlier then it said, the sound is clear, the bass has it’s kick and the vocals are amazing. I def would recommend these headphones.

I purchased spider sapphire for my girlfriend last week and she loves it. I have spider amber series of mine own. Both are great earphones with all features such as noise cancelling, microphone and remote with track control.

I got this for my boyfriend who is very picky with earbuds. Only problem is that left ear bud was designed for right ear bud. I am not sure how this can make sense but yeah.

I received these as a free review sample. They are one of three different models of spider phone that i have tested, and these are the loudest and deepest from a low frequency perspective (to my ears) among the three. Like another reviewer, i noticed that the right and left channels are inverted, but that is not a problem for me. The sound quality is very good across the high, medium and low frequency bands. These are compressed at the high end, with a definite bias in the mid and low frequency ranges. The mids are very realistic, while the low end is a bit on the processed side if you are listening to acoustic jazz, or similar styles of music. For modern music they are perfect. Factor that into your purchase decision. I do need to mention that these can get a little on the loud side, especially if you are listening from a device that automatically attenuates spl levels on phones and you opt to override that setting. For example, my note 4 phone will attenuate direct aux connections, but i can override that and listen full volume.

I bought this earphones for my son. I was looking for something that priced reasonable and good quality. After reading the review of this earphone on tech 50 plus site, i realized it could be the perfect gift for him. This earphone has a metal case, not like other plastic ones that i bought before. It is very chic and stylish. He loves the base and clear sound. It has a microphone and track control. It works with his cell phone perfectly. And it is very easy to go from cell to music with push of a button. Overall i am very happy with this purchase.

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Spider USA SPEB111-YL Sapphire Series Metal Earbuds, Yellow
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