Skullcandy 50/50, I like these

Love these skull candy buds, just make sure you buy refurbished to save ya some dough.

I would recommend them to anyone. They’re better than beats.

These were great but they quit working with in just a few weeks of purchase. Not worth the money considering the length of time they functioned properly.

Comments from buyers

“1st experience with skullcandy product
, Wow, what a difference
, Great headphones with extras!

Great headhpones ,booming bass, and loud sound. What more do you people want from earbuds?. Your paying less than $20 so dont complain if your expecting quality of $100-600 headphones. Dont get me wrong, these are the sh :d just the cheap paining comes offd:.

The only annoying thing about these earbuds is that they kind of slip out of my ear and they moved the microphone from the right side to the left side this year. I suppose i can change out the eartips for a larger size too.

Cons:-static electricity from clothing such as basketball shorts will transfer through the metal trim and send a shock into your ear. I can’t wear these with certain shorts-sound is very tinny in the upper ranges, causing ‘s’ sounds to be unpleasantpros:-cord is very resistant to tangles-stylish design-iphone controls/microphone work ok-good length-comes with carrying case and alternate ear bud sizes.

They are not big and sound is amazing. It will control volume and change songs which i like. Watch the cost because they can run a lot of money.

As a lifelong music lover, i was hesitant to get into the whole mp3 ipod/iphone thing. I prefer sacds, not low quality audio. So when i upgraded to the iphone i decided to finally get into the 21st century with mp3s. I was disappointed with the provided earbuds, which did not fit me well and had zero bass response. I started to research earbuds that would 1. So after much reading i found the skullcandy 50 /50 line. With no way to test for fit, i figured i ‘d just give it a shot and wow, i am impressed. The fit is pefect, the sound provides clean, deep bass and the imaging is much better than on the crappy iphone earbuds.

Excelente producto, tengo más de 7 años con ellos y aun funcionan.

I got the newer version of this (flat line and supreme sound) and it does live up to its name. The sound is clear with the bass being a big part of it (which i like, but others might not) the highs are average, maybe above. (i am not harsh on sound)the main reason i got this was because it looks really nice. There are skulls in just the right places and doesn’t look stupid. The flat line doesn’t help much with tangling but looks pretty. The earbuds (which come in 3 sizes) fit nicely and snugly in your ears. But because i have a galaxy siii, the mic and volume buttons did not work. The skip/stop button did, and it was useful. My only problem with is that it broke after only about 2/3 months of working. I don’t even use these while doing activity or running.

These headphones are pretty decent. They sound pretty great and are pretty functional. I hit them barely and they fall out. No way i could use them for the gym. Maybe i just have awkward ears or something but i would rather stick to my jvc marshmallows.

They are very comfortable and the sound is good.

The price on these earphones is far better than the highly expensive competitor. These have great sound quality and they look great.

They sound great & the remote works with my music, pandora & sirius. I’ve gone through a ton of headphones.

Anything else that claims their beat is better on other headsets. The beats on skullcandy’s are the best there is for the price.

Very nice, i really like these headphones. They are excellent at cancelling out noise, they look amazing, and the feature i like the most is that they included a case to put the headphones in once i’m done listening. This was a huge problem with my headphones taking damage in my pocket being smashed by my phone or tangled up with my keys but now that i have this simple case these headphones will most likely last more than year. The buttons work very well and after playing with the controls the pre-set on my samsung galaxy s5 was very easy to use. The only problem i had was having to unlock my phone to change the volume once, but i think that can be fixed through settings.

I was looking for a mid range earbuds to use while i workout. Occassionaly pick a phone call and this is the right puchase for that. Excellent product, feels a bit plastic but the sound and craftng quality are the best for this product.

I received the skull candy 50/50 earbuds monday and they work and sound great. Thanks for your speedy response and i’m very satisfied.

They sound great, clear and loud without hurting your ears. Also, i accidentally washed and dried them and they still work just the same.

I received my item in a decent time. I have only 3 stars because i have a hard time keeping them in my ears, no matter the size of the earbud. I did expect more due to the $ amount of these, i never spend too much for earphones. Also the volume did not work on my lg phone. Although i was able to pause my music with the controller. I know have them a back up pair.

Bought just to have a spare to throw in the bottom of my bagthey work just fine, sound is ok, nice to have a case for them.

Discontinued ones are great value.

Theese headphones blew me away. I listen to bass heavey rap, dubstep, and hiphop and theese will handle all of that just fine. I also have a equalizer hooked up to what i plug my headphones into so i turned up the bass all the way and the headphones were perfectly clear and crisp. Also as long as its not your fault skull candy will give you 100% store credit.

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