Skullcandy Ink’d : Great sound easy on the wallet

Skull candy are by far some of the best on the market,love emlove emcan’t be without them,go buy some today.

They have great sound and have taken a bit of a beating already, with no problems at all so far.

Not super bassy but not tinny either. These are perfect for me to keep in my purse. I like these better than the buds that came with my ipod.

Grandkids seemed happy to each have their own and not pricey. Had a decent choice of colors so they could tell them apart.

  • Better quality than OEM ear buds
  • I thought they were much improved until
  • I’ve had many Skullcandy earbuds but was disappointed with these.

Skullcandy Ink’d (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Driver: 11 mm
  • Two sizes of silicone gel earbud sleeves for a perfect fit
  • Input Connection: 3.5 mm

So i was telling folks all about the new and improved skullcandy earbuds, and how the flat cable didn’t tangle and was better anchored into the earbuds and plug. When i noticed the cable had a little cut in the plastic sheathing down by the plug. This was after having them for a matter of days and only using them once or twice. I’m not using them for the time being until i’m able to repair the cut, since it’s the kind that will just spread super quickly. I’m so disappointed, i thought finally i’d be able to hold onto a pair of skullcandies for more than a month or so.

I really like these earbuds; good sound quality and not too expensive. Picking your choice of color is also a plus.

These earbuds sound good but the cord is flat and gets caught on everything. Walk past a chair, and the cord snags. I have a feeling one day that’ll be the demise of my pair of these headphones. To get around this i have to put the cord under my shirt but even that has it’s own problems. Sound quality is good though.

I bought these for my daughter who seems to break a lot of headphones. These kind last longer than the others and my daughter says they fit well.

Never gonna go for any other ear buds but skullcandy.

Ive had these for several moths and have not had any problems. The way the chord is made, it tends to tangle far less. When it does tangle, the shape makes it a lot easier to quickly untangle in a timely manner.

I’ve always been a huge fan of skullcandys. Great sound, amazing bass and awesome price. Have to order another pair because the dog got a hold of mine.

They have nice sound quality, as expected by skull candy. I should’ve have got the one with microphone so that i’d be able to pause/play/skip music without taking my phone out of my pocket.

I thought they were a little pricey for earbuds, but they do what i need. Needs five more words, huh?.

I bought it once before from a store without knowing what it was and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort. Unfortunately, those broke, so i’m glad to have found new ones on amazon for a very reasonable price and of the same good quality.

But the cord is too darn short. Don’t you like to put the mp3 in your front or back pants pocket sometimes?. Good sound and they look cool.

The sound in your ears is so clear and loud and thats exactly what i look for in a pair of headphones. I will buy these over and over and will always be happy :).

I don’t like ear buds but use them when mowing the lawn or other activities where i want to cut down on ambient noise. These stay in your ear a bit better than most but still fall out for some reason. (the absolute best ear buds for sound quality, comfort and staying in your ear are the s-plugs (plugup dot com) but they are well over $100. ) the skull candy s21kdz series are worth the low price amazon charges because they will last longer and aren’t too uncomfortable to use. Sound quality is well balanced without too much bass. Including two different size sleeves is a plus.

I purchased these for my son to use with his kindle fire hd. He kept them in the device almost the entire time they were in use before the cord separated from the plug. He isn’t rough on things, so i don’t think it was him. I honestly think it was a defective product. I have other skullcandy earbuds that are more than a year old and still work well.

As these are now discontinued, i’m not sure how valuable this review will be. They don’t fit as well in the ear as the skullcandy ink’d buds i bought several years earlier. In fact, i stopped using these to favor the older ear buds.

Great functionig headphones for dual purpose.

The ear buds were exactly what i wanted and they even came in a couple days early. I am very satisfied with this dealer.

Sound is fine but using them while on the phone did not work people would say they couldn’t hear me.

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Skullcandy Ink'd (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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