Polk Audio Nue Era Headphones – Tortoiseshell/ – Three Stars

Got these after i needed replacements. Did the ratings research and found my best price on amazon. Several ear pieces are included. They fit well and do not fall out.

Consumers report rated these very highly, and they are. Very clear mid and very low bass. The design of the distal end is odd and not everyone is going to like rotating them to keep out of contact with your outer ear. 7 different ends are a nice touch. I ordered on friday, and got them on sunday via us mail. But,i am a working professional and these go into a backpack in a separate pocket. I used them once for an hour and a half and loved them. Then i showed them to my father who also really liked them. He listened to them for several minutes.

This headphones honestly sound amazing. I had klipsch s4i headphones and i just wanted to buy a new pair of headphones to compare. The noise isolation is actually amazing. You cannot hear the sound of the engine during air travel. The sound is nice and rich with an good sounding bass for the headphone size. Here are the specifications for the Polk Audio Nue Era Headphones – Tortoiseshell/:

  • VALUE – Lightweight style, comfort, iOS connectivity and true audiophile performance in a reasonably-priced headphone option.
  • SOUND – Experience big sound, with surprisingly deep bass, from an astonishingly small driver engineered with patented Polk technologies that tune out bad sounds before they get to your ear.
  • STYLE & COMFORT – Accented Tortoise or Black finishes match your personal accessories, and stay put comfortably with Secure-Fit custom-molded in-ear tips. So natural you may forget you’re wearing them!
  • CONNECTIVITY – Ergonomic 3-button controller and built-in microphone on a lightweight, adjustable cable, gives you instant access to your iOS device for on-the-fly audio and phone control.
  • PEDIGREE – For over 40 years, Polk has engineered high performance audio products at great prices.

The sound is great when you have the right buds attached. I bought these in the airport before a flight. I could not even hear the flight attendant. I immediately ordered them for a gift when i landed. However, over the 2 months, i have lost 4 buds from the stem – never to be found. It comes with lots of sizes of foam bud attachments and you will need them, but they won’t all fit as well unfortunately.

As an audiophile who is under a tight budget, these are pretty good headphones. You get what you pay for though, and these are no $100-150+ in ear headphones. With that said, everything worked on my headphones (bought refurbished) as it was supposed to. The microphone is sensitive and the speakers produce a pleasant range of sound. The treble is clean, the mid range is resonant and clear, but the bass is minimal. These headphones feel robustly made and are sturdy. They also come in a nice cloth bag to prevent tangling. Most importantly though, they are comfortable, if large, in your ears. I have an lg g3 and it worked well with it (it also worked on my girlfriends htc one m8. ) so, these will likely work well with most smartphones and tablets.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The Tips Make All the Difference
  • Disappointing
  • Cheaply made, unimpressive sounding.

These polk audio ear buds where recommended by consumer reports but, unfortunately broke within 3 weeks.

Awesome sound, i never knew what it was that i had been missing all these years. Always thinking how can there be much difference in those little earbuds, and their technology. Let me tell you i just open pandora’s box i’m afraid as i might just start looking up the ladder of techno magic just to see what else there is out there for me to find. My extreme complements, and thanks to polk, and to their engineering department.

Great clarity when talking on my cell phone. Test: walked on a busy street on a windy day talking with my elderly father that is slightly hard of hearing. Didn’t mention to my father that i was on headphones but asked if he could hear me ok. He not only said yes but said i was clearer then ever before on my phone. Had no background noise i sounded crystal clear. After that – i was convinced that this product was a keeper.

Very good sound balance and sound quality but even at low volumes everyone knows exactly what i am listening to. For the money there should be better isolation. Still they work great for home use.

The first pair of polks that i ordered were defective as the right ear piece didn’t work at all. Thanks to amazon, my son had his birthday present replaced within days, and they work excellent. These headphones first caught my eye as i as reading consumer reports, and they rate them at the top along with another great brand that costs $350. I have other polk products and love the sound that is produced. These headphones are no different. The sound quality is superb. Thanks polk, and thanks amazon.

First, the sound of this polk nue era is excellent. It sounds smooth, clear, very pleasing to hear. The bass is perfect; you will hear the bass when there is bass in the music. I experienced this after a 90 plus hour of burned- in. I read a very good review on the pc magazine website, but they also said that the nue era ‘distorted the sound at high volume levels’. I did not experience such distortion on my test. I should also point out the these nue era were rated # 1 by consumer report for 2013 among in ear phones. Second, the style is very nice and beautiful. It sit nicely on my ear after i found the right tip.

It appears polk has discontinued these which is good because they’re not worth it at all. I bought them at less than half original value ($40 vs $100) and i’ve used multiple sub-$50 pairs of headphones that sounded much better. In terms of sound quality, there was little to no bass (coming from someone that doesn’t like a lot of base), mids were pretty clear and warm, but highs were screeching and overpowering and gave me a headache after only a few minutes of listening. On top of that they’re all plastic and cheap feeling plastic at that. Also the metallic ‘accent’ piece looks very cheap in person and gets smudged instantly making it look even worse, remote and cable also felt cheap like you’d get from a $5 pair of headphones. You do get a lot of tips included so there’s a little value there.

The first time i tried them on i tried all the different ear pieces, found the ones that seemed good for my ears. I have a kilpsh that were good for my droid but when i upgraded to a galaxy i needed the type that had the mick in line. Read all the reviews for ear phones and didn’t want to spend up to 300 for the klipsh x10i, so i tried the polk since they were rated the same. I’m glad the earphones came with instructions on how to insert into the ears since i was use to putting earbuds in a certain way for the klipsh (the oval earpiece design). I started a walk today with the polk ear buds and couldn’t get the left ear sealed, then i remembered that i needed to insert them a certain way and bingo they sealed correctly. The bass isn’t as warm as the klipsh but i just increased the bass on the equalizer and then they sounded just right. I will update my review after spending more time with them, only had them for a week. I never could get the polk’s to fit in my ear like the klipsch do, which impact the sound quality. If they don’t fit right the bass doesn’t sound as good.

Great sound but 1 speaker went bad on me about 2 months after purchase. Guess i’ll have to deal w polk to get it replaced???.

I would recommend it to anyone regardless of price i have others that cost more but dont sound better.

Very pleased with this purchase. It was delivered right on time. Consumer reports highly rated these earphones and they fully lived up to all my expectations.

They send several ear pads with the headphones but none really fit my ear. The call quality is excellent, however, and the sound (when i can get them to stay in my ear) is good, too. There’s one unfortunate thing about the ear pads: when they’re firmly in my ear, i can hear the cord rubbing and bumping. Unless i’m completely still and don’t move the cord, the resulting sound is really distracting. So much for running with these earbuds.

These earphones were rated very highly by consumer reports, which is why i bought them to begin with. The sounds is excellent and although you don’t get the surround sound experience like you do with a home theater, the audio is extremely well balanced and full. Comes with six different ear buds so you should have no trouble finding the right ones to fit your ears. Also some with a little cotton carrying pouch.

Sound quality was excellent but comfort was not the best. And when we lost an ear tip, we couldn’t find a way to buy replacements.

The sound is smooth on the headphones and polk’s audio customer service was great when i had to send back the headphones for malfuntion. They replaced it without asking any questions.

Got a fantastic deal on an open box set. Sound as good as the klipsch s4’s that i accidently left on a plane. Not quite a detailed as my shure e4c’s but for $25 they were a steal. The design fits my ears well and they are very stable and comfortable even when exercising.

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