Sentry Industries Inc. Sentry Neons Stereo Earbuds, Best earbuds ever!!

I love it,the sound it’s great.

I’ve been using them for years now and i never regret buying them. They have fantastic sound quality and i rarely, if ever, have to turn my volume up past 70% when using them, so i never worry about the sound being to quiet. However, if you’re buying earbuds for less than 6 dollars, chances are they’re going to crap out on you eventually. They’re remarkably durable, but they do have a breaking point and if you’re not careful, you’ll reach it quickly. The silver band on the body of the earbuds is where they’ve been most unreliable for me. If the adhesive around there wears off, it’s a goner. However, it’s a great product, and i’ll be buying some more shortly (i broke my last pair a few weeks ago.

I bought these at big lots a while back and they were really cheap. I needed a well-built pair of smaller earphones, i usually carry around bigger over-ear headphones, but sometimes you just can’t do that, so i needed a pair of decently built earbuds. I would have continued using the rca pair i had but one of the foam covers came off and i lost it so i had to buy a new pair. I wasn’t looking to spend much more than 5 dollars. I had bought from sentry in the past and their headphones were exceptionally cheap yet high-quality, so i figured i’d continue to buy their brand. And boy i couldn’t have been more right. These are well built and are only rivaled in comfort, sound quality, and build quality by my sandisk sansa standard headphones (tied with these for being the best earbuds of all time. ) anyhow, the sound quality is amazing, which i would speculate is due to the gold plated plug which normally will only be seen on higher-end headphones, but the connectivity of gold is far higher than any other type of jack material. Also, when they claim to have an extra chamber for ‘bass’ it’s true because they can blast music out with the 60hz and 170hz bands to full in vlc media player, as well as the third party rockbox firmware for sansa. I read another review from some other user on a pair of buds like this claiming that they fell apart and a small piece had landed inside their ear canal, causing expensive surgery and other complications, and i would just like to say in reply that this is not typical of sentry headphones.

Key specs for Sentry Neons Stereo Earbuds, HO622, Blue:

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  • Use for TV, gaming, tablets, iPods, MP3 Players, smartphones, audio books, DVD and CD players, computers, laptops and more
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms +/- 15 percent; Sensitivity: 99 +/- 3dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Comfortable in-ear 10mm driver for all-around balanced sound
  • 4 foot cord length with 3.5mm plug

Comments from buyers

“BASS for comfort on the cheap.
, The old ones were great. Bass was just right
, Buy these

I had a pair of these that lasted a few years and when they broke (throwing them in the bottom of a backpack with books on top) i was bummed and tried some similar competitors versions. Well after 3 different pairs i gave up because they just didn’t have that good of sound. These are cheap, comfortable and have good sound, especially bass. I originally bought these in a discount store here in michigan (don’t remember which) and was blown away by the quality. The ipod earbuds are a little louder but are expensive, hang (instead of push in) and don’t have that bass i like. I will probably get another pair as a backup in case they get discontinued. By the way when the original pair broke it was because i am rough and like to test stuff out, i think it was from pulling on the wires too much trying to get them out of my school backpack.

I normally don’t write reviews on amazon. I know, i know; it’s a bad habit. But for these headphones i just had to. I know, i know; probably everyone says that. I bought these about a year ago because i wanted cheap headphones and they looked fine save the review about them exploding in your ears (which isn’t true). I was really happy with them–i can’t hear anything else going on for the most part when i’m listening to music with them on, and the have great bass additions which give songs a lot of depth that you lose with traditional earbuds. They ended up breaking because one of my chubbier friends sat on them so i went without them for a few months. My brother bought me a pair of jvc earbuds or whatever which were fine, but it just felt like i was listening to music through a tin can. A month later, i was back on amazon searching for these earbuds and bought them immediately. They are so cheap and give great sound quality. They’re also really comfortable and stylish.

Can i just express how surprised i am?. I bought these in a pinch where i forgot to bring my headphones while traveling so i didn’t expect to use them but for one trip. I’m used to >$50 headphones and earbuds, but these are the only ones that actually fit in my ear and have a proper seal. Sound quality fits the $10 range, but the comfort is fantastic. There is no sound control or switch for the mic, but they are decent budget headphones.

