Rocketfish Mobile Over-the-Ear Sport Stereo Headset / RF-CNA2, The best earphones I’ve had, but requires cleaning.

The headset and microphone both work very well, especially at that price point. The only problem that i have is that the neoprene earbud attachments keep falling off (3 in two weeks) and i am probably going to run out at some point and will have to purchase replacements, if that’s even available.

This headset is a good combination of ear bud style with over-the-ear design that stays in place when exercising. The sound is not highest quality, but for active use, it works very well. This is my second pair, so i can keep onefor travel and one for other uses. The headset i received was the rf-cna3, not rf-cna2, but that turned outto be good. The 3 is 3 mm for iphone use, which is what i wanted. The 2 is 2 mm for smaller headset jacks.

I received these headphones in an online mystery box order. Since the box it came in was so beat up, i assumed that these were of poor quality. My friend had borrowed my old sony headphones the day before, so i was forced to use these. I was very surprised to find that they are extremely comfortable and fit very well. The ear fittings effectively block most outside noise. I ride the subway everyday and i don’t hear much of anything that’s going on. I also don’t have to jack up the volume when i’m on the subway. The audio quality was also very good for a pair like these. Good enough for me to stop using my sony bass earbuds. The bass in the rocketfish set is quite good.

Key specs for Rocketfish Mobile Over-the-Ear Sport Stereo Headset Black/Red RF-CNA2:

  • Compatible with most mobile phones with a 2.5mm headset jackAlso compatible with most mobile phones with a 3.5mm headset jack via the included adapter, allowing you to make hands-free calls and listen to your favorite music.
  • Over-the-ear design: Along with small, medium and large earpieces for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Stereo audio support: Delivers crystal-clear sound to enliven music and ensure crisp voice reception.
  • Magnetic clip: Helps reduce cord clutter for compact storage and easy portability.
  • What model phone does this fitMost cell phones with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio jack

Comments from buyers

“Very nice. If you want over the ear, verrry nice.
, Impressed with the headphones at a great price
, Fragile, not ergonomically perfect, but a good value

These headphones are still working well after three months. I used them running a half marathon and on an airplane.

I liked the over the ear design and the smallest size ear cups fit my ears well. Good sound as well, my phone needs a 2. 5mm jack and the adapter (3. 5) was a little loose is my only complaint.

I got these headphones so i can listen to my ipod touch while jogging with my dog. I needed something that would fit well into the ear and not keep falling off all the time. I also wanted something reasonably sturdy. Unfortunately, sturdy this product is not. It took only a little tug from my dog and the wire simply snapped on the very first day i got these. Luckily i had ordered an extra pair fearing exactly this outcome. I have handled the second pair with a lot more care and so far it has been working out well. The sound quality seems decent (i mostly listen to podcasts not music). The fit on the ear is not perfect it does need some readjustment every once in a while, but it is not too bad. Overall not perfect but a good value.

The sound quality is average, but the comfort is what i really like about them. They’re bendable and have different sized earbud pads. They stay put even when running and fit perfectly in a motorcycle helmet without need for constant adjustment. They’re loud and not piercing which is great. I will definitely be ordering another pair as a backup but they seem pretty durable anyway. Oh and the cellphone microphone that’s built in.

These will actually stay in my ears. There is only one small drawback. Sound quality is below average. Since these are the only earphones that will stay in my ears for a run, they still score well with me.

I bought these a few weeks ago and worked perfectly, the only thing is that they arrived damaged. The seller gave me refund and was very polite to and i love that. I will purchase a second pair and hopefully they will not be punctured. They are comfortable and the sound quality if great, they are keepers and a must have, specially for the gym.

They fit well, except i feel they are more for a man’s ear rather than a womens. But i think thats standard with the type. I really do like them anyways.

Well worth the money, considering what everything else costs. Just touch the microphone bug and it answers the phone, i think. (i almost never get phone calls. ) i have to have over-the-ear because earbud always fall out of my ears. (am i built differently?) but since they make them, i’m in good shape. That little thing that looks like a mitten with no thumb is a magnetic and meant to hold the wires in place when it’s wrapped up. It’s been a year but i rarely use the phone and more rarely use these, but i think folding the wires 3 or 4 times leaves them easier to straighten out than wrapping in a circle did.

Stay put and don’t hurt my ears like a lot of them do.

I was looking for a new headset for my video phone and these are perfect; comfortable fit; great sound and reasonable in price. I’m thinking of replacing my ipod headset with these. I’d recommend this headset product as a great replacement.

These are my favorite head phones of all time the bend and stay that way to really fit my ear when i work out and you can not beat the price for them either love them.

Cord material makes them tangle easily.

For a very lost price, this headset works great. I do wish it came with more replacement ear pieces though. It comes with one size bigger and smaller than the stock size, but there is only one of each so you can’t replace both ear pieces.

For the price of this headphones, it’s outstanding. Sound quality is not the best but it’s not bad. It’s actually better than mediocre. But hey, wake up if you’re expecting a sound quality that compares to a $200 headphones and whatnot. It serves it’s purpose and it’s serves very well. The microphone works perfect and you can click twice on the microphone to go to the next song or pause. The one thing i love about it is that it’s compatible with siri (iphone 4s). Get it and you wont regret it.

My boyfriend had been looking for this exact type for awhile. However, the product box (not the outer shipping box) was really crushed & doesn’t present well if it’s a gift. The cords also have quite a few hard kinks in them.

Rich bass, decent quality, and low profile (meaning almost no sound leakage so others around you can’t hear) these are the best i’ve ever had and look at the price. These come with a microphone and a call/end call button (also works as a play/pause button tested on ipod classic 120 gb) one problem that can be easily fixed is that sometimes you move the headphone jack to get the right quality (this problem can be easily fixed because the jack is bent a little, just bend it back in place and you’re ready to go. ) these require cleaning if not careful about earwax buildup. If the sound is blocked, follow these steps. Fill up a container with soapy water (i used green works soap w/ tap water)2. Dip only the tips of the earphones and hold them in for a few minutes3. Take them out and lay them face up to dry. Once dried, listen to the great sound you heard beforetake it from me, because not even rocketfish customer service will have cleaning solutions, and they don’t take warrenties with amazon.

The design in these headphones is just amazing. I have gone out jogging, weight training and just used them for every day use and the just wont come off like other headsets. Its design snugs comfortably in my ear and it is hands down the best i have tried. The only downside is the cable is a bit fragile (i can already see the wear and tear in mine).

They fit my ears well, unlike some of the other over the ear headphones i have gotten, which is good. It seems like the sound is a little tinny though, and the earbuds fall off more than any other headphones i’ve had, even the. Update: a little less than 6 months later, and they are broken.

I really liked the product i got, but i was bummed when the right head phone started to go out. I emailed the seller, and in less that 24 hours got a phone call back letting me know they’d replace the product asap. I got it in expediated mail a few days later. So far this second pair has been great, but the customer service is what really brought it over the top for me. It’s always a risk buying electronics and especially over the internet, this experience has given me much respect for this company and i will definitely buy from them again, thanks.

These head phones work really well. The only bad thing is that after maybe 6 months the plug starts acting funny and then after another 3-6 months from there’s they crap out. The good thing is they are super cheap so to get 6 months to a year is good enough to me.

My ears are not compatible with earbuds. I had to replace my original b/c they were stolen, but they are great.

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