Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Very good product – bass could be better

I’ve had these earbuds for about 1. 5 years and they’re still working okay, if i am sweating or jumping a lot the bluetooth connection starts to break in and out which is not so great. This is a frequent complaint with many of these wireless earbuds unfortunately. They also stopped connecting but randomly fixed itself after a couple weeks. I emailed the company thru their website after their troubleshooting didn’t work, but they never responded.

Got these to play music from my apple watch.

Sound is perfect and they stay in my ears pretty well too.

Key specs for Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Running – Sports Sweatproof Workout Headphones:

  • Volcano Bluetooth Headphones are the latest generation design created to accompany you throughout every moment of the day with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology allowing you to listen to music from your cell phone from as far away as 30 ft.
  • HD Crystal Clear Sound – Volcano around-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones provide incomparable sound quality, approximating the human ear, with a rich, dynamic soundstage that accentuates every detail of your music.
  • Receive phone calls at any moment – Receive or cancel incoming calls at the click of a button on the main control switch even during vigorous activities without necessitating handling the phone itself.
  • Perfect fit for all sizes and ages – Silicon Devices thought about everyone and designed Volcano Wireless Sport Earbuds to be comfortably used around-ears of any shape and size without sacrificing music quality. Made to be used with iPhone 6, 6 Plus 5 5c 5s 4, Android and most Bluetooth devices.
  • Built for extreme activities – Volcano Wireless Workout Earphones are totally sweat proof and were developed to be used on all occasions, including running, during rigorous physical activities and impact sports.

Comments from buyers

“It is okay!
, Love them!
, effective and Bluetooth and these earbuds have been a great purchase. I used to have some other headphones

I’ve been looking for awhile for a type of headphone that would be cost effective and bluetooth and these earbuds have been a great purchase. I used to have some other headphones that would irritate by ears and enjoy how light and comfortable these are. The product comes with a great set of instructions and pairing it with my phone was fairly simple. It may be silly that the earbuds always use a voice command to tell you that the phone is connected or disconnected but i don’t seem to mind much. The carrying case is pretty solid and aesthetically appealing and i no longer have to struggle with the horrible knots that always seemed to create themselves every time i put my non-bluetooth headphones in my pocket or case. If you’re looking for some decent quality bluetooth earphones for a good price then i would recommend these as a good choice.

I received the white version of this headset the other day. The instructions and set up was pretty simple. Wore them to gym this morning and i liked the snug fit. I didn’t have to keep pushing them back in.

Loved them but battery life didnt last long enough.

This is the third pair of wireless headphones i’ve brought off amazon & theses are my favorite. I wore them today at the gym & they are awesome. Great sound, & i never had to fix them, they stayed in great fit.

Range is pretty good to (about 40 feet). The only thing i don’t care for is the new material of the part that wraps around the ear. The old models were very rubbery and easy to put around ears. The new material is quite a bit more firm and less comfortable. I use these for bodybuilding and sprinting.

I have been using these earbuds the last few times that i have gone to the gym and i am loving them more and more each time i use them. First, i was really impressed with the box and packaging that they came in. Even my wife was wowed by the box. It was a detail that really gave them a high quality feel, like i was getting something special. Inside the box the earbuds were packed in a carrying case with additional size earbud covers. The initial charge out of the box was pretty quick, maybe 30 minutes. 5-4 hours and they are still running strong. The sound quality has been very good. What i have liked the most about these is their fit.

I bought these as a replacement for my wired running headphones. I wanted something that would stay in place in spite of a vigorous workout. My prior headphones had good quality but would stay in my ears. These are not only wireless but stay in my ears. I’ve been wearing them for running and the sound quality is good but not great. I think for an audiophile these are not the headphone. For a runner who wants phones that produce decent sound quality and doesn’t want to break the bank look no further. I’m very satisfied with these.

These headphones are the best wireless bluetooth headphones i have ever used for working out, running and all-around use. I highly recommend these headphones for anyone looking for great and easy-to-use headphones while they are in the gym or running as these are seemingly perfect.

These earbuds are very comfortable. With the provided interchangeable inner ear pieces it is almost guaranteed they will fit your ears perfectly. They are also very easy to setup and use. The only reason i can’t give 5 stars is i felt the bass could have been better. It distorted at some fairly low volumes on some songs. Note: they were not especially bass heavy songs. Unfortunately, this is usually just a side effect of earbuds. Other than that the sound quality is excellent.

