PSB M4U-4 BLK M4U 4 High Definition in-Ear Monitors Headphones – amazing headphones for the price

Takes a day or two to break in. Clarity and separation are top notch and these iem’s have a nice big soundstage. They stay in the ear very well (even when on a treadmill) and there is no microstatic. Bass is very clear, but not overpowering, and the midrange is nice and silky. No annoying brightness from treble, either. These sound just as good, or better, than the $300 final audio iem’s that i replaced after a second defective pair.

I owned psp m4u 2 and now is m4u 4. This is the best of in ear compare to bowers wilkins c5 series 2, bose in ear. Signature roomfeel make sounds like from a speakers placed in a perfect room and you are in there.

Very nice sounding product, couldn’t ask for anything more. Sound reproduction and fit comfort excellent. Here are the specifications for the PSB M4U-4 BLK M4U 4 High Definition in-Ear Monitors Headphones:

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  • Two-way hybrid dual-driver design with moving Coil dynamic low frequency driver, balanced Armature high frequency driver and precision crossover network
  • Made-for-iPhone Certified
  • Two tangle-free, detachable cables, one with in-line remote, microphone, and telephone controls
  • 1/4” stereo and 1/8” dual input Flight adaptors
  • Comes with small, medium and large Comply foam() tx-200 ear tips with wax guard, plus convenient protective travel case with carabineer travel clip
  • Frequency Response – LF Cutoff -10dB – 10Hz to 20kHz, LF Cutoff -3dB – 15Hz to 20kHz and Within ±1.5dB – 20Hz to 20,000Hz and Impedance – 16 Ohms

Amazing headphones for the price. I only gave 4 stars because i have had trouble getting the foams/ear tips to fit properly, they never make a good seal for me. Im looking into some different options. But wow do these sound great when you get the right seal.

I’ve tried many, many (good) in-ears, and these are easily the best. Some audiophile review sites prefer the shure se 425. I tried them, and the sound seemed harsh to me, but that was long ago, so, i can’t say. However, these are over $100 less, and they sound like pure heaven. The separation of detail across the soundstage is spectacular, the bass is punchy without being overwhelming, and the highs are pleasantly crisp without going sibilant. Leading to the mids–where most headphones are a bit weak is the rich tonality of a woodwind or brass–these present the full range solidly, and with balance in a unified way, without the donut hole of played-down mid-range that some units display. I will note that i spent several weeks being underwhelmed, strictly due to my choice of tips.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stop looking! You are done! Don’t spend any more or any less.
  • Best headphones under $600.
  • Not ideal for portable use

These are outstanding monitors for the price. I used the savings to buy a chord mojo dac/headphone amp to drive them and the clarity and detail i get is extraordinary. Recently i did a 1-1 comparison with a friend driving his westone w60s without an amp, directly from his phone/laptop and my set up at a lower overall price produced better results. Psb didn’t use any of the industry standard cable connectors and designed their own, which is sad. It is not a bad connector, like a mmcx with a smaller diameter. But what’s unfortunate is that you won’t be able to find a single 3rd party cable brand that can build a cable with this connector. Fortunately they do include a spare cable with a mic and remote on it. You also get a nice case, silicone tips and some adapters for plane and 1/4 inch jacks.

I tried many many headphones before these. Some had great midrange (shure) but poor highs with no real ‘air’. Some had good bass but bad midrange etc. I thought i would give it one more try. I sold audio for a number of years and psb was one of my favorite brands. The sound just seems to emanate from your head. They are very comfortable and seal out noise quite well. They have a dynamic sound with clear highs, great midrange and plenty of bass. I enjoy them as much as my bowers and wilkins p7.

I bought these as a backup to my westone w50s (which cost $600 when i purchased them). These headphones are a little larger, so not quite as comfortable as the westones. The sound quality is not quite on par with the westones, but considering the price differential these are quite a bargain. The sound quality is quite respectable and at a price far below the westones. If i had it to do over again, i would probably just buy these and save the $600 i spent on the westones.

