Sennheiser Cx 175 Street Line Headphones : Great Sound for the Price

Good value for superior sound.

Sennheiser is a well respected brand or at least they were in the 70s when i grow up. I bought these to use on long airline flights because airline headphones are just crap. Nice crisp treble and even booming bass from such a small headphone.I love them and they were very affordable. I just leave them in my backpack so i always have them on the plane.

Had these for 3 years now, but the left earbud just stopped working while i was listening to a song today. I suppose it serves me right for not caring enough to store them in a protective case, so they actually lasted very long for the way i treated them (just threw them carelessly in my bag). The sound quality is superb; i still can’t believe how closely it competes with my sennheiser hd 598’s, which are semi-audiophile full-ear headphones. This purchase is a no-brainer in my books.

One of the best earbuds i’ve ever purchased. Strong bass, crisp sound, and very durable. I prefer earbuds with deep bass and that’s exactly what these deliver. If you’re not one for bass, these probably aren’t ideal for you.

  • CX175 Value 80% for midrange clarity at price. Very dangerous for those who love bass.
  • Great earbuds

Sennheiser Cx 175 Street Line Headphones (Black) Ear-canal In-ear Headphones Special Gift for Good One Fast Shipping Ship Worldwide (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Powerful Bass-Driven Sound
  • High powered dynamic speaker systems for an outstanding audio performance
  • Ear adapters in different sizes for excellent ear canal fit and ambient noise attenuation
  • Clad in an attractive appearance, the CX 175 ear canal phones are no less than charming. Offering an outstanding audio performance, thanks to their high powered dynamic speaker systems, they also include various ear adapter sets for excellent fit and ambient noise attenuation.

Had a pair in the past and loved them, but decided to get another fresh pair just because of some cosmetic damage. Although, i do recommend a case or something to keep from the easy tangling.

I use them at the office, when i need to break away for an hour or so (not suitable for tasks that include phone calls since they don’t have a mic).

So good i didn’t need the amplifier i got at the same time.

These are great in ear headphones. They have a great bass quality and the sound is amazing.

Sennheiser is a great brand. Quality products at all price ranges. You cant beat these for the price. I’ve had expensive earbuds and cheapies. These are great middle of the road earbuds and they are really good value for money. I had a pair before and they lasted me about a year with lots of wear and tear. This time they came with leather case so i’m hoping that will extend their life this time around. For the money, these are great.

These are phenomenal, i just wish they hadn’t been discontinued. Stocking up on a couple of replacements just in case. These should be a sennheiser legacy item.

For $20 these sound great (compare to most $40-60 competitors). They do appear a bit thin but so far so good.

Product was a defective model, but thankfully a refund was allowed. If your not an audiophile get itif you are one the mid range(instrumentals/vocals) feels recessed, good deep bass, and high trebles. Caution: at full volume you will hear hissing in the highs that will cause you physical pain in your eardrums. Burn in these earphones for a better audio response.

Current price $30 amazonvalue for money: 80% due to good clarity in midrange. Bass: no extension below 60 hz. Treble: good up to 6 khzimpact: low speed in the bass department, deficient. Using frequency equalization to improve the sound does not work. These earphones like to be run flat. 10 db bass equalization at 32 helps some. Can run quite loud, and the tendency is to boost volume to acquire bass. If you like bass, don’t go here, run away, as these will literally damage your ears. These are a bit like an old-fashioned radio with treble extension. Product information says:* “powerful bass-driven stereo sound. ”verdict: not true at all.

When it comes to earbuds, the only brand my husband will consider is sennheiser. I personally do fine with the panasonic earbuds that i buy on amazon for less than $10, but my husband is seriously ocd about sound quality and having the perfect amount of bass. He had a pair of cx150 earbuds before and our toddler got a hold of them and ruined them. When i was looking for a replacement i saw these on sale and grabbed them. At first he was upset because these were cx175 and he wanted exactly what he had before but once he tried them he agreed they were just as good as his other pair. I usually can’t tell the difference between one pair of earbuds and another when it comes to sound quality, but even i have to admit these do sound good. Actually much better than what i use. I may be switching to these in the near future when my current earbuds wear out. If someone who is as ocd about his earbuds as my husband is approves of these, i know they are among the best you can get without spending an arm and a leg.

Probably on the most sensitive earphones i have ever heard. Clear highs without distortion.

From the highs to lows, these buds perform. I got them at a reduced price since this model has been discontinued and/or superseded by an upgraded model. I can’t imagine how good that newer model might be. I bought these to replace an older pair of klipsch phones that i paid $60+ for and these sound every bit as good to my ears.

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Sennheiser Cx 175 Street Line Headphones (Black) Ear-canal In-ear Headphones Special Gift for Good One Fast Shipping Ship Worldwide (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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