Soul Electronics – Run Free Pro Wireless Active Earphones – Great for gym workouts

Comfortable and reliable so far. Charging port is a little weird.

I will not buy from this seller again, because after i opened the box, the packaging is not brand new. It appeared that it was previously used. However, the headphone works great, sound quality is good, it doesnt fall off my ears even when i run. Good product overall, but the seller is not trustworthy at all.

These headphones had amazing sound quality for the 30 minutes they worked. After we tested them and plugged them in to charge, they wouldn’t turn on again. We tried charging from multiple different chargers and tried everything to get them to power on. Returned these for a refund. I wish they would have worked. Here are the specifications for the Soul Electronics – Run Free Pro Wireless Active Earphones:

  • Soul’s Signature Bluetooth wireless sound – Bluetooth V4. 0 system with apt-X stereo Audio decoder for the best possible audio performance. Also includes wind noise reduction to improve call quality.
  • d to stay on – the proprietary ergonomic interchangeable ear locks are seamlessly engineered onto the earphone body giving you the perfect seal with different sizes and the fit of your choice.
  • Sweat proof – enjoy run free Pro anytime, anywhere and never miss a beat. If sweat causes your earphones to malfunction, we will replace it for free.
  • 8 hours playtime – up to 8 hours of playtime for your wireless music and calls.
  • Auto pairing mode – takes only 3 seconds to auto pair to your own phone. (Activates after initial pairing setup)
  • Connectivity Technology: wireless

I paid a lot money for this headphones. And i was somewhat disappointed with the sound is not what i expected.

The functionality of these earphones are excellent since i do a lot of plyometrics training and running in the gym. They fit great and stays on perfectly fine even without the over ear loop. The wireless bluetooth function is great while i practice basketball by myself, i can go through shooting layup drills without having to worry about them falling off. I love the sound quality of them compare to the average earphones that i have previously owned. I recommend these to athlete or anyone that trains often or active that are looking for a pair of quality wireless earphones that would stay on while going through the activities.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • 4 months and counting
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Really good heaphones for working out

What i like it the most is that it’s wireless, i just hate the tangling cords of the earphones i used to use before but this one comes with a tangle free cable. It’s very light and i wore this for my breakdance session today, wow. The one that i used before advertised theirs would stay in put in your ears, but not for dancers like me. They’d just fall off, like ops ops ops. And with this one, everyone in my crew asked where i got it from today. Lollll anyways, i would say it’s a bit pricey, but it does worth it tho.

I have a love-hate relationship with these earphones. I love them and have been using them for a while, as i run often i get a lot of use out of them. Though, i hate the fact that the rubber parts meant to hold it in your ear, (1) start to hurt after about 30m of use, and (2) fall off extremely easily, i’ve lost the original pair already.

I use to use jaybird blue buds xsport bluetooth headphones to workout with but i like these much more.

I got these from my wife for my birthday. I looked long and hard at both the powerbeats2 and the plantronics headphones. I ultimately asked for these even though there were no reviews available. The sound is great for hip hop which i listen to when i work out. They also virtually cancel out all sound. The bluetooth works excellent and is very easy to set up. I do not like the extra ear pieces to lock these in your ear. I think my ears may be an odd shape because i have a lot of problems with earbuds in general. However, these are interchangeable and i do not have any problem with the normal clips staying in. Overall i am happy with them. I read too many bad reviews on the other big two mentioned earlier and am glad i went with these.

Very good sound quality and very light weight. It is very comfortable to wear them for a long time.

Amazing sound and huge bass. I listen to rap mostly and these sound great with big bass. I wore them when it was raining one day and they still work perfectly. They remember immediately sync up with your phone in less than a second (after you initially set them up of course which takes less than a minute). Better sound and bass than any other in-ear devices i have.

I seached for sometime before finially making a decision to purchase this product. I recieved them within record time and right out of the box they were 1/2 charged so i got to immediately pair the earphones with my iphone 6. I couldn’t believe the ease and the fantastic sound quaility. I must admit that i was a bit put off by the price but after using them at the gym, not getting tangled in wires and earphones comfortalbe resting in my ears i am more then happy with my decision .

I like the snug fit, sound quality is great. Just wish it came with a couple of clips to deal with the slack wire.

These earphones exceeded my expectations. They’re great for workout and i’ve been using them for a few weeks. No issues with rain or sweat.

They have worked great for me while running and training and good audio also. Wish they would come with like a bigger ear adjustment but besides that i’m happy with them.

If you’ve been on the fence about these earbuds for $75 don’t bethese earbuds are very durable and comptablethe sound quality is great on the earbuds for $75 you can’t beat itso if you’re looking for a pair of earbuds for 75 bucks i would highly recommend these.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with these headphones. But the reason i love these headphones is most (99. 999%) earbuds don’t fit my ear, but with these i can adjust the little stoppers to fit snugly in my ear. That’s huge for me, because i’ve had a couple other earbuds that were a disappointment, and even if they don’t fall out, they get loose. If an earbud gets loose, it doesn’t matter how good the earbud sound is it’s going to sound like a cheap radio. Got these as a gift from a friend, and i was like ‘oh great, more earbuds. ‘ but i was surprised that these work really well for me. I take them to the gym and mountain biking. Sweat on them a lot, no issues with falling out or moisture damage.

I got these without seeing any real reviews on them. With that being said, i love these earbuds. If you’re not a bass lover then stay away from these. They are truly teeth rattling even at lower volumes. I’ve never had them fall out of my ears ever. Even doing t-25 or a run wind sprints or a very physical gym work out. They are built solid and to last. Never have to worry about them in my pocket or in my gym bag at work. I even got these open box from amazon and they still rock. I am very pleased and would recommend them to a bass lover.

I have oddly sized ears and they fit my ears well. The various pieces that are used for your ears can fall off easily so i recommend super gluing the ones that fit you in place. They do not get very loud, but only a few times have they failed to block out outside sounds. The sound quality itself is quite good though, much better than standard headphones. The best thing about them is their durability. I had the monster i-sports, and i ran through two pairs of those in two years. I have had these for a year and a half and they still run like a champ. I also carry them in my pocket instead of the carrying case which further shows their durability.

Picked mine up in seoul, korea from i park mall. Sound has bright mids and the highs are clean. Lows are deep, pure but not over bearing. They are way louder and more comfortable than the jaybird x2’s. They are not powerbeat 2, but real close. I’d still own my beats but the mic failed, call quality was reported terrible from the other side and pb2 didn’t seal to my ears well. As advertised to let in some sound. These souls have a great seal blocking out ambient noise.

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