Skullcandy Chops in-Ear Buds : Good Product

I am so happy with these, i’ve tried several different head phones i like the over the ear ones but most are just the hangers not ear buds. You really get the best of both worlds. The sound quality is great, lots of bass for something so small, which i really like for working out. Would recommend them for everybody, also would recommend this seller, i live in guam and got them in a very quickly and smoothly, which i sometimes have a problem with if the seller isn’t amazon itself.

Nice headphones with nice sound quality , fitting is not bad and not perfect however the ear piece will fit inside your ear well.

Have owned many styles, these are by far the best.

These are the most amazing headphones i’ve ever had, i bought my wife a pair from tj maxx awhile back and had to get a pair of my own, the fit is amazing, so comfortable in my ear, not painful, even with a winter hat pressing them against my head and the sound quality is very impressive for the price. I would recommend these to anyone, however be careful ordering used ones, mine came with the actual ear piece (not the rubber cover) hanging off by the wires, luckily i was able to pop it back in and everything works perfectly and i haven’t had a problem with it. 5 star rating on the headphones as a whole, i would only give the the seller a 2-3 star rating because they came damaged, granted it said used open case, but regardless, hope this helps.

For activity-oriented headphones i love the easy and secure fit of these and, to a lesser degree, the look too, and wish they had not been discontinued (though i’m sure skullcandy had/has its reasons). Just glad i was able to get a similar replacement pair before supply completely dries up. Speaking of the discontinuation though, this is my third pair due to cord damage (that one was certainly on me) and frame damage at the ear hook/headphone joint, which does seem fragile (perhaps skullcandy’s reason?. Total guess on my part, btw).

Skullcandy Chops in-Ear Buds with Mic3 : Great earphones with a few cons. The cord is extremely long, at some points i don’t know where to put the excess seeing it gets in the way of thing and also the fact the wires connect directly to the ear buds, it just worries me that if by mistake they get caught on something, they’re done for. Other than that, great earphones, good sound and comfortable.

They have great sound quality and they stay on the ears. I love them and use them all the time when people call me. I no longer have to have the awkwardness of the headphones falling out of my ears while i’m talking to people.

Took a bit to get used to but it sounds great and well worth the money. The volume controls were perfectly with my iphone.

Best workout headphones i have found.

Go this as a present for my boss as he loves to work out and the product is great to use along excercise.

These sound decent and stayed in my ears fairly well even when running. After about a year of use, the buttons went haywire and would randomly put inputs into my iphone, causing my music to skip around, fast forward, stop, etc. While i was running, so i had to retire them. To be fair, the headphones have endured lots of sweat and some rain over the past year, so i still feel like i got my money’s worth out of them.

I’ve been purchasing skullcandy earbuds for around 10 years now. If you take good care of them, they last quite awhile with every day use. I love chops for working out & walking around town.

These fit my ear well, and stay there even during exercise. The volume control works fine. I considered blue tooth, but didn’t want the hassle of yet one more thing to charge. Comes with several earbuds so that you can get the best fit. The blue color makes it easy to find.

I wear hearing aids and i run, hike, and spin, and i want music during these activities. The over the ear headphones slip off, the standard in-ear headphones work but i have to jam them in and they still fall out. These guys did the trick the ear clips keep the in-ear buds from falling out.

These headphones are about what i expected. The sound is comparable to other skullcandy in-ear styles. Nothing impressive, but function well. The controls work fine with my ipone 5 and the earpieces fit will and stay on while i work out. The earbuds seal in well and provide the desired/expected sound quality. The ear hangers are comfortable and good for active use. I would give 5 stars if i were impressed with this product beyond my expectations.

Get these for my girlfriend to use while working out. She says they stay in her ears while running and sound pretty good.

And i no longer have a problem with one bud coming loose.

The ear buds, overall, work great ^_^ the audio is pretty good and definitely nice for the price point and design. The only real acoustic setback is their difficulty in reproducing a deep bass note, however, this is not horribly noticeable. The only serious flaw of note is the around ear band, which aids in keeping the bud in-ear whilst being active. However, the ‘band’ is molded soft rubber and is unadjustable, thusly there is necessary adjustment while wearing them for a period of time. I can not say this will be everyone’s experience, due to the fact that i have smaller ears than most, but i could also see this placing a little pressure on an individual who has larger ears. Otherwise, this is a good buy for the value. They come with a lifetime warranty and a few different sized rubber bud cups, as well as a soft caring case.

Works in android phone in general but the functions such as fwd rewind will not work.

Does everything you need with your phone.

Great earphone one of my favorite ear phones good for exercising like jogging etc. It seems to deliver a great sound quality especially when using it like moving around. The earbuds fit perfectly in my ear and the ear curved ear latching device seems to fit snug when mounted behind my ear. The ear holder seems to have a great adjustibility and it also swivels enough to set it in your ear perfectly. It holds nice and especially sweaty ears lol. Recommend it for people who listen to music when exercising/or just listening music, its great.

Skullcandy never disappoints~ great sound, great quality. I love it, perfect to work out. Earbuds stay in place and sweat doesn’t ruin them.

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