Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK Fontopia Headphones : These Ear Buds Fit Snug In The Ear And Are Inexpensive

Looking at these headphones, you would logically think the bass response is terrible like most earbud headphones. Adjust the earbuds so they fit comfortably in your ear canal, blocking out outside sounds, and you will be amazed. The bass response is incredible. The high frequencies are crisp and clear. The earbuds can be turned up to concert volume levels. The only downside to these headphones is that they must be in your ear canal to sound good. This means you have to keep your ears very clean. These are awesome headphones.

Only complaint i have is the cord length. Without the supplied extension cord length is to short for for mp3 player to be worn on a belt clip. Plug in the extension and guess what ??. You have about 2 feet of extra cord to contend with and the plugs add extra weight.

Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK Fontopia Headphones (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Extra-lightweight in-the-ear headphones for portable audio devices
  • Small 9 mm drivers deliver premium sound and superior bass
  • Trio of soft silicone earbuds fit a wide range of ears
  • White color with silver and gray accents complements Apple’s iPod
  • Comes with hard carrying case, 1-meter extension cord, and earbud holder

I can’t tell you how many pairs of earbuds/headphones i own, it’s ridiculous. I’m through shopping forever. Enough can’t be said about the fact that they have excellent isolation, which is what i was looking for. I can’t hear myself typing this review at all. 🙂 i intend to use these at my church as a cheap in ear monitor, and based on the isolation, it will be perfect. I recommend this to everyone, i just hope they don’t fall apart in a month like a lot of people have suggested.

I have indicated the degree to which i have appreciated this purchase and how it his been of value to me. Hope you have the same experience that i did and that it will be beneficial to you.

Above average sound quality but durability was an issue. Over time the cable frayed and eventually the connection where the two cords meet went bad for one ear.

Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK Fontopia Headphones (White) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I got these to replace the standard ipod headphones as i wasn’t satisfied with the sound quality (insufficient dynamic range). These sound at least three times better, but they’re a different style of headphone as well. The standard earbuds that come with the ipod don’t fit inside the ear canal by design. Perhaps it’s easier to get a good sound with the in-ear-canal design. Whatever the reason, these have much better bass and treble response. There is also quite a bit less ambient noise, which is good and bad. In most situations i don’t mind shutting out the world when i’m listening to music, but there are situations in which it doesn’t work as well. For example, if i’m using these at work my colleagues are forced to go to greater lengths to get my attention. Or if i’m running on the local paths at lunchtime, i usually can’t hear a cyclist or another runner behind me until they’re quite close.

I recently bought a creative zen touch player. The earbuds that came with it were the most aweful i’ve ever had the displeasure of using. I contemplated tossing them and replacing them with headphones for superior sound quality, but decided against it for asthetic and portability reasons. I’ve read about all the new noise cancelling products and decided that would be my best bet. Then i came across these earbuds. They are only $30 compared to the other products i’ve seen that go all the way up to $300. The day of delivery comes and i tear into the box. The first thing i notice is how well they fit in my ears. The zen’s earbuds felt like shoving full sized headphones into my ears.

The sound on these headphones is pretty good and they block out a lot of background noise. They stay in my ears when i run. But there are a lot of annoying features:- the case it comes with is plastic-y. And it’s difficult to jam all of the cord in it. – the long cable is nice, but can often be too long. They give you a little plastic thingy to twist it on, but that got lost right away. Also, when you take off the extender, the leftover part is a bit short. Only works if you keep the ipod on your arm. – the smallest size earbud cover is still a bit large for my ears. – you get a lot of wind and rubbing noise coming through the headphones.

I’ve been a sony user for years, so after reading the reviews, i decided to give these a shot too. Compared to the ibuds that came with my nano, these are a huge step up. Good base response and decent treble. I agree with other reviewers who have concerns with the quality of the wire leading to the buds. It’s pretty flimsy and i can see it giving me some trouble in the future. I jog regularly and only occasionally does one fall out. I haven’t quite gotten used to the cord having to go around the back of my neck, but i’m sure i will in time. I don’t claim to be an expert in headphone sound or quality, but for the time being i am enjoying these headphones.

The biggest thing for me when shopping for these was simply to get comfortable earphones. The hard plastic crap they sent with my creative zen would hurt my ears immediately. I wasn’t expecting huge sound for the price of these sony earbuds, but they are fine for most listening moments. Not a lot of bass response, even with the bass boost on my player activated, but they work greatone gripe i have is that the little case that comes with them is too small and is hard to open. You have to work very hard to wind up both sections of the cable (you get a cool extension cable) and make them fit into the little shell case. As i said before – these are great for the low price.

Too bad they don’t make these anymore.

These earbuds are extremely comfortable; i daresay they’re the most comfortable earbuds i’ve ever worn. The cord is extremely short, which i knew before i bought them, and it suits my purposes perfectly. I use them with my laptop, so it’s not like my head strays that far from the jack. Sound is great, blocks out outside noises amazingly well for earbuds. 2 months later: i still love them. I haven’t had the problems with the wire casings cracking that other reviewers mentioned. I use them about 3-4 times a week, usually for 2-3 hour blocks at a time. Having to wind the cord was kind of tedious at first when i was still used to having a case that helps with the winding, but i’ve gotten accustomed to it so it ceased to bother me.

