Sony MDR-EX76/BLK EX Style Headphones – Great headphones

These headphones are unbelievable. They went through my washer and dryer and they still work. They have incredible sound quality still. I had a pair previously and they lasted a few years too before they ultimately broke on one side. Worth every penny like i said.

About a year after buying these, the left-side fell apart. I just need to glue it back with some krazy glue, but this is really tacky coming from sony. The sound quality is excellent; i’m still surprised at how much bass these little things produce. At the same time, the highs are exaggerated and can sometimes make your ears ring, so i’ve had to adjust the eq on my mp3 player to suit. They’re also quite comfortable to use for hours.

These sony head phones came with a headphone extension cord, carrying case, headphone wrap, to wrap the headphones cord, and interchangeable earbuds. The pair of headphones were cheap and have so far been working fine. I don’t have ever use them for serious routines, but i do use them quite frequently. The sound quality of the headphones are great and they are really comfortable. I would definetely buy these headphones again.

It didn’t let me down at all. Until may 2018 when the right side stopped working. And the product is discontinued. 17th, 2018in may i was able to order a replacement from same seller, but it didn’t even last 6 months. The metal part that connects to the cable (not the soft rubber part that goes in the ear, but the part that attaches to to it), detached. It doesn’t look broken, but the parts are too small to see with my aging eyes. Maybe i will try super-glue. I did try to get the seller to issue a refund or replacement, but they simply shut me down with the amazon. So i guess i won’t be buying from this seller anymore. I’ll look for a non-sony earbud now. Reducing my rating on the review.

I bought these because i thought they were the same pair of sony earbuds i bought several years ago. Unfortunately they were not. These are as comfortable as the nicer batch of sony earbuds are but the sound quality is no where the same. The bass doesn’t have the greatest ‘umph’ to it and you start getting crackling very early on as you turn the volume up. If i could tell you which ones to get instead, i would love to but it seems that sony is okay with using the same pictures to describe at least 10+ pair of earbuds. In summary, they are worth the 30 bucks i paid for them. Comfortable but the sounds is lacking. I was just disappointed because i own lots of other sony earbuds and headphones that i really like.

Not very good sound quality as compare to the sony top range in ears. Nice for normal listeners though. If you seek better quality xba3 or xba4 strongly recommended .

  • Beloved workhorse earbuds, died after just 3 years.
  • Just as good as my $200 Shure Headphones
  • Great fit, good sound, nice price, but need some improvement

For the price of $33 or so i think these earbuds are very good. The sound quality is clear and the bass is noticeable but not overpowering. The buds block out most of the surrounding ambient noise well. They feel comfortable and fit snugly, only after a few hours do they start to agitate your ears some. I prefer the y-shape in the cord as opposed to the wrap around the neck style. I’ve had the buds for about 3 weeks so far.

I ordered these headphones because i was looking for some secure, high quality phones that would fit my ears. I walk and work out six days a week and enjoy my i-pod while exercising. These headphones are just the right thing for beautiful, clear sound, and a soft, comfortable fit that won’t fall out.

I had a previous ‘lesser’ model of sony in-ear buds that were great but i damaged them. Skull candy was getting a lot of press, so i thought i would give a seemingly similar set from them. They left me with me wanting so much that i was getting from the previous sony set. I finally bought the mdr-ex76 and, wow.The sound quality is amazing. The clarity even at high volume is crystal. The changeable earbud fitting are very comfortable and i was easily able to find a pair that fit my ear perfectly. I used to recommend my previous sony earbuds and will continue to suggest my new set to everyone. My one complaint is that the cord is not very long. 2ft extension + the ~1ft bit from the earbuds themselves.

I love these headphones – i like the way they are designed – i can clip on my ipod shuffle to the back of my t-shirt when i run or ride and the headphone cord doesn’t get in the way. It is at a perfect length for what i am using the headphones for. The sound is awesome and the ear bulbs stay in my ears nicely. I have tried several different brands and models, and i kept coming back to this particular brand and model. The price is reasonable – so if i lose them or break them – i am not at a great lose as far as money is concerned.

