Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Earbuds : Good Quality earbuds.

I bought these to use with my nintendo switch and they work great. Also work well with my pc and xbox for voice chat though i cant speak to how my voice quality is to other people. Side note for anyone that cares, the blue of these matches the neon blue joy-cons almost perfectly, and the small amount of green on these also almost perfectly matches the new neon green joy-cons.

The mic is actually pretty good, aside from a continuous slight hissing noise floor which is audible in recordings. They cancel out ambient noise quiet well – i often have to take them out of my ears just to hear someone speak, even when i am not listening to music because they just reduce ambient noise so well.

This is my second pair of the smokin 2 ear buds. I use them as my go-to for my phone. These have been the longest lasting ear buds i have owned. The first pair lasted me over 2 years of almost daily use. The bass isn’t the strongest for earbuds. It can sound a bit tinny at for first. The price and quality/durability are very nice.

Love this series of headphones. I stock up on them, because i don’t care for the newer models. These are sturdy, and will last you over a year. I wear headphones everywhere. Riding my bike, working around the house, whatever, and they’re able to withstand all the abuse i put them through. Not to mention i get them wrapped around my drum set, and tangled with my guitar cables too. Worth the extra money in my opinion. I don’t know if my hearing is just bad, or these headphones are that good, but i can almost completely block out all other noise with them in. More often than not i just use them as earplugs at night. And with all my tossing and turning, they’ve still been able to withstand.

  • Fantastic quality for earbuds | Comfortable
  • I own two of these and sound awesome!
  • Fit perfect and love the color!

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Earbuds with Mic Hot Lime/Purple, One Size

  • Inline Controls: yes, Mic1
  • Case Included: yes
  • Material: [tips] silicone gel
  • Recommended Use: jammin’
  • Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Due to the layout of the buds, these hurt my ears a little. If you have larger or wider ears this probably wouldn’t be an problem.

**i accidentally left them in my shorts while in the washer/dryer. While folding my shorts, the earbuds fell out the pocket and i thought these earbuds were toasted but when plugged them in, they worked.I’m not saying you should wash and dry to test but i just wanted to share my experience.

These are some of the best price to performance earphones that i have ever heard. The sound is balanced well and makes for great listening regardless of what is playing. The mic on the cable also works very well and sounds good to others when i am using it to talk on the phone. The controller that the mic is in has only a single button that functions as a play/pause/fast forward (if pressed twice quickly) which works well. It is nice that the button is large and easy to press, but i sometimes wish that it also had some sort of volume control. Overall, it was a great purchase and i will definitely be coming back if/when i need new ones.

Skullcandy really does make reliable, nice sounding ear buds.

I have to say i’m pretty disappointed by these buds. I’ve had really solid, good quality, excellent audio experiences with only slightly more costly skullcandy’s in the past. This was not what i was expecting for just a few 10’s of dollars less. Their build quality is kind of terrible. The weird rubber quality of the cable reminded me of a free pair of earbuds i’ve been keeping as a backup that i received with the super cheap, developing country focused, zte firefox phone. So i got those out as a comparison. Basically, build quality is identical. That is i paid $20 for the same thing i got for free as an add-in to something else. The sound quality of these over the pack-in set is ever so slightly better with slightly lower lows but otherwise very little difference. They work, they don’t sound terrible, but overall not a good experience.

I’ve been having trouble finding an earbud is comfortable when i listen to music in bed. I often lay on my side and other earbuds feels like they are being pushed into my brain. Not just uncomfortable – painful. These lay a little differently than the typical “wine cork” earbud and are much more comfortable. Good, solid sound quality too.