I have used many other earphones to date; however, i have yet to find any like the neons stereo earbuds. These earphone have fantastic clarity and sound.

These blow away all of the others at 1/4 of the price. The noise cancelling properties of them is great.

I have had these for about 3 years and they have run through the wash a couple of times and still sound amazing. I do store them in a case so they wont get messed up.  case star ® black eva earphone earbuds case – clamshell style + silver climbing carabiner with case star velvet bag.

I am normally very rough on earbuds. So i stopped buying expensive ones when i would end up dropping one ear piece in the dish water or run them over with my car among others. So when i bought these at big lots for 5 bucks i expected them to last the usual month then i would be looking for another pair. Well i’ve had them 4 months now which is a record for me and accidentally left them in my gym shorts to be washed last week and after a wash and a dry cycle they still work like new.I was shocked i hope big lots has more because i’m gonna get backups.

Love the price, the sound and the look of these. Though, after about a year or two of wrapping the cord around my ipod, the sound in the left ear goes out. I have to jiggle or press the cord at the connection. I suppose i’ll be more sensitive when wrapping the connection. In other words, don’t pull it too tight.

I was skeptical about these headphones because of the price being so low. However after i got them home and tried them out i was amazed at the sound quality and noise reduction they offered. I will defiantly be order from sentry again.

The last pair of good earbuds i bought were broken & the company that made them wasn’t making good buds anymore. I bought 5 different brands & none of them made me happy. These were the 6th & they’re fantastic. Good bass is so important especially when the volume is high. W/o it, whatever you’re playing shreiks. These have good bass, quality sound & they’re comfortable. I ordered 3 more pairs to put away for later. I’m so relieved that i found an inexpensive pair that i liked.

I didn’t buy these online, i got them from big lots for $5, but they’re still the same product. Earbuds in general suck because they don’t last very long (very flimsy, easy to lose, etc. But for some headphones that don’t last very long, i’ve had them for a long while. Even now, when the wires are exposed and one ear is dying out faster than the other, they are still pushing through. They’re pretty good with keeping outside noise outside and keeping your music just to you, and they come in many colors. These are the best for what they’re worth. Why pay $10 for some crappy ipod headphones that leak sound, when you can get these more comfortable ones that keep the noise where its supposed to be?.

Sentry earphones are great for the price and sound really good. I have had many different models of sentry and i really love them. I just ordered another pair. They may not sound like the best, but for the money, they are exceptional.

Well, i have tried all the brands, and these particular ear buds are consistantly superior. They are marked ‘r’ and ‘l’ and really give me a true stereo effect at a very reasonable cost. I’m hard on my electonics and these hold up, give you a full bass beat and true stereo sound. This is my third set (little gremlins seem to make them disappear) you too will love the high voltage blow out or quiet sounds in full separate left and right ear sound.

Sound is good and clear, love it.

I ordered one and since have purchased three more. The price makes them great for gifts. You can’t tell that they’re not expensive ones. They have 32 ohms instead of the usual 16 ohms. I use mine for listening to books on tapes. They use less power so my batteries last longer. They also come in different colors, which i have one of each.

So i got the blue ones and they are definitely not blue. The ones in the picture match the color of the package but the ones i got definitely don’t.

These are the best sound quality is excellent. These buds are great to bad the didn’t come with a mic.

Really awesome sound quality.

Got them cheap at big lots because they are a gorgeous blue, and i really only need them to listen to music and such at work. I’m checking them here at home tonight, and while i know i am a bass addict and goth music is bass heavy so the lack is more noticeable than on other music, it seems these almost lose some of the really deep notes that should be the heaviest. Comfortable enough, pretty clear sound where it’s there, but the ‘extra bass’ just isn’t there. Worth the money, if you are listening to most average music. Just don’t expect headphone quality.

I wasn’t sure what to think for a no name breand but i got them for my son and he nsays there good, but we will see in a wk or less cause he will have something to say about them since he goes though them that fact unless there really good and then maybe a month. I heard the sound and they were ok for me but i am picky and cheap.

I ordered 2 pair of these , one pair works fine but the other pair only works for the right ear.

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