Sony MDR-E10LP/ORG Earbud Style Headphones – Pretty, comfortable, and good audio quality.

I lose headphones all the time. These are always my go to ones. They are inexpensive but work well. I mostly use them for at home or walking to class but even when i have went on runs with them they seem to stay in my ears decently well. A good option for those who dont want to spend a lot of money on head phones.

These have always been my favorite headphones, cheap, pretty, and they stay in my ears. Those super fancy ones that go deeper into your ears that everyone else likes, never stay put in mine. Best part of these, you can always pick a different color next time around, and there’s so many different ones.

Quite possibly the best earphones for its price range, absolutely maney, i like how theyre louder than alot of other earphones. . Which is what you want since its hard to tell how volume is measured or whatever.

This is my second pair of sony headphones, the last set i purchased still work and have been doing so for over a year now.

I have used these earphones for years now, and they are still holding up well. So incredibly cheap and whenever this pair breaks, i’ll be buying another one of these.

This is my best friend’s favorite brand and she says that they are worked perfectly. The only thing that kept this from getting a higher rating is that it arrived a couple of days late.

  • Pretty, comfortable, and good audio quality.
  • STOP!!!!
  • Awesome Cheap Headphones

Two years after being purchased, still intact and providing unsurpassed sound quality. That’s what a i’m a sony fan.

These ear buds provide good quality for an unbeatable price, though if you are an audiphile you’l probably want something better. The shape is contoured to actually fit the human ear, instead of being just a big round blob that won’t stay in and is painful when it does. I found these to be very comfortable, but this might depend on the size of your ears.

Sturdy, good quality of sound, nice comfortable shape.

This style of earbud is one of the few that fits my ears without falling out, and they’re pretty well designed. Sound quality is consistently good, and the coloration of the earbud part slightly helps when untangling them.

I tend to go through a lot of headphones so i don’t every buy expensive models. For the money, these are a solid choice. Very comfortable and good sound quality.

Features of Sony MDR-E10LP/ORG Earbud Style Headphones (Orange) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Super-Light, In-The-Ear Design
  • High-Quality, 13.5Mm Driver Units
  • Neodymium Magnets For Powerful Bass and Clear Treble Sound
  • Open Air, Dynamic Design
  • Superlight
  • 13.5mm driver units

Super-Light, In-The-Ear Design

Durable and affordable i absolutely love these headphones. I have them with me all of the time and they have never let me down. I have sent them through the wash a few times on accident and they still work.

Less than 10 bucks, and the sound is rich and full. Does bass very well, but without muffling or drowning out the higher end. It’s really a perfect balanced sound, imo. I don’t crank up my music too loud, so i don’t know how they handle higher volumes, but even if i play music loud enough to drown out the outside, it still sounds great.

I needed to replace my last pair of sony ear phones and these are identical and have the same great sound.

As someone who listens to hours of music daily and constantly misplaces her headphones or leaves them around everywhere, i quickly needed a new and inexpensive pair after losing a couple of other pairs. I bought these because i’ve heard good things about them, and because they come in a nice array of colorsthese sit very comfortably in my ears. I dislike over the head earphones because they’re too bulky and the other type of longer earbuds because they’re too invasive and uncomfortable. I feel that these best suit me. Now when i say that i listen to hours of music daily, i mean hours. So comfort is a really important quality for me. These are great for me because they fit well, and sometimes i forget they’re even in my ear. They aren’t too tight, and they don’t fall out of my ears. The sound quality of these is great. I wear them every day all the time and have had no issues.

Good quality earphones also they are very comfortable for the cheap price totally worth it.

I’d say for the price, sony did a good job. The sound quality is pretty fair though the volume is loud even turning the player to lowest. It’s not too comfortable after long day of wearing but it’s bearable. Of course, if i own the ones i had that came with sony player, i wouldn’t bother with this product.

High-Quality, 13.5Mm Driver Units

Everyone knows the $30 dollar headphones on ipods break after like two months. I will not be re-buying such a cheap product so i gave these headphones a try about 23 months ago. This was actually my second pair. They are indeed comparable to apple headphones. Yet it may not sound as crisp. They lasted almost 2 years of daily-use.

Love these, i don’t know what i’ll do when they run out of this old model. One of the few earbuds i can fall asleep with them on.

Great item to purchase because i love these headsets and they are really hard to find. This item was delivered very quickly.

I searched far and wide for these headphones because they are the only kind i use. The sound that comes out of these headphones are so clear. These are really great quality headphones.

No issues and good buy 🙂 i would really recommend this to people who want cheap and easy earphones that work without a problem.

It’s a gift for my cousin and she didn’t comaint.

Neodymium Magnets For Powerful Bass and Clear Treble Sound

I’ve had them for a few works so far and they work great. Hopefully they’ll last me for a while.

For some reason one of them comes out a lot. I think it’s my ears though :)quality is great.

They’re ok for radio music if you’re not too picky, but classical organ requires a bit more. I bought these because noise reducing earbuds in general bother my ears after about 10 minutes. I figured i could just throw these in a pocket and go. Right back to my old pair of nr earbuds. Save yourself some frustration and just purchase a pair of symphonized wooden buds (unless you’re just listening to top 40). Yes, they’re 5 extra dollars and they are larger but they sound soooooooooo much better.

These headphones were so good. And they looked pretty cool. I put on black earbud cushions on each one that made them more comfortable in my ear and less likely to fall out. They had great sound quality. Unfortunately i left them out on my desk and someone stole them while i was at work.

Beats dre beats hands down, and never fall out of the ear no matter what i’m doing. Running, biking, lifting weights.

My 11-year-old is rough on earbuds. He spends a lot of time running and playing while listening to music, and he tends to inadvertently break a set of earbuds about every couple of months. Given that burn rate, i went with these earbuds due to sony’s sterling reputation and their very low price. My son has been more than satisfied with their fidelity, and they have withstood the torture testing that goes with being owned by my kid. The only downside is that he complains on occasion of irritation after long use periods.

For the price, these are fine earbuds. I have had these sony earbuds before and they work well; i lost them before they broke, which is kind of a rarity with earbuds. They have a fairly long cord which gives you a lot of options. I can easily tell which side is right and left both visually and tactilely. There isn’t a whole variety of colors with earbuds, so to find a pair in orange is nice. The only feature i can think of that is absent is a slider to keep the portion where the cord splits into each earbud together as a single cord, but that isn’t that important to me. Over i would recommend these.

Open Air, Dynamic Design


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