You are going to need to listen to your whole music collection again. You won’t even recognize some songs. I wish i could put exclamation points after each sentencei’ve owned sennheiser ie80’s (victim to a teething puppy) and etymonic er4s. These have better soundstage than the ie80’s and better accuracy then the er4s. When i say better soundstage than the ie80’s i am really saying something to my mind. To me soundstage is all about the music not being centered in your head but hearing the music all around you. It’s not just the fact that you hear a vocal in the right ear and a sax in the left. It’s like the sax is on the left and standing 3 feet behind the vocalist. It’s supposed to be like very good speakers set up correctly in a room. If i had speakers this good and set up right i’d be unemployed right now because i couldn’t leave the living room. I now hear base lines like never before. It’ seems like you can hear the base player’s hand as it touches the string before the note is even played.Listening to radio head’s ok computer i hear silence between notes and this is likely the most layered record i own.

As usual psb blows the competition out of the water. These little earbuds absolutely [email protected]$$. The earbuds are fully capable of providing plenty of the correct punch (bass, mid, highs) across the board. I listened to these earbuds through a large succession of music and they nailed each genre dead on. If you like anything from ozzy osbourne, lamb of god, depeche mode, or linda ronstadt, these little suckers have the amazing power, transparency, and overall listening comfort to be a must buy.

What else can i say, these are music to my ears. Compared to my westone 3’s these are just as good if not slightly better. Great bottom end, fantastic highs and nice mids. You do have to push them to get the optimal sound.

Very recommendable earphones from canadian manufacturer psb. Some bass emphasized that no swollen root as with other manufacturers. Clear high and a very natural soundstage. Overall a great performance. Also for hifi fans the somewhat impressive bass tracks, without the bass is too much. This is precisely the psb succeeded. Headset variant, what it with 99. 99% of all other producers, but there are expensive must be purchased.

I replaced the $1700 audeze lcd-x with the $180 nad viso hp50, so i’m clearly a believer in paul barton’s ‘roomfeel’ headphone tuning philosophy. Naturally i was curious to see how that sound translated to in-ears, but unfortunately these didn’t sound much more spacious or open than the shure se215-cl sound isolating earphones with single dynamic microdriver. I’ve been using in-ears for many years, so i understand the importance of getting a proper seal. As is so often true, none of the included silicone tips fit, but fortunately the spinfit cp100-l – patented silicone eartips for replacement (2 pairs, large size) (3. ) i had on hand fit perfectly. Unfortunately, i can’t say the same about the overall housing and wire design. The non-moldable ear loops are fiddly and annoying, and the multi-driver design results in a housing that’s too big to rest comfortably against the concha and a massive nozzle that can’t be inserted deeply into the ear canal. So what about the sound quality?.I was prepared to forgive all weaknesses in fit and finish if the sound was spectacular, but it wasn’t, at least not played straight out of a phone. I found these earphones to be extremely recording-dependent: on some recordings, they blew the shures straight out of the water (treble micro-detail and bass impact are both very impressive), while on others the shures actually sounded better. Played directly from my phone’s headphone jack, the psbs struggled to get loud enough across all frequencies, leading to an unpleasantly recessed midrange, which made vocal and instrumental music sound cold and strange. My suspicion is that these require an amp to really sound their best, but i didn’t bother to try that because i’m not going to commute with a headphone amp in my pocket. If you’re in the market for earphones for desktop listening with an amp, i’d say these are worth checking out, but for commuting, the shure se215 is still the gold standard: they get loud easily and evenly, they’re great for all genres of music, they’re light, comfortable, and durable, and they isolate from outside noise exceptionally well.

I own several sets of in-ear monitors and the psb m4u 4 are, without a doubt, the best of the bunch. The sound they produce is similar to the bowers & wilkins c5 series 2 only with a much wider soundstage. These in-ears are my first experience with psb and i assumed the touted ‘roomfeel’ technology was a gimmick. Roomfeel works and the wider soundstage is the proof. The only word that i can think of to describe the sound is spacious. The sound, to my ears at least, is comparable to wearing a good pair of over-ear headphones. As if that weren’t enough psb ups the ante even further by including premium comply t-200 isolation tips made from super-soft memory foam. These high-quality tips cause little to no irritation and i find that i can wear the m4u4s all day and never experience any discomfort. The same can’t be said for the cheap, rubber tips that come with most earbuds these days.

Dude, you need to get these.

Yes, very clean sound reproduction. Listening to eminence front by the who via spotify on an ipad.

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