I’ve been using skullcandy headphones for close to ten years now, going through three pairs of ear buds over that span of time (this is my fourth). Between the smokin buds 1 and 2, i have to say i really love the redesign of where the actual ear piece sits in the ear at an angle (vs. Just sticking straight out on a standard pair of in ear buds) — they’re much more comfortable to wear for longer spans of time now. I also love how the jack lies flat and parallel to my phone rather than sticking out so a short in the cord is much less likely to occur. Each pair of smokin buds i owned before these lasted me a few years each with care, and with the better design on these i expect them to last even longer. They’ve got great sound and fun colors to boot. I’ll most certainly buy again in the future.

Bought these in may and they broke in september. They worked well, the audio quality was great, the mic workes perfectly. But they broke after a few months despite being very, very careful. Wont be paying this much for another pair anytime soon.

These earbuds definitely had audio quality and driver durability in mind when they were created. I had owned the same pair for a year and a half before i lost them. I enjoyed how they felt in-ear, i enjoyed the audio they provided for their price, and i enjoyed their overall look. I can complain that the flat-wire build felt cheap, but nothing frayed. No complaintsnow, if you’re an audiophile or you’re borderline, you may not appreciate these due to higher audio distortion rates. However, their pricing screams “casual listeners.

They are small enough to not hurt my ears and the sound is amazing. I’ve purchased these twice now because i accidentally washed my first pair.

These are the best ear buds i’ve ever had. I actually bought these before my ones actually broke because i saw that they are no longer being manufactured. I use these for work mostly during conference calls and the audio quality is great. They also comfortably fit in my ears and don’t hurt after keeping them in all day, which is why i specifically buy these earbuds.

I have had this for about a 4 days and so far so good. I have had no problems with this and they are pretty comfortable. I bought these to replace my apple earbuds and the apple earbuds always fall out of my ear. These stay in your ear pretty good. The sound quality is actually good. I have one problem though, every time i play a video or some type of music or sound it does a little soft noise before it starts. It sound like static but it is soft and its not that loud so i don’t that noise.

These have great seem and they in good shape effectively in my ears with the provided compact recommendations. They are terrific at blocking outdoors seems, as i have difficulties hearing anything at all else when i have them in, even when i am not participating in anything at all. I have applied these for both equally audio and gaming and the audio quality is really good. These arrived with a small plastic box/case to hold them in, which is excellent to transport them in my purse without the need of them getting filthy or tangled, though they are less very likely to be tangled due to the fact of the flat cords. I like the purple/product colour.

Seem high-quality is great and i love the colours, i’ve by no means personally been dissatisfied in the audio output from skullcandy merchandise. They are fairly sound-cancelling as well, moreso than the regular earbud would appear to be. My only gripe is the ‘remote’. All i can get mine to do is pause and resume songs, and the mic is just not extremely very good possibly. Will not get this as a headset for talking on your cellular phone and i think you can expect to be okay.

Experienced these prior to, misplaced them and had to get the identical established yet again.

The best ear buds i’ve purchased that’s not wireless. I really endorse this product or service for this price tag array.

The earphones came rapidly many thanks to amazon key. The packaging is very simple and it consists of an simple open up tab so you will not will need any scissors to open up this item from its packaging. The colour of the earphones a great deal the color shown in the images which was wonderful, i requested the lime inexperienced types. One factor you will never notice from the shots of the product is that the piece that is a different color from the rest of the earphone on the body of the earphone is translucent on most the the distinctive coloration alternatives. Sound top quality: in general the audio good quality is as envisioned, lows are a 8 out ten, mids are eight out of ten and highs can in some cases be irritating dependent on the tune but i will give it a seven out of ten. General, fantastic earphones and the price tag is great.

Fairly respectable bass, mid, and some trebble. To me the bass was good, but the treble felt a small lacking, but you cannot assume the planet out of a 20-25$ pair of earbuds. They do what they do, but they do it good. Did good for gentle motion predicaments like walking about the home but fell out as quick as all other in ears like this whilst doing work out or managing. I own a pair of bose in ear exercise session headphones, beyerdynamic custome one professionals, and many other inexpensive earbuds.

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