This is my second pair of these headphones. I really like them because they are not too expensive, extremely comfortable, and good sound quality. I can wear these all day at work and never feel as though my ears hurt. Unfortunately, both sets i purchased did not work out. The first set failed within three months of purchase, and the second pair failed in less than two months. On both pairs, i’d get up from my desk and when i came back an ear piece would have just stopped working. At $30, i expect these to last longer than a couple of months of gentle use in an office setting. Unfortunate, because they are great in every other aspect.

Features of Sony MDR-EX76/BLK EX Style Headphones with Carrying Case (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Hybrid Silicone Earbuds For Better Sound, More Comfort and Secure Fit
  • 9Mm Driver Unit For Realizing Wider Dynamic Range
  • Cord Adjuster
  • 2-Ft Y-Type Cord
  • New 9mm high-sensitivity driver units for realizing wider dynamic range (New: 103dB Current: 100dB)
  • New shape for comfortable wearing
  • Core adjuster
  • Cord: 0.5m, Extension cord: 0.7m
  • Carrying case

Hybrid Silicone Earbuds For Better Sound, More Comfort and Secure Fit

I was at the gym working out and forgot my headphones – can’t do cardio without music. A trainer friend let me borrow his but said that i could keep them – he didn’t like them. Well 4 years later i am looking for another pair but not because they are broken. The ones he gave me still work but i am looking for a pair for my 10-year old. He can’t use the ipod ones but loves these. They seem to fit well in smaller ears. The only problem is that the rubber buds do fall off easily. I have found them every time but some day i might not be so lucky so need to purchase additional rubber buds. I did own a pair of expensive shure earbuds that had great sound quality/noise canceling. For the price these are just as good.

These earbuds are my second pair (left the first set on an airplane). I love the secure feeling in my ears. The sound is good; and the separating extension part of the cord is fantastic for use with an armband mp3 player.

(this review is for the sony mdr-ex75/76 earphones. The ex75 is the us version and the ex76 is sold in canada. )i also have the sony mdr-ex51lp, purchased a few years ago. Overall, the ex76 earphones provide excellent sound quality. Very clear and distortion free. The bass is not that booming, but more substantial than with the ex51lp. Comparing to the ex51lp, the ex76 has a little louder and clearer sound, and the better sound quality is definitely noticeable. But the big problem with the ex76 (at least for me) is the fit in the ears. While the medium size rubber earbuds for the ex51lp fit perfectly in my ears and feel very comfortable, the ex76’s don’t fit as well. The rubber buds for the ex76 feel bigger and a little harder too.

It’s amazing how much better, not just music, but sound.

I’ve had these headphones for probably 5-6 years now and the right earbud just now went out on me. Great investment, solid range of sound, and actually pretty good noise canceling ability. Really like these, will probably be buying sony to replace these.

Use them a couple times a week for running, and although i don’t really like the ‘y wire’ (i prefer the serial cable where the right bud’s wire comes directly out of the left bud), i’ve pretty much gotten used to it. Sound quality at this pricepoint is awesome, and the buds keep outside noise surprisingly low. They’re also great for on airplanes, even if you have no music going through them just to keep the noise down.

9Mm Driver Unit For Realizing Wider Dynamic Range

It covers all ranges of music. I have noticed the bass on a regular mp3 player is not as great compared to my sony walkman cassette player. Either way for the price the sound quality is far superior to any brand for ear buds i have purchased. This unit has an extender in the middle which has been great for not snapping the wire. Instead it separates and saves your investment. 5mm jack is l shaped so you do not have that odd finger sticking out of your player. Side note: the bud did come apart where it seals in the middle. A little glue fixed that and it could have been my fault.

