Shure SCL4 Single Low Mass High Energy Drive Earphone – : sound great, but with problems

But like a few other people one of the wires from the right earphone started to fray. It was within the two year warrantee so shure sent me a brand new set of scl4’s. Awesome customer service and very quick turnaroundi wrote a review on the e4’s and the same stands true for these. Amazing sound, great isolation, very comfortable. The only drawback is the wire from the headphone. Be sure to pick the correct sleeve for the proper fit, i prefer the foam. Also, i use mine on my commute, bus and train, the isolation is awesome.Having said that, don’t use these if you need to be aware of sounds around you.

I bought a pair of ec4’s from frys electronics a little less than 2 years ago. (i know this is for a review of scl4s) about 20 months into their ownership, i started getting the shorting of the right earphone as explained in other reviews. I’ve been told this is due to moisture/sweat getting into the tube. Although most of my music listening isn’t done during times i would think i would have my ears sweating, i am not too surprised. I used to buy a very high quality set of headphones from radio shack that had a 3 year extended warranty and almost surely they would break in under 3 years (ear pads dissolve, wire wears out, etc). If you use headphones often, i’d highly suggest extended warranties and/or getting one with a very good factory warranty. I understand that assuming that your headphones are disposable is kinda an expensive presumption, but it has been my experience that grado’s, sennheisers, bose, etc all suffer from prolonged usage. If you’re going to workout in them, you may wish to get a cheaper pair that you don’t feel bad about throwing away. I returned the ec4s to shure via their online return process just under the 2 year warranty. I had a new set of scl4’s within a week.

Mine pair of headphones are now 3 years old. What i like most of them is the quality of the sound and the level of isolation they offer. Shure includes a vast amount of ear tips sizes and shapes. Some ear tips can be hard/painful at the beginning. The sealing of the ear tips is so good, its almost unreal. This can be a blessing and a curse of course, just be aware when and where you use them. In the crowded train its nice that you can block out the chatter from small groups. If you forget about the isolation than people around you might wonder why you are shouting to them ;-)the sound quality itself is very good of course. I was particularly impressed with the nice sound stage. The bass is strong but surprisingly stays politely in the background. So it’s not over shadowing the mid’s to high tones. Whats also surprising is the stuff that you don’t hear with the other headphones. Its the small details that you suddenly notice that you might not have heard before.

Bought a pair of these 3 months ago online. Within 2 weeks, the left earphone crapped out with crackling sound and decreased volume compared to the right. Tried cleaning it, no better. Sent them back to shure and got a brand new pair within a week, which was nice. However, within a month, the left earphone crapped out again, very similar to first pair. I only use these to work out/run. I have actually read a similar review about the e4c’s (essentially identical) so i wonder if there is a fundamental problem with these. Needless to say, i returned the second pair and now have a brand new 3rd pair.

  • 3 years old and still going strong
  • Shure SCL-4
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Shure SCL4 Single Low Mass High Energy Drive Earphone – White

  • Tuned port for extended bass, the lightweight
  • Provides high-definition audio with remarkable isolation for performers and enthusiasts alike

Shure time and time again tops the reviews on any creditable review source. These earbuds are hands down the best electronic item i have owned from a quality, service, and reliablity standpoint. The sound quality is just second to none and all the others i have tried (sony, apple, phillips). Not to mention the service from shure, i recently send back my e4cs after 4 years of hard use (i travel quite a bit, and work out 3-4 times/wk) because one of the wires was cracking from just plain over use and temperature and moisture changes, and shure sends me back the newest model for only $100, not thats service, not to mention sent in with all information tuesday and received them back thursday, amazing service.

I’ve had the older ec-4’s which is now the scl-4 model as shure consolidated their earphone models. I was hesitant at first since i’ve never had noise isolation earphones before and it did take awhile before your ears get accustomed to something in them. You’ll need to find the proper fit with the included sleeves (the newer black foam sleeves are the best ones as the older plastic versions really s*cked). I used the medium foam which best fits into my ears. You’ll immediately get noise isolation if you properly fit your earphones. Most people complain about the noise because they did not property fit them. Once it fits, the noise reduction is astounding. It took a few days, literally, to get used to wearing them, especially when used with my ipods when i walk around everywhere. The earphone do block out most noises so be careful as you may not hear people coming up behind you or cars passing you bythe earphones do have a history of its plastic cracking near the earphone area. You can return it to shure and they’ll replace it with a new pair.

These are quality built and made to last, i’ve had mine for 3 years and still sound great. I’ve never imagined these to last so long and even to this day after all the usage i put into it.

I had scl3, loved them but lost them. Thought these would be better, turns out they were not. The sound was a little better but i recommend saving the money and going with the scl3. But out of no were the left earphone went out with crackling sound and decreased volume compared to the right, and some times switches sides.

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Shure SCL4 Single Low Mass High Energy Drive Earphone - White
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