Sound quality was amazing on these earbuds, until i lost one of the silicone tips, thus making them useless. While they did work, the audio quality, especially the bass, was fantastic. My recommendation for others is, once you identify what silicone tip size fits your ear, superglue the tip to the earbud so it won’t fall off or get lost.

I would have given this a ‘5 star’ but i lack experience with other brands and it might not be fair. Journal reviewed ear phones and this brand did well and that is why i bought them. They tangle easily but work very well. They even fit well under noise protection ear muffs and i can use them when running my gas powered chipper shredder. They are light weight and comfortable.

I was really torn between purchasing the ipod earbud headphones and the sony fontopia pair. I choose sony because of the price and accessories included. I have small ears and no other pair has fit as well as these. I wear them at work to drown out loud co-workers, but unfortunately it also drowns out my phone. They do the job pretty well except after several hours my ears get tired and i have to switch to a different pair. If i wear them too long they make my ears feel congested even after i take them out. Also, if you like to chew gum or munch on food, you will hear every bite as if your fingers were in your ears. The cord is not the usual symmetrical y shape and standard length. The right side is longer to go around the back of the head and into the ear and the plug comes down about 1′ off of the left side. Since i am using them at work i usually have them plugged into the computer or a radio and the cord length isn’t quite long enough.

These headphones are an excellent addition to your ipod. As most everyone before me has stated, they sound way better than what comes standard from apple. After listening to a friend’s shure ec-3 headphones ($100 retail), i think i’ll stick with these sony mdr-ex71sl headphones and save the extra $70the frequency response from the sony headphones(6-23000hz) well exceeds the frequency response of my 5g ipod video(20-20000hz), so there is nothing really more to be gained by looking elsewhere, or spending more money. I will mention that there is no specification on the headphone’s thd, so i don’t know their true accuracy, but regardless, they sound greatbass response is well balanced and easily adjusted. The fit and finish of the product is high quality. The design is very innovative. I like the cord off to one side instead of running right up the middle. I like the enclosed carry case, although i wish it was just a little bit bigger. I like the earbud holder that doubles as a cord wrap. I like the short cord and included extension cord option to vary the length of the headphones.

Use these for bike riding, long flights – you name it. I love the sound quality provided by these headphones. They are durable and rugged and have lasted me for quite a few years. One note you may want to consider here is that the replaceable ear buds come off easy. They have the tendency to fall off in your book bag, wife’s purse, pocket etc and are easily lost. If you lose them – good luck getting another set. I was able to get another set after losing one of the medium sized earbuds. I super-glued them on and have not had a problem in about 3 years now. Still work just as great as the day i bought them.

I have experienced no problem with them so far. I’m sure one of the three sizes that come with them will fit in your ear. I could just be me, but even though i did find a comfortable size, they tend to get bothersome after long periods of time (if i’m not listening to anything). Other than that, they’re good.

I wanted to write a review just to give a warning to those few of you out there who walk to work, or want to wear these walking around town. I agree generally with the positive reviews here. And, if you listen to your ipod on the train or bus, these will be perfect. The earbud design blocks out a decent amount of sound, so you don’t have to crank it up just hear your music slightly. The one problem with earbud design is this: since they block out external noises, this has the effect of amplifying internal noises. So, every step i take, i hear my insides going ‘boom’. Also, any breathing or coughing sounds louder. I’m happy with these, and hearing my footsteps isn’t that annoying. However, since i walk to work, my next headphones will not be bud style.

I have purchased the most expensive headsets for my zen micro mp3 and my ipods, nano, ipod-mini, etc. And when i say expensive i mean in the $100-$250 range. Yes, they produced stellar sound but in a gym or outside running, it makes no difference to me, and the sonys for alot less do the job just as well. I always keep extra sets on hand though as the wires seem fragile and they do break easily but not after using and abusing them for many months. My expensive etomyotic isolator er6i broke the same way and replacing them at nearly $100 was not fun. I do like the isolators as far as noise isolating as the plugs insert into your ear very well and block out the sound. However, the sonys do a great job for alot less. Like i said the only drawback is the wires tangle easily and hence, the reason i keep extra sets on hand.

To me, the sound is very good. I hear nuances in music i had not heard before and i even hear lyrics more cleanly. I absolutely hate this stupid cord. The short cord is too short except for a shirt pocket or an arm strap and the extention is too long and is always getting snagged. The little ‘fob’ attachment that supposedly allows you to wind up excess cord is just another weight to snag and add to the weight which is always pulling at the headphones. If they were so smart, they’d add a little clip to the cord so you could clip it to your shirt and take the weight off your earpods. If you sit still, they’re great, but if you like to move around with your ipod, these are a pain in the a**. Dollars for these just because of the cord issue.

These earbuds have great sound including great bass performance and out of all the earbuds i’ve tried, they offer the best sound, comfort and isolation performance for the price. + earbuds that i’ve tried lacked the cool bass performance of these sonys. But, i have purchased 3 pairs of these sonys over the last 2 years, which leads me to the negatives:-they are very flimsy and seem to break easily. Either they will just stop working after about a year or the very thin crappy rubber shielding will start deteriorating. This is why i’ve had to replace them twice already. You should consider these earbuds basically disposable; when the break, you’ll just have to buy another set. If sony upped the build quality to be as durable as the earbuds that came with my ipod, i would give 5 stars. -i really hate how one ear wire is longer than the other and you are supposed to wear the right wire around the back of your neck.

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