Rocketfish – Fire Earbud Headphones – : I like them

I first found the rocketfish fire by accident at a large electronics retailer, and was pleasantly shocked by the high performance for the low price. This large retailer discontinued them. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if it is because these were too good, and might challenge higher priced sales. Anyway, over the past year or so, i have ordered a dozen of them for family and friends, and they all have been amazed. This order was placed so that i have a couple pair for when my current ones wear out.

These earbuds are everything . I ordered them on the 28th and they were here on the 31st. The estimated delivery was on september 4th. I bought mine used which aren’t really used. They just aren’t in the original packaging. 66 a peice for five sets with free shipping . The company i ordered from also answered all my question quickly and accurately. The sound quality of the ear buds are wonderful.

Rocketfish – Fire Earbud Headphones – Black

  • 9mm Neodymium magnet drivers
  • In-line microphone
  • 20Hz – 12kHz frequency response
  • 16 ohms impedance
  • 92B/mW sensitivity

The earbuds are pretty sturdy and then sound that comes out of them are great. My favorite feature is the button on the wire that allows you to stop, play, rewind, fast forward and speed up music and podcasts.

Still some of the best low cost buds on the market. Low range is excellent, a little fuzzy on some highs but clean overall and a good fit to the ear. On my third pair in 4 years, but i’m hard on headphones.

I dropped them in coffee they still worked. They take tons of sweat from running and still work. The mic is clear on speakerphone. I’ve bought a lot of pairs of cheap and expensive earphones but these are by far the best at any price range.

Rocketfish – Fire Earbud Headphones – Black : When these arrived (early, at that), i just opened the package like what the heck, but once i tested these earbuds, my mind was blown away–if you’ll excuse the pun. Honestly, i’m surprised these are high quality. My mother bought her different earbuds that were about $12, but these are so much better than hers. I always tease her about it. Great deal for great quality.

These headphones a great for the price. I bought it used – like new and works perfectly fine. Mic is still functioning and the sound quality is just amazing.

I got this product earlier than expected and when i first tried it with my ipod i was amazed by the sound it produced. It sounded really good and the changeable ear pieces were a nice touch. I tested the mic with my phone and it worked as well. I can say it’s great for it’s price.

These are the only earbuds that will pretty much stay put in my ears when i use them. Good sound quality, and pretty rugged. The rubber pieces don’t fall off, ever, unlike earbuds with the stretchy mesh covers. You’ll need to clean them with a q-tip dipped in alcohol every once it a while, but it’s much better than replacing mesh covers that tear or get dirty.

I’m not an audiophile per se, so there’s probably something to be desired as far as the sound quality goes, but i’ve definitely heard worse from even more expensive brands. I liked having the microphone built in so i can hook it into my phone and use it as a headset (i could never keep up with charging my bluetooth). I’ve never heard any complaints about the quality of the microphone so there’s not much else i can say about it. The best part of these headphones is the rubbery earbuds. There are various sizes to fit your ears comfortably and i rarely had these simply fall out of my ears. My expensive beats audio headphones are falling out constantly and i’m not impressed with the sound of those any more than these cheap ones. If it’s one thing that’s a pet peeve of mine it’s headphones that don’t stay in or hurt after long periods, these do neither. My one complaint, and reason for my less-than-perfect rating, is the length (4. There are some cases when i want a long cord, like if i’m plugged into a pc tower that’s kind of far away, but if i’m walking around with my phone or mp3 player they are insanely annoying.

Normally i wouldn’t review a product that i just grabbed off the value clearance section at an electronic’s store, but there’s something that separates these pair of headphones from any other ones i’ve bought – durability. I’ve owned these headphones for over a year now, outlasting any of my other sony, klipsch, denon, beyerdynamic, bose, razer, monster (dr. Dre) in-ears and over the ear headphones. Even though the driver compartment came off when i first took them out of the box, they still held up. I snapped it back into place and they worked perfectly fine from then on. For the value, i can’t complain about the sound other than that the bass is overpowering, which means that the high end won’t annoy or fatigue your ears. The cable is extremely sturdy (compared to the other ones i’ve owned), which has been a huge factor when buying headphones – for me that is. I used ear tips from other earbuds that i owned to get more comfort out of them, so i’m not sure how the stock eartips are. There’s a few places that show wear and tear, but it’s nothing a bit of electrical tape or super glue wouldn’t fix. I’m just happy that they’ve lasted me this long, so if you’re in the market for any headphones, i’d recommend these.

Too bad they are now discontinued.

Bought as a gift, so can’t directly speak to the quality, but arrived timely, as advertised. No complaints from recipient.

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Rocketfish - Fire Earbud Headphones - Black
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