These headphones are a little spendy, but you get what you pay for. They fit in the ear canal, which is awesome because that helps block out background noise and it keeps them from bouncing out while running. They come with a two part cord. With both parts connected the cord is standard length. If you take off the extension you end up with a short cord that reaches just about perfectly to a shirt sleeve. This is awesome since i keep my ipod clipped to my sleeve while running. The best part is the fact that there’s less cord to bounce while running, so the plugs are less likely to pull out of your ear. It’s also nice that the cord has a slider that you can slide up under your chin to snug them up a bit. That helps with the bouncing issue quite a bit. The sound quality is awesome.

Great headphones for the money. Perfect for use with after market iphone mics and people that hate long cords. They are a little flat, which is actually more accurate sounds, but most people are used to very bass heavy headphones. Wish they blocked a little more outside sound.

I’ve tried numerous earbuds and traditional ‘can’ headphones over the years. I have my huge audio technica headphones for a giant soundstage and accurate reproduction when i need it. When i don’t, i want something comfortable and portable and that’s where these sony earbuds fit in. Boy do they fit in, i don’t know if they snuck into my house in the middle of the night and dipped molding into my ears, but it feels like it.These earbuds fit my audio holes better than anything i’ve ever experienced at any price. The biggest issue is i’m a side sleeper, and regular earbuds and headphones have gotten in the way of falling asleep to my favorite music, podcast, or subliminal binaural beats. Not these, they fit into the ear and the angled speaker mount allows them to fit flush against any surface. I can finally sleep on my side without even feeling the ear bud press in to my head in any way that would be uncomfortable. For me, that’s worth the small price of admission alone. Otherwise a predictable sony speaker.

These fit my ears well and the short cord is great for armband music players. The sound is also excellent.

I previously owned the sony mdr-ex51lp fontopia in-the-ear headphones, white (fontopia) which were about $50 when i bought them a few years ago. They had a cord with a much longer cord to the right ear and a longer cord in general. They were a great fit but the ear buds came off very easily while in my bag or when i would pull them out of my ear quickly. I was lucky enough to find them several times, then i wasn’t. I also zipped them in my backpack zipper and frayed the cord. I was looking for something similar but a little less pricey. I have very tiny ear canals and cannot wear the ipod ear buds because they hurt my ears and then fall out. The mdr-ex51lp were a very comfortable fit in my ears but the mdr-ex76 was the upgrade and cheaper so i went with them. The mdr-ex51lp also seemed a little more stout at the actual ear pieces and easier to put in and out. Pros: the silicone ear buds seem to lock on better and don’t come off nearly as easily.

Cord Adjuster

These headphones are great for the price, and unlike other in-ear headphones that i’ve bought (such as the apple in ear ones) they actually fit and are comfortable. Comes with a carrying case that the headphones twist around, and a little silicone piece to adjust the length. Only complaint is that the cord is in two pieces (a short cord goes from headphones to cord coupler then to your mp3 player) which makes the headphones heavier towards the bottom so they pull on the buds when the cord dangles.

I had purchased some sony headphones for my son some time ago and was happy with them. After these failed after a lot of use, i ordered a more current model and my son was very happy with them because they allow sound level to be adjusted via a control on the cord. This is a very nice product that is comfortable to wear and seems to be reasonably rugged.

Nice earbuds, broke all 3 pairs i have bought though, so not well made enough for my usage and abuse.

Been rocking on with daily use for over two years. The 90 degree mini rca plug gives you excellent strain relief.

These are a good step up from the cheapest earbuds available (the kind that might come with your music player in the first place, which are generally no better than the in-flight headphones you get on an airplane). Design is solid, cord length with extension is just right and they don’t tangle easily. Sound is good to me (but i’m neither an expert nor too discerning). They’re comfortable, elegant, and actually do a great job of isolating you sonically so you can listen to music at a comfortable midrange volume even if there’s noise going on around you. Just watch out, you’re a little deaf to the outside world with these on.

They are as good as their predecessor if not even better. The silicon ear plugs have a sturdier ‘hook’ design which makes it harder for them so fall off.

2-Ft Y-Type Cord

New 9mm high-sensitivity driver units for realizing wider dynamic range (New: 103dB Current: 100dB)

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