Section 8 Pink Floyd Ear Buds : Three Stars

The sound is great and full volume is pretty loud so it’s very easy to just drown in music with these 🙂 i love them great investment, haven’t had any problems with them yet.

Pink floyd ear buds it’s an awesome fan gift, great sound, excellent looking, perfect packing, is a unique product at a great price and extreme quality.

Section 8 Pink Floyd Ear Buds

  • Frequency: 20-20,000 Hz
  • 16 OHM Impedance
  • 1.2 Meters Cord
  • Gold Plated Plug Material

Just like all ear phones they broke within a week. The stupid female chord always craps out on one earphone. Other than that great quality.

It was a great gift that’s boyfriend like however, the case it came in was cracked.

The headphones look very cool and have a nice sound, but they are a little heavy on the bass in my opinion. Sometimes it was hard to hear the singer if there was a lot of bass.

Section 8 Pink Floyd Ear Buds : This is a true pink floyd earbud its a perfect gift for all. What to get more for my friends.

These earbuds are just totally awesome, i really enjoy them, mow i can jam and show some love 🙂 great sound and superior quaility.

The decals and the coloring of the metal (brass, blue) look wonderful. The material used to insulate the chord, something that feels like rounded shoelaces, makes them easy to untangle after they’ve been in your pocket. It also prevents them from tangling as much as a plastic or rubber insulated pair. The sound quality is alright, not the best i’ve heard (for that, try panasonic rphje120a in-ear headphone). It’s about the same level of quality as the earbuds that come with an iphone. Also, i have very small ear canals, and while they had different sizes for the rubber piece that goes around the speaker, both buds have the same cylindrical shape so it won’t matter which ear you put them in. That’s a nice feature, but i like the more specific shape that fit snuggly into each ear. These slip out of my ears on occasion. The look makes them great for a pink floyd fan, but the sound makes them less than desirable for anyone else. I’ll keep them, but i usually choose other pairs of headphones over this one. I keep them in my back pack in case i forget to grab my good ones on the way out the door. The case they come in is great. Instead of cheap, throw away packaging or including a little draw string pouch like some manufacturers do, they are in a durable plastic case that is made to replicate the case to a cassette tape, although it is a bit bigger and much more sturdily built than that.

For them for my brother he doesn’t wear them but he has them for like souvenir ?. He’s a weirdo so i don know it they work.

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Section 8 Pink Floyd Ear Buds
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