The market is flooded is bluetooth earbuds. These are a good first time pair, before buying some of the more expensive brands. I got 6 months of use out of these before they somewhat died permanently. On a battery charge they last between 3-5 hours, which is dependent upon volume and, interestingly, proximity to the device i’m synced to, the closer the better i noticed. All of the extra silicon ear pieces were nice because the ones on the earbuds do occasionally fall off and get lost. Sound quality is decent, and better than than any wired earbuds you can buy for less than $15. The plastic does look cheap, but they are so light weight that it does not matter. You won’t break them by dropping them, at least i did not. One thing i did not like was the bluetooth light on the front that flashes about every 5 or 10 seconds. Kind of distracting when i’m working out or having a conversation. Another thing, it felt like the volume up and down buttons were ergonomically reversed.

I bought these as a replacement to my beats that i recently lost. I was not ready to spend $150 to replace them and thought i would try these as an alternative based off all the strong revues. Needless to say, i am extremely pleased with the quality and the price. The sound is great and battery life is strong. I use them most when i work out and they stay secure in my ear during the entire work out.

Not comfortable, sound was sub par, battery life was short. Bought these for the gym, they do not stay in and the volume is so bad you have to keep shoving them into your ear just to hear.

Battery life was way better than inexpected. Connects easy with my iphone and has decent sound. Sweat in workouts isn’t any issue and they never fall out. Also, they were at my door in less than 24 hours. Overall pretty happy with these.

As you can see these look very similar to the powerbeats. Now i own the powerbeats, so i was able to compare them side by side. Sound: i think they sound very similar to the powerbeats. The sound comes in clear, the bass is excellent. The volume goes up pretty high, so you can play that music loud. Quality: i think they are inferior compared to the beats just because the beats have a rubber coating, which makes them feel more expensive. The silicon earbuds are plastic and feel cheap. They are also slightly larger so they fit differently around my ear. I deducted one star for this reason.

I did some research into headphones and i decided to purchase the silicon wireless headphones and they have exceeded my expectations. Great sound quality, easy to use and they fit perfectly in my ears while riding my bike and running. Water resistant is an added plus. Buy them, you won’t regret it.

Clear and loudfit snugly in ear and stay in place. Decent battery life (5hrs or so)the drawbacks are in the telephone usage. For some reason phone audio is muffled/unclear, which defeats the purpose if you can’t hear the person. The microphone in which you speak through is also awkwardly located in the earphone. Which means when you place the earphone in your ear, the microphone is effectively in you ear. So the person on the other end can’t really hear you well either.

Volcano earphones are easy to set up, and work well when i am working out. I frequently lift weights, run, and bike. These earphones are a perfect match for my lifestyle. They don’t fall off when i am doing running sprints or jumping rope. The only down side to these earphones is the blue blinking light that goes off every four seconds. At night, right before bed, i turn off all the lights and use my smart phone to watch netflix. The blinking light is too distracting, and i prefer to use different earphones. The plus side to the blinking light is that when i am out for a late night run, cars can easily see me from far. Overall, these earphones are well worth the money.

This product has great sound, and for this money, the case and replacements are a plus. However, the only reason i don’t give this product 5 stars, is because they have a very annoying beep immediately change a video you’re watching. Maybe is a software problem.

These are nice wireless earbuds, i had to return a couple ones because they fell off from my ears. I’ve used these for about a month now. The silicon fits nicely on my ears with the hooks. Bluetooth connection was quick and easy, and it gives me a voice command to let me know it’s connected. So far the battery seems to run strong, i haven’t ran out of juice yet. The earbuds have light indicators and they occasionally flashed, which is a little strange to me, i bought the white color and it looks good, slightly big but it’s ok. Sound is not spectacular, it is not noise cancelling, but i use it for exercising so i don’t mind, overall, i love it, i give it a 4 star because i think the sound quality could be better. I would definitely buy another pair.

Pros:-nice clean look-easy to operate-sound clear-came with a nice container and extra silicon ear piecescons:-the right earbud kept falling out while left one stayed. -when i jog, i could hear wind blowing. -the wireless range was short. I lost sound going from room to room in my house. I felt like this is a fine product but it didn’t work for me.

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