Scosche IUHP3 Sport Ear Buds : Pretty Good

I bought this in the hopes of being able to wear sunglasses and have the earbuds stay in and to my suprise and they did both. The under teh ear design is what makes this product so good for me so far.

I use for running outdoors and exercizing in the gym. Have held up extremely well in wet sweaty conditions. Foam bud covers don’t last very long but they are still confortable and work well for me.

Scosche IUHP3 Sport Ear Buds (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • sport design to be worn over the ear or under the ear when wearing glasses
  • non-tangling 3′ 5″ audio cable for enhanced mobility
  • supports all audio players with 3.5mm head phone jack
  • sweat resistant rubber ear bud jackets

This is a no frills behind-the-neck set of headphones that does the job. I’ve got small ears and these fit very well. **ratings are on a 10 point scale**sound- 7comfort- 7durability- 8cord- 5style- 5.

Not sure why these were discontinued, except that they do not have a speaker for making calls, but they are awesome.

Reviews mostly say that this is a good product for the price, which i agree. I did not expect awesome sound for this price. I plan on reducing the stars to 3 or less if this does not last me at least 6 months (it may not). Most products now are designed to fall apart after the warranty period so that we go and buy another one. Every set of headphones ive had in the last few years breaks way too soon. I remember when i was a teenager, headphones actually lasted years. The wire is not shielded (like most headphones) and thus it could allow ou to hear interfearence.

Scosche IUHP3 Sport Ear Buds (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I bought this at seven dollars and seventy-nine cents (does amazon censor numeric prices?). My rating is based on performance at this price. I was looking for a behind-the-neck design that isn’t ‘sport’ colored (neon?). I can’t speak for quality of sound reproduction, because i don’t care. I’m plugging into a smartphone or an ipod touch, and i seriously doubt that the codecs and hardware are built for audiophile quality. I’ll say this: there are no pops or distortion, at least not due to the headphones. One additional pleasant surprise: the cord attaches at one side (compared to those headphones which have the split cord going to each ear). Update (7/27/2011): there’s a rubber jacket around each bud to cover a seam. One of the jackets came off and now is lost.

I actually bought this by accident. I meant to buy the regular over the head headphones but ended up with this around the neck. The fit is perfect and the rubber is pretty strong so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break anytime soon. The sound quality is pretty good not excellent but pretty good.

Luego de analizar las opciones de compra de audifonos al cuello/nuca, me decidi por estos, ya que son sencillos y aparte de esto el cable que conecta al 3. 5mm de mi mp3 es uno solo y no dos cables como la mayoria, opcion que decidio mi compra, el unico incoveniente es que a veces te irrita/molesta el oido, esto quiere decir que esta bien pero solo para escuchar por un limitado tiempo. Me hubiese gustado que tuviera control de volumen incorporado, lo cual seria fantastico para mis expectativas. Mi recondacion para las companias que producen audifonos seria que todos, todos absolutamente vengan con control de volumen incorporado. Dicho sea de paso, tuve que comprar aparte un control de la marca koss que tiene un clip para poner en el cinturon. Recomiendo estos auriculares, aunque son de plastico pero parecieren como si fuera una sola parte sin uniones. Otra cosa, estos auriculares reemplazan a unos parecidos (koss)que habia comprado en amazon, pero con el tiempo se rompieron los enganches que sujetan al oido y ademas eran de un disenio tosco; en cambio, estos no, son muy flexibles (cosa muy importante) y no se quiebran.

Purchased for my wife’s birthday and she loves them. She does not like ear buds because they keep falling out,.

I was paying 3 times more for another brand and replacing them every 6 months or so because 1 ear bud would stop working. I wear these for running and they are comfortable even with sunglasses on, have good sound, and if they break after 6 months these are more affordable to replace.

I had a similar pair of these that i got from 24 hour fitness. I kept getting shocked while i ran on the treadmill at the gym. I still don’t know if it was static build-up from running on the rubber mat or maybe it was getting shorted out from all the sweat. Honestly i have not tried these on the treadmill yet but the sound is great. In my view easier and more user-friendly than ear buds. Apparently i have one ear canal that is slightly small than the other and i have not found ear buds that fit my ear well. With these you don’t have to worry about that. And it is easy to pull one ear out and keep listening or wear them around your neck when you need to stop and talk with some of the neighbor folks stopping by as i wear them doing yard work out front. If they break then they will be cheap and easy to replace thanks to amazon and many other people that provided their reviews for me to read before i purchased.

I prefer the ‘around the back’ headphones for running. I had a pair of the nike headphones that wrap around the back, but they eventually went out. So i got these and these are much better.

My husband wears these running and says they are very comfortable and have great sound quality. For the price, these are a great deal.

I use it when i run and it really is great. Its sweat resistant and quality of sound is great, besides the buds stay in my ears the whole time im running. I recommend for a low end price at 19. 99 i don’t think there is better.

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Scosche IUHP3 Sport Ear Buds (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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