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My son loves these headphones and these are his ‘go to’ headphones. He says that they have good sound quality and do not hurt his ears with wear like others do. Overall, that is a win for me.

I so wish skull candy would bring back these discontinued earbuds. They were marketed as part of the ‘fix’ line, and fix problems they did. I can’t tolerate earbuds that cram into the ear canal, nor most large headphones that press on the outside of my ear. These ones hook into the outer ear, and have a really slim profile doing so so that they don’t press or contort my ear in any way. They just hang there, hooked securely (a bit painful if i catch the cord because they won’t come out from downward pressure. My dropped phone will hang suspended from my ears). And they have great sound–they’d be my favorite earbuds yet for that alone. I like to listen to anything from metal to folk to taking business calls, and they work great. Cons: they are a bit fragile. For comparison i once owned a single pair of earbuds carried in backpack as a student for about 5 years.

In fact i bought these because they appear to no longer make and i wanted to make sure i had a spare when others bite dust. The pro and con is they stay in well. I have felt like ear is coming off when catching cord on drawer handle, door handles, etc. But i will take that over the things falling out all the time. I am no audiophile but sound is as i would expect for pricepoint, probably better-meets my expectations.

Apparently, i am one of the. 0001% of people that hate the ear wax covered, small, claustrophobic ear pods that you shove into your ear canal. Sadly, they are the only type that you can find in the stores these days. I prefer the round type that sit in the ear. Sony and panasonic do make this style but they sound terrible. I found these skull candy ones and i love them. They sound fantastic, they have the mic / play control on the cord. They feel awesome in my ears and if you have an issue with ear wax on your earphones, you can get some of those cheap foam pads for them. Sadly, skull candy is not making these anymore so i am stocking up for life. Only issue i have had with them (and i have owned about 5 pairs now) is that after a lot of use, the plastic housing has cracked and i have to buy another pair.

The sound is very goid but after 4 months one side fell appart and we had to glue it. Quite a dissapointmet for such a product and such a price.

Put muff covers on these and you get awesome bass – you don’t find alot of headphones sold any longer with those foamy black covers – i just bought some on amazon with these and they sound much better – i also get a more snug fit.

  • Bring back these fabulous hook-into-outer-ear earbuds!
  • My Favorite Ear Buds So Far!!!
  • New Favorite!

These are the best headsets i have ever used. I am disappointed that they may not be being made anymore. They control the iphone for volume and track control, and they make a great phone headset. Audiophiles won’t be satisfied with music sound quality, but as a general-purpose headset, i could not be happier.

The sound is good and people tell me they can hear me fine on the microphone. The middle button will pause and play on my phone, the volume buttons won’t work though. I’m not a huge fan of the way the earbuds fit in my ears, but it isn’t uncomfotable, they just don’t feel secure in there.

These are my boyfriend’s favorite headphones. Apparently, they stay in, without the need to jam or glue them in. Added bonus, as we’re short on glue.

Love these headphones and sad i can’t find them in stores anymore. I have small ear canals and these are like the only things that stay in. May have to order a few more pairs to stalk up haha.

I have about 10 pairs of these, for the money, the sound is good, the reception is clear, good bargain, but not a bargain product, much better.

Features of Skull Candy S3FXDM209 Headphone Earbud

  • Driver: 13.5 Mm
  • Impedance – 32 Ohms
  • Input Connection: 3.5 Mm

Driver: 13.5 Mm

These ‘buds sit just outside the ear canal and are very comfortable to wear. They’re what i call ‘iphone-style’, as i first encountered a similar type with my first iphone. (definitely prefer these over the other silicone earbuds that *inside* the ear canal – very annoying, feels like you’re getting a wet willy from a robot. ) these earbuds a joy to wear when walking or working around the house.

These headphones are compatible with iphones with start/stop and volume control. These have good crisp clear sound compared to the stock apple earbuds, but great for everyday commuting in nyc allowing you to hear your surroundings while listening to music compared to the bullet style earbud’s. The headphones are also designed to hook into your ear so it will not fall out while walking, running, etc. If your in need of replacing your stock apple headphones, i highly recommend these.

I hate that i love this product. These appeared to be exactly what i was looking for–high quality earbuds, the kind that don’t go into your canal. They are very hard to find, since the buds that do go into your canal are much more popular. I prefer these type, with a ‘hook’ shape like the ones that come standard with ipods, since i suppose i have smaller ears and they accommodate them much better. So, i got these earbuds, and i tried them on. The quality of the sound was very good–not mind-blowingly so, but certainly worth the $12 or something like that i paid for them. They were ever so slightly too large, and didn’t rest properly in my ear. They would come out with the slightest touch, and even just walking around would knock them loose. They never felt secure (maybe the quality of the sound was even better than i thought, i just never got a good listen), and certainly were not good for my use at the gym or to listen to music while sleeping.

These are my favorite ear phones because they are so comfortable. Like i keep buying them because they feel like clouds in my ears. I’ve had the apple white ones and they get tiring in your ears after a while but these are just so comfortable. I would give them 5 stars but they break easily.

The controls work well, the cords don’t get tangled easily, sound quality is excellent, and the buds actually stay in your ears. I love them, i have purchased several pairs for use at home and at work. I definitely recommend this product.

I go through earbuds constantly. I get a lot of use out of them from wear when running or doing physical labor around the house/elsewhere. I like listening to podcasts/stand-up and during these activities and just want a nice set of earbuds that have some length on them. These work perfectly for that. I rarely listen to music on these and honestly, i’ve have nice speakers and headphones that i’ll listen to music with if i’m seeking to enjoy those sounds. These produce nice sound for spoken word. They’re loud enough that i can hear over things like a tractor or lawn mower. The cord is plenty long and sturdy. The volume/pause/play button is a nice addition. I know some people are picky about earbuds, but i usually don’t have a problem. My ears seem to be fairly universal.

Impedance –

I use these earphones every day. It has a nice sound to them and if you don’t have an apple product, most of the controls still work. You will think the mic or anything will work because on the box it will say ‘works for iphone, ipad, and ipod’, but i have an s4 and i use these all the time. The earphone part is kinda big for my ear so the fit is sorta loose but it’s not that much of a problem because they still stay in my ear.

I’ve bought 3 pair of these headphones. The sound quality is good, and the microphone works quite well. Unfortunately, none has survived even a single encounter with a toddler. I get the impression that the headphone jack interior is made of eggshell, and the speakers themselves break open in a child’s fingers with a single squeeze.

I wanted some earphones that did not cost a fortune, but still had some decent sound quality. These were really very nice for the money. I plan on purchasing another pair.

Great for earbuds–meaning they’re comfortable without inner-ear irritation, have a wide soundstage, but lack bass because of lack of seal as all earbuds do. I bought these on recommendation for their comfort and the lack of isolation (so i can hear myself well enough for practicing languages). I’ve found myself turning to them because they are comfortable and easy to put on and off. While they don’t have much bass because they lack a strong seal, they make up for it for having a wide soundstage and good high and mids. I’ve have no complaints about the build and as i take good care of my earphones, i don’t see these breaking anytime soon. I’ve liked them so much, i’m buying a second pair for a backup.

I bought these to replace my iphone headphones and i am very pleased with them. The remote was a big factor, i have gotten accustomed to changing starting/stopping music, changing volume, and answering phone calls this way. The functions are the same and i think they may even work a little better than my original headphones. The earbuds are comfortable for me (i cannot stand the kind that go into the ear). An the cord is nice and long so i can drape the earphones around my neck when i’m not using them. Also i don’t accidentally yank them out of my ear like i used to. Overall i am very glad i bought these earbuds and will likely buy them again.

I do not use these while working out – i use a different style for that. But i do have these in my ears all day long while i’m working on the computer. I can’t wear the ‘in ear – ear buds’ that get pushed down into the ear canal, but – i love these. The rubber ring holds them in place just fine, they’re comfortable – hardly even noticeable. These also have the best sound (dynamic range) i’ve experienced in any ear buds to date. I’d prefer some nice headphones – but every pair of headphones i’ve tried, end up being skull-crushers that punish my ears and cutoff my circulation, which gives me headaches and makes me sleepy. I use these in my cell phone, my tablet, my laptop and my desktop – i pretty much have these in my ears all day long. And you can’t beat the price. I’m going to stock-up on these before they disappear.

Input Connection: 3.5 Mm

I have to say, i did quite a bit of research before picking out another pair of earphones. I really wanted something with a mic but i also wanted something with at least adequate sound. I have had a pair of skull candy over-the-ear phones because i tend to have ear problems, and those were also great, they lasted quite a while as well. The ear pieces are very comfortable. One fear i had is that the material used to keep them firmly in your ear would be like the ones that apple makes, which aren’t very nice. Sometimes plastic would poke up through it and poke my ear because they’re so cheaply made. Did not have that problem with these. The mic is a relatively good sound piece as well. I have an android (droid maxx) so the volume/music controls don’t work but the mic still works as it should.

Love how these stay in my ear. However, i’m on my 3rd pair in 6 months. The first two pairs had one ear stop working after a few months. Also, the mic does not work on google nexus 5 phone.

I am not the biggest fan of these earphones and considering that my cats gnaw through 90 percent of my earphones, i have tried many. Pro – the price, they are relatively cheap – you can change the volume without having to pull out your phone/mp3 playercons – they are oddly shaped and kind of hurt your ears, which is a huge con. – the quality isn’t great either.

I got these as i needed something that i could both listen to music with and use to make calls. The musical quality is pretty solid, clearly it’s not a top-of-the-line brand and the bass is not going to blow you away. But i’ve used these very often to listen to music at work and they have gotten the job going well. I also use them occasionally to make calls and the quality has been good.

Arrived fast, love the fact that the it doesn’t fall out of my ears. The volume controls does not work on the samsung galaxy s4, but thats not really a problem for me.

I have very small ears and can’t use very many headphones but these fit great, they’re really comfortable, and the sound quality is excellent.

Been using these as my phone headset and workout headphones. As is typical for me the fit is a bit fiddly but i have that problem will all earbuds so it may not apply to you. Good sound quality, no reported issues from folks hearing me on the other side of the call. For the price the music performance is decent.

A pair of headphones that don’t into your darn ears. I hate earbuds that make me feel like i’m in a tunnel. Why don’t companies make more of this style of earbuds?.Only apple makes them and these sc are cheaper and better.

Second set in a couple years. It is hard to find this design of earbud. Super comfortable, though i wish they were more compatible with android tech. Not everyone has a damn iphone, people.The headphones work just fine with the htc i have, though the volume control does not work, pressing the ‘pause’ button will pause music and will pick up and end a call.

I lost my old black skullies so i’m glad i found these within my budget. Good buy =) they work great and very clear. I have small ears and these are much more comfortable than my apple earphones.

I got these headphones as an upgrade from my last ones because they simply did not give me the sound quality i wanted. But these ones have great sound and sound awesome. I love them, the only down side i have found is that the volume control doesn’t work with my new htc one m8 phone. The button still works and pauses and skips fine but not the volume control. But this is really just a minor issue.

The sound on these is amazing. The integration with apple products is also great. They are honestly the best sounding ear buds i’ve ever had. Only draw back is that i have an android phone and the mic doesn’t work with my phone. They are awesome with my ipod nano, however.

Exactly what i expected from some skully candy’s. However i cannot wear them for a long time because the shape of the earbuds are so round, it presses onto my ear in a weird spot so it starts to ache after an hour or so. If there was some sort of jelly coating around it, they might feel a lot better.

I can;t stand the ones that go inside your ear so these are perfect for me. The sound is great and they work with all phones, tablets and computers.

I guess my ears are deformed or something, but i cannot get the in-ear buds to stay in–especially in my right ear. I push them in, wiggle them around, change tips–and they simply fall out. So my option is these earbuds that sit outside the canal. I bought a pack of the foam covers and put them on, and these buds stay in place. These buds are slightly larger in diameter than apple’s original earbuds, so they take a little getting used to, but i love the deep, rich sound of the larger drivers. Sound quality is very subjective, but i think these sound great. My main complaint is the slight rubbery feel of the cord, which tends to grab on itself and clothing. I have an older pair of this same model, and the cord is slick and super-easy to untangle. But these new ones aren’t bad. They also have a slightly longer cord than the apple earbuds, which is nice for the gym when i need a little more length.

After wearing these on my daily walks for a week, i switched back to the apple earbuds that came with my older ipod touch. I discovered i preferred the apples as they were a bit smaller and easier to ‘wedge in. ‘ i had hoped the skull candies would just sit there, but they also have to be ‘wedged in’ to not fall out. I’m now trying yurbuds for women, smallest size. They do not fall out, and they allow for ambient noise. Downside is silicone tip that sticks in the ear canal, but also helps to hold it in the ear.

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