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Purchased this to replace my daughter’s ipod earbuds which had ceased to work properly. She has said that the sound is better through these than what she had out of her original buds and the quality of manufacture is high. I purchased a second set for myself recently and i am similarly happy with them.

So i am by no means an earphone expert, but i can definitely notice a difference between these and my old pair. My other were a panasonic model from wal-mart for like $12 so i wasn’t expecting much from them. However, after buying these, i think i like my old ones better. The panasonics had a considerable amount of bass for being as cheap as they were, whereas this set has little to no bass. Thus if you like listening to a lot of music with bass, these are not for you. I would recommend this set to someone who listens to podcasts, audiobooks, etc. Because the treble and vocals are very clear. Also on a side note, the earpieces on this are slightly smaller than my old ones and do not fit as nicely, but do not fall out or anything. Overall, for less than $8 this set is still worth if you are looking for a nice cheap set.

I suppose these are ok in build quality, but the audio quality isn’t great. I think they could be better for the price. Here are the specifications for the Sony Electronics:

  • Super-Light, In-The-Ear Design
  • High-Quality, 13.5Mm Driver Units
  • Neodymium Magnets For Powerful Bass and Clear Treble Sound
  • Open Air, Dynamic Design
  • Super-light in-the-ear design
  • High quality 13.5mm driver units
  • Neodymium magnet to reproduce powerful bass sound
  • Open air, dynamic

As a new york daily traveler, i need headphones with me at all times. These are very small and compact and easily sit in the pocket all day without too much discomfort. I don’t carry a bag around with me, so these are the perfect size. The audio quality is only ok, but at the price, it’s definitely good enough. Considering that i’m in a noisy subway 9 times out of 10 when i use these, audio quality isn’t my main concern. This style of headphones tends to last only about a year or so with constant use, so they need to be replaced fairly often. But for my particular situation and budget, i very much enjoy having these.

These are the best cheap earphones i’ve ever owned, hands down. I owned a pair a long time ago that has survived the washing machine and clothes dryer and it still worked perfectly. It also survived getting chewed on by my cat. I got my second pair here on amazon after i lost my old pair and the quality is still the same as i remember. Get these earphones, you won’t regret it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best cheap earbuds EVER
  • Good fitting earbuds

Very comfortable in the ear and aesthetically pleasing as well. The sound is great, furthermore base sounds quite decent too for such small headphones. Very sturdy in the ear and perfectly designed.

I’ve have several pairs of these because after trying many other cheap and expensive earbuds, these are my favorite. Sound quality is decent, but the real kicker for me is the ergonomics. Many other earbuds of this type don’t fit snugly and have a tendency to fall out, and i don’t like the silicone-tipped earbuds that get all gross when you take them out. These fit well and are discrete.

The frequency range and bass on these little headphones is great. However, i do have some slight complaints about the idle noise that can be heard when the headphones are plugged in. There’s a faint buzzing present that i have not noticed on other headphones. Overall, it’s still a great purchase for the price though.

I thougth let me try it, after my original ones went missing. I am totally happy with this ones. Inexpensive and very good quality.

Great buds for the price, sony so you know the quality your going to get. Second pair of these headphones i own never dissapointed in the sound quality or fit.

I’ve used quite a few earbuds over the years and these have been the most dependable so far. I got a pair about 3 years ago and am still using the same pair today. While you shouldn’t expect these to blow your mind, they offer good sound quality for a good price. If you’re looking for a decent priced pair of earbuds that get the job done and easy to carry around, i’d have to say that these are definitely a great buy.

Dont like the new one that goes to much on the ears.

I bought a pair a while ago and liked them so much that i came back to buy another 2 pairs for family. I usually go through headphones every 8 months or so, these have yet to break for over 2 years now. Sound quality is excellent, only if you use the foam pads provided or purchase replacement ones. Without the foams they tend to fall out and sound is not as ‘bright’. Good buy for the price, if you looking for good quality sound for headphones under $10, i recommend these.

I am a loyal sony fan, because they always have a great variety of products. These earbuds are no exception. Ive been buying these for a few years now, they last about a year if you take care of them. But they are certainly worth the price. I do recommend these to all mp3, mp4 and ipod or iphone users. Sound quality is great, clear and smooth.

These earphones seem decent enough. But, i can’t consider myself an audiophile, so i can’t really speak to the true audio quality of these earphones. I’m just a casual listener and a runner. I’m not a fan of the noise cancelling in-ear buds because they tend to blank out too much noise, so these were a perfect fit. Much nicer than the standard apple ear buds. The cord length is perfect for me when i’m running.

These type of earphones generally last me less than a year. . Due to the wire loosing connection with one earbud. Then again, i tend to swing them around and wrap it around stuff. Just buy new ones when it dies.

Don’t regret these at all for the price i payed. I bought at least 5 pairs (different colors, but same generation) and these are great quality for a pair of earbuds less than 20 bucks.

I bought this set to use at the gym with my headphones. It works ok but the earbuds slip out of the ears easily so they are not very comfortable.

They have good sound quality. However a bit expensive considering other earbuds (you are paying for the name brand after all) and the wire length is pretty short.

My girlfriend bought a pair of these headphones at a five below three years ago for $5 and they’re still kicking now. After spending so much money on pair after pair of apple brand headphones that break within months and searching all over for a cheap alternative that lasts longer, i have decided that these are the only headphones i will buy. For $15, they are definitely worth buying. The sound quality is far beyond the apple brand headphones or even more expensive earbuds that i have invested in. They have decent noise cancellation for earbuds and are extremely comfortable in the ear. Unlike normal earbuds that are round and that cause pain in the ear after extended use, these earbuds are shaped in a way that fits the inside of the ear snugly but not painfully. The only complaint i have at all about these headphones is that there seems to be a good amount of noise leakage, but perhaps that’s because they get a fair bit louder than most earbuds. I looked all around for these guys before finally discovering that they still exist on amazon. I will have to stock pile them and buy a pair every time i have a little extra money. But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem because these guys last years.

I was randomly at an electronics shop in osaka while studying over there, and randomly purchased these in order to backup some fraying apple earbuds. These guys aren’t anything special, but they’re functional for what you need. I’ve probably purchased a half-dozen of these; they last about 9-12 months of regular use, and tend to break at the earbud. (probably the solder to the earbud becoming loose) for $10 earbuds, though, these are disposable and readily functional, with comparable audio qualities (though less bass) than apple